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Roger Waters News 2001 through 2002

The following are the Roger Waters News Headlines -
by date -
from our REG Newsletter/Magazine

NewsFlash January 2001 No Tour in 2001

NewsFlash February 2001 Waters TV Special/ DVD Release?

NewsFlash May 2001 DVD Release Postponed

NewsFlash June 2001 In the Flesh 2002 Tour

NewsFlash JULY 2001 REG Announces 2002 Tour

NewsFlash November 2001 In the Flesh DVD Release date set

NewsFlash December 2001 In the Flesh DVD Released

NewsFlash January 2002 New Band Line-up for 2002 Tour

NewsFlash February 2002 New Song Performed / DVD Region 2 Release Set

NewsFlash March 2002 New Roger Waters Album Announced / Roger plays to 65,000

NewsFlash May 2002 Linda Lewis leaves tour / Rome venue moved

NewsFlash June 2002 Nick Mason Plays with Roger Waters at Wembley

NewsFlash August 2002 Roger Waters performing with Jeff Beck at Royal Festival Hall

NewsFlash September 2002 Roger Waters performing at Tim White Benefits

NewsFlash October 2002 Roger Waters at the Royal Albert Hall In Aid of the Countryside Alliance

NewsFlash January 2001

NO TOUR IN 2001 !!!

In an interview with Roger Waters published in the German magazine Gitarre & Bass, (excerpts of which were later published in German magazine AUDIO issue 02/2001), Roger speaks out about his frustrations in regard to his former Pink Floyd band mates. He also states that he will not be touring in Europe in 2001. Apparently guitarist and friend Andy Fairweather-Low is going on tour with Eric Clapton.

However, Roger does state that he definitely will be touring Europe in 2002. He also mentions that perhaps the pause in touring will give him enough time to finish recording his new solo album.

In any case, it will be worth the wait, as The UK, and Europe may not only be able to look forward to a Roger Waters tour in 2002, but a tour of a new album, something that the United States was not able to see.

In in the same Gitarre & Bass Magazine interview, Roger stated that the Live In The Flesh DVD should be released sometime in February. However there are other indications that it may not be released until May.

Now, thanks to REG member Hans-Juergen Mueller, here are some descriptions of excerpts of the Gitarre & Bass magazine article. Parts of this interview are word for word identical with the interview in AUDIO. So it seems, the Gitarre & Bass article contains the original interview and various German magazines republished parts of it.

- At the beginning of the article, there's a live photo of Roger, playing his bass. And then remarks about Pink Floyd, Roger's solo efforts, and the beginnings of his new band and live album.

- On the next page, we learn which instruments Roger played during his recent tour: Takamine Accoutic Guitar, Washburn E Guitar and his old Fender Precision Bass.

- Then there's a listing with all Roger Waters' records and including with Pink Floyd. However, strangely the discography includes: "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason," "A (sic!) Delicate Sound Of Thunder," and "The Division Bell." In addition to these atrocious errors, it misses "A Collection Of Great Dance Songs."

- Before the interview actually starts, there are some remarks about where this interview took place (Hempel Hotel, London), and about the outfit that Roger is wearing, Ca Ira, the Pop Business, the past legal battle with Pink Floyd, and his new tour and album.

- Then the interview begins and Roger speaks about his new self-confidence and reflects about how pleasurable it was on stage with Don Henley, John Fogerty and Neil Young during the 1992 Walden Woods benefit project. Then he speaks about how he wanted to tour Amused To Death, but that the album sales were too disappointing.

- He then explains about his creativity and his way of creating new songs. He also mentions at one point undergoing psychotherapy (see AUDIO), and also talks about missing his father and putting a wall around his feelings.

- The next part is about his old 'friend' David Gilmour (parts of it in AUDIO) and their struggle within the group. - The next question is about the Floyd album-reissues (see AUDIO).

- Next Roger talks about a new song entitled 'The Flickering Flame' and recites a part of it:

'When my synapses pause
in their quest for applause,
when my ego lets go
of my end of the bone
to focus instead
on the love that is preciuous to me,
then I shall be free'

- In the next part of the interview Roger talks about his new band and his recent tour. He speaks about the various musicians of this band and about the simplicity of his stage show. He promises the live DVD for February (I heard: it will be released in May!).

- The next question is about the possibility of German concerts (see also AUDIO). But his answer in 'Gitarre & Bass' is a bit more detailed:

"Certainly! Plans have been laid out for next Summer, but Andy Fairweather-Low and Katie Kissoon are touring with Eric Clapton - for the whole year. But I won't do these shows without them. And I won't do then without Doyle, who's the opening act for Eric. So I have to wait until next year. That's no tragedy! I have no other plans yet and the audience will be the same anyway. I have all the time in the world, I'm now 57 and next year 58. Where is the difference? I have enough time to do a few other things and after all, there's perhaps time to record another album. I think, it will be the same show as in America this year. And I feel like doing a really long european tour. If it works, I'd like to play behind the Iron Curtain - or what was behind it. I would love to play in the former CSSR, Hungary and Russia."

- Roger then talks about his rhythmic style and his preference for music measured in 5/4 or 6/4. He specifically states his new album will be recorded in the studio without overdubbing, with all 10 musicians playing together. So he won't be using any technical gimickry or many studio over-dubs.

- At the end of interview, Roger reminisces and goes back to the 60s. He talks about the Azimuth Coordinator and the Games For May in 1967 in the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The full text of the Gitarre & Bas article will be translated and transcibed for publication in a future issue of REG.

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NewsFlash February 2001

Waters TV Special??
In The Flesh DVD Expected by May

I have been contacted by many fans who swear that many U.S. Cable TV Networks have listed a Roger Waters Pay Per View Special Event on February 12, 2001 at 8 PM, (don't know if that's Eastern, Central, or Pacific Standard Time). It is rumored to be a 170 min broadcast, but this may be all just hearsay and rumor.

However, I was recently contacted by a representative of Time Warner Broadcasting, and apparently a company called Music Choice (which is a Digital audio music service) runs a video concert series each month spotlighting a different artist. And this month it is Roger Waters. They will be broadcasting a 1 hour edited version of the new Live In the Flesh DVD beginning Feb 12.

The confusion in regard to the so called Pay Per View event may be that some systems use a PPV channel to show the Music Choice programing and call it a "free" PPV event. Still, some fans say the event listed is 170 min, some say it is listed as 60 minutes.

I asked my contact at Time Warner to look into a possibility that there is also a Pay Per View event. And this is his response:

"I went in to our marketing dept. and checked all of the advance material. No Roger Waters PPV event in Feb or March was listed. The WWW.PPV.COM is the site for InDemand the major supplier of PPV programing to cable systems. No reference to Roger Waters in their search or guide in Feb. Also, is the provider for all cable systems on screen guides. They list a one hour Roger Waters program in some systems which is the Music Choice broadcast.

I would be surprised if they would have a free showing of 60 minutes and a PPV of the same complete material in the same month. I would be further surprised if they were to do this and have no reference to it on the tape of free event to drive up the sales for the PPV event. I have been unable to find any reference to a Roger Waters PPV anytime this month or in the future."

Music Choice One Hour TV Roger Waters Concert Special

Music Choice distributed a 3/4 inch tape to various cable systems that carry their shows. It is a 60 minute edited version of the future Roger Waters live In The Flesh DVD release.

All this confusion in regard to the release date may be because of an interview Roger Waters did with a German magazine months ago in which he says the Live DVD of the In The Flesh concert may be released in February.

However, in the opening of the tape distributed by Music Choice, it clearly states that the DVD will be released May, 2001. So we may yet have months to wait until we are able to buy the DVD in the stores. My contact at Time Warner states: "I know for sure that the DVD is set for a MAY 2001 release as it is stated in this program."

Some cable companies on the East Coast of the US will broadcast the Music Choice (for free) excerpts of Waters' In The Flesh DVD concert on Feb 17 & 24 at 8 PM, and Feb 18 & 25 at 10 PM both Eastern Standard Time. (See link to schedule below!)

Special 1/2 hour Roger Waters audio program and interview!!

In addition there will be a separate Roger Waters Interview broadcast. This audio program is also on the Digital Music service called Music Choice, is available to all cables systems and satellite networks which have Music Choice. So we use our local access channel for this. (See link to that schedule below as well.) There are two Digital music services Music Choice and DMX. DMX does not have this audio program.

Also, through the month of February, Music Choice is offering Roger Waters' In The Flesh Live double CD for a sale price of only $17.48.


To sum up:

A one hour video shown on some cable systems that have the Digital Music service Music Choice. Not all systems that have MusicChoice carry the video.

DirectTV has a channel 103 where they show free music programs. I have no information that they will have this but it is worth checking for subscribers that have DirectTV.

A 1/2 hour audio program carried on all cable and satellite systems that have MusicChoice. ------------------------------------------------------


On the main page of the Music Choice website ( is the following:
Roger Waters, whose musical genius led to the creation of Pink Floyd's most enduring masterpieces, is offering fans an overview of his career - from early Floyd through his later solo work in an exclusive Music Choice OnStage concert recorded live during his SRO "In The Flesh" Tour.

Roger Waters' CD In The Flesh!
Check out when the Roger Waters OnStage concert airs in your area.
Go to the official Roger Waters site for more info on the band.

MUSIC CHOICE OnStage with Roger Waters

Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters hit the road last summer for the first time in more than 12 years. That tour yielded In The Flesh, a live album covering his work with Pink Floyd and solo material.

Music Choice brings fans a one-hour cable television concert, highlighting his live performances, which runs from February 12-25, 2001.

Check local cable listings for schedules or click here to see when MUSIC CHOICE OnStage with Roger Waters is airing. Please note that channel numbers are not listed in this schedule. To find out which channel the show is airing on please check your cable guide or call your cable company.

MUSIC CHOICE Premieres Roger Waters: In The Flesh

In a continuing series of distinctive audio shows, Music Choice Premieres Roger Waters: In the Flesh is an exclusive half-hour audio program that gives you the chance to hear tracks from Waters' new release, In The Flesh. Accompanying the music in this exclusive show are interview clips with Waters discussing the album. It airs twice daily in February on the MUSIC CHOICE Showcase I channel. Check show schedule for details.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters was born in Cambridgeshire, England, on September 6, 1943. During an art class he signed up for in his youth, he met future band mate, Syd Barrett, and later after enrolling at London's Regent Street Polytechnic to study architecture, he formed a band with, among others, Nick Mason and Rick Wright. Syd joined up a short while later and dubbed the band "Pink Floyd," after Pink Anderson and Floyd "Dipper Boy" Council, two of his blues influences.

Before long the group was playing the underground music scene, complete with psychedelic light shows, and eventually got signed to EMI. "It was a weird time," recalls Waters. "We did a record deal, made an album (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn) and then Syd, who'd written most of the first album, went crazy. So we had to rethink everything."

Leaving the band in 1968, Syd Barrett, a clinical schizophrenic, was replaced by Dave Gilmour. "I think we all started to write desperately," Waters says. "Slowly over the years, I discovered a facility for expressing myself. And so I wrote more and more of the music."

Accumulating and enhancing their cult status in the late '60s and early '70s with albums such as A Saucerful of Secrets, Ummagumma, and Obscured by Clouds, Pink Floyd, now with Waters essentially helming the band, marched forward not knowing the force they were about to unleash on the world.

Dark Side of the Moon was released in March of 1973 and soared to #1 on the charts. To date, the album has spent more than 1,154 weeks combined on the Billboard 200 and Top Pop Catalog Albums where it may still be found. Unfortunately, along with the success came the band's fleeting internal chemistry. "I think we'd achieved everything we'd set out to achieve and were glued together after Dark Side of the Moon only by the fabric of the need to succeed and go on succeeding. Wish You Were Here, the follow-up album, was a great record in that it described very well the disintegration of the group."

After three more studio albums, including dropping The Wall on the world in 1979, Waters left the band and has since found critical acclaim as a successful solo artist.

Waters released his first solo album, The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, in April 1984, followed-up by 1987's Radio K.A.O.S., each sparking successful solo tours. Then, on July 21, 1990, Waters mounted the largest production in rock history by performing The Wall at the Potzdamer Platz in the newly-liberated Berlin, benefiting the World Memorial Fund for Disaster Relief.

In August of 1992, Waters released his last full-length solo album, Amused to Death, considered by many critics to be of the same brilliance as Dark Side and The Wall.

Waters is back with an album, In The Flesh, a comprehensive overview of his life's work highlighting the first tour that he has done in 12 years. This 2-CD recording of the entire live show, drawn from performances in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Irvine (CA), and Portland, features tunes from both his early Pink Floyd days to his more recent acclaimed solo work. A DVD version of In The Flesh, featuring a Hi Definition live concert video, a 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary, band biographies, still photographs, projected images, lyrics and more, will be released as well.

The Video Special

I just received a pre-release copy of both the 60 minute Music Choice concert video and a CD of the audio Music Choice Roger Waters Special interview.

The 60 minute video concert is really great. Though only excerpts of the DVD it makes my mouth water for the DVD and the entire concert. Here are a few of my comments in review of the show.

As a Music Choice Special, regrettably you have to put up with the Music Choice logo in the bottom right corner of the screen, and unfortunately, as each song is played the song title briefly appears at the bottom of the screen (though they did miss it on Eclipse).

It was quite comical however, that during the song In the Flesh, they actually bleeped the words 'Queer' and 'Coon'. I mean talk about being politically correct and worrying about backlash, come on. Anyone who knows this song, knows that this slanderous name calling is done only in parody of right wing biggots and fascism.

The photography during the show is superb, though they show Snowy White from the chest up, and the backs of the others in the band during one of Snowy's great solo's instead of showing him ripping and riffing his guitar at his best!

No matter how many times I see Doyle Bramhall II and Snowy White jam together during Comfortably Numb, seeing and hearing them doing their guitar solos still sends goosbumps and tingles up my spine. Simply unbelievably fantastic.

The songs played during this very edited version of the DVD entire show are:

  1. In The Flesh
  2. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
  3. Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2
  4. Wish You Were Here
  5. Every Strangers Eyes
  6. Perfect Sense Pt.1 and 2
  7. Brain Damage
  8. Eclipse
  9. Comfortably Numb
  10. Each Small Candle

I had wondered who it was that selected what songs would be in this 60 minute video special, and then during the credits I saw that it was Roger's manager Mark Fenwick who was the executive producer of the concert special. So I no longer need to guess.

The Audio Music Choice Special and Interview

The 1/2 hour audio special and interview with Roger Waters, was written and produced by Tad Roebuck for Music Choice Premiers, with DJ Pat as narator and interviewer giving the listeners the appropriate background, history, and a description of what Roger's been doing recently.

The show amounts to a half an hour of cuts off Roger's live in the Flesh album intersperced with short comments from Roger about life and his music and what it all means to him.

I will be transcribing this show for a future issue of our magazine. Now long after it's first airing, according to it's producer, Tad Roebuck, the show "Premieres" remains in rotation on Music Choice, as does "Live!" both of which feature selections from "In The Flesh."

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Doyle Bramhall and Band to tour with Eric Clapton

In other news: I recently spoke with Doyle Bramhall II's manager who informed me that Doyle had complete the new album that he had been working on, that it is due to be released Internationally this month (February) and will be released in the US in April. The album is titled "Welcome" Doyle Bramhall II and Smokestack. Doyle Bramhall and his band Smokestack, will be touring with Eric Clapton and opening for each show of Eric's upcoming World Tour.

It is expected that Doyle will again be lending a hand in the making of Roger Waters new solo album after the tour is over at the end of the Summer.

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NewsFlash May 2001

Release of the Live In The Flesh DVD is due to be released in 4th Quarter 2001

The Live In The Flesh DVD which had been tentively scheduled for a May release has been postponed.
There is no specific release date yet rescheduled. However, according to Roger's Management, I have been informed that the DVD should be out "SOON!" No date could be given, however, when I mentioned a rumored November release date, I was told 'oh no, much sooner than that.' It was stated that the DVD was not really postponed but that it just took much longer than expected to complete.
I was told; "The DVD has been VERY delayed. It's done and in the plant, but these things take a long time to have enough copies pressed for release. I suspect it will be out Early in September, perhaps sooner in late August, but more likely in September." However, now that August and September have come and gone, the release date in November sounds more like a correct one, as Sony/Columbia have In The Flesh DVD set to be released in the 4th Quarter 2001.

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NewsFlash June 2001

In The Flesh 2002 Tour

REG the International Roger Waters Fan Club will be detailing when, and what countries, in what hemisphere, and on what continent Roger's 2002 tour will visit. Tour dates and venues are still in the process of being worked out. Roger Waters 2002 tour information will be made available and announced by our fanclub in the near future. The complete 2002 tour itinerary will follow.

Will Roger Waters tour Australia in 2002?

I have received several inquiries as to whether or not Roger will be touring in Australia. Apparently there is an Australian Visa website that has a page that states they are taking reservations for preferred seating for a Roger Waters Australian tour.

What this is, is a Visa site that contains a section where people can request that if there should ever be an Australian tour by their favorite artist, that they want to make reservations for tickets and preferred seating for those concerts.

I guess if then, there ever is a tour by that artisit, this Visa company will go buy up a block of tickets for these shows and sell them to those who have made previous "reservations" with them for preferred seating.

Whether or not Roger Waters will be touring Australia has not yet been confirmed.

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NewsFlash July 2001

(Updated 5/8/02)

Roger Waters In The Flesh World Tour 2002!!!


Roger Waters In The Flesh Tour will be the first truly International World Tour of Rogers solo career. Having toured The US and Canada in 1999 and 2000, the 2002 leg of the tour will encompass both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres of the world. This extensive world tour will span 6 continents circumnavigating the entire globe.

Though many shows are sold out and most shows confirmed and won't be subject to change, as in the 1999 tour, there were a few last minute changes in the itinerary as the tour progressed. So please be prepared of any eventuality of changes, cancellations, additions, or updates.

New information about the tour, regarding countries, dates and venues have been confirmed, and the itinerary below consequently edited. In the ensuing months since the tour itinerary has been announced, changes in some concert dates have been made, new shows added and some shows removed or canceled as they may not have been able to be booked or sold.

In October/November a few show dates were added in England, Portugal and Japan. However, during the last week of January, there were many date changes for shows, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, and a few shows were canceled and a few shows added as well. Then again in the 1st week of February, even more shows were added and dates changed. In fact, in India, 2 shows were originally scheduled, and then the Bangalore show was canceled and the Mumbai show date was changed. Now, the Mubia show is canceled and the Bangalore show is scheduled that day in it's place. Just weeks away from the beginning of the tour and lots of changes. What did I tell you?!

The following shows have had the DATES CHANGED:
Capetown and Johannesburg - South Africa, Rio de Janeiro, and Sau Paulo - Brazil, and in Bangalore - India.

The following shows were CANCELLED!!!
Friday March 15, Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Paceaembu
Saturday April 13, Mumbai India, at the NSE

The following shows were ADDED!!!
Tuesday March 12, Porto Alegre - Brazil at the Porto Alegre Stadium (O)
Friday March 15, Sao Paulo - Brazil at the Paceaembu (O)
Saturday April 6, Sydney Australia at the Entertainment Centre
Monday April 15, Dubai- United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) at the Creek Golf and Yacht Club (O)
Wednesday April 17, Beirut Lebanon at the BIEL (I)
Sunday June 30th, Glastonbury England at Pilton Farm (O)

The following shows had the venue changed:
Wednesday June 12 Rome Italy was scheduled to be at the Curva Olympico (O) However because Curva Olimpic has been closed for repairs the concert has been moved to: Flamino Stadium (O).

The tour will commence in the Southern Hemisphere in February, March and April 2002, beginning in South Africa, and then across the Atlantic for dates in South America and Mexico. Roger and his entourage will then travel to the orient for dates in Japan and Korea, after which they will travel down-under for dates in Australia, Tailand, India, and then to the Middle East for shows in the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates) and Lebanon.

The tour will continue again in the Northern Hemisphere in May and June 2002 with dates in Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia culminating with a tour of the UK.

Added shows and changes for the tour itinerary below are shown in RED. Underlined Venues are links to the venue or ticket sales. Venue abbreviations: (I) stand for Indoor, and (O) stand for Outdoor or Open Air.

Roger Waters In The Flesh World Tour 2002
Southern Hemisphere
Africa, South America and Mexico, East Asia, South Asia and Australia


Date     Day           City           Country          Venue
27 Wednesday Capetown South Africa Bellville Velodrome (I)


Date     Day           City           Country          Venue
1 Friday Johannesburg South Africa MTN Sun Dome (I)
5 Tuesday Santiago Chile Estadio Nacional (O)
7 Thursday Buenos Aires Argentina Velez Sarsfield Stadium (O)
9 Saturday Rio de Janeiro Brazil Sambodromo Carnival (O)
12 Tuesday Porto Alegre Brazil Porto Alegre Stadium (O)
14 Thursday Sao Paulo Brazil Paceaembu (O)
15 Friday Sao Paulo Brazil Paceaembu (O)
17 Sunday Caracas Venezuela Festival Site (O)
19 Tuesday Mexico City Mexico Foro Sol (O)
25 Monday Osaka Japan Koseinenkin Hall (I)
26 Tuesday Osaka Japan Koseinenkin Hall (I)
28 Thursday Tokyo Japan International Forum (I)
30 Saturday Tokyo Japan International Forum (I)
31 Sunday Tokyo Japan International Forum (I)


Date     Day           City           Country          Venue
2 Tuesday Seoul South Korea Chamsil Sports Field (O)
5 Friday Sydney/Newcastle Australia Entertainment Centre (I)
6 Saturday Sydney/Newcastle Australia Entertainment Centre (I)
8 Monday Melbourne Australia Rod Laver Arena (I)
10 Wednesday Bangkok Thailand Impact Arena (I)
13 Saturday Bangalore India Palace Grounds (O)
15 Monday Dubai United Arab Emirates Creek Golf and Yacht Club (O)
17 Wednesday Beirut Lebanon BIEL (I)

Roger Waters In The Flesh World Tour 2002
Northern Hemisphere
Europe, Eastern Europe and the UK


Date     Day           City           Country          Venue
4 Saturday Lisbon Portugal Atlantic Pavillion (I)
5 Sunday Lisbon Portugal Atlantic Pavillion (I)
8 Wednesday Barcelona Spain Palau St. Jordi (I)
10 Friday Milan Italy Forum (I)
11 Saturday Zurich Switzerland Hallenstadion (I)
13 Monday Antwerp Belgium Sports Paleis (I)
15 Wednesday Rotterdam Holland Ahoy (I)
17 Friday Erfurt Germany Messe Halle (I)
18 Saturday Koln Germany Kolnarena (I)
20 Monday Oberhausen Germany Arena (I)
22 Wednesday Hannover Germany Preussag Arena (I)
24 Friday Oslo Norway Oslo Spektrum (I)
25 Saturday Stockholm Sweden Globe Arena (I)
27 Monday St. Petersburg Russia New Arena/Hermitage (I/O)
29 Wednesday Moscow Russia Olimpiski Arena (I)
31 Friday Helsinki Finland Hartwall Arena (I)


Date     Day           City           Country          Venue
2 Sunday Copenhagen Denmark Forum (I)
4 Tuesday Munich Germany Olympia Halle (I)
5 Wednesday Frankfurt Germany Festhalle (I)
7 Friday Warsaw Poland Gwardia Stadium (O)
9 Sunday Berlin Germany Velodrome (I)
10 Monday Prague Czech Republic Paegas Arena (I)
12 Wednesday Rome Italy Flamino Stadium (O)
14 Friday Vienna Austria Wiesen Festival (O)
15 Saturday Budapest Hungary Kissstadion (O)
17 Monday Stuttgart Germany Schleyerhalle (I)
19 Wednesday Paris France Bercy (I)
21 Friday Birmingham England NEC (I)
22 Saturday Manchester England MEN Arena (I)
24 Monday Dublin Ireland The Point (I)
26 Wednesday London England Wembley Arena (I)
27 Thursday London England Wembley Arena (I)
30 Suday Glastonbury England Worthy Farm, Pilton (O)

By the conclusion of this 2002 In The Flesh tour Roger Waters and company will have traveled around the world playing on 7 continents in 34 countries. Quite a feat for an artist who has not had a new album out in about 10 years.

Be assured as more information regarding the tour, or any changes in the Itinerary become available, we will be posting it on the REG - The International Roger Waters Fan Club website.

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NewsFlash November 2001

In The Flesh DVD Release Date Announced

According to Sony Music:

We apologize for the length of time it took to create this title.
But it is done!
We will release "In The Flesh" on Dec. 18 in the US. We hope to have a Region 2 version of "In The Flesh" out by Christmas. Keep an eye out for it. We will try.
Please enjoy!
I guess Region 2 means Europe!?

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NewsFlash December 2001

In the Flesh DVD is Here - Finally - Sort Of

Sony Music announced that the long awaited Roger Waters "In The Flesh - Live" DVD would be released in the US on December 18th 2001.

As I stated when REG announced the DVD release date in Noverber: I wrote Sony Music and they replied with the following: "We apologize for the length of time it took to create this title. But it is done! We will release "In The Flesh" on Dec. 18 in the US. We hope to have a Region 2 version of "In The Flesh" out by Christmas. Keep an eye out for it. We will try. Please enjoy!"

Unfortunately the hope that the DVD would be released in Europe and the UK before Christmas was not to be realized. The latest estimate for its release there is early in the first of the new year 2002.

One and a half years in the making, (for whatever reason) this DVD has finally been released. The DVD was originally scheduled for Autumn 2000, and then tentatively rescheduled 4 other times. Some fans were so depressed at the continual delays, they became skeptical that it would ever be released at all. The DVD is an entire concert from start to finish. The video was shot mainly at the Rose Garden in Portland Oregon during the 2000 tour, though a few other 2000 shows were taped, none as extensively as the Rose Garden concert. Though there may be performances from those other shows included, most is from the Oregon concert.

Though this show was initially scheduled to also be released on VHS, it is not clear whether this will now be the case.

I attended this show and can attest to the huge stage set in the center of the auditorium for the many cameras. There were also cameras in front and to the sides of the stage.

Before DJ Jim Ladd announced the band, he first talked to the crowd in regard to audience etiquette during the filming, making sure everyone knew not to make loud noises during the songs and to save the screaming and applause for the end. In addition to the concert itself are commentaries and other special features. REG will be doing a proper review of the DVD in the next newsletter issue.

So at least you lucky REG members in the US have a first chance to view this new DVD release, some for the first time, others will relive the shows of they attended, once again capturing the intensity, the thrill, the emotion and the magic of Roger Waters - In The Flesh - Live.

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NewsFlash January 2002

New Band Line-up for 2002 Tour

Having met all of Roger's band members on many occations during the 1999 and 2001 tour, I had been trying to set up an appointment to interview Doyle Bramhall II for over a year and a half. In November, I was at last to interview him, when I called his manager and was informed that Doyle would not be doing the interview as he would not be touring with Roger on his upcoming 2002 tour. So unfortunately Mr. Bramhall won't be a part of the band. That then, lead to the question of just who Roger would get to take his place? Would it be another unknown virtuoso, or will it be a renowned artist such as Herr Beck? I knew we'd all know soon enough.

I was recently contacted by REG sources in the Roger Waters camp, who informed us of changes in the make-up of the new band with which Roger will be touring. The info I was given is below.

"There are some changes in the line up of Roger's band for the 2002 tour which... are as follows:

Roger Waters - vocal, guitar and bass
Andy Fairweather Low - guitar and vocal
Snowy White - guitar
Chester Kamen - guitar and vocal
Harry Waters - keyboards
Andy Wallace - keyboards
Graham Broad - drums
Norbert Stachel - saxophone
Katie Kissoon - vocals
PP Arnold - vocals
Linda Lewis - vocals"

It is sad that both Doyle Bramhall II and Jon Carin will not make the tour. Both are extremely exceptional musicians, and any replacements will be hard pressed to fill their shoes. Doyle Bramhall II is an especially unbelievable guitar virtuoso and if his young career continues as it has, he may be well on his way to becoming one of the greatest and renowned guitarists in the world.

Not much is known with regard to Chester Kamen, Doyle's replacement. However Roger has a reputation for gathering some of the best and most talented musicians in the world for his bands, so Chester must be really hot!! I am presuming that Chester Kamen is son or brother of Orchestra conductor and Arranger, Michael Kamen, who is also a former Bleeding Hearts band member. Michael Kamen was the Pianist, Keyboard player, and Orchestra Conductor and Arranger, for Roger Waters first solo album and tour, The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking. Michael Kamen also co-produced the album. It is hoped that Chester Kamen is as talented.

As much as Doyle Bramhall II will be missed, the absence of John Carin, musician extraordinaire, may be felt even more. It is hard to picture ANYONE being able to take his place on Keyboards/Synthesizer/Slide Guitar. It's great however that Roger's son, Harry, will be touring with his father. What he may lack in keyboard musicianship or virtuosity, he may add in the ambient aura of family, comradery and fellowship.

Of course with the absense of Doyle, his wife, Suzannah Melvoin will not be apart of the band and is being replaced by singer Linda Lewis. Nothing is known about her, though it can be assumed she, like all other Waters vocalists has got to be great!

In addition, this band will now have a touring Sax player. Roger's band touring In The Flesh in the US used one of a dozen local area session men. However, on this rather long and lengthy protracted tour around the world, local session musicians of the professional caliber Roger wants may be hard to find. So on this tour a sax man will be an intregal part of the traveling band. Though once again, nothing is known about Norbert Stachel, what with Roger's reputation for excellence and perfection when it comes to his music, this session player is likely to be quite good.

Touring with this new band, it will be interesting, after the first few concerts of the new tour, noting the similarities and differences that are bound to be obvious between the new tour and the previous US shows. We will see how the press as well as the fans review these new shows and how they measure up and are compared with the previous.

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NewsFlash February 2002

Roger Waters plays a new song "The Flickering Flame" at beginning of new tour

A new song entitled 'The Flickering Flame' had been rehearsed before the tour (a portion of which can be heard during the video rehearsals seen in the special section on the "Live In The Flesh" DVD, where Roger plays a few bars). Roger had previously stated that no new songs would be performed during the new tour. However, "The Flickering Flame," apparently was played as the final encore during the Capetown South Africa show Roger's first 2002 tour date. The song was played in place of the also unreleased song "Each Small Candle," which was played as the encore during the 2002 tour. So we'll have to see if this song was played especially for South Africa, or if it will be played again at all during the rest of the tour. A fans trascription of the lyrics of The Flickering Flame can be seen by clicking here.

"IN THE FLESH LIVE" DVD set for release in Region 2 March 18th

The Roger Waters "IN THE FLESH LIVE" DVD was released in the US on December 18, 2001, and in Canada on January 15, 2002. According to '', the Region 2 of the Roger Waters "IN THE FLESH LIVE" DVD, is, due for release in the UK and Europe on March 18th !! The VHS version Roger Waters "IN THE FLESH LIVE" has been released in the U.S. as well, so the PAL VHS tape version will likely be released in Europe at the same time as the DVD.

The US release of the Roger Waters "IN THE FLESH LIVE" DVD or VHS Video can be purchased from the following merchants:

1213 N. Elmhurst Rd.
Prospect Heights, IL 60070
PH. 847-537-0066

HipCat Records is a Pink Floyd ONLY record store. It has the largest selection of Pink Floyd and Roger Waters related memorabilia, collectors items and pariphenalia in the world. Tell them REG sent you!!!

Note: CD NOW has both the DVD as well as the VHS video release!!!!

Tower Records:

Sam Goody:

Circuit City:

PLEASE NOTE that all of the DVDs sold by these US companies are encoded for Region 1, and will not play on most DVD players outside North America, and the VHS Video version is NOT PAL formatted so will not work in European VHS players.

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NewsFlash March 2002

New Roger Waters Compilation Album Announced

It's official - Sony Announces Roger Waters: "Flickering Flame - The Solo Years Volume 1"
It has been confirmed to REG that a new Roger Waters compilation album is scheduled for release in April entitled "Roger Waters: Flickering Flame - The Solo Years Volume 1".
"Flickering Flame - The Solo Years Volume 1" will be released in Australia ( on approx April 1st, in Japan and other far flung territories around April 22nd, and in Europe at the end of April. It is a collectors limited edition album compiled issued and relased to support the tour. HOWEVER!! there are NO plans to release it in the US & Canada. :O(

It will be deleted from the Sony Music Catelog on 31 December, 2002. But since this release is appended Volume 1, it has been confirmed that there will also be the release of subsequent volumes.

The Flickering Flame - The Solo Years Volumes will be mainly comprised of unreleased material as well as selections from soundtracks and previous Roger Waters solo efforts; The Pros and Cons of HitchHiking, Radio K.A.O.S., and Amused To Death.

The Song Titles for "Flickering Flame - The Solo Years Volume 1" will be:

Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Too Much Rope
The Tide Is Turning
Perfect Sense Part I & II
Three Wishes
Every Stranger's Eyes
Who Needs Information (Remix)
Each Small Candle
Flickering Flame (demo of new song)
Towers Of Faith
Radio Waves
Lost Boys Calling (original demo)

It has also been announced that Sony Music Russia ( will be releasing another Roger Waters Limited Tour Edition entitled "The Best of Roger Waters" for a release date of March 25th! However, this may be the same release as Flickering Flame only retitled. More to come on that...

Roger Plays to Sellout crowd of 65,000 fans

Santiago Chile -
Roger Waters world tour proves a success. Although the In The Flesh Roger Waters 2002 world tour has only barely begun, it has already proved almost more successful than that of either 1999 or 2000 US tours. On Tuesday March 5th, Roger Waters played to a sold out capacity crowd of an estimated 44,000 to 65,000 fans in Santiago Chile's Esadio Nacional stadium. It has been reported that one of the fan's in attendance was none otherthan Chilean President Ricardo Lagos. However El Presedente's plans were changed at the last moment and he could not attend. A large contingent of high government officials and dignitaries did however attend the show.

Roger is scheduled to play before more than 50,000 fans at the Paceaembu in Sao Paulo Brazil on Thursday March 14th. If this is a sign of things yet to come, this world tour will be so successful as to completely overshadow the previous tours of the US.

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NewsFlash May 2002

Linda Lewis leaves tour / Rome venue moved

REG has confirmed from REG sources that singer Linda Lewis has left the tour. "Linda was unable to do the European leg of the tour," REG sources said. She has been replaced by vocalist Carol Kenyon who will be a part of the band for for the rest of the tour.

In other news: REG has also confirmed that the concert scheduled for Wednesday June 12 in Rome Italy, which was originally to have been played at the Curva Olympico, has been moved to Flamino Stadium on the same date. Apparently the Curva Olimpico has been closed for repairs.

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NewsFlash June 2002

Nick Mason Plays with Waters at Wembley

Incredible... Unbelievable... Roger Waters introduces "an old friend" on stage at the first of two performances at the Wembley Arena in London England.

As stated in a Rolling Stone Magazine interview with Roger Waters, while vacationing, Roger saw his one time close friend and band mate Nick Mason on a beach, and thought to himself this is ridiculous we were once very good friends.... so Roger let go of his end of the bone... and came up behind him and began massaging his shoulders... as Nick looked up and back in astonishment to see who it was. Nick invited Roger back to his place for dinner and Roger accepted.

Apparently from that moment an old friendship was renewed. It had been reported by a few websites that Mason would play with Roger at the Glastonbury gig, and rumors spread from there. When attending a pre- show party in Wembley I was told that Nick was seen coming into the arena during the band's sound check But it was so hard to believe and there had been so many rumors, I'd learned to be skeptical.

During the performance, after the song 'Dogs" was finished, Graham Broad got out from under his drum kit and left the stage. Roger then made an announcement. He said something like: "We've been all around the world... playing over 60 gigs, and now we're back home at the last gigs of the tour... and the Glastonbury gig... and we're going to do something a little different. I'd like to introduce an old friend... Nick Mason."

A deafening ROAR went up from the crowd as everyone in the Wembley auditorium gave Nick a standing ovation. Nick took Graham's place behind the drum kit and played "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" with Roger and the band. It was so appropriate that Nick play this relatively early Pink Floyd song with Roger, as video's of a much younger Roger and Nick with the rest of the Floyd were projected in the background.

It was an unbelievable experience. I was, and still am, completely awe-struck! This was the first time 21 years... since The Wall shows of 1981... that Nick and Roger have played together. I can't even explain my excitement! Half of Pink Floyd was on stage in front of us! During an after show gathering back stage, I mingled and chatted with the members of the band and I learned from sax-man Norbert Stachel that Nick would play again at the second Wembley gig as well. When most of the band had left to be shuttled back to the 150 year old villa they were staying in, I turned around and who appeared at standing at a table directly behind me but Nick Mason. He graciously signed a few autographs for me and I gave him a copy of the latest issue of the REG magazine.

Some idiot not on the guest list, carrying bags of 30 or 40 record albums had gotten back stage by back stage pass swapping. He incredibly badgered Nick for autographs time and again, totally irritating and inconveniencing him sifted through his bags with one after another record to sign. But after signing more than a few of them, I guess he had had enough of this inconsiderate self centered asshole, as he abruptly left the party that was swiftly breaking up anyway. The autograph hound was obviously not one of the guests and stood out like a sore thumb. Perhaps security should be a little tighter to keep this kind of thing from happening.

But this did not dampen my spirits at having seen Roger and Nick play together again, nor of finally meeting Nick himself. I was in Pink Floyd heaven!

The following night, the last show at Wembley Nick Mason again appeared. Roger stopped and said: "We've been around the world and have done 61 gigs, and this is the last proper gig of the tour. So as we did last night, tonight we're going to do something a little different. Please welcome an old friend... Nick Mason." Nick came out, short cropped hair and gave Roger a big hug and waved at the crowd. The entire audience at Wembley was on their feet. The roar was deafening. Nick proceeded to embed himself into the drum kit, and Roger began the song "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun." Nick was especially great on the drums tonight showing that he was indeed no amature drummer but could pound out the rhythm with the best of them. He began softly with the large padded drum sticks and when the song built to a crescendo, changed to regular drum sticks beating out an intricate fast paced drum solo. It was great. At the end of the song, again a standing ovation, Roger gave Nick a huge hug and raised his arm in the air. The crowd went wild. Half of Pink Floyd was on stage again for the first time in 21 years. We were witnessing an historic moment in time. A historic moment in Rock history.

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NewsFlash August 2002

Roger Waters performing with Jeff Beck at Royal Festival Hall

REG has confirmed reports that among several Special Guests to appear with Jeff Beck at his 3 upcoming shows at the Royal Festival Hall in England, will be none other than Roger Waters. Jeff Beck's concerts at the Royal Festival Hall are scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, September 12, 13, and 14, 2002. The shows will begin at 7:30 PM. These are the only dates in the UK that Beck is currently scheduled to perform.

Roger Waters will perform with Jeff Beck at only the first two of the three shows. Roger will appear with Andy Fairweather Low, Katie Kissoon, Carol Kenyon and PP Arnold with Jeff Beck and his band on September 12th & 13th to perform two songs. The other guests for the show on the 12th are Imogen Heap, who sung on Beck's last album, and the Big Town Playboys. On the 13th they are joined by White Stripes.  Tickets for the shows are £20 and £40, but are going fast. See the Royal Festival Hall website for more information and tickets.

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NewsFlash September 2002

Roger Waters performing at Timothy White Benefits

REG sources have confirmed that Roger Waters will be performing at the the Music To My Ears concerts in Boston and New York, to benefit the family of late Billboard editor in chief Timothy White. The shows are set for Oct. 7th at Boston's FleetCenter and on Oct. 8th at New York's Madison Square Garden. The Boston lineup will be Roger Waters, Billy Joel, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, John Mellencamp, Sting, and James Taylor. The lineup for the New York show will be Roger Waters, Brian Wilson Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, John Mellencamp, Sting, and Jimmy Buffett.

Autographed Fender and Martin guitars and front row tickets to the Music To My Ears shows are among the items available at an online auction via Ticketmaster. All artists are donating their services for the concerts, which are being promoted by Clear Channel Entertainment in Boston and Clear Channel and Metropolitan Entertainment in New York.

Net proceeds from both concerts will benefit Timothy White's widow, Judy Garlan White, and the couple's sons Alexander and Christopher.

Timothy White, Billboard editor in chief since 1991, died suddenly June 27 of an apparent heart attack. He was 50. Timothy collapsed in an elevator in the Billboard offices at 770 Broadway in New York and was rushed to St. Vincent's Hospital, where he succumbed. Timothy is survived by his wife Judy Garlan, his 10-year-old twins Christopher and Alexander, and seven siblings.

A memorial service for Timothy was held July 2 in Boston. Following the service, Timothy's longtime friend, John Mellencamp, performed "Let the Circle Be Unbroken" at graveside.

Born on Jan. 25, 1952, in Paterson, N.J., to John Alexander and Gloria White, Timothy had a boundless passion for music and its creators that filled the pages of Billboard. During his 11 years at the magazine, he brought many innovative changes. He regularly wrote about un-sung artists in his column, "Music to My Ears," and was a fearless advocate of artists' rights. He often served as the industry's moral compass by tackling controversial music-business issues.

Timothy started his career as a copyboy, sports, and entertainment writer for the Associated Press in 1972, after graduating from Fordham University. He was managing editor and then senior editor of seminal music magazine Crawdaddy from 1976-1978. He served as associate editor and later senior editor at Rolling Stone from 1978-1982, where he interviewed such legends as Johnny Carson and Mike Wallace, as well as hundreds of musical artists.

Timothy was also the author of several books, including "Catch a Fire" - an award-winning biography of Bob Marley - and acclaimed biographies on the Beach Boys ("The Nearest Faraway Place: Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys, and the Southern California Experience") and James Taylor ("Long Ago and Far Away: James Taylor, His Life and Music"), as well as a collection of his Billboard essays titled "Music to My Ears".

He was awarded four prestigious ASCAP-Deems Taylor Awards for his book "Rock Lives: Profiles & Interviews," for his "Music to My Ears" columns, for his 1993 Century Award Portrait of the Artist profile of George Harrison, and in 2001 for his editing of Billboard's series on work for hire and musical copyrights written by Bill Holland. He was host/co-producer of "Timothy White's Rock Stars/The Timothy White Sessions," an award-winning nationally syndicated radio series.

A fund has been established for the continuing education of Timothy and Judy Garlan White's 10-year-old twins, Alexander and Christopher, who is autistic and has special educational needs.

Donations may be made to:

The Timothy White Memorial Account
c/o ML Management Associates, Inc.
1740 Broadway, 15th Fl.
New York, NY 10019
Attention: Paul Zukowsky
Telephone: 212-333-5500

Condolences to Timothy's wife, Judy, and their sons, Alexander and Christopher, can be sent to;

Judy Garlan White, c/o Allison Farber
Billboard Magazine
770 Broadway,
New York, NY 10003

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NewsFlash October 2002

Roger Waters at the Royal Albert Hall In Aid of the Countryside Alliance

On October 16, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will give the premier performance of the Overture from Roger Waters' opera, Ca Ira. In addition, Roger will play 2 songs with his band and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Roger Waters description of his support for the Countryside Alliance can be read in the latest issue (#32) of the REG fanclub newsletter magazine.

Look to REG for authentic, credible and factual information concerning Roger Waters.

National Association of FanClubs

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