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Roger Waters News 2003 through 2004

The following are the Roger Waters News Headlines -
by date -
from our REG Newsletter/Magazine

NewsFlash January 2003 Pompeii DVD and DSOTM SACD Announced

NewsFlash March 2003 Berlin DVD Announced - others Postponed

NewsFlash April 2003 New Roger Waters Album and Tour in 2004

NewsFlash May 2003 Berlin DVD & SACD Released in Europe/Japan

NewsFlash June 2003 New album and tour may be delayed.
                                       Berlin DVD, CD & SACD Released in N.America

NewsFlash Autumn 2003 News for Autumn 2003

NewsFlash February 2004 CA IRA at Malta EU Celebration?

NewsFlash March 2004 RPWL Live in the U.S.

NewsFlash April 2004 PP Arnold and Snowy White Tour

NewsFlash May 2004 CA IRA in Malta

NewsFlash Spring 2004 Floydian News Spring 2004

                                       Latest News About Ca Ira - Roger's New Album And Tour

NewsFlash August 2004 The Wall On Broadway

NewsFlash August 2004 PP Arnold at the BANK HOLIDAY at MARGATE

NewsFlash Summer 2004 Floydian News Summer 2004


NewsFlash October 2004 PP Arnold Live in London

NewsFlash November 2004 Wall in Berlin Special Edition DVD
                                       REG Winter Sweepstakes DVD Givaway

NewsFlash December 2004 Waters Japan Single
                                       The Wall Movie Re-release
                                       and other Waters Related News

NewsFlash Winter 2004 The Latest Floydian News


NewsFlash January 2003

Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii on DVD!

For many years Pink Floyd, Roger Waters fans and REG members have been asking me when the Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii movie will be released on DVD. REG sources have confirmed that a directors cut of the movie "Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii" is due to be released on DVD in late March or early April of 2003. This new digital version will be released on Universal, however the exact release date is not yet known.

Directed by Adrian Maben, Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii was originally released as a full length major motion picture. It is mainly composed of Pink Floyd playing live in an empty Roman amphitheater in Pompeii Italy on October 4 -7 1971. In addition to the concert footage and a myriad of psychedelic effects, the film contains interview segments of band members, plus footage of Pink Floyd working on the making of Dark Side of the Moon in the studio in 1972.

This new Directors Cut version will be an adaptation of the original movie, with additional footage as conceived by the director Adrian Maben, and the rest of the artwork concept by long term Pink Floyd designer, Storm Thorgerson. Included also is an additional interview with the director.

I was told however that the sound for the DVD was made in the original stereo and not Dolby 5.1 as the original master tapes were not available.

The concert footage is fantastic. You can experience the REAL Pink Floyd at the peak of their genius and creativity, Pink Floyd the way you were meant to see them without theatric's, props, gizmo's or fancy lighting, just the raw musical force of a band that changed music history.

David Gilmour guitar virtuoso extraordinare, together again with Roger Waters who is pounding a gong as well as his bass, and uttering his high pitched vocal utterances he was once famous for. Rick Wright shows his stuff with fantastic keyboard and synthesizer layering. And anyone who thought Nick Mason was a wimp of a drummer need only watch him live at his peak. Damn this guy can drum. If you've never seen this video, or have never seen old Pink Floyd live, your in for a treat.

The film premiered at the Edinbugh Festival, in Scotland September 1972, and in New York on August 21, 1974. The first VHS video version of the film was released in England in 1981 and in the US in 1984. A laser disc version was also released in 1989. And now, just in time for the 21st Century, we will finally have a digital version of the great movie and a Directors Cut at that!

Now all we need is for Roger Waters' The Wall Live In Berlin to be released on DVD! You can't imagine how many fans have asked me when this will be out. The only word I've got is since all proceeds go to charity there is no incentive for the record company who owns the rights (Polygram I think), to put money into a release they won't make huge profits from. But only time will tell.

Dark Side of the Moon Super Audio CD to be released!

REG sources have confirmed a report that Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon will soon be available on Super Audio CD (sometimes called DVD-Audio or DVD-A). The Super Audio CD version of the album has been remixed in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. The new Super Audio CD will be released in early March 2003 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon. I was also informed that not only will the disc play on Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound systems, but it will also be compatible with normal CD players. Speaking at the Surround 2002 Expo in Beverly Hills recently, Alan Parsons the original Dark Side of the Moon engineer, said that the members of Pink Floyd have been working on a DVD-A of Dark Side. But, added that even though he has a lot of ideas for the new project, the bandmembers decided not to involve him in the process.

Roger and Ringo?
True or False?

Because of so many rumors on the Internet, REG does not print reports until we get confirmation or find a rumor to be untrue. There had been an unconfirmed report that Roger Waters would be featured on a new song recorded by Ringo Starr. The song purportedly written by Eric Clapton was to be a tribute to the late Beatle George Harrison, and featured on Ringo Starr's next album. This report has been confirmed by REG sources to be pure hogwash, bologna, balderdash, pipedream, or for want of a better word total bullshit!

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NewsFlash March 2003


Roger Waters The Wall Live in Berlin DVD to be released. REG sources have confirmed that "The Wall Live In Berlin 1990" on DVD is finally to be released on DVD. Like the Live in Pompeii DVD, The Wall Live in Berlin will be released by Universal. Unlike the original video release, among other special features, this version will contain a thirty minute documentary, as well as a commentary by Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe.

In 1990, Roger Waters assembled a huge army of bands, musicians, and even military personnel, to help perform one of the most legendary concerts of all time. Held on Potsdamer Platz, which was once the "No-Man's Land" between the Berlin Wall of East and West Germany, we danced and cheered atop Hitler's bunker. Roger's performance of The Wall on 21st June 1990 was unbelievably spectacular, and an unforgetable experience if you were lucky enough to have been there (see my concert review elsewhere in this website). The immensity and sheer scale of the enterprise was astounding: 180,000-odd tickets sold, but double that attended after the gates were opened to let in all the East Germans with no tickets and little money.

Though no video can come close to capturing even a fraction of such an all encompassing event, it gives those who were not there mere glimpses of the enthralling excitement and atmosphere of this massive spectacle and stage show. But these glimpses are enough to completely captivate the viewer. If you've not seen this show you're in for a treat. If you were there, you can reminisce and relive this wonderful extravaganza of sight and sound.

Here are some of the features that will be included in this long awaited and anticipated DVD:

The release has been scheduled for the 28th April 2003 in the UK, and perhaps a week earlier in the US or elsewhere. However as you will see below in other news, DVD and SACD release dates can be quite fluid, so don't count on it. In fact, I've just been informed that the release date may be moved to June 17th. So, there, you see?


Following a month of indecision, the U.S. release date for the SACD release of Dark of Side of the Moon has been finalized as the 25th March. It will be released in Europe the following Monday.

The 30th Anniversary release of 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' will be presented with a newly art worked prism, created by original sleeve artist and renowned designer, Storm Thorgerson. (Apparently a vinyl album will also be released to commemorate the 30th anniversary. It is to have the original prism on black background cover and include the two posters and sticker postcard like the original release.)

Below is the EMI press release regarding the Dark Side of the Moon 30th Anniversary Edition.

From EMI-

'The Dark Side Of The Moon' 30th Anniversary edition reissued on Hybrid SACD in 5.1 surround sound

On 24th March 2003, EMI Records are pleased to announce the release of Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' on Super Audio CD (SACD) format, to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the title. This marks the first time Pink Floyd's seminal recording will be presented in full 5.1 surround sound.

'The Dark Side Of The Moon' has had a phenomenal impact since it was first released on 24th March, 1973. Widely acknowledged as one of the greatest British rock albums of all time, 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' remains a truly extraordinary recording, notching up sales in excess of a staggering 30 million worldwide to date.

To create the first 5.1 surround sound mix of 'The Dark Side Of The Moon', long time Pink Floyd producer/engineer James Guthrie utilized the 16-track tapes from the original recording sessions, remastering the tracks on custom-built electronics before final transferring to SACD format. The results are hugely impressive, retaining the spellbinding atmosphere of the original analog recordings whilst faithfully capturing the full dynamic evocative range of Pink Floyd's intricately layered music.

The listener will have two disc layers to choose from. The first layer contains the album playable on any CD system. The second includes a high resolution stereo version, plus a 5.1 surround sound mix that plays on SACD-compatible DVD players and home theatre systems. Both layers employ SACD's Direct Stream Digital (DSD) encoding process that samples the music 64 times faster than CD for unprecedented sound quality.

DSOTM SACD Delayed until?

For unknown reasons, EMI's release date of the Dark Side of the Moon Super Audio CD has been delayed until at least April 1st. We'll keep you posted.

Pompeii DVD delayed
Expected by May

It's the end of March and we're still waiting for the Live at Pompeii DVD. I've learned that because of technical difficulties the DVD has been rescheduled for a release date at the end of April 2003, and may be delayed again until May. Now I've learned that the release date for the Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii (The Directors Cut) DVD has been scheduled for October 20th 2003.

Storm Thorgerson's updated book, Mind Over Matter contains the cover and inset art work from the new Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii DVD.


The DVD Cover

Pompeii DVD menu 1 Pompeii DVD menu 2

Pompeii DVD menu 3 Pompeii DVD menu 4

Pompeii DVD menu 5

Menu screen shots courtesy of REG Member Werner Haider, a great Austrian Waters fan and a really great guy as well.

Roger and Nick at the R&R Hall of Fame?

Several Internet sources had reported that upon the US release of the new 30th anniversary edition of Dark Side Of The Moon SACD (now set April 1st), Roger Waters and Nick Mason would be appearing at the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. This was expected to be only an appearance, statement or interview. The news appeared on Echoes, and then spread to many Floyd and Waters websites. These reports could not be confirmed by REG sources, and it is now believed that these reports may have been spread as part of a hoax or April Fools jokes. ;o)

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NewsFlash April 2003


Many REG members and Waters fans have been continually emailing me in regard to when Roger's new album will be coming out. So I have been able to attain the latest news about the new album. Unimpeachable REG sources have given our club the following information:

"Roger's new album is coming on very well and will most likely be released in the Spring/Summer of 2004. There is no title as yet. Roger is considering touring options which include the USA and Europe."

So there you have it! Don't e-mail me anymore! :o)

Because Spring and Summer are the ideal seasons in which to tour, if there is to be a tour following the release of the new album, we can likely expect the new album to be released on schedule. I know I speak for all REG members when I say, I can't wait to hear the new album and for the opportunity to see Roger in concert again!

(Please credit REG for any reprint of this information.)

Pink Floyd Fan Convention in Germany July 12th & 13th 2003 to feature RPWL!

Uwe Goeller and Keep Talking Magazine present 'Dark Side of the Moon Weekend'. The first International Pink Floyd Fan Meeting. This floydian festival will be held in Aschaffenburg Germany - Colos Saal on Saturday and Sunday July 12th and 13trh.

Saturday's festivities will begin at 11AM with a Collectors and trade market util 4 PM. At 7PM begins a concert featuring Sula Bassana, Vibravoid, and 35007. Sunday's concert begins at 7:45 PM featuring RPWL, Mandra Gora Lightshow Society, and The Final Cut - The Spirit of Pink Floyd.

Though RPWL will be performing only an accoustic set, I would travel over 500 miles to see this band, they are that fantastic. If you get any chance to see RPWL live, DO IT !!

Tickets for goth days of the festival, including the collectors market are 19 Euro's in advance, and 21 Euro's at the box office. For ticket reservation, call 0049-6021-456706 or 0049-6021-27239, or email or see the website at:

Link to the RPWL site:

Link to FanFest-info on the TFC-site:

Link to TFC-site:

Fan Club and Fanzine Convention in Germany Italy May 10 and 11, 2003 and Ululati dall'Underground present Ululati 2003, the 29th anual fanclub and fanzine convention to be held in Florence Italy on May 10th and 11th, 2003.

For more information see the website at

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NewsFlash May 2003

Roger Waters
The Wall Live in Berlin DVD and SACD
released in Europe and Japan!

In the recording industry's "Region 2" (Europe, The Middle Easth and Japan), April 28th saw the long awaited DVD release of Roger Waters' The Wall Live in Berlin concert extravaganza. The US release had been scheduled to follow one week later, however for some unknown reason has been postponed until June 24th.

The Region 2, international release of Roger's Wall Live In Berlin SACD (Super Audio CD) was May 12th for Europe and Japan, and May 19th in the UK. This two disc SACD set (Catalog Number: 0385962) was a hybrid release - in other words, like Dark Side Of The Moon SACD, it contains two layers of music - the SACD layer, and a standard layer which can be "read" by all CD players.

The "Region 1," North American version of this SACD is not scheduled to be released until June 24th, when the DVD of the same name will be released as well. However the US SACD version, will not be a hybird SACD, so will not play on any but special SACD players. Instead Universal will simultaneously re-release a standard CD version.

However, where the only difference between the original double CD and the new one is the cover, Universal destroys any reason for fans to re-purchase the album. This insane logic will only result in far fewer album sales! At least our members in Europe, the Middle East, Japan, and Australia will be able to enjoy the fantastic sounds of their new remixed SACD hybrid version.

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NewsFlash June 2003

New Album Release And Subsequent Tour May Be Delayed

Earlier last April, REG sources had stated that Roger's new album "...will most likely be released in the Spring/Summer of 2004." However, please understand that there is NO exact or announced release date! This kind of prediction, even from the most reliable of REG sources is merely a prospected and anticipated date, ascertained and based on the assumption of the work already done and the work yet to be completed.

REG sources have more recently amended their comments, and confirmed that the recording of 20 tracks for the new album has been completed and sent to producer Pat Leonard in New York for production. However, they also confirmed that currently Roger has postponed further work on the new album in order to work a bit on the reworking of his opera 'Ca Ira.'

Because of this, some web sites have predicted that there will be no album or tour until 2005! REG sources nevertheless have labeled these predictions as "...Premature."

However, because Summer is the ideal time in which to tour, IF Roger's new album is not ready for release by Spring 2004, as previously announced, it may well not be released until Spring 2005. REG sources stated that: "...the timing of any tour is predicated on when the new album is completed and released."

We can only hope that the new album, and tour to follow, will happen next year. The pessimist may look at Roger's track record of the lack of movement in his career that preceded the flurry of activity of recent years. They might also point to the fact that Roger's last album was released an unprecedented ELEVEN YEARS ago!!! But I choose to believe that Roger is on a roll and that the success of the 'In the Flesh' tour has spurred him into action with a desire and frenzy to create. And although you can't rush genius or its creation, Roger might just surprise us, and have BOTH the new Album and Ca Ira done by next Spring!

(Please credit REG for any reprint of this information.)

Roger Waters
The Wall Live in Berlin DVD and SACD
Finally released in the US!


On June 24th 2003, the DVD of Roger Waters' legendary multimedia extravaganza and concert, The Wall Live in Berlin was released in shops throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. The DVD had been released in "Region 2" - Europe, the Middle East, and Japan - on April 28th. The "Region 1" release was to follow a week later. Why it took almost 2 months to release the DVD for US and North American customers in inexplicable.

The show took place on July 21, 1990, before a crowd of 350,000 fans, and was broadcast to a TV audience of 300 million people. Previously, only available as a VHS tape video, The Wall Live in Berlin commemorates the end of the "Cold War" and the toppling of the Berlin Wall which divided East and West Berlin for almost 30 years! The concert was also a charity event in conduction with the Memorial Fund for Disaster Relief, on behalf of the victims of War!

The show was much more than a rock concert, but an unprecedented multimedia event. Now it can be enjoyed for the first time in a remastered Dolby digital format in 5.1 SurroundSound.

As I previously stated, though no video can come close to capturing even a fraction of such an all encompassing event, it gives those who if you were not lucky enough to be there, glimpses of the enthralling excitement and the atmosphere of this massive spectacle and stage show. These glimpses, are enough however, to completely captivate the viewer. If you've not seen this show you're in for a treat. If you were there, you can reminisce and relive this wonderful extravaganza of sight and sound.

The DVD also contains many special features. Among them are a thirty minute documentary as well as commentaries by Roger Waters, Gerald Scarfe, Mark Fisher, Jonathan Park, Nick Griffiths, Mark Norton and Tony Hollingsworth. Some of the other features included in this long awaited and anticipated DVD are:

  • 5.1 surround sound (re-engineered by Nick Griffiths and supervised by Roger Waters)
  • 30 minute documentary about the days and events that lead up to the show.
  • Animated feature by Gerald Scarfe
  • Design feature by Mark Fisher
  • Unseen footage showing Rupert Everett as Pink
  • Gerald Scarfe and Roger Waters commentary
  • Never before seen video filmed by director Ian Emes which had been intended to mix directly into the live TV feed, but never used.
  • A section of digitally corrected still images of the show

The DVD is identical to the UK/European release, in terms of format and extras features.

The CD and SACD

In conjunction with the June 24th 2003 North American release of the DVD "The Wall Live in Berlin 1990, was an SACD of the show, and a re-release of the original CD. The Super Audio Compact Disc, or SACD is a remastered Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound version.

Released by Universal Music, both the CD and SACD are 2-disc sets and are designed to match and complement the DVD. The CD has a catalog number of 0000752-02 (the -02 just stands for double CD), and a UPC number of 602498079744. The SACD has a catalog number of 0000753-02, and a UPC number of 602498079720.

The DVD of "The Wall Live in Berlin 1990," was released in The Region 2 (Europe, The UK, The Middle East, Australia, and Japan) at the end of April 2003. The release of the Region 2, Live In Berlin SACD was May 12th for Europe and Japan, and May 19th in the UK. This two disc SACD set (Catalog Number: 0385962) was a hybrid release - in other words, like Dark Side Of The Moon SACD, it contained two layers of music - the SACD layer, and a standard layer which can be "read" by all CD players.

However in an unbelievable, inexplicable, and unusual move, the Region 2 hybrid SACD version released in Europe and Japan etc., was NOT released in Region 1 (North America, Central America, and South America). Instead, Universal has released separate CD and SACD versions. These separate CDs have different catalog and UPC numbers. The huge problem with this is that the unlike the hybrid SACD, the US (Region 1) SACD release can NOT be played on standard CD players. It can ONLY be played on special SACD players!

Now you say, big deal, you don't get the Super Audio Dolby 5.1 Surround mix on a normal CD player anyway. Well the big deal is that even without a SACD player, if you have any kind of Surround Sound in your stereo system (and most modern amplifiers do), the new mix can be picked up and heard if you have it hooked up to 4 or more speakers. This may not be true Dolby 5.1, multi-channel Surround Sound, but it is a form of DSD (Direct Stream Digital) multi-channel Surround Sound made possible by the hybrid's Direct SBM (Super Bit Mapping Direct) process. So even on a standard CD player the hybrid SACD can sound like an entirely new and different recording.

The normal re-release of the CD does not sound remastered in any way. It seems simply a re-release of the original double CD set, but with new but cheaper packaging to match the DVD. In fact the sparse CD insert foldout and blurry photo's may make fans wonder why they would want to re-purchase this CD at all.

It is not known what reasoning was used for not releasing the same hybrid SACD version that they released in Europe, however, Universal has stupidly taken away THE main reason why anyone would buy and/or repurchase this CD. If you don't have a SACD player (and 90 percent of music buyers do not), and you have the original double CD of the show, most will not even bother buying the new US version of this CD. In addition, compared to the original release, the packaging is skimpy, and the recording sounds the same. If it is remastered, it is not evident to my ears.

However, the hybrid SACD version that was released in Europe (Catalog Number: 0385962), is highly recommended. The difference in the sound quality and mix is really unbelievable! Though a bit more expensive for US fans, it is worth it. It may still be available through the UK version of at:

Latest News Autumn 2003


Rumors Of Pink Floyd Reunion Prove False

Long time Pink Floyd Manager Steve O'Rourke, sadly passed away on October 30th 2003 in Miami, Florida.

Born on September 4th and raised in London England, Steve O'Rourke became Pink Floyd's Agent in 1968 and became their manager in 1970, and continued as their manager until his death in 2003. He as a member of the 'Pink Floyd Soccer Team,' during the 1970's. He was the exectutive producer for the movie Pink Floyd The Wall, and the live album Pink Floyd A Delicate Sound of Thunder.

A funeral service was held for Steve O'Rourke's at Chichester Cathedral in Sussex, England.There had been wide spread rumors on many Pink Floyd Internet sites that there had been a Pink Floyd reunion at this funeral service. It was reported that they had: "performed in tribute to the man who helped shape their career." However, reports that David, Roger, Richard and Nick had "put aside any differences, and got back together as a band" were found by REG to be completely untrue.

Roger, who reportedly had had less than a friendly relationship with Mr. O'Rourke for the past 20 years, was NOT in attendance. It was also reported that the Floyd members in attendance had "performed "Fat Old Sun" and "Great Gig In The Sky," and that Dick Parry played the saxophone whilst following the coffin." However, this could not be confirmed by REG, and we have reservations that this actually occurred.


After a long battle with multiple sclerosis, composer, arranger, conductor, producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Kamen died in London England at age 55.

Michael Kamen's contribution to Pink Floyd and Roger Waters is extensive. He did the orchestral arrangements with Bob Ezrin on the album Pink Floyd The Wall. He co-produced and played piano and harmonium for the album Pink Floyd The Final Cut. He was the orchestral conductor and arranger of the score for the movie Pink Floyd The Wall. He co-produced, and was the orchestra conductor and arranger for the album Roger Waters The Pros and Cons of HitchHiking, he also played piano and keyboards on that album and was a member of the original Bleeding Hearts Band which toured for that album. He did the orchestral arrangements for David Gilmour's album About Face. He arranged and conducted the orchestras and choirs at the concert and on the album Roger Waters The Wall Live in Berlin. He arranged and conducted the orchestra for the album Roger Waters Amused to Death. He did the orchestration and orchestra arrangements for Gilmour's Pink Floyd album The Division Bell and played keyboards at their Knebworth concert in 1990. He was last seen in 2002 performing with David Gilmour at his solo concerts.

Michael Kamen was recognized within the music industry as being one of the best composers of orchestral pieces in rock'n'roll. This is truly a sad loss for all Roger Waters and Pink Floyd enthusiasts.


Neil Postman, the American social scientist and media critic died of cancer on Sunday Oct. 5th 2003, in New York state at the age of 72.

Born on March 8th, 1931 in New York City, Neil Postman became most widely known for his proverbial book "Amusing Ourselves To Death." It was the book's title as well as its theme of media domination and the resulting transformation of information into entertainment, that was utilized by Roger Waters in his third critically acclaimed album 'Amused To Death' which was released in 1992.

Neil Postman taught media ecology in New York, and brought about a wide-spread skepticism against the culturally damaging rise of a new media which proliferated information as entertainment, and the censorship that resulted from the corporate monopoly of both broadcast and print industries.

Among his other books, 'The Disappearance Of Childhood,' 'The Second Age Of Enlightenment' and 'No More Gods - The End Of Education,' 'Amusing Ourselves To Death' reached international critical acclaim. "TV is about to convert our culture into a huge arena of show business," Postman predicted almost 20 years ago.

He also regarded the Internet as a danger for kids, "because it gives the little ones access to all kinds of dangerous information and pictures, and can therefore destroy the innocence and shelter that was known as 'childhood' in previous generations." He even chided that online access for schools was a "complete waste."

Thanks to REG member Hans-Juergen Mueller, and other REG sources for this information

Dubbed "Interstellar: Cite de la Musique," a major Pink Floyd retrospective exposition has opened in Paris. It will be on view from October 10th 2003 to January 25th 2004, and then will move to Germany.

The Interstellar exhibition contains rare film shows, artwork, and photos from Pink Floyd's entire history, housed in separate themed rooms in the Galerie des Expositions. Guided tours of the exhibition are available for an additional cost. Exclusive t-shirts and posters will also be on sale.

This exhibition could not have happened without the support and collaboration of all members of Pink Floyd, who provided the contents from their personal archives and allowed the cite de la musique to use them to tell their story. Interstellar retraces the epic journey of a group whose early experiments helped to define psychedelia and progressive rock and whose concept projects from the 1970's established the album as an art form.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the release of Dark Side of the Moon, this exhibition celebrates a band that has never gone out of fashion and whose approaches to sound, light, imagery and staging have influenced all aspects of the music industry.

On loan are items donated by: David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright, Steve O'rourke, Emka Limited, Mark Fenwick, MFM Limited, Mark Fisher, Peter Jenner, Jonathan Park, Gerald Scarfe, Phil Taylor, Storm Thorgerson, and Peter Wynne Wilson.

Roger Waters was back in Paris last November to complete the recording of his long awaited opera Ca Ira. REG sources have stated that the album is to be released sometime in 2004 on Sony Classical. "Ca Ira is now over 100 minutes long so if released in its entirety will be a 2 CD set."

Reg sources have informed our fanclub that "Roger has agreed to judge the top ten lyricists in a song-writing competition organised by The Sir Charles Blues Lab with Ray Charles and Flea. The five winners will be flown to L.A. to have their songs produced by Ray Charles and special guest musicians. Ten schools and community centres will receive musical instruments for participating, and the project is designed to raise the profile of the arts, music and after school programmes for kids." You must be under 18 to submit a song or lyrics for the contest. Other judges for the event will be Alicia Keys, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist), and Ray Charles. The final winners will be announced in February 2004.

In a recent interview with Channel 2 in Iceland, Roger stated that he had written 2 or 3 songs about the recent US invasion of Iraq. He added, "I should release the album now..." During the short 15 minute interview, Roger also discusses his love of fishing and his recent catches.

In a new music magazine ad campaign, Fender Guitars congratulates Roger Waters and Pink Floyd on the 30th anniversary of 'Dark Side of the Moon. The ad features a photo of Roger from the 1977 Animals tour playing his black Fender bass.

Zurich films is reportedly set to release a DVD for the film, "Dybbuk B'sde Hatapuchim Hakdoshim, Ha" (which translates to; The Dybbuk of the Holy Apple Field). No movie soundtrack CD was ever released. Reports state the DVD will only be released in Israel. The Hebrew language film, originally released in 1998, featured Roger Waters' version of the Bob Dylan song "Knockin On Heavens Door". The song was considered rare until it was released on the Roger Waters compilation album "Flickering Flame." Rick Wentworth, who collaborated with Roger on his opera Ca Ira, is credited with additional music. The film depicts a modern version of the classic Jewish legend of 'Dybbuk,' that takes place in present day Jerusalem.

Gerald Scarfe's web site ( is now on line and fully active. There you will find full details about his new book "Heroes and Villains" as well as details of his upcoming UK tour, where Mr. Scarfe plans to give talks about his work. (See the Exclusive REG interview with Gerald Scarfe in REG Newsletter/Magazine issue 22.)

Nick Mason's book, Pink Floyd - The Official History, may finally be released sometime in 2004. The book was first scheduled for release in 1995 but was shelved after objections and a threatened lawsuit by David Gilmour. It has been said that Nick was always the one band member who collected and archived the bands history, so the book promises to reveal many unknown or unreported behind the scenes stories and perspectives, as well as previously unseen photos and memorabilia.

Nick had reportedly worked on the book for many years, but by 1993 the task of compiling the book became so daunting and time consuming that he had to employ an archivist who helped to log the material for the next 2 years in preparation for its original publication and release. No specific release date has been announced.

Last December, guitarist Snowy White, who toured with Pink Floyd during the Animals and The Wall tours, and who was a key member of Roger's band for The Wall Live in Berlin concert and the In the Flesh tours, performed for one of the first times since the end of Roger's tour. The concert was called 'A jam session with friends,' and was performed at The Corn Hall, Diss, Suffolk on Dec. 13th.

Snowy White's new album entitled "That's The Way It Is" was recently completed and is scheduled for released sometime in 2004. It will feature a new version of his hit single "Bird of Paradise." (See the Exclusive REG interview with Snowy White in REG Newsletter/Magazine issue 29.)

The redevelopment of Battersea Power Station is under way at last. The UK power station which gained fame on the cover of the Pink Floyd album 'Animals,' where a huge pig inflatable was hung between it's giant smoke stacks, had originally been scheduled to be torn down. However after massive public outrage, a redevelopment plan was created which was to begin work in 1985.

Now, nearly 20 years later, work has begun on this massive redevelopment project. Though the complex will maintain it's famous four smoke stacks, it will become two five-star hotels with more than 1,000 rooms and conference facilities, a theater/auditorium with up to 4,000 seats, office space and 710 apartments.

The World Memorial Fund for Disaster Relief has ceased to operate in its original form, however two separate organizations have been formed in its place. They are; "The National Memorial Arboretum" and the "Leonard Cheshire Center for Conflict Recovery."

The Leonard Cheshire center for Conflict Recovery is responsible for the study and development of best practices in post conflict medicine and support. It limits itself to post conflict rather than natural disaster, and participates in post conflict operations in various parts of the world. For more information check out their website: or write to: The Leonard Cheshire Center, 4 Taviton Street, London WC1H 0BT, or call Mathew Fleggson, Co-ordinator for Overseas Programs: ph: 020 7679 4518.

The National Memorial Arboretum is not a part of the Leonard Cheshire organization and is a separate charity. For more information on the Arboretum, check out their website: or contact David Childs, ph: 01722 716 310.

Mark Fisher of the infamous Fisher/Park team of concert and stage set architects has updated his web site:

It now includes some great new photos of Pink Floyd's 1977 Animals tour. Mark explains how "Roger Waters wanted to add an inflatable family to the Animals show", which he demonstrates with 4 great diagrams.

Mark Fisher together with his partner Jonathan Park designed and built Pink Floyds tour sets for Animals and The Wall, as well as Roger Waters tour sets for his Pros and Cons of HitchHiking, Radio KAOS, and The Wall Live in Berlin tours. He went on alone outside the company Fisher/Park to design and build the tour stage sets for A Momentary Lapse of Reason and Division Bell tours. (See the Exclusive REG interview with Mark Fisher in REG Newsletter/Magazine issue # 13. and the Exclusive REG interview with Jonathan Park in issue #36.)

Short Segment of CA IRA to premier at Malta EU Celebration

A recorded segment of Roger Waters' long awaited classical opera CA IRA will be played at the Maltese EU Celebration.

To celebrate Malta's May 1st, formal integration as one of the newer members of the European Union, there will be a massive multimedia extravaganza to be performed at Malta's Grand Harbor.

Malta's EU-entry celebrations will be held on Friday April 30, 2004. The event is expected to take place between 8.30 p.m. and 12.30 a.m. Plans for the spectacular include a main stage and six smaller stages where local bands and singers will perform.

The evening will end in a joint countdown to 12 midnight May 1st, led by Malta's prime minister Eddie Fenech Adami and European Union Commissioner Romano Prodi, as the people of Malta are welcomed into the European Union.

Scheduled at 11:55 in the midst of Malta's Grand Harbor will begin what is termed a grand manifestation which will be a massive show of light and sound. The Maltese national anthem will play and this will be followed by the joint countdown by the Maltese Prime Minister, and via satellite, the European Commission President.

As the clock strikes 12 midnight, Saturday May 1st the minute of Malta's ascension into the European Union, a 15 minute premier of Roger Waters classical opera CA IRA will be played through the massive sound system. This will be not be a live orchestral rendering nor will Roger be performing. It will be only a pre-recorded segment of the CA IRA opera.

Providing gigantic visual art as a backdrop to Rogers aria soundscape will be a spectacular light show created by renowned German artist Gert Hof. Ross Ashton the designer of the jubilee celebrations at London's Buckingham Palace will also be contributing and assisting with the projections.

Gert Hof is known for his spectacular and unique works of light art such as that witnessed in Moscow's Red Square in September 2003. Ross Ashton was also responsible for Roger Waters PIGI projections used during his 1999 and 2000 In The Flesh tours of the US.

This massive multimedia spectacular which will light up the sky amidst Malta's Grand Harbor, which consists of architectural relic's, ruins and bastions from the Middle Ages will create a vivid and inspirational atmosphere of emotion and awe for the expected 100,000 plus spectators.

There have been many inaccurate reports about this event and Roger's involvement in it, posted on many Roger Waters and Pink Floyd web sites. Some said that Roger Waters would be appearing. Some said that Roger Waters would be performing. Some even said that the entire CA IRA opera would be performed live by an orchestra. None of these reports however is accurate. This is yet again another reason why REG members and Waters fans turn to the REG fanclub for accurate and credible information!

REG sources within Roger's management have told our fanclub the following: There have been a few articles and press releases published that are essentially correct but factually inaccurate. We have agreed to allow Gert Hoff to play back 15 mins of CA Ira with his light and firework spectacular at 12 midnight on the night that Malta joins the EU (30 April - 1 May 2004). As you know CA Ira is a modern classical opera not a rock opera. It is unlikely that Roger will attend and if he does, it will be to be interviewed by the press.

Various segments of the celebrations will be televised live by the European Broadcasting Unions.

However, whether or not the event will take place as described is not necessarily a foregone conclusion. The contract for the celebration was awarded to the Welcomeurope consortium. However, at this time, it is currently being scrutinized by the appeals board of the Contracts Department following an appeal by Pres - an unsuccessful bidder.

According to The Times of Malta; The unsuccessful bidders for the celebrations marking Malta's entry into the EU believe its line-up has what it takes to guarantee a grand show.

Composer Mike Oldfield, artistic designer Robbie Williams and Jeff Wayne, the creator of the War of the Worlds musical, were in the Pres consortium's team for the celebrations, a spokesman for the consortium said.

Welcomeurope, the winning consortium, has on its part managed to entice former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters to premiere 15 minutes of his long-awaited opera, when Malta celebrates its EU entry on the night of April 30. Welcomeurope have also brought on board artistic director Gert Hof and designer Ross Ashton.

The contract awarded to Welcomeurope is currently being evaluated by the appeals board of the Contracts Department, following an objection raised by the Pres consortium.

A spokesman for Pres said their event would have culminated at midnight with Mr. Oldfield interpreting Ode to Joy from a floating stage on the Grand Harbor. This would have been synchronized to a light and sound spectacle focused on Fort St. Angelo.

Mr. Oldfield is world-renowned for his inspirational and uplifting Tubular Bells albums.

Mr. Williams had also confirmed his participation as the production's technical director. His portfolio includes the Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrations and the Millennium Dome Opening ceremony. He was to be joined by Mr. Wayne, composer of The War of the Worlds, a highly popular soundtrack.

Apart from the European Broadcasting Union, Pres has sought other interested television operators to broadcast between 30 minutes to an hour of the event. Among the interested parties is Oasis TV Eutalset, according to Pres.

In addition, ITC Ltd. have filed a constitutional case against winning consortium Welcomeurope. Claiming that its rights to a fair hearing were violated.

ITC Ltd. filed its application in the First Hall of the Civil Court against the Attorney General, the Appeals Board for Public Contracts and the Director of Contracts.

The company said it had not been awarded the tender after the Director of Contracts and the Contracts Committee, on the advice of the Adjudicating Board of the Ministry for Youth and Culture, awarded the tender to a consortium known as Welcome Europe.

ITC Ltd. objected in writing to this decision and on its part Welcome Europe replied in writing to the objection. The Director of Contracts also submitted an analytic report. Following this the Appeals Board had, on February 19, called a meeting to discuss this appeal. However, the board refused to uphold the company's request for a number of documents, including the report prepared by the Adjudicating Board, to be exhibited in the appeal proceedings. This refusal, the company said, had led to a violation of its right to a fair hearing, which right was protected by the Constitution and the European Convention of Human Rights.

The court was requested to declare that the proceedings before the Appeals Board for Public Contracts were in violation of ITC Ltd's rights and to provide it with a remedy.

Prof. Ian Refalo also signed the application.

Therefore at present, the planning of the celebration is on hold pending the outcome of the Contracts Dept. Appeals Board.


RPWL, the German progressive rock band oft reviewed and touted in REG Newsletter/magazine issues, will be performing for the first time in the U.S. this Spring.

This once Pink Floyd tribute band, who've been writing and performing their own fantastic and completely original material for years, has heretofore only performed in Europe. This is the first time they will be performing in the U.S. And the excitement is mounting. To see this band perform live is not only a treat to the senses and ears, but an unbelievable opportunity for any lover of great music. I would gladly travel 500 to 1000 miles or more to see this band perform. They are THAT good, and their music is THAT good!!

RPWL will be performing along with 7 other bands at the Rite of Spring Festival (dubbed ROSfest 2004), a 2 day progressive rock festival which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 24th and 25th 2004 at the majestic 'Colonial Theater' in Phoenixville Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia).

The venue address for the festival is:
227 Bridge St, P.O. Box 712
Phoenixville, PA, 19460

RPWL will be the headliner band on Sunday April 25th, the second day of the festival, and will be performing from 9PM to 11:30 PM.

RPWL is currently in the process of recording their 4th album. The band is made up of exceptional musicians, and much of their song writing can be truly termed musical genius. Their musical style is somewhat a cross between Pink Floyd (all iterations) and early Genesis (with Peter Gabriel). Their first album, "GOD HAS FAILED" received huge international critical acclaim as one of the best albums in the last 20 years. Their second and third albums, "Trying to Kiss the Sun," and "Stock," were also received with rave reviews. It is with great anticipation that I await the release of their fourth musical masterpiece.

More information regarding RPWL can be found at their website:

I urge ALL REG members and Pink Floyd fans to do ANYTHING they can to go to this show and see RPWL live in concert! I know you won't regret it.

TICKETS for the 2 day ROSfest event are ON SALE NOW and are $80.00. There will be 8 bands performing extended sets over this two day weekend festival, so that's only $10.00 per show! I'm not sure if 1 day tickets can be purchased. To find out call: 484-432-7357 or 215-840-5789. Payment for tickets can be made by phone, on line, or by mail:
P.O. BOX 687, COATESVILLE, PA. 19320

For information on tickets, directions, lodging, transportation, restaurants, band information and all other information concerning the Rite of Spring prog rock fest, go to

CA IRA at Malta EU Celebration

Segments of CA IRA premier at Malta EU Celebration

Fifteen minutes of recorded segments of Roger Waters' long awaited classical opera CA IRA were performed at the Maltese EU Celebration.

To celebrate Malta's May 1st formal integration as one of the newer members of the European Union, there was a massive multimedia extravaganza performed at Malta's Grand Harbor.

Malta's EU-entry celebrations were held on Friday April 30, 2004. Despite warnings about possible bad weather for the area, the event took place between 8:30 PM and 12:30 AM. without a hitch. The spectacular included a main stage and six smaller stages where local bands and singers performed.

The evening ended in a joint countdown to 12 midnight May 1st, led by Malta's prime minister Eddie Fenech Adami and European Union Commissioner Romano Prodi, as the people of Malta were welcomed into the European Union.

Scheduled at 11:55 in the midst of Malta's Grand Harbor began what was termed a grand manifestation which was a massive show of light and sound. The Maltese national anthem was played, and was followed by a joint countdown by the Maltese Prime Minister, and via satellite, the European Commission President.

As the clock struck 12 midnight, Saturday May 1st, the minute of Malta's ascension into the European Union, a 15 minute premier of Roger Waters' classical opera CA IRA was played through the massive sound system. This was not a live rendering of the piece by an orchestra, nor did Roger Waters perform, but was only pre-recorded segments of the CA IRA opera.

Providing gigantic visual art as a backdrop to Rogers Aria Soundscape was a spectacular light show created by renowned German artist Gert Hoff. Ross Ashton the designer of the jubilee celebrations at London's Buckingham Palace also contributed and assisted with the projections.

Gert Hoff is known for his spectacular and unique works of light art such as that witnessed in Moscow's Red Square in September 2003. Ross Ashton was also responsible for Roger Waters PIGI projections used during his 1999 and 2000 In The Flesh tours of the US.

The massive multimedia spectacular used lights and fireworks to create "light monuments" in the sky amidst Malta's Grand Harbor, which consists of architectural relic's, ruins and bastions from the Middle Ages, and created a vivid and inspirational atmosphere of emotion and awe for the 100,000 plus spectators. The map of the event can still be seen on the main Malta EU Celebration web site at: The event was free, except for special tickets and VIPs, who were seated at the front of the main stage. This was the second live performance of (part of) Ca Ira - the first being at the Royal Albert Hall on 16th October 2002.

There have been many inaccurate reports about this event and Roger's involvement in it, posted on many Roger Waters and Pink Floyd web sites. Some said that Roger Waters would be appearing. Some said that Roger Waters would be performing. Some even said that the entire CA IRA opera would be performed live by an orchestra. None of these reports however were accurate.

As the REG site reported months before the event; REG sources within Roger's management had told our fanclub the following: "There have been a few articles and press releases published that are essentially correct but factually inaccurate. We have agreed to allow Gert Hoff to play back 15 mins of CA Ira with his light and firework spectacular at 12 midnight on the night that Malta joins the EU (30 April - 1 May 2004). As you know CA Ira is a modern classical opera not a rock opera. It is unlikely that Roger will attend and if he does, it will be to be interviewed by the press." Having accurate and credible information in regard to all things Roger Waters, is yet again another reason why REG members and Waters fans turn to the REG The International Roger Waters Fanclub! There were actually 10 countries in all who were given new EU membership on this historic evening. All celebrations were televised by the EBU (European Broadcasting Unions) to an audience estimated at over 1 billion.

The broadcast began at 10:15 PM CET, with many countries around Europe signed up to the live feed. ZDF broadcast Willkommen Europa from 22:15hrs - 00:15hrs, and ORF2 broadcast Willkommen Europa with a pre-show from 20:15hrs - 22:00 hrs, followed by the main show from 22:15hrs - 00:15hrs.

German presenter Nina Ruge hosted the televised show in the Konzerthaus at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin, where she greeted the Europe-wide audience and showcased each of the countries joining the EU. The music performed in the studio was interspersed with live feeds from the second venue of the evening: an open-air stage in Warsaw in front of the old Royal Castle.

Unfortunately, television audiences in many countries were let down by the coverage of the event - getting patchy or non-existent sound and pictures. Some commentators in other countries decided to talk over the performance, much to the annoyance of Roger Waters fans, who had tuned in just for this!

There were two "countdowns to accession" due to the differing time zones; the second of which, at midnight Central European Time (CET), featured the dramatic climax to the whole event - the music of Roger Waters' Ca Ira (described as the pre-premiere of the piece) alongside the spectacular "Light Monument", Gert Hoff's gigantic scale firework display of light and color.

Originally, late last year Roger Waters had been asked to write a song for the event. But after some negotiation, he agreed to the airing of the Aria of his opera Ca Ira at the Malta EU celebration instead.

CA IRA, which is scheduled to be released towards the end of 2004, was written for an 84 piece orchestra, three soloists (tenor, baritone and soprano) and an adult and children's choir. The libretto was written by Frenchman Etienne Roda Gil. The committee behind the EU expansion celebrations felt that there were strong parallels - Ca Ira deals with the French Revolution as a metaphor for people's strength in their fight for freedom, equality and fraternity - "values that today still embody the ethical foundations of the European Union" (Expansion committee statement).

Months before the event however there had been controversy as to whether the event would happen at all. Apparently, the contract for the celebration was awarded to the Welcomeurope consortium. However this had been scrutinized by the appeals board of the Contracts Department following an appeal by Pres - an unsuccessful bidder.

According to The Times of Malta; Pres consortium, the unsuccessful bidders for the celebrations marking Malta's entry into the EU felt that its line-up had what it took to guarantee a grand show. Composer Mike Oldfield (world-renowned for his inspirational and uplifting Tubular Bells albums), artistic designer Robbie Williams, and Jeff Wayne (composer, producer, and creator of the War of the Worlds musical), were among the Pres consortium's team for the celebrations. Mr. Williams, spokesman for the consortium also confirmed his participation as the production's technical director. His portfolio includes the Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrations and the Millennium Dome Opening ceremony. He was to be joined by Mr. Wayne, composer of the highly popular War of the Worlds soundtrack. Welcomeurope, the winning consortium, stated that it had on its part managed to entice former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters to premiere 15 minutes of his long-awaited opera, when Malta celebrates its EU entry on the night of April 30. Welcomeurope had also brought on board artistic director Gert Hoff and designer Ross Ashton.

A spokesman for Pres said their event would have culminated at midnight with Mr. Oldfield interpreting Ode to Joy from a floating stage on the Grand Harbor. This would have been synchronized with a light and sound spectacle focused on Fort St. Angelo.

Apart from the European Broadcasting Union, Pres had sought other interested television operators to broadcast between 30 minutes to an hour of the event. Among the interested parties was Oasis TV Eutalset. In addition, ITC Ltd. had filed a constitutional case against winning consortium Welcomeurope, claiming that its rights to a fair hearing were violated. ITC Ltd. filed its application in the First Hall of the Civil Court against the Attorney General, the Appeals Board for Public Contracts and the Director of Contracts. The company said it had not been awarded the tender after the Director of Contracts and the Contracts Committee, on the advice of the Adjudicating Board of the Ministry for Youth and Culture, awarded the tender to a consortium known as Welcome Europe.

ITC Ltd. objected in writing to this decision and on its part Welcome Europe replied in writing to the objection. The Director of Contracts also submitted an analytic report. Following this the Appeals Board had, on February 19, called a meeting to discuss this appeal. However, the board refused to uphold the company's request for a number of documents, including the report prepared by the Adjudicating Board, to be exhibited in the appeal proceedings. This refusal, the company said, had led to a violation of its right to a fair hearing, a right which was protected by the Constitution and the European Convention of Human Rights.

The court was requested to declare that the proceedings before the Appeals Board for Public Contracts were in violation of ITC Ltd's rights and to provide it with a remedy.

All this controversy led to the planning of the celebration to be put on hold pending the outcome of the Contracts Dept. Appeals Board. Fortunately, ultimately the Welcomeurope consortium won out and the event went on as originally planned.

Gert Hoff arrived in Malta the Sunday before the event, accompanied by his 56-man team, 100 mega searchlights, and eight 40-foot trailers of equipment. His light monument for this event, which he had been working on since October, was a combination of architecture, lights, lasers (which were bounced off the sea), high-altitude fireworks and music systems.

The Times Of Malta reported that the emotion Hoff wanted to create was one of "astonishment and amazement". He wanted to mesmerize his audience, and "take them aback with surprise. No one ever gets surprised these days," he claimed. The light show happens in the sky, utilizing light beams that rise 70km high, and the idea is to unite the audience and take them on a trip into space. At the same time, he said he "would like to create a sense of inner calm, peace and silence." Just before Midnight, the massive festival atmosphere saw a New Year's Eve style countdown in the capital. As the clock struck 12, the member states of the European Union increased to 25, as ten new states joined the existing fifteen. At that moment the words "Welcome Europe" and "Solidarity" were beamed onto Fort St Angelo's imposing walls, as Roger Waters' eagerly awaited new work began from the loudspeakers. Smoke from the barrage of fireworks cleared to reveal 25 small flag-bearing sailing ships in the harbor - one for each EU member state.

The huge crowd witnessed the extravaganza, leaving most vantage points full to capacity. The weather was calm, despite early fears of rain and wind, and the still water in the harbor served as a mirror to the lights and lasers used so effectively by Gert Hoff and Ross Ashton.

In terms of the Ca Ira premiere, we heard three parts of the overall opera, sequenced together by Hoff. Starting with the Overture, (as previously performed at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2002), this lead to a short two minute piece called "The Taking Of Bastille", after which was heard a wonderful eight minute piece entitled "Silver, Sugar, and Indigo" (These items were key trading commodities at the time of the French Revolution, and were commonly used in exchange for slaves. Indigo was used as a dye, and was much in demand.) The piece was a great conclusion to the event.

Now that the Malta spectacular is over, there are reports that Gert Hoff and Roger Waters are at an advanced stage of arrangements for a full Ca Ira show, and that work has been ongoing for some months now to book various venues to put on a show (including two major Parisian venues). But according to these reports those efforts appear to have floundered amidst the typical difficulties of staging a major show in a capital city. However, the reports state that the latest attempt could make it through to completion. The chosen venue is the Winter Palace, part of The Hermitage in St Petersburg Russia - where the Russian Revolution began in 1917. Rumors are gathering apace that the show will be held around the end of October or the beginning of November, but it must be stressed that these reports have not been confirmed by REG. In any case, nothing is definite, nothing has been officially announced, and no tickets are on sale.

If you missed viewing the stunning show in Malta, or had the misfortune of poor (or non-existent) television coverage of the event, there have been reports that Gert Hoff will be releasing a collection of six of his shows on one DVD sometime before Christmas 2004, and will include a re-edited Malta performance as part of it. Also, there's a great selection of pictures on the Internet, as well as an on-demand replay of the whole Maltese EU accession show available to view. Both can be found on the website: Here, for the photo gallery and here for the video. The show is available in a selection of formats.



PP Arnold, who has toured with Roger Waters on his last three outings, joined Madeline Bell (who can be heard on both 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking and Radio KAOS albums) and Ruby Turner for a June 11th concert. The show, called "The Three Divas," was held at 'The Wisley Music Festival 2004,' and was a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin, and starred Ruby Turner, Madeline Bell, and PP Arnold, with the BBC Big Band. Tickets were reasonably priced at £26. (

Before the show, PP Arnold told REG: "I will be performing at the Wisley Festival near Guildford with Madeline Bell, Ruby Turner and myself with the B. B. C. Big Band. The concert is entitled 3 Divas and we will be singing the songs of the 3 divas, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin. I return to Spain June 12 and will be doing some recording with Roger while I am there, so I'll tell you all about it on my return."

PP Arnold will also be appearing live at the Festival Euro YeYe in Gijon, Spain at the end of July, and at the Bank Holiday Mod Weekend at Margate in August. She will be appearing at both venues with a band called, 'The Teenagers. The Euro YeYe Festival in Gijon Spain will run from July 28th to August 2nd. The event organisers, "Trouble and Tea Entertainment" intend for the event to be a great tribute to the '60s 'Mod' era.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with PP Arnold in the next issue of REG!


Snowy White announced he has completed a new album entitled "That's The Way It Is," which features a new version of 'Bird of Paradise." It will be released mid 2004.

Snowy and his band 'The White Flames' began an impromptu tour beginning with live dates in the UK, and performed material from his new album at all the shows. The White Flames are; Max Middleton and Richard Bailey (both ex-Jeff Beck band members) on keyboards and drums, and Walter Latupeirissa on bass.

Their first show, Dec. 13th 2003 in Suffolk, was called 'A jam session with friends.' In March, they played 5 shows in Holland and Germany, and in April traveled to Greece for 3 shows there. In May, Snowy performed 3 dates in Lithuania, one of which was recorded and filmed for a future DVD release! In a recent interview, Snowy White's manager announced a possible live CD, as well as DVD. Stating: "You you don't really know Snowy until you've seen him live with his band."

He added that "Snowy's sound engineer apparently had worked on Roger's last tour and after the show was showing everyone pieces of video from recent tours and concerts. One of them was from the Japan leg of Roger's tour. The video showed the band waiting in an airport lounge. There was PP Arnold, Linda Lewis, Snowy, and sleeping on the floor was Harry Waters. He looked like he was having the best sleep of his life. He chose a cosy spot just behind all the chairs in this waiting lounge, compressed against a wall. Then the footage changes to the inside of a bullet train with the band enjoying themselves while Graham parades in the corridor. No sign of Roger though. And that was it."

Thanks to Tracey Ganapathy of the Snowy White Fan Club ( for the information.



As part of Universal's "Deluxe Sound & Vision" series, Universal Music and Video is releasing, Roger Waters "The Wall Live Berlin '90" as a 3 disc 'Deluxe Sound & Vision' set. The release will be a limited edition consisting of the 26-track double CD (not the SACD), accompanied by the region 2 (PAL) DVD. The DVD contains the same extras as the normal edition previously released. The main difference will be the packaging which will be designed to house all three discs in a united package.

The set will be available Monday June 14th 2004, initially only in the UK and Europe for the recommended list price of £21.99, but will retail for about £19.99. There are as yet no details if or when this 3 disc limited edition will be available in other countries.

Universal has previously released Abba, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley as 'Deluxe Sound and Vision Limited edition sets.


An exclusive interview with Roger Waters appeared in the June 2004 issue of the UK's Uncut Magazine. The June 2004 issue of Uncut magazine hit the shelves with a cover featuring Roger, Dave, Nick and Rick alongside the banner; "Anger. Betrayal. Regret. The last days of Pink Floyd". This great interview features a large selection of photos and finds Roger in great spirit.

The interview looks back on the troubled history of The Final Cut - his ambitious anti-war opus, and some would say the last true Pink Floyd album - recorded against a backdrop of bitterness, anger and frustration.

In this interview Roger talks about the breakup of the band, and subsequent versions of the truth. He refers to the book about the band that Nick Mason has been writing, and how he had offered to go through it with Nick to try and get some consensus about the story. The majority of the interview however is about The Final Cut, and the split of the band - as he sees it. At one point he discusses how memories and facts can be perceived differently by different people, and even created, and in time, believed to be the truth.

Roger had often talked about his Broadway version of 'The Wall,' complete with laughs while on tour in 2002, commenting that he'd worked on writing it in between shows while on the tour plane. Later in the interview, he says; "I'm just on the verge of signing a deal with Miramax to rewrite the whole thing as a Broadway show. I've written the first 10 pages... I've been very keen on, and have thought about, rewriting it at some point - to get my humor into it." When asked if it might be put on elsewhere, he said: "It might well open in London. We'll see."

Now that Miramax have expressed interest in the finished product, and being that Roger retained the full rights to 'The Wall' following his split from Pink Floyd, the possibility of seeing it performed on stage seems very real.

Further into the interview, Roger touches on war and politics, and makes reference to a song he wrote recently about when he was a young man, hitchhiking back to London from Beirut, and the family who took him in and looked after him. He also mentions his forthcoming opera, Ca Ira, and says "...that's what I do every day, I put sound effects on my opera. It's about the history of the French Revolution."

The June issue of Uncut can be purchased from many news and book sellers worldwide, or from the back issues page of the Uncut web site:, or by phone: +44-208-532-3628, or via the website:



The Final Cut reissue was released by EMI Records Europe, March 29th 2004 and Capitol Records USA, May 4th 2004.

The Final Cut had been a largely overlooked and not overly cherished album from Floyd's extensive back catalogue. So, some might question why the remaster and reissue of this album. When asked the reason for the reissue and remastering of The Final Cut album, an EMI spokesperson stated: "The reason of this reprint is because the album is now on the EMI label worldwide. Until now, Sony Music owned the rights for North America, Japan, etc... and EMI wanted a new version to celebrate the return to its catalogue. The main change, in this version, is represented by the addition of "When The Tigers Broke Free". Tigers was recorded for The Wall film, and was originally destined for The Final Cut album. But in the end, it was left off as it was too personally linked to Roger Waters life.

EMI suggested inserting this song on the reprint of The Final Cut, and both Roger and the current Floyd approved it. A copy of the album was done, placing "Tigers" into the sequence in four different points to find the best place. Finally a copy was sent to Roger and he decided. We then did a new mix of the song, starting from 16-track tapes of the film soundtrack (a different mix from the "Echoes" one) and we inserted it into the sequence using a cross-fading effect. The other mixes are the originals.

We mastered all starting from original analog tapes, using a special machine built by Tim de Paravicini. It used a valve EQ (by Tim too), linked to a "Gold Series" A/D converter from Dan Lavry Engineering. The album was compiled in SADiE. This version of The Final Cut has the best sound it ever has had on CD..." When The Tigers Broke Free was due to appear on The Final Cut it was (Tigers) released as a gatefold sleeved 7" single. So it was a surprise to many when it didn't appear on the album. The omission has now been rectified.

The addition and positioning of "Tigers" now, initially provoked some controversy because amending the order of any Pink Floyd album is guaranteed to cause contention amongst the Floyd fan community. Any changes therefore needed to be undertaken carefully, with sensitively and reason.

It had originally been suggested that "Tigers" be split in two as it is in the film "The Wall," with the second half arriving as "Two Suns In The Sunset" fades out. Thankfully, this was not done and it is sandwiched between "One Of The Few" and "The Hero's Return."

It is a shame, that though Tigers can be added to the album, but the second part of The Hero's Return remains as a B-side on the "Not Now John" single. There are reports that there are some differences in the running times between the original and this new 2004 version. Some tracks are slightly longer, some have had a few seconds shaved off. Overall, not including the addition of Tigers, the running time is six seconds shorter - but this is not obvious upon initial listenings.

However, an EMI spokesperson stated "Absolutely nothing is missing, and the difference is mainly due to the cross-fade into and out of Tigers. It's a process that, by its nature, depends on where you start and stop the clock - it can make a subtle difference. Having seen the revised track times, it seems clear that different start/stop points have been used throughout the album..."

There are also reports that Roger's vocals have more presence in places - such as in "The Post War Dream" - and that certain instruments (such as piano) are more prominent in this remastered mix. According to an EMI source, the album sounds absolutely better than ever, and the addition of Tigers in the album sequence sounds totally natural - as if it had always been there.

A certain amount of revision of the original packaging has been undertaken, and the revision has a new 16 page booklet. The case features a removable sticker, promoting the extra track, rather than being printed on the cover itself. The front cover features much sharper reproduction of the medal ribbons, under slightly smaller album titling, and the rear picture of the soldier with the knife in his back looks a lot better. Credits for the album appear on the rear, alongside the song titles, however the addition of a large bar code seems to spoil the look.

The booklet has been expanded, showcasing Roger's own designs for the album. The back of the booklet now features an enlarged knifed soldier, unlike the original which had the track listing like the CD back. There are nine additional pages, two new (circular) pictures - one of which is reproduced on the disc itself, now in full color compared to the bland text-only before - and lyrics you can read! There are only two changes to the booklet credits - gone is "artwork: Artful Dodgers", and added to the mastering are James Guthrie and Joel Plante's work at Guthrie's Das Boot recording studio. Pink Floyd's management is still shown as (the late) Steve O'Rourke, and the overall copyright is changed from "Pink Floyd Music Publishers" to "Roger Waters Music Overseas" - although on the back of the CD, it credits "Pink Floyd Music Ltd"!

The Final Cut - 2004 Remaster can be purchased or ordered from most record shops as well as ordered online from various music web sites.


What would appear to be a repack- aging of the Peel Session CD from the 1990s, is actually an augmented and remastered collection of Syd Barrett sessions, recorded for BBC Radio 1. Syd Barrett "The Radio 1 Sessions", was released in the UK and Europe March 29th, and in the US May 11, 2004, on Strange Fruit/Pinnacle records.

After Parting Company with Pink Floyd, Barrett released the eccentric "The Madcap Laughs" in 1970. The more accessible "Barrett" followed later that same year with the help of Dave Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Humble Pie's drummer Jerry Shirley. Gilmour and Shirley accompany Syd on the Two Radio One Sessions. These sessions show a relaxed Syd strumming some of his best and most uplifting tunes including 'Terrapin' and 'Baby Lemonade,' to a backing of acoustic guitar and bongos.

  1. Track Listing:
  2. Terrapin
  3. Gigolo Aunt
  4. Baby Lemonade
  5. Effervescing Elephant
  6. Two of a Kind
  7. Baby Lemonade
  8. Dominoes
  9. Love Song

The first part of the eight track album features a re-issue of the first recording from the Top Gear Session from February 1970, featuring David Gilmour on bass and Humble Pie's drummer Jerry Shirley.

The second part, (tracks 6 to 8 - Baby Lemonade, Dominoes and Love Song), is the long lost recording of Syd's only other solo sitting for Radio 1, the rare Bob Harris Session in February '71.

Missing from the BBC's archives, and previously only available as a bootleg, this session had never been officialially released. It comes from an off-air recording and is therefore inevitably of poor quality, which gives the songs a darker feel than the first set, as Syd's ethereal, shadowy voice is backed by only acoustic guitar and bass.

The album starts with the first of five tracks from early 1970, featuring a very "with it" sounding Syd, backed by Jerry Shirley on drums, and David Gilmour providing guitar and very competent bass and organ work, which underpins the majority of tracks. In fact it's Gilmour's work that really keeps the music heading in the right direction. The sound quality here is an obvious improvement over the original Peel Sessions CDs - as there's more presence and crispness to all frequencies.

The ballad Terrapin is a great opener, though Gigalo Aunt is a bit bland until the solo towards the end. Baby Lemonade is a markedly different version than on "Barrett". Effervescing Elephant, a song written and performed by Syd from his childhood, is similar to the album version, but without any backing or sound effects - it's just Syd and acoustic guitar. Two Of A Kind, the final track from the 1970 session, betrays its rumored origins as a Richard Wright composition, being lyrically and musically atypical of Syd's other work.

There is an obvious dip in sound quality with the fade in to Baby Lemonade from the "lost" session of 1971. The tape stolen, mislaid or wiped at the BBC, it fell to the producers of the CD to source one of the many bootlegs of the session. Although better than most, there are one or two boots which feature better quality versions of this session. However, this is the official release and the best most fans are gonna get. Plus, Syd will get royalties, so it's a worthwhile purchase.

The three tracks here however, are still quite listenable, even if Syd does sound a bit more fragile than before. Dave's bass dominates, and if there are drums, you can't hear them! Baby Lemonade, and Dominoes, are very mournful, and Love Song is a bit muddy sounding and fades mid song. At only twenty minutes, this is a short CD, but is priced accordingly. It's an improvement over previous Peel Session CDs, and a nice legal way to own the '71 session.

Label: Strange Fruit/Pinnacle
Catalogue #: SFRSCD127

Reprinted from Brain (


by: Jerry Del Colliano

Dark Side rumored to be already mixed for DVD-Audio could be a Dual Disc. Sources in the pro audio business in Europe tell that the audiophile classic album, Dark Side of The Moon which was originally mixed for its initial high resolution release on DVD-Audio (before its release as a hybrid SACD) may soon resurface as a DVD-Audio title in the United States. Dark Side was supposedly mixed for DVD-Audio at Abbey Road Studios and then rejected by members of the Pink Floyd camp. The band's long time mixing engineer, James Guthrie, has since publicly stated his preference for the SACD format and denies the original mix was done for DVD-Audio. The album was eventually released as hybrid SACD and stands as the most successful SACD title to date in terms of overall sales.

Rumors of another version of Dark Side of The Moon on DVD-Audio mixed by Alan Parsons, the original engineer on the album, surfaced when his own personal test disc was heard at a private listening session in Los Angeles. Therefore, his DVD-Audio version exists but is nothing other than a test by Parsons. It is not an official mix and is unlikely to be the mix approved by the band or used by EMI for a future dual disc CD/DVD-Audio release.

Since the test, marketing of CD/DVD-Audio flip discs began this February in Seattle and Boston by EMI (and other major labels), rumors of Dark Side and possibly a few other classic Pink Floyd titles coming out on DVD-Audio have quickly resurfaced. Universal Music Group has made it a common practice to release titles on SACD (their "preferred" high resolution format) and then three months later they release a DVD-Audio version. EMI, in the states, has been an enthusiastic supporter of DVD-Audio and would be likely to release such a successful classic album in another format if they thought they could sell millions more units of the record. Now that DVD-Audio can be paired with a CD on the same disc, the temptation might be too strong for EMI to resist.

From the AudioRevolution website - February 6, 2004


The SACD release of The Wall, which had been rumored to coincide with this December's 25th anniversary of the original release, unfortunately will not occur this year! There are also vague plans for other Pink Floyd titles to be released on SACD as well.



Inside Out: A Personal History Of Pink Floyd" by Nick Mason will be published by Orion Books and will reportedly hit UK store shelves on September 9th 2004. It is not yet known when the book will be available in the US. The hardback book will be a hefty 360 page tome full of rare pictures and Nick Mason's personal view of the history of the band. It will have a list price of £30.00 in the UK and likely $40.00 in the US, though the actual selling price should be around £21.00 and $29.00.

Nick Mason had worked for years on the book, cataloging and chronicling 30 years of historical info he had archived. His book entitled "Pink Floyd: The Official History," was set to be published in 1995, and in fact had already been printed, but its publishing was shelved due to objections and a threatened lawsuit by David Gilmour. Gilmour stated that because he hadn't collaborated on the book, it should not be called an official history of the band. So, every copy of the original book was pulped before reaching the public.

Now, after being on hold for 8 years, the book will finally be published, though the new title reflects a change of focus stating it is a personal history. Advance orders are already being taken via UK, France, and Germany (though not yet within the US) through these links. In: The UK, France, or Germany.


Inside Pink Floyd - A Critical Review 1967 - 1996", will be a 2 disc DVD set complete with accompanying book. It is scheduled for release June 14th, 2004. At first this DVD/Book/CD release was to be on the Classic Rock label as part of their Inside the Music "Critical Review" series, which has already covered artists such as Genesis, Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy. However, 'Inside Pink Floyd DVD's/CD's/Book will be released instead on the Ragnarock Ltd. label.

The Inside the Music series features rare archive footage of the bands in question, as well as interview footage of the performers themselves, alongside comment and analysis by critics, other musicians, and musicologists.

The Pink Floyd title covers their concerts, records, and film work, from Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, to Pulse. DVD disc 1 looks at the years 1967 - 1974, and disc 2, 1975 - 1996. The departure of Roger Waters, leaving David Gilmour in charge of the band is covered in detail. The book is a track-by-track analysis of each studio album.

The DVD/Book Set will be released worldwide, in PAL and NTSC editions for the different markets, on the same day irrespective of the country.

Promising previously unreleased material and boasting a Dolby Digital 5.1 & DTS surround sound mix, the release looks like it will be quite a collectible for Pink Floyd fans. Classical Rock Productions have a great reputation for presentation and this release should be no exception.

Three different DVD products will be available for purchase, first is a book which will contain the 2 DVD's in either PAL or NTSC formats and will only be available from the Classic Rock website ( It will be priced at £29.95 plus shipping. Ordering details will be on the site. Each DVD contained within the book will also be available separately as standard DVD's on June 14th, via retail outlets in UK/Europe and priced at £12.99 (approximately 17 euros). The individual DVD's will be released in USA/Canada at a later date. A similar pricepoint will be selected for the US/Canadian release.

The book however, will not be sold separately and will only be available as part of the 2 DVD set. 'Inside Pink Floyd, will also be available in audio CD format as well as DVD. The CD's will be mid-priced (£8.99) and will released on the same day as the DVD's. As per the DVD's, each CD runs from the year 1967 - 1974 and 1975 - 1996 and is a critical review of the band between those periods. The CD versions are literally the audio from the DVD's.

This is the first comprehensive independent critical review of the work of Pink Floyd from 1967-1996 in concert, on record and on film. Using the actual words of the band and critics, the DVD is a definitive critical review of the music of Pink Floyd from Piper at the Gates of Dawn to Pulse.

DVD/CD 1 1967 - 1974 Features:

Product Details:
Inside Pink Floyd 1967 -1974 DVD/CD
Catalogue No: CD - RAG1572 DVD - RAG1576 (PAL) DVD - RAG1577 (NTSC)
Label: Ragnarock Ltd

DVD/CD 2 1975 - 1996 Features:

Product Details
Inside Pink Floyd 1975-1996 DVD/CD
Catalogue No: CD - RAG1573 DVD - RAG1578 (PAL) DVD - RAG1579 (NTSC)
Label: Ragnarock Ltd.


The long-awaited book, "Pink Floyd The Wall - An Examination of Rock's Conceptual Masterpiece" by Vernon Fitch and co-author Richard Mahon, will be released in December 2004, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the release of the original album. And if it's anything like his previous two books "The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia," and "Pink Floyd - The Press Reports," it will be highly sought after by most Floyd fans and afficionados.

The book however will no longer be published by Reynolds & Hearn (who are issuing a different book. See the next issue of REG), but will be released and published by Genesis Publications, a specialist company, who produced the wonderful Psychedelic Renegades book, which featured Mick Rock's archive of Syd Barrett pictures. They will be giving Vernon and Richard's book the same quality treatment, producing a deluxe full-color hard bound edition. This will be a definite change from the previous Fitch authored soft bound cover books.

"Pink Floyd-The Wall - An Examination of Rock's Conceptual Masterpiece" is an in-depth look behind Pink Floyd's The Wall. Released in 1979, The Wall is the best selling double album of all time. In 1980 and 1981, The Wall was performed live in an elaborate stage presentation, and in 1982, the groundbreaking Alan Parker film, Pink Floyd-The Wall, was released to critical acclaim worldwide. No other rock album has successfully been translated to record, concert, and film. The narrative of The Wall is the creation of Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters, who based the story on incidents from his life and his years of experience in the music business to create a fascinating story about a fictitious rock star named Pink.

The book examines the various aspects of Roger Waters masterwork in every detail, including its origins, the studio recording sessions, the staging of the live performances, the shooting of the film, and The Wall Live In Berlin, the final performance of The Wall to date."

It will include hundreds of rare and never-before-seen pictures, including pre-production drawings, pictures taken during rehearsals, backstage photos, rare posters, live performance shots, concert tickets, passes, media ads, show souvenirs, movie production photos, film cels, movie promos, production photos from the Berlin show, and more.

The book promises to be the most in-depth study ever published about a single piece of music.

Thanks to Vernon Fitch for this info



The 1968 film "The Committee" is finally getting an official release on DVD. The film has long had mythical status, the soundtrack having only been available as a bootleg with a heavily edited audio recording being all that most people have experienced. These bootleg recordings showcase Pink Floyd's soundtrack specially composed and recorded for the film.

Directed by Robert Lloyd, and produced by Max Steuer, the original film stars Pauline Munro, Jimmy Gardner, and the infamous Arthur Brown. The soundtrack for the film The Committee is arguably the most obscure music ever associated with Pink Floyd. Not only has this film heretofore never been officially released, but the music being only available on bootleg and taken straight from the film, was never recorded in a 'pure' form, and was complete with dialogue.

The Committee DVD will be released in Region 2 (Europe) on July 26th 2004. As yet, there is no information on its release in other regions.

The film being only 58 minutes long has a plot which is pretty straightforward, and is primarily an exploration of philosophical ideas which may also justify the plot's simplicity.

Briefly, a hitchhiking draughtsman (the 'central character') accepts a lift from a Mercedes-driver. Perceiving the driver to be entirely vacuous - 'not really alive at all' - the hitchhiker seizes the opportunity, when the driver is looking under the hood of the car, and uses the hood to behead him. After due reflection and contemplation, he sews the head back on, at which point the driver, slightly dazed, drives off.

Back at work, the draughtsman receives a summons to a mysterious Committee, the function of which is to meditate with regard to the problems of the world. The draughtsman takes a night time stroll through the grounds of the institution, and it is at this point that philosophy - the raison d'źtre of the film - takes center stage. Issues discussed include alienation; the assumption that all faceless committees must be hostile; and the responsibility we have to our own future self.

The film ends with a wiser and more enlightened central character, presumably able to profit from his encounter with the Committee. The soundtrack, recorded in May 1968, comprises some of the earliest music with which David Gilmour is associated. Despite this, the music is among the most 'intellectual' that Pink Floyd have produced. No doubt prompt-ed by the film's overtly philosophical subject matter.

There are no actual 'songs' on the record, and most tracks are termed 'incidental music,' although there are two very melodious instrumentals. The total length of the music and unaccompanied dialogue is just over 17 minutes, and comprises of nine pieces of varying length, including an early version of Careful With That Axe Eugene.

Although the music to The Committee provides rare insights into the intellectual side of Pink Floyd, the film is unlikely to be considered a masterpiece. But it can certainly be said that "The Committee" is a very unusual and original film.

(This article included excerpts of a review by David King reprinted from Brain Damage Magazine issue 39)


At the end of September 2003, a new Italian film, "Buongiorno, Notte" ("Good Morning, Night"), was released. Directed by Marco Bellocchio, the film has a soundtrack which almost exclusively consists of the Pink Floyd album "Wish You Were Here". In an interview, the film's director said that he used their music "to symbolize the desperation and rebellion of those years".

The film has won a few awards in various festivals, and was released on DVD in Italy and Region 2 (Europe) on Wednesday, February 11th. The DVD, which features Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS soundtracks, also includes a look behind the scenes, trailers, interviews and a photo gallery. As yet, there is no sign of an international release.



The Press & Sun-Bulletin in Binghamton, NY, reported that a new musical is currently being rehearsed for performance at the Endicott Performing Arts Center.

Last year, their artistic director Patrick Foti took on Pink Floyd's classic album The Wall and turned it into a stage production. This year, it's 'Dark Side of the Moon.' "Well, I guess to start with, I constantly listened to it back in the '70s with everybody else — and I did a lot of research," Foti said. "I feel it really warrants some kind of recognition from the arts community. The story is how everyday life can drive you crazy if you let it. It's pretty much what all the songs are about, and that's how the show is tied together".

"The central character is the central focus. I'm hoping the audience relates to him and gets the message that way. You're going to get hit from every angle as far as the visuals, vocals, the band. People are going to walk out of here just overwhelmed with feeling and emotion..." Foti said, "hopefully with a better feeling about life itself, or a better awareness."


After news that there was a stage production of the Pink Floyd album 'The Dark Side of the Moon in April, comes news that a full stage performance of Pink Floyd The Wall was performed at the Ridglea Theater, near Dallas Texas on May 15th and 16th by Dallas-based tribute band 'Bricks In The Wall', and was supported by Box Theater actors, the Ridglea's resident stage company. The combined team mounted the live production of the album complete, with a building up and tearing down of the wall.

"We created it to be exactly like their original concerts for The Wall," says guitarist/singer Travis Satterfield. "The only difference being, instead of one of us acting out the scenes, like Roger Waters did, actors did that so we could focus on the music."

Michael Johnson, the Box's executive director, said the show combined elements of the movie and tour with the Box's own ideas. "What we're doing is staging a visual accompaniment to what the band is doing," he says. "Some of the material is taken from the concert, but a lot of what's in the movie would be hard to duplicate, so we're trying to come up with some original things to do."

Satterfield says he was less concerned about replicating the film and more concerned with making people understand Waters' epic story of isolation and self-destruction. "The movie was so misunderstood," he says. "This'll give ya an idea of what Roger was trying to convey with the movie."

One fan who attended said; "At the beginning of the show, a guy came out and announced to the audience that fireworks will not be allowed in the stadium. The audience were told not to use flash photography because it would blind and distract the actors. Therefore, any pictures were taken without a flash. Young Lust was great with a groupie acting out the hotel scene with Pink."

It was broken up into four segments. The first segment was where they built the wall. The second segment the band performs behind the wall. The third segment the wall comes down. Afterwards, the band performed a special encore of 'Wish you Were Here' and 'Have A Cigar'.

Another fan said, "The show was a mix of the live show from 1980/81 and the movie. The band and the building of the wall were very similar to the live shows. If you have seen a video boot or listened to the live CD, they followed that very closely. They even had the lead guitar player play from the top of the wall during "Comfortably Numb".

Actors accompanied most songs acting out scenes from the movie. One of the things I thought was cool about this was that each main character (Mother, Teacher, Wife) put the first bricks in the wall."

Roger Waters had confirmed a while back that he had been working on a screenplay of the film 'The Wall, for on-stage production complete with laughs! And judging by the reaction of people who saw this production, he may well be onto a winner. The Ridglea Theater is located about 6 miles West of Downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Tickets were $15 available on the door, or in advance. 'Bricks In The Wall' ( also took the show, minus the Box Theater actors, to the Tivoli Theater, Ardmore, Oklahoma on May 22nd.


Last February, the Daily Yomiuri Online posted a feature in its Arts Weekend section of a forthcoming Pink Floyd Ballet, choreographed by Roland Petit.

It's now been 30 years since the piece debuted, and the idea of avant-garde ballet is nowhere near as shocking. The question then becomes, is this piece still relevant? The answer is "yes" if Petit has anything to say about it.

At a press conference held late in January, he said: "I arrived here on Monday and went straight from the airport to the rehearsal space. Looking at the corps de ballet of over 50 dancers practicing, I, as a member of the audience, got goose bumps just looking at the level of their concentration and their flawless movements. All at once, it reminded me of what a great piece Pink Floyd Ballet is."

As the creator of the piece, one would think Petit would naturally be attached to it. But Petit, a notorious perfectionist, admitted he has no difficulty dismissing those pieces he feels are not worth keeping in his repertory. The fact that Pink Floyd Ballet is one of few pieces that Petit keeps directing time and time again is testament to its relevancy.

"When I was approached to do Pink Floyd Ballet in Japan again, I thought, maybe it might seem too dated," he said. "But this piece hasn't dated a bit. I'll tell you why: I've created lots and lots and lots of ballet pieces and the ones that have still survived to this day are the ones with the best music."

Petit was introduced to Pink Floyd by his young daughter, who begged him to listen to one of their albums. He was so impressed that he flew all the way to London to negotiate with the band to create a ballet production. The initial result was like a double-billing of a ballet performance and a rock concert, as an actual band played behind the dancers. Now, unfortunately, the music — which includes famous tunes like "Money" and "Hey You" as well as lesser-known songs — is played off a tape.

The company who are participating in the Roland Petit Pink Floyd Ballet, the Asami Maki Ballet Tokyo, have created a short video of the 1997 Pink Floyd Ballet which was performed in Marseille, France. It can be downloaded from their website.

The Pink Floyd Ballet was performed on February 7th at 3pm and 7pm, and on February 8th at 1pm at the NHK Hall, near JR Harajuku Station in Tokyo.


by Keith Monahan

I'm not really a Pink Floyd fan Per se, although I enjoy several of their songs. My interests lie in a couple other areas, including telephones and telephone networks. Although I've wanted to do this for awhile, I've just recently done some audio signal analysis on the phone call at the end of "Young Lust ". If you recall, "Hello this is the United States calling.... " etc etc. The operator can be heard dialing, except they aren't normal touchtones, but what are called MF or multifrequency tones. These tones control the phone system and basically tell the phone system where to connect the call.

Suffice to say, the operator pressed, KeyPulse1 + 044 (1) 831 + ST. KeyPulse1 is basically a signal that says... "We're going to start sending a phone number, get ready" ...and ST is basically a signal that says... "The last digit was sent, complete the call."

The operator pressed a total of 9 digits, including the (1). I put the 1 in parentheses because its duration is very short — roughly half of all the other tones. This might have been a keying mistake on part of the operator!! If so, it could have caused the call to be made to the wrong phone number, and in fact not to Mrs. Floyd, and so the reason for the man answering and the reason for the phone being hung up... especially if it was a call in the middle of the night in another time zone. However, this could also have been a result of a smart audio engineer cutting the tape so that the actual phone number couldn't be determined. I'm pretty sure, after looking at it, that there wasn't a mistake in dialing.

Although this is just a guess, I'm pretty sure that whoever put this together either A) they found the string of digits too long for the song, or B) was smart enough to know that the tones represented the phone number, and that someone could reverse engineer and get the real phone number. I'm doubting 'B' because at this point, the technology would simply not be available to the general public to give them the ability to decode those numbers. These tones are not standard touch-tones, so simply recording them and playing them back wouldn't do the trick to call it.

The following is the full analysis I did in my research:

Pink Floyd - Young Lust.mp3
Filesize 3390553 Song Length 3:31.748
CRC-32 Checksum 4625E555

Sound Forge version 6.0
(All times are in minutes, seconds, or fractions of a second. These times are
estimates and although they are close, they aren't 100%.)

2:47.067 1st overseas ring is heard. 6 total rings
2:54.366 2400hz duration .028 seconds

Hello? Will you accept a collect call....blah blah

3:03.421 2600hz duration .019 seconds pause .125 seconds
3:03.565 2600hz duration .018 seconds

Is this your residence? Wonder why he hung up? etc etc

3:13.101 480hz tone starts

This tone starts at 3:13.101 and runs for 18.647 seconds until 3:31.748.
This time corresponds exactly to the start of the mangled '1' MF digit.

3.13.881 MF toning starts
Entire MF string is 'KP1' 0 4 4 1 8 3 1 'ST'

KP1 duration .102 pause until next digit .015
0 duration .068 pause .050
4 duration .066 pause .052
4 duration .067 pause .051
1 duration ***.039*** pause .000

I call this the mangled '1' MF digit, because it appears the audio engineer working on this song must have cut and respliced the middle of the MF tones. The duration is very short 0.039 vs. 0.67 and there is no corresponding pause after the digit. It is instead jammed right up to next '8' digit. If you look at the wave you can tell it is a very ugly splice point.

8 duration .066 pause .051
3 duration .067 pause ***.110***
1 duration .067 pause .051
ST duration .100

3:14.967 Connection click can be heard
3:15.651 Overseas ring starts, 4 total rings
3:19.746 Another click

3:19.897 2400hz duration .028 seconds

Hello? This is the US calling are we reaching?

3:24.685 2600hz duration .025 seconds

See? He keeps hanging up.

3:29.980 Start dialtone until end of song

Some random observations:
2400 and 2600hz tone durations are in the range of .018 to .028 seconds.

The MF tone durations are from .066 to .068 seconds. I'm guessing my measurements probably contribute to the range and the actual tones seem to have been very accurately produced.

Notice both KP1 and ST are the "starting" and "ending" MF tones and are longer than the standard digits at about .1 seconds. The pause after the '3' MF digit is about twice as long as the others at .11 seconds, instead of the standard .050-.051 second pauses. 44 is the UK country code.

After the KP1 + 044, the 480hz tone stops. It wasn't very prominent in the pause after the KP1 tone, but was still picked up in the spectrum analysis. It is very noticable in the pauses after the 0, 4, and the second 4.


The story goes like this; Roger Waters had asked Stanley Kubrick if he could use the "breathing sounds" from his "2001: A Space Odyssey" film on the album Amused To Death. Mr. Kubrick refused. So Waters dubbed in his own breathing effects, and recorded a nasty backwards message after the song "What God Wants Pt. 1" and in the beginning of the song "Perfect Sense Pt. 1" for Kubrick's benefit. The following is the transcribed backwards message as it would sound played in the normal direction.

The Message:
Julia, (pause) however (pause - 2nd thunder in normal direction), in the light and visions of the issues of Stanley, (pause) we have changed our minds. (pause) We have decided to include a backward message. (pause - 1st thunder in normal direction) Stanley, (pause) for you, (pause) and for all the other book (short pause) partners.

In the normal direction, the above reversed message ends just before the lyric "The monkey sat on a pile of stone" begins. For whatever it's worth, the last faint utterance just before the lyrics begin is the word "Julia" in reverse. In the phrase "we have decided to include a backwards message," it sounds like a woman's voice is mixed in for the words "to include." Her voice can be heard (as gibberish, of course) in the normal direction. Also, the word book could be gook, as suggested by other transcriptions of this message. It rhymes with nuke, but after careful listening it sounds more like it begins with a B sound. And book makes more sense.

The End
At this point there is a descending-pitched rant that appears at the beginning of the "Perfect Sense Pt. 1". In the normal direction it is, or course, a rising-pitched rant. In either direction, at both normal and slowed playback speeds, it was not clear to this transcriber what was being shouted. In fact, in the normal direction, it sounds vaguely more intelligible as "It's just what I said (?) (? alright! ?). Perhaps it is an attempt at shouting in reverse in an attempt to create a reversed-sounding message.

Reprinted from the Echoes FAQ


Longtime Pink Floyd cover artist and collaborator Storm Thorgerson who was instrumental in the staging of Interstellar, the major Pink Floyd exhibition in Paris, has updated his website with his thoughts on the show which ran from October 2003 through January 2004. "We helped design the exhibition in Paris at the Museum of Music about Pink Floyd - a 3D rather than 2D event and therefore quite a daunting task. We decided that since the Pink Floyd story is a lengthy convoluted affair that a simple chronological layout i.e. album by album was preferable.

This at first sounds pedestrian so we spiced it up a little by making a time tunnel - one bisects the exhibition space via a long winding corridor which spells out the chronology by graphics and by bands of cryptic sound bytes from all the albums from 1967s (Saucerful of Secrets) to 1994 (Division Bell).

There are windows down the corridor through which one glimpses the exhibition spaces on either side so that one sees the albums in reverse. You emerge from this dimly lit time tunnel into the Piper room at the start of the exhibition proper."

On Storm's website are both of the designs that were specially created for promoting the exhibition, one of which is called Balls, the other entitled Bridge, was shot near Madrid, Spain.

Unfortunately, on the eve of the exhibition Mr. Thorgerson sadly suffered a stroke and had to be hospitalized. There is no word on his condition.

The exhibition was on display at Cite del la Musique, Parc le Villette, Paris until January 25th before moving to Germany. Interstellar has now closed, but EMKA, the Pink Floyd management, are thinking about touring it elsewhere in the world.


Sales figures for Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon 30th Anniversary SACD were recently announced during this year's Home Entertainment 2004 show. Sony revealed that the Rolling Stones Remastered Series of albums has sold over 2.2 million copies, and that Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon has now reached 800,000.

The SACD Project officials also reported that there are now over 2,000 Super Audio CDs on the market worldwide (half of which are Surround Sound) and that there are an additional 100 SACDs being released each month.

No information was given on the number of SACD players sold. And although many of the discs may have gone to collectors irrespective of equipment to play them on, it would have been statistically telling, to know how many players there are in use.

There were also announcements of planned future releases - however, despite the success of Dark Side, nothing was mentioned about upcoming re-releases from Roger Waters or Pink Floyd.


The New York band 'Scissor Sisters,' have reached the UK top ten with their cover of the Pink Floyd song, "Comfortably Numb." They were recently interviewed by the BBC Online website, where lead singer Jake Shears admits, "We're not the most conventional rock or pop band."

"We don't look or sound like everything else," adds his multi-instrumental co-founder Babydaddy, "and we have no desire to." Now is the "perfect moment" for Scissor Sisters' funky and often salacious brand of rock, Shears said. "This is the moment when the freaks can bust the door down and change the way people think about music." "If we can open up doors for fans to buy the records of the people we love, we'll have an army of listeners to feel in kinship with," says Paddy Boom.

They have received "rather sinister" threats from Pink Floyd fans unimpressed by the success of their version of the Floyd hit. "It was pretty nasty stuff," says Shears, "but Pink Floyd Publishing told us the band was very pleased with our version. Roger Waters wants a picture disc." "I bet you anything he owns a three-piece white polyester suit and is boogying down to Comfortably Numb, thinking 'wow - I never thought it could sound like this,'" adds female singer Matronic.

(Thanks to: The Snowy White Fan Club, PP Arnold, Vernon Fitch, Brain (,, and many members of REG, for most of this Floydian News.)


As always there have been many rumors floating about the Internet in regard to Roger's opera Ca Ira, and Roger's new album and when he might tour. Some websites have even stated that Ca Ira is to be premiered and performed in early August. So I thought I had better go direct to Roger's manager Mark Fenwick, to find out the truth. He kindly replied so our club members and other Waters fans would have the accurate and credible information our club is known for.

"'The Letter' and 'Bastille,' selections from Roger's opera 'Ca Ira,' will be performed for a benefit at The Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival in Bridgehampton New York on August 7th 2004, with Roger in attendance, but not performing.

"No scheduled release for Ca Ira as yet, although it will be completed this year; but because of its length, it is likely to be a double album or two single albums. I am currently investigating a prestigious venue for a world premiere performance."

"Roger is constantly recording songs for his new album, but as yet there is no scheduled release date. I think it is likely that touring will take place in 2006."

"The most important piece of news is that we are about to release via Roger's own Sony website, iTunes, Sony Connect and any other legal digital download site, two new songs called 'To Kill The Child' and 'Leaving Beirut'."


As reported in REG 5 years ago... Roger has been in the process of writing a musical play version of The Wall... presumably to be performed on Broadway. In an interview printed in REG in 1999, when asked about the possibility of The Wall being made into a Broadway play, Roger said that writing the script for a play version of The Wall had been somewhat of an ongoing hobby for years. He stated that in fact he had recently been working on writing bits of it while sitting in his tour jet flying between cities and tour dates. He said that he had not been happy with the final screen play version of the movie in that it was a bit too dour and did not contain any humor. He added that he wanted the musical play version to contain a bit of his own humor as he originally had intended.

Recently REG became aware that negotiations had been ongoing with Miramax to produce the play as a Broadway Musical. It has now been reported that the negotiations have been completed, however there is no credible information as to whether Roger's script has been completed and far too early to tell how soon, on what date, or where the play will open. Even if the script has been finished, production, casting and rehearsals can take well over a year in itself.

REG will report any credible details in regard to the play or production when and as they become available and are confirmed by our sources.

PP Arnold to play at the BANK HOLIDAY at MARGATE

As stated in our April News update, P.P ARNOLD & THE TEENAGERS will perform at The Bank Holiday at Margate

The Bank Holiday is a 3 day event scheduled for Aug 27th, 28th and 29th. All events take place at the Fort Lodge Hotel, Seafront, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent. (1 hour 30 minutes by train/ 2 hours by coach from London Victoria). Accommodation phone is: 01843 583334. Weekend Ticket prices are £35 and will be available on the Friday night only. Friday £10, Sat £15, Sun £15. Lunchtimes Free!

Before the fun commences, here is the latest news update and Bank Holiday lineup at Margate, with a full programme and schedule of events.

After PP Arnold's debut performance with the Teenagers at the fantastic Euro Ye Ye, 3 weeks ago, those who attend the Bank Holiday in Margate on Sunday August 29th are in for a treat. The first show was a huge success and Pat and the Teenagers will take the roof off Margate.

The band are a young Mod/Soul six piece from near Granada in Southern Spain. The Teenagers will perform some of their own excellent compositions before the 1st Lady of Immediate will join them.

Pat (PP) Arnold's musical career started in the early to mid 60's as an Ikette singing with the legendary Ike & Tina Turner Review. She came to UK in the mid 60's and soon linked up with Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham and his new Immediate record label. She became known as The First Lady of Immediate and made two fine LPs, and a number of stunning singles including the international hits 'First Cut Is the Deepest' and 'Angel of the Morning.'

Pat's band were label mates The Nice (with Keith Emmerson). Steve Marriot & Ronnie Wood (then in the band Small Faces) contributed to her first album and wrote 'If You Think I'm Groovy' for the 1st lady. Steve Marriot even sang vocals with Pat on the cut 'Tin Soldier.' Along with Pat's own numbers, Mick Jagger & Cat Stevens also contributed songs. And all will be performed live in Margate.

Pat also worked with other Mod faves including Eddie Philips of the Creation who played Bass in Pats band. In more recent years Pat has worked with Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene, Roger Waters and Madeline Bell.

Rob Bailey, responsible for this Margate update said: "We're very proud to work with Pat and are really excited about this show! This woman is a LIVING LEGEND with pure pedigree that oozes class. So, come see what all the fuss is about."

Pat is currently working on an autobiography (a few snippets of which can be read in a recent article in UK's Record Collector magazine), and should be an amazing read.

New Untouchables Margate Program

DJ's? - Expect to hear across the board 60's sounds include new discoveries, Mod classics and current biggies with two rooms of music. Blues, R&B, Club Soul, Ska, Dancefloor Jazz, Boogaloo + Northern & Rare Soul in the ballroom.

The Beat room sounds include: Maximum R&B, British Beat, Psych, Pop, Garage and Rock. Nuts Dj Team: Pid, Rob Bailey, Lee Miller, Speed, Chris Dale, Jack White, Mark. Ellis + Gav & Vic Are Joined By Special Guests Roger Banks & Mikey Collins. International guests include Stephan Golowka (Germany), Mary Boogaloo, Fulvio (Italy), and Lord Julian (France). Visuals: Nuts & Bazden.




In a recent radio interview Roger said: "I think this election is singularly the most important political event since the end of the second world war. I don't think one can overstress that point. This is a real watershed, you know, where the American voter gets to decide which road to take. There is a serious fork in the road here. Often American politics is a bit confused, but I think the choice between the Republicans and the Democrats, between Bush and Kerry, at this point is a fundamental one that needs seriously addressing. "Everybody vote for Kerry on November the 2nd! We gotta' get this madman out of the White House! You know, I'm happy to talk about my work, but it all pales into such insignificant nothingness by comparison with what's going on during this election. I feel that so powerfully.

"I think Kerry will make all kinds of correct decisions about how to deal with the problem of terrorism around the world, and I think the incumbent President is making all the wrong decisions about it. That's my view. I think that George Bush makes a great show of strength, but is actually weakness.

"That's my view and I hope desperately that everybody goes out and gets motivated and votes for Kerry in this Presidential election. Because my belief is that America has an opportunity to reclaim the high moral ground in it's standing in the world, and the rest of the world needs leadership from this country. There is a humanity in the heart of the USA that was always admired greatly by the other countries in the world, and it's been diverted, and the American people need to reclaim that essence of goodness. And I think John Kerry's a good man to make the first moves in that journey back towards America being the great country that it has been in the past and should be in the future.

"The Cheney-Bush philosophy can do nothing but widen the riffs between the peoples of the world, make America more unpopular, make America a less safe place to live in and generally provide us with retrograde moves. Absolutely the first thing is to get that team out of the White House and get a more reasoned less hysterical administration, and I pray for that."

Thanks to Kristins Bleeding Hearts and Artists website:


Pink Floyd's last album with Roger Waters, "The Final Cut", begins with the sentence: "Brezhnev took Afghanistan...". Eighteen years later, the same Afghanistan is back in the news with the American campaign against terrorism. And Roger Waters still has a sharp tongue about that subject. In a 2001 interview with Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo, Roger condemns the war in Afganastan again.

"This war is as politically convenient for Bush and Blair, as the Falklands war was to Thatcher." He won't spare criticism about the American president. "When you see Bush on the media, he becomes less trustable each time he opens his mouth." About Prime Minister Blair, his wrath is even deeper. "I get sick with the fact that we have in this country such a weak and programmed Prime Minister as this man is. He's the school boy who wanted to be a rock star, but couldn't and now is dropping bombs on people."

To Waters, there are legitimate wars, such as World War II, in which his father, Eric Fletcher Waters, died. "But this one (against Afghanistan) is not a legitimate war."

Reprinted from Brazilian Newspaper Folha de São Paulo, 10/26/2001, page E-14. Transcribed and translated by Flávia R.


July 2004 - The International Court Of Justice in the Hague has judged the wall built by Israel and cutting through the occupied territories, to be illegal. On the same day War on Want launched its new Palestine campaign.

The wall will cut off half a million Palestinians from the rest of the West Bank and East Jerusalem when completed, separating people from their local schools and hospitals, farmers from their land and crippling local businesses. Palestinians living on the Israeli side of the wall will, in addition, be denied access to Israeli services, leaving them stranded.

Despite an International Court of Justice ruling that the wall is illegal, the Israeli government has vowed to continue construction.

Roger Waters, launched War on Want's 'The Writing's on the Wall' campaign. Roger said of the new wall "The poverty inflicted by the wall has been devastating for Palestinians. It has kept children from their schools, the sick from proper medical care and continues to destroy the Palestinian economy. I fully support War on Want's campaign, and hope that as many people as possible sign the wall - as a strong message to the UK government that immediate action is essential."

You can sign the wall at the following internet address:


NEW YORK (AP) — Tommy Mottola and Miramax Films are building "The Wall" on Broadway. The hit album by rockers Pink Floyd will be transformed into a Broadway musical. In what stands to bring one of film and Broadway's leading producers together with one of music's most influential pioneers, Miramax Films and Thomas D. Mottola announced that they have acquired the rights to develop and produce a Broadway musical based on Pink Floyd's seminal rock album, The Wall, one of the best selling and most renowned records of all time.

"Great!" said Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters in a statement Thursday. "Now I can write in some laughs, notable by their absence in the movie." "The Wall," which was turned into a semi-animated 1982 film, is a semi-autobiographical double concept album about a decadent rock star named Pink Floyd. The album churned out hit songs "Hey You," "Mother," "Comfortably Numb" and "Another Brick in the Wall."

Since its release in 1979, "The Wall" has sold over 23 million copies, and is now the third best-selling album of all time.

"There are few projects as timeless as 'The Wall,'" said Mottola in a statement. "Even after two decades since its first release, 'The Wall' continues to break through every generational, socioeconomic and political boundary."

Waters, who conceived the double album, will write the play and arrange the music for the Broadway version. Although Waters left the band in the 1980s, he retained the rights to "The Wall."

Musicians' albums turned into Broadway musicals isn't new. The Who, Billy Joel, ABBA and others have achieved success in musical form on the Great White Way.

© 2004 The Associated Press.


In an interview in the August edition of the Hampton Jitney Magazine prior to the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival, Roger Waters made mention of a possible charity show appearance this Summer. "Well, I may be doing a couple of songs with Don Henley, who is a pal of mine, at the Huggy Bear Benefit this Summer," Waters stated.

The New York Post reported later that the 'private affair' was held Saturday August 28th at Tony Forstmann's Cobb Road estate in the Hamptons. The line-up for the show included Stevie Nicks, Don Henley, and Roger Waters.

Toney Forstmann is one of the Huggy Bears, which began in 1985 as The Camp Huggy Bear Invitational Tennis and Jetski Extravaganza. It has now become a major source of funds for children's charities. Contributions from the event dramatically impact many young lives. The end of August marked the last of their grand tennis tournaments, and the concert provided a fitting event to draw the tournament to a close.

Don Henley did rousing versions of "Witchy Woman" and "Hotel California" with Stevie Nicks performing "Leather and Lace." Roger Waters played acoustic guitar and performed "Comfortably Numb" and "Mother."

Thanks to Brain Damage Magazine and other REG sources for this info.


Roger was 'just a face in the crowd' at his son Harry's New York City performance with Ozric Tentacles at B.B. King's Blues Club. Harry Waters, aka Hal, has joined the Ozric Tentacles. The band performed at B.B.King's Blues Club in New York City to a well receptive audience as well as a very special guest. His dad, Roger was in the audience and the crowd didn't seem to notice or care who he was. He was just some distinguished looking gentleman with his lady friend and they sat at a table by themselves away from the crowd.

Thanks to Kristins; bleeding hearts and artists website:



Roger revealed in a recent interview with Jim Ladd, that the working title of his new album is called "Heartland." However, whether this 'working' title will remain as the albums title at its release only time will tell.


It has been reported that Roger is about to conclude a deal that will be a feature film of "The Final Cut." REG has NOT confirmed this with Roger's Manager, but details will be posted on the REG website as they become available



Nick Mason will be releasing a book about his perspectives on Pink Floyd history titled: "Inside Out, A Personal History of Pink Floyd." It will be the definitive history of one of the world's great bands by a founder member.

Nick Mason was a founder member of Pink Floyd as drummer/percussionist. He is the only member of the band to survive from its foundation and has played on every Pink Floyd album. He has produced music for TV commercials and played and produced several albums for other bands. His solo album Nick Mason's Ficticious Sports was released in 1981. His other passion is motor cars and he has taken part in the Le Mans 24-hour race. For years he has accumulated images and memorabilia associated with the band with a view to writing their definitive history.

"Inside Out - A Personal History", is to be published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in the UK and Europe. It reportedly will be published in different languages to be sold in several specific countries.

Due to a few problems the release date was delayed and moved from 9th September to October 14th. However this date has been revised, and it's been reported that the book will be released on October 7th in Europe (and in Spring 2005 in the US). In the meantime, is taking pre-release orders and offering a special price on the book.

In related news; Nick Mason will be giving a talk about Pink Floyd's History at the 42nd Belfast Festival, Autumn 2004 as part of the promotion for his book. Mr. Mason will be talking about life in Pink Floyd and the band's history.

The Festival promotional literature quotes the following for the event: "One of the most fascinating rock bands ever, Pink Floyd was formed in 1965. The band hardly needs any introduction but the 1980s saw a rift develop between the band members which culminated in law suits. Only recently have there been reconciliation's which have allowed founder member Nick Mason to write the definitive history of the band. In this special event, Mason will give fans a unique insight into Pink Floyd in the company of BBC Northern Ireland's Ralph McLean."

The event takes part at 8pm on 1st November, at Belfast's Elmwood Hall. Tickets are already selling quickly as there are only 500 seats available, and tickets are an inexpensive £5 (approximately $9) each! So if you want to go, get your tickets soon. It promises to be a great evening! More details of the event can be found at the Belfast Festival website.

The Belfast Festival at Queen's is the largest festival of its kind in Ireland, and brings the best of international art to Belfast and brings international attention to the city's dynamic arts practitioners. The Festival covers all art forms including theatre, dance, classical music, literature, jazz, comedy, visual arts, folk music and popular music, attracting over 50,000 visitors. And at least 500 Pink Floyd fans too!


"Speak To Me: The Legacy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon", a new book about Pink Floyd's classic album, "Dark Side Of The Moon", was announced for publication later this year by Ashgate Publishing.

"Speak To Me: The Legacy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon" will contain fourteen essays, three interviews and a 50-page annotated bibliography. Literary and music scholars from across the globe will contribute the essays, which all focus on the music.

The book is being edited by Russell Reisling, a professor of English at the University of Toledo, who explains "this is the second of a series of books I'm doing on what I call 'seminal statements of the rock era'. My goal is to assemble collections of essays on albums that were pivotal both in the careers of their performers, and in the history of rock. To me, these are albums that help define their own eras and have remained powerful forces in the lives of their fans."

The three interviews are with Clare Torry, vocalist on the album, Mike Gordon of Phish, who have performed DSOTM live, and Michael Goldwasser of Easy Star Records, who produced the excellent "Dub Side Of The Moon" reggae tribute to Dark Side.

In other news a new Dark Side of the Moon Book titled "Vinyl Frontier: The Making Of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon" has been canceled. Amazon Books had just started advertising the new book by Lucian Randall, which was to be published by MQ Publications. The book had been advertised as coming out at the beginning of June 2004; however the publishers announced that regrettably they had to cancel the book due to unspecified issues.


The Wall - a project that was at least four years in the making, and proved to be a wedge that drove the band apart, is the subject of this new book which takes a close look at events, putting them and the album itself into the social and musical context of the times.

For such a key album in the band's history, it is odd that many accounts of the band do not provide much examination or focus upon it. Jeff and Daniel's book, "Pink Floyd's The Wall: In The Studio, On Stage And On Screen", redress this balance in separate steps and chapters.

Published at the start of May 2004, the book is an exhaustive look at all aspects of the project. One area it doesn't cover however, are the various releases (vinyl/cassette/CD or DVD, including the "Is There Anybody Out There" live album). Though other books cover this aspect well, inclusion of this material here might dilute the focus of the book.

The book starts with a look at the history of recorded music, running from the earliest examples through to the rise of the concept album. Bench's career as a media historian comes through clearly here, with great detail on key artists and albums. For some, this chapter might go into too much detail, with Pink Floyd not mentioned until page 40, but some might love the deep level of detail found in this chapter. In general, this chapter would sit well in a book about the development of recorded popular music.

The book then discusses Pink Floyd's development in an overview which incorporates some of the stresses and conflicts that grew between the members of the band over the years. The growing distaste at the huge stadium crowds at their shows, Roger's feeling that the band had done it all once Dark Side Of The Moon became a mega international success, and the fact that the band was grimly hanging on to the comfort of it's name is high-lighted. "We'd won the pools. What are you supposed to do after that? Dark Side Of The Moon was the last willing collaboration; after that, everything with the band was like drawing teeth; ten years of hanging on to the married name and not having the courage to get divorced; ten years of bloody hell."

The authors go into the detail about the recording sessions, doing comparisons with the Britannia Row demo of the album to show how the piece developed. This leads to a discussion in the book of the live shows, with some interesting notes on how the stage show was conceptualized and developed.

The story is accompanied by some great photo's from Earls Court shot by photographer Ian McKenzie. The use of these previously unseen photos is one of the high points of the book. There are also some good early photo's of the band not widely seen before, that the publishers have managed to unearth. After the discussion of the album and concerts, the book moves on to discuss the movie. It's here that a large amount of conflict, in fighting, and other problems, occured within the band.

Normally in other books the movie is rarely covered in any kind of detail, however this book covers the story efficiently and really gives a flavor of the atmosphere.

The storyline changes (some of which were dramatic such as the ditching of the live footage) are covered well, as are the problems encountered throughout the filming, and highlighting the difficulties that Parker had getting Roger's vision filmed, and the conflict that arose between Alan Parker and Roger Waters.

At the end of the book is a small section on the 1990 Berlin show, amidst the framework of the split of the band, the subsequent legal actions, and the public perception of the two parties (Waters v Gilmour/Mason). The narrative briefly touches on the performers approached who didn't make it in the final show, and looks at the different venues under discussion. The lack of commercial success of the show, especially the subsequent releases, is covered, as is Roger's revised view of his audiences since The Wall and his split from David and Nick.

This is definately an interesting book, and covers the story of The Wall well. Though as mentioned earlier, it doesn't cover the album or film releases in any detail, and in some sections doesn't go into enough detail. For instance, it would have been nice to have had more on the technical preparations for the stage shows (especially of the Berlin concert), and slightly less on the development of the concept album.

But, for a book which should appeal to both the casual or the die-hard fan, it contains plenty to enjoy, and enough new pictures and information to make it a worthwhile purchase and a nice addition to your Floyd bookshelf.

Product Details:
Paperback: 160 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.50 x 11.75 x 8.75
Publisher: Reynolds & Hearn; (May 1, 2004)
ISBN: 190311182X

The new book " is distributed in North America by Trafalger Square Distributing. It should be available for purchase or order at all major book sellers.

Book Review edited and reprinted from (


Originally published in 1996 in hardcover, this book has recently been released in paperback. Authored by Bruno McDonald co-editor of The Amazing Pudding, the original Pink Floyd fanzine of the 1980s, this book is a compilation of articles pro and con which trace the history of Pink Floyd. Also included is a track by track guide to each song produced by Pink Floyd and contains photo's and quotes from the band. This is a great book and gives wonderful insight into the legend that is Pink Floyd.

Product Details:
Paperback: 400 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.80 x 8.46 x 5.43
Publisher: Da Capo Press (10/1/97)
ISBN: 0306807807
Cost: $12.95


The Roger Waters album, "The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking" is featured in the new book, "Taboo Tunes - A History of Banned Bands & Censored Songs."

The sleeve of Roger Waters' "The Pros and Cons of HitchHiking," which featured the rear of a naked woman hitch hiking, designed by Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe, was released in the US in 1984, but soon met resistance from feminist activists there. Ironically, this was not the case for the same album cover released in the UK Europe Australia and Japan.

Eventually all US copies were withdrawn and a censored version of the album reappeared on store shelves 2 weeks later with a strategically placed black bar hiding the models bottom.

Peter Belcha, the books author has also set up a web site which covers most aspects covered by the book. For the Roger Waters entry he writes, "When Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters stepped out in 1984 with his first solo album - including a cover-image of a butt-naked hitchhiker - he scored no hit songs. But the LP did grab the attention of reactionary feminist activists. After enduring charges that he was a sexist, and assertions that the graphics "encouraged rape," a new cover was issued by the record company with the offending buttocks covered by a hilariously incongruent black bar!"

The book is available via Amazon UK + USA and in all good book shops for around $6.99 or £10.



A new album from Eric Clapton, released on March 22nd in the UK and Europe, and on March 30th in the US, includes the talents of a couple of integral members of Roger Waters' band - guitarists Andy Fairweather-Low and Doyle Bramhall II.

"Me And Mr. Johnson" features Clapton renditions of fourteen of the twenty-nine songs written and recorded by the legendary Mississippi blues master Robert Johnson over the course of his brief career in the 1930s. Clapton: "His music is like my oldest friend, always in the back of my head, and on the horizon. It is the finest music I have ever heard. I have always trusted its purity, and I always will."

The album shows Clapton and his talented band at the height of their career - evoking the 1930s of Johnson and his recordings, with a 21st century edge. The recording in places is fairly rough, in an attempt to sound like Johnson's vintage tracks - but sounds all the better for this attempt at authenticity. Andy Fairweather-Low and Doyle Bramhall II's contributions can be heard supplementing Eric Clapton's soulful playing throughout.

Clapton is touring the album, and apart from Andy Fairweather-Low, the whole band is accompanying him on the road. Andy was initially thought to be included on the tour, but is now sadly not a part of the tour.

Included as part of the tour is Clapton's now normal residency at London's Royal Albert Hall. Doyle and Andy have both toured at length with Roger Waters, and Clapton himself provided guitar duties on Roger's Pros and Cons Of Hitchhiking Tour, and of course, the album itself.



A new documentary will soon be released on DVD titled, "The Lost Documentary." The 23 minute documentary based around The Wall live shows, will feature the unloading of the touring equipment as it arrives at the Earls Court venue in 1980, and goes on to show Roger at sound check, and a general walk about during the set up of the August London shows. Roger is also seen at the beginning explaining how he only sees the tour making it to 3 or 4 cities and maybe a film.

Courtesy of


The New York Times reported a possible 25th anniversary remaster of the movie, Pink Floyd The Wall, by industry expert John Lowry, who has been responsible for astonishing remasters of the likes of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Casablanca. In a fascinating piece entitled: "600 Macs, 4,000 Lines, One Giant Leap for DVD's", the article discusses the new technology that Lowry Digital is employing to give dramatically better pictures on DVD. Pictured below is Lowry himself amidst the 600 Macintosh computers, with a combined capacity of 2400 terabytes, which provide the processing power to scan the original prints of classic films in incredible detail.

Lowry is currently working on nine classic James Bond films for MGM, and it is said that once he is finished with those, MGM wants him to work on a 25th anniversary remaster of Pink Floyd's The Wall movie. Whether this will happen, is not certain as the band's management are saying there are no plans for this to happen.

(Edited and reprinted from


Sony Music France released a new deluxe edition of Pink Floyd The Wall on February 16th. It features a new, black cover, with the marching hammers bevelled in blue.

Originally, reports from various sources stated that The Wall DVD - the "Édition Luxe" is not presented in widescreen, but fullscreen (4:3 format), which is strange, but that it features a DTS soundtrack, which is definately a plus as this was sadly lacking in the original release. DTS sound gives a much richer, more atmospheric experience.

However, it has been reported that a French retailer has added a sticker on the package which states: "the film is in 16/9 : wrong information on cover". After other sources tested the edition, it was found that it truly is in 16/9 anamorphic format, like the previous DVD edition. And that the only addition to the previous DVD version is an extra subtitle track that also contains the lyrics of the songs, fully translated.

The new DVD version can be ordered from in France (who ship internationally).


Rocket Brothers, is a Danish film which includes an audition for Roger Waters' touring band. Released December 12, 2003, Rocket Brothers is a 90 minute documentary about a Danish rock band, with English or Swedish subtitles. Produced by Zentropa, it is not yet known if this film is set for international release, or whether it will be released in other than Dutch movie theatres, or on DVD.

The movie revolves around Kashmir, a Danish rock band. In 1999, Kashmir released an album called "The Good Life," which was a huge success for them in Denmark. The film's director Kasper Torsing, friend of guitarist/singer Kasper Eistrup, follows the band for 4 years through thick and thin, until the 2003 release of their next album Zitilites.

During this time the band underwent many trials and tribulations as well as problems writing new material which is documented in the film. We also see and hear Eistrup audition with Roger Waters for his upcoming 'In The Flesh' 2002 world tour. Eistrup is a huge Floyd fan and sees this as sort of a meeting with his mentor. He does not get the part, but is okay with that. The film ends with Kashmir playing at the Roskilde Festival in front of thousands of people.

The name of the film was taken from 'Rocket Brothers' the hit single from the Zitilites album which won the band a Gaffa Award for Best Danish Hit.



Roger Waters, Earls Court 1984 Photographer Robert Ellis has made a great set of pictures available of Roger Waters live at Earls Court in 1984. They are avialable for purchase on his website; ( Robert Ellis has a long history taking great concert pictures. This newly released set pictures Roger, Eric Clapton, and the rest of the band in action in London as part of the Pros & Cons Of HitchHiking tour.


The UK's Sunday Times Rich List was recently published. Each year, the British newspaper releases a definitive listing of the richest 1,000 UK citizens. Last year's list is quite revealing - for example, the richest person in the UK was Roman Abramovich, the Russian owner of Chelsea Football Club, who is worth a mind-boggling £7.5 billion.

Significantly lower down the list are other names of interest to Floyd fans. Firstly Roger Waters appears, in joint 508th place alongside Robbie Williams, both of which are believed to be worth £78 million. Roger's wealth however, was downgraded due to his recent divorce settlement which the Sunday Times has estimated at £22 million.

Not far behind comes David Gilmour in joint 530th, with £75 million. The Times noted however, that he donated £4 million from the sale of his London house to the homelessness charity Crisis, and also remark that "the guitarist would coin it if the band ever reformed with Roger Waters".

Finally, Nick Mason appears at joint 689th, with £50 million, and notes his £20 million car collection. There is no sign in this years listing of Richard Wright, who has appeared in previous listings. However, the amount of wealth required to be one of the 1000 has increased, making it harder to appear unless you have some serious cash!

Of the 'Music Millionaires,' Roger is joint 24th (with the aforementioned Robbie Williams), David is next at joint 26th, and Nick is joint 37th. The richest musician is listed as Sir Paul McCartney, with £760 million.

(Thanks to BrainDamage for this info)


It was reported today that one of '60s soul music's legendary female stars, Doris Troy, sadly passed away peacefully on Tuesday 2/16/04 in Las Vegas after a lengthy bout with emphysema.

Born Doris Higginson in 1937, the daughter of a Baptist preacher, she was perhaps best known for her hits "Just One Look" (1963), "What'Cha Gonna Do About It" (1964), and of course as one of the vocalists on Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. The funeral was held in New York City February 23rd 2004.


We are very happy to report that Storm Thorgerson is now home from hospital, after suffering a major stroke in October last year. He is quite comfortable, continues to make good progress, and is recovering well.


Pink Floyd Fans from all over the world will be making personalized flags dedicated to Pink Floyd for an exhibition to be set up on display in Sept. 2005 in Cambridge England.

Each Pink Floyd fan will be given the opportunity to say how they feel, individually, to the world's greatest band, Pink Floyd. It is a gift from the Pink Floyd fans to Pink Floyd members, "ex" members, "bleeding hearts" and artists, as a way of showing thanks for the outstanding gift of music, art and insight they have given us.

Fans from all over the world will be participating in this event! The event information details are translated in several (14) international languages, (and more are being added). The great flag unfurling is expected to span across 100+ countries, and have at least 2000 participants.

All Pink Floyd fans are being asked to represent themselves, by making a flag in honor of Pink Floyd. To find out more about this project go to the following link:


The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences announced that producer Bob Ezrin, who has worked extensively with Pink Floyd, most notably on The Wall, was inducted into the Music Hall Of Fame during a special ceremony in April.

Toronto-born Ezrin's lengthy resume also lists production credits for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Kiss, Roberta Flack, and others.

Ezrin called the honor the greatest ever bestowed on him. "It says that I'm recognized by my fellow Canadians," he said in an interview. "It's being acknowledged from home which is a very important thing. I feel a tremendous connection to Canada."

Ezrin, who resides in Connecticut but holds a dual citizenship, got his start as an assistant to producer Jack Richardson in 1970. They later opened Soundstage Studios which attracted a host of A-list musicians. Ezrin said he looks forward to using this honor as a platform to promote music education in schools.

"That's the subject nearest and dearest to my heart," said the father of six, who is vice president of Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation in the U.S. which distributes instruments to children (which the late Michael Kamen was a big part of). "This opportunity means I can give back to my country."

(Thanks to contributing REG members, Brain Damage, the Bleeding Hearts and Artists website,, REG members, and other REG sources for the info in Floydian News )


As reported earlier in the REG news on this site, Roger Waters... good to his word released two new songs on his website. As of Sept. 3rd, streaming versions of two new Roger Waters songs, "TO KILL A CHILD" AND "LEAVING BEIRUT" will be made available for Roger Waters fans to hear on his official website And beginning on Sept. 7th the two new songs will be available for download on many digital music stores including SonyConnect, iTunes, BuyMusic, MusicMatch, MusicNet, MusicNow, Napster, Real/Rhapsody, and

According to Roger's website the songs were written in response to the war in Iraq. To quote Roger's website:
"According to Waters, he began work on his new songs "...immediately after the invasion of Iraq, which is now fifteen months ago. It seems apposite to throw them out there on the Net, before the election. Historically, there have always been people within the artistic community who have spoken out about things they believe in and they should continue to do so. I shall certainly continue to do so, whether it has any effect or not, because I feel I have a responsibility to myself to do that."

"The two new songs represent a significant addition to Waters' groundbreaking oeuvre, itself an ongoing work-in-progress. For these studio versions of his latest compositions, Waters assembled a small band consisting of stalwarts from his touring ensemble-Graham Broad (drums), Andy Fairweather-Low (guitar), Katie Kissoon (vocals), PP Arnold (vocals)-and Carol Kenyon (vocals). Waters himself plays guitar, bass and keyboards on the tracks in addition to performing the primary vocals. "To Kill The Child" and "Leaving Beirut" were produced by Roger Waters and Nick Griffiths."

Please understand... these songs are being released as MP3 Internet downloads ONLY and are not available in any other form of media. A full review of the songs will be forthcoming in the next issue of the REG newsletter/magazine.

Below is the full text of the press release from Roger's website:


Essential New Tracks Penned In Response to the Invasion of Iraq

Roger Waters, the co-founder and primary songwriter of the legendary rock band Pink Floyd, has written and recorded two important new songs, "To Kill The Child" and "Leaving Beirut," the artist's first new studio recordings since a pair of rarities-a demo of his composition "Flickering Flame" and his cover of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" -appeared on an international compilation album, Flickering Flame: The Solo Years, Vol.1, in 2002. The last new album featuring original Roger Waters compositions to be released in the U.S. was his critically-acclaimed solo outing, Amused To Death, in 1992.

The two new Roger Waters songs- "To Kill The Child" and "Leaving Beirut" -will be made available on a variety of digital music stores-including SonyConnect, iTunes, BuyMusic, MusicMatch, MusicNet, MusicNow, Napster, Real/Rhapsody, and -beginning Tuesday, September 7.

Roger Waters fans may hear streaming versions of "To Kill The Child" and "Leaving Beirut" on Waters website,, beginning at 12noon (ET) on Friday, September 3. Original artwork and lyrics for the songs may be found on the website in addition to Real Audio, QuickTime, and Windows Media stream links to the songs.

According to Waters, he began work on his new songs "...immediately after the invasion of Iraq, which is now fifteen months ago. It seems apposite to throw them out there on the Net, before the election. Historically, there have always been people within the artistic community who have spoken out about things they believe in and they should continue to do so. I shall certainly continue to do so, whether it has any effect or not, because I feel I have a responsibility to myself to do that."

The two new songs represent a significant addition to Waters' groundbreaking oeuvre, itself an ongoing work-in-progress. For these studio versions of his latest compositions, Waters assembled a small band consisting of stalwarts from his touring ensemble-Graham Broad (drums), Andy Fairweather-Low (guitar), Katie Kissoon (vocals), PP Arnold (vocals)-and Carol Kenyon (vocals). Waters himself plays guitar, bass and keyboards on the tracks in addition to performing the primary vocals. "To Kill The Child" and "Leaving Beirut" were produced by Roger Waters and Nick Griffiths.

Roger Waters co-founded the groundbreaking Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett in 1966. When Barrett left the group, Roger went on to create such classics as Dark Side Of The Moon (which spent nearly 15 years on the Billboard 200 album chart), The Wall (which has been certified 23x RIAA platinum), Animals, Wish You Were Here, and The Final Cut. Following the release of The Final Cut, Roger Waters left Pink Floyd.

His first solo album, The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, was released in April 1984, to great critical and popular acclaim, generating his first solo tour. June 1987's Radio K.A.O.S. continued the path of solo success, bringing Roger back to the stage. His last solo album, the darkly ironic Amused to Death-considered by many fans and critics alike to be an achievement comparable to Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall-was released in August 1992.


Music and Lyrics by Roger Waters © 2004 Roger Waters Music Overseas Ltd/Pink Floyd Music Publishing (BMI)

Roger Waters -Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Keyboards

Graham Broad -Drums

Andy Fairweather Low -Guitar

Katie Kissoon -Vocals
Carol Kenyon -Vocals
PP Arnold -Vocals

Produced by Roger Waters and Nick Griffiths

Engineered by Nick Griffiths

Mastered at Hilton Grove

Photographed by David Silverman courtesy Getty Images

Artwork by Hudson Wright

PP Arnold Live in London

New Untouchables 6th Anniversary Party
With PP Arnold Live at The Rocket
Sat. 20 Nov 2004

It's with great pleasure we announce the first lady of Immediate records the fantastic PP Arnold Live On Sat 2o Nov 04 at The Rocket, 166 Holloway Road, London N7

The New Untouchables are a London based organisation that host club nights and events for Mods and 60's fans all over the World, but predominantly Europe and particularly London and the UK. Not only are they instrumental in creating a thriving club and events scene they produce a magazine, have made films, fashion shows and most recently hosted the hugely successful Modstock event earlier this year at the very same venue that P.P Arnold will be appearing.

After two successful shows at Euro Ye Ye in Spain and Margate Mod meeting on August bank holiday PAT will be taking the Capitol by storm on Sat 20 Nov supported by young Spanish soul stars the Teenagers.

Pat is currently working on a autobiography which will be an amazing read. A few snippets in a recent Record Collector article left me intrigued. Pat is a truly amazing character and a very soulful lady who still very much posesses all the power and prowess you have been used to listening to on those 45's, LP's and CD's over the years.

Pat's musical career started way back in the mid 60's as an Ikette singing with the Ike & Tina Turner Review performing hits like 'River deep mountain high' .The first lady came to the UK in 1966 (what great timing.) She linked up with Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham and his new Immediate record label, made two fine LPs and a number of stunning singles having hits with 'First Cut Is the Deepest' and 'Angel of the Morning'. She linked up on vocal duties with Steve Marriott on the powerful 'Tin soldier', her band was label mates The Nice. Eddie Pilips of the Creation played bass in a band with her and in more recent years Pat has worked with Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene, Roger Waters, Primal Scream and Madeline Bell.

This lady is a living legend, stick this one in the diary-Sat 20 Nov The Immediate Years performed Live by P.P Arnold.

After the show we will be partying all night long in two rooms of specialist 60's party sounds with New Untouchables DJs and special guests.

The Rocket, 166 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB (opposite Holloway Road tube station)

Tickets are available through or 0207 133 2975 £14 in advance or £17 o.t.d

Fore more info please visit or e-mail


Among the many media release variations of Roger Waters epic production of The Wall Live in Berlin, come two new release versions of the concert film on DVD.

After the initial release of the concert film on DVD in April and May 2003, a special 'Delux' packaged edition was released, titled 'Sound and Vision.' This packaged version contains both the original DVD, as well as the re-release double CD of the show. Now yet another version of this DVD has been released, this time titled 'Special Edition.' What's so special about this DVD version? Well REG attempted to find out by asking Universal Music just what makes this new version necessary. They replied giving us the following information and specs on this version:

Since its release in May 2003, Roger Waters' "The Wall – Live In Berlin" DVD has consistently been one of our strongest selling titles – to date we have shipped over 310,000 units. The original DVD of the lavish 1990 Berlin performance of the show boasted stunning digitally re-mastered visuals and an amazing 5.1 surround mix produced from the original concert multi-tracks.

The Special Edition of this DVD, which was scheduled to be released on October 18 2004, contains many features not included on the original release (see below for details), and is expected to be one of the catalogue highlights of quarter four.

The Special Edition presents the concert in widescreen and includes an incredible 5.1 DTS Surround mix, as well as a revolutionary multi-audio feature on 2 tracks, "Goodbye Blue Sky" and "In The Flesh", which enables the viewer to select different sections of the audio to listen to. The Special Edition features all-new artwork and menus, and is presented in a special digipak.

International Release Date:
18 October 2004
PAL: 06024 982 400-2
NTSC: 06024 982 400-3


On Saturday July 21, 1990, Roger Waters delivered one of the most memorable events in rock history with an all-star line-up including Bryan Adams, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, The Band, Sinead O'Connor, Cyndi Lauper and more. Waters recreated live the historic Pink Floyd album "The Wall" at Berlin's Potsdamer Platz from beginning to end, just 8 months after the historic collapse of the Berlin Wall.

The original Pink Floyd album "The Wall", which has sold 23 million copies since its release 25 years ago, is the third best-selling music album of all time.

Special Guests:

The Wall - The Musical
It was announced recently that Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of Marimba Films and Tommy Mottola, formerly of Sony Music, have bought the rights from Roger Waters to develop "The Wall" as a musical. Waters will be fully involved and will compose the orchestral arrangements for the Broadway production, in addition to writing a book to accompany the show. A date has yet to be announced for when the show will open.

The Wall - The Movie
A limited edition re-issue of the movie version of The Wall, starring Bob Geldof and directed by Alan Parker, is being released by Sony on November 1 2004.

The Wall Live in Berlin Special Edition Highlights

Track Listing

Concert Duration: 110 mins approx
Audio: 2.0 Stereo
5.1 Dolby Surround
5.1 DTS
Picture Aspect: 16:9

Extras -

"Behind The Wall" Documentary

Duration: 29 mins approx
Audio: 2.0 Stereo
Picture Aspect: 4:3
PAL Subtitles:

NTSC Subtitles:

Multi-Audio Option:
"Goodbye Blue Sky" and "In the Flesh"

Animated Picture Gallery

Original Stage Animations

Release Region:
Territory: World
Region Coding: 0
Disc Format: DVD9

UMI Contacts:
Gerry Gallacher: International Product Manager, DVD (+44 207 747 4107)

Sofia Coombe: International Marketing Manager, DVD (+44 207 747 4370)

Win the new release DVD of Roger Waters The Wall Live In Berlin "Special Edition" or the combo "Sound and Vision" original DVD release/CD re-release package!

REG The International Roger Waters fan club will be giving away several DVD's in our "The Wall Winter Sweepstakes Contest Give Away." We will be giving away the new release of Roger Waters The Wall Live in Berlin Special Edition DVD's.

We will also be giving away the Roger Waters The Wall Live in Berlin Sound and Vision Delux package which includes the 2003 release of the DVD and the double CD album with color booklet with photo's.


1. ONLY REG members will be eligible to win these DVD's.

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Depending upon how well you know Roger Waters history or trivia and if you were lucky enough to attend any of Roger Waters recent tours, you could win one of these great DVD releases.

To enter the REG The Wall Winter Sweepstakes Contest Give Away, and win a free Roger Waters The Wall Live in Berlin DVD;

Just answer the questions at the end of the contest rules.
Describe in your own words your personal adventures or experiences at, or traveling to and from a Roger Waters 99/00/02 concert. (And by experiences at a show, I don't mean a review of the show or stating how much you enjoyed the show, or any Roger is God type of stuff.)

Send your answers and stories to me at the REG fanclub address:

Michael Simone
128 Onyx Dr.
Watsonville, CA 95076
Please specify which DVD version you prefer and make sure to include your name and mailing address, as well as your email address or phone number so you can be contacted if you win.

First Chance to Win:
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Note: Because quantities are limited, the DVD version you prefer to win is on a 'first come first serve basis.' so you may not have a choice regarding which version you win if one or the other has already been spoken for.

I'll announce the winners and publish the stories on our website as well as in the next issue of the fanclub newsletter/magazine.

Contest Questions:

  1. 1. What is the name of the guitarist that replaced Eric Clapton for the 1985 leg
    of Roger Waters Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking tour?

  2. 2. What is the name of the song that appeared as a 'B' side on the Radio KAOS
    single of "Radio Waves"?

  3. 3. What is the name of Roger Waters' first solo album and who was the other
    performer with whom it was made?

  4. 4. What is the name of the charity that The Wall Live in Berlin supported?

  5. 5. What song or songs had to be re-recorded for The Wall Live in Berlin album,
    video and DVD because the sound went out during the actual show?

Two New Roger Waters Tracks Released on a CD Single In Japan

The two new Roger Waters songs, “To Kill a Child,” and “Leaving Beirut,” were released recently as a CD single... ONLY in Japan. They are available in the rest of the world only as legal Internet MP3 downloads.

The two tracks released on December 15th 2004 as a CD single are complete with a picture sleeve. Unfortunately, there is no intention of releasing the tracks as a CD single elsewhere.

So that means that if you want the CD single you will need to import it from Japan (unless you live there of course), or buy it from a music store that carries imports. I think it can be ordered from HipCat Records, 1213 N. Elmhurst Rd., Prospect Heights, IL 60070, USA - Phone: 847-537-0066. Or: Tell em REG sent you! Or from

Repackaged "The Wall" Anniversary DVD

Official Press Release: "The Wall - The Movie, Alan Parker's extraordinary film, starring Bob Geldof, was originally released in 1982. The album that inspired the movie, Pink Floyd's groundbreaking "The Wall", this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. To commemorate these two landmark releases, Sony Music is to re-release the movie on DVD.

"This Limited Edition re-issue will be packaged in a deluxe DVD digi-pak designed to look like The Wall with debossed brick work and a see through slipcase. Inside the digi-pak will feature a photo montage of film shots and a re-production of the original film promotional poster. This new edition also features new subtitles. "All artwork and design has been co-coordinated by original Floyd designers Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon.

""The Wall", conceived and written by Roger Waters, and directed by Alan Parker, tells the story of a rock star's descent into madness as he ponders his meaningless existence. Abandoned by his father during World War II, smothered by his mother thereafter, and punished in school for writing poems, he steadily builds a wall around himself. The style of the film is that of a 95-minute music video; there's virtually no dialogue, just songs and visuals, including the startling animation of British caricaturist Gerald Scarfe "In addition to the original "The Wall" film, this DVD contains several fascinating extras. As well as a promotional feature from 1982, the two-part retrospective documentary will prove fascinating for Pink Floyd fans. There is also a rare and insightful interview with Roger Waters in which he discusses the autobiographical inspirations for his musical masterpiece. Director Alan Parker, animator-designer Gerald Scarfe, cinematographer Peter Biziou, and producer Alan Marshall all contribute several interesting observations. The audio commentary by Waters and Scarfe adds depth to their documentary interviews."

Sony Music originally planned to re-release the Alan Parker Film, Pink Floyd The Wall on November 1st 2004. However, the date was postponed and it was released in the UK and Europe on November 8th. It was hoped to get the DVD released on US store shelves by December the month of the film's original release and also in time to cash in on Christmas season sales. However the US release was postponed until January 25th 2005.

This is a 2 DVD disc set. The first disc contains the movie "The Wall." The second disc contains the following extras:

This DVD should make a nice addition to any collection. The documentary and retrospective are nice additions. And it's always great to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the great musical masterpiece works of the 20th Century.

List Price: $24.98 - Label: Columbia Music Video - VIN#: 058163 (1CVD58163 )

Other Roger Waters Related News

Roger Waters In New Guitar World Magazine

The 25th anniversary issue of Guitar World magazine, which hit news stands Tuesday, December 28th, is a special collector's issue which features what the editors are calling "the most spectacular group of guitarists ever assembled." Of particular interest to Floyd fans is that alongside interviews with such legendary groups as Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Nirvana and Metallica, is none other than Roger Waters who provides a tutorial on guitar playing.

The Guitar World editors write: "join Guitar World and the members of Pink Floyd as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Wall, the weirdest, scariest and best concept album ever conceived. PLUS Roger Waters on taking The Wall to Broadway." This issue is currently available at newstands and selected stores.

A CD featuring lessons for playing 10 classic guitar riffs is polybagged with the issue as well.

Thanks to for this news

New Jon Carin Album with Richard Butler

A Rolling Stone magazine interview with the Psychedelic Furs frontman Richard Butler revealed he is currently working on a album collaboration with longtime friend Jon Carin.

Jon toured with Roger Waters (keyboards) in 1999 and 2000 and can be seen on the Roger Waters live DVD 'In the Flesh. Jon Carin also toured with Gilmour's 'Pink Floyd in 1994.

Thanks to for this news


Pink Floyd to Reunite? Yeah... When Pigs Fly

Each year we hear rumors of Pink Floyd reuniting. More prevalent on the Internet, these rumors circulate consistently. These rumors are so abundant, they also often find their way inprint in various publications from newspapers to magazines. It's been obvious to many of us for a long time that there has been too much bitterness and too many derogatory statements for any possibility of Pink Floyd reuniting.

Pink Anderson (above) has stated on numerous occasions that he sees no reason to reunite and play again with his old pal Floyd Council. "He prostituted my songs for money. I tried to stop him, he won, I lost. Now he's doing his thing and I'm doing mine. And I'm quite content and enjoy my career on my own."

Though Floyd Council (below), has often chided Pink with inflammatory public statements, he did try to bury the hatchet and ask Pink to play together again for old time sake. "I was completely rebuffed. I'm not sure why I wanted even to talk with that megalomaniac again."

Anyone who has followed this saga of battles between these famous musical genius's can't help but understand that Pink Floyd will reunite only when pigs fly!

OK, OK... so this was just a joke... an attempt at REG humor so to speak. In truth, though the name Pink Floyd was created from the names of the two famous bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, neither musician ever played with the other.

But, once again, rumors about the reunification of the band Pink Floyd continue to flourish. Here is a report published in British music magazine Q in its October 2004 issue.
"There's another band that's ready to follow The Pixies' return to the stage: the classic lineup of Pink Floyd. So far though, a rumor is all there is to the story."

And from is this article: "Q is the only print source that's even hinting at something in the air. According to the magazine, Floyd, with bassist/lyricist Roger Waters, will play a "series of lucrative shows next year." To do so, the members would have to set aside 20 years of differences. That includes acrimony left over following Waters' 1986 legal action against his former bandmates. He sued guitarist David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason to keep them from using the band's name without him. Waters lost.

A reunion tour of any significance could generate more than $100 million in gross revenues. This isn't the first time Pollstar has heard rumblings of Floyd's return but in the past, the rumors all went south. During the last go-around, one reliable source told Pollstar it was false, adding that Gilmour "didn't need any more houses." This time, the same source laughed out loud before putting the kibosh on the report.

One major promoter who would likely have involvement with a potential tour told Pollstar there was no information. Barbara Skydel of William Morris Agency, who has had longtime ties to Waters, responded to our inquiry by saying it was the first she had heard of the rumor.

Still, she contacted Waters' manager for verification, then passed along to Pollstar that there was no truth to the rumor "at this time." Q's recent publication of these rumors may have gotten their information from fan web sites that often publish unsubstantiated rumor such as, who recently published interviews with Waters and Mason."

(Reprinted in part from Wed, Oct. 06 2004)

REG also contacted Roger's manager and confirmed that there was no truth to this report. The following article, we feel is the source of this rumor. It is an article that had originally manipulated Nick Mason's words to manufacture news, gossip and rumor, and make fans think Nick was saying that Floyd was going to reunite, reform and tour. The sensationalized headlines had originally stated: Pink Floyd Reunion and Tour! Nick Mason: 'Pink Floyd could triumphantly reform' and head out on a world tour."

Here is an edited version of the article:

Nick Mason Comments About a Floyd Reunion

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason commented that if it were up to him, 'Pink Floyd could triumphantly reform' and head out on a world tour. The Wish You Were Here star thinks a regrouped Pink Floyd could play a spectacular show and would be popular enough to rival fellow aging rockers The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. But Mason fears his dream will never be fulfilled - because guitarist David Gilmour has vowed never to play the group again. Mason says, "The Stones are the biggest rock 'n' roll act in the world, I'd go and see Bob Dylan play today and I'd be very happy to go touring again myself. "In fact, Pink Floyd could do better shows now because the technology's better. "(But) there isn't enough money in the world to make David go on tour again and you can't force these things."

Reprinted 06/12/2004 from an un-named source

Mason rules out Floyd reunion
by Paul Taylor

The Pink Floyd fan grapevine is buzzing with suggestions that Roger Waters may return to the fold, 20 years after his acrimonious departure, for a reunion tour which could net $100 million.

If so, no one has yet told Nick Mason, Floyd's longest-serving member. "I don't know where this one has come from," the exasperated drummer says, scotching the rumor.

"There is no chance of that happening. I don't think there is any reason for Roger to rejoin the fold and I am not sure that David would be happy with that anyway."

The David in question is, of course, guitarist David Gilmour, the third person to don the creative mantle of Pink Floyd. First, there was Syd Barrett, chief architect of Floyd's psychedelic beginnings in the mid-sixties, who became increasingly unstable through drug abuse and psychiatric problems.

One night in 1968, on the way to a gig, Mason's book recalls, Pink Floyd simply didn't bother stopping to pick up Barrett, and that was that. Stepping forward as principal songwriter, Waters saw Floyd through one of the most lauded rock albums ever - The Dark Side Of The Moon - and on through a gargantuan touring phase to The Wall, one of the high watermarks of rock as a significant art form.

Before leaving for a solo career, Waters' behavior was "beginning to border on the megalomaniac", Mason says in his book.

For instance, at Waters' insistence, long-serving keyboard player Rick Wright was told, just before The Wall tour, that he was no longer a member of the band, but was asked to play the tour anyway as a waged performer. Since the mid-eighties, Gilmour has been at the helm of Floyd, the band currently "resting" - in one of those frequent phases where no one knows what comes next or if indeed there is a "next".

"It's really down to David," says Mason, 59. "If David wants to do it, we will work again."

In the meantime, Mason's lavishly-illustrated Inside Out: A Personal History Of Pink Floyd is the first biography of the band written by one of its members. "What hopefully comes across in the book is that it is just like real life. It is a mixture of great fun and people being quite cruel to each other," he says. "There is a pattern which is that when the band are united in determination to achieve specific goals, everyone works together pretty well. It is when you start achieving the goals that it all gets more difficult."

That lost soul of Barrett has particular resonance. In 1975, Barrett, obese and shaven-headed, wandered uninvited into Abbey Road studio where Floyd were recording, indulged in desultory conversation and left.

He now lives in Cambridge and spends his days painting. Since that day, almost 30 years ago, Mason has had no direct contact with his old bandmate. "Most of us feel that that is the way it should be," Mason adds. "I think there is still a watching brief, and we have certainly tried to make sure there is a royalty stream directed to him, and we know how he is and what is going on. He is very well looked after by his brother. "I just don't think it would be the right thing for us to start popping in and visiting him."

The saying goes that if you remember the sixties, you weren't there. Yet Mason found the decade flooded back easily as he wrote. "That is still one of the curious things, that everyone thought we were the psychedelic kids, and, with the exception of Syd, we absolutely weren't," he says.

From fancy light shows, the Floyd experience blossomed into cutting edge technology, grand theatricals and flying, inflatable pigs. When punk happened, it was against just such excess that it was protesting. Did Floyd get too big for their boots?

"I would have to confess to feeling 'Ooh, let's get bigger'," says an unrepentant Mason. "There was some fantastic stuff that came out of punk and, looking back, that kind of stadium rock had become a bit grandiose and over the top. "But we still knew we had a fan base, still believed in the music we were making."

The episodic career of Floyd gives Mason plenty of time to indulge his love of racing classic cars. The lay-off before 1987's A Momentary Lapse Of Reason album was so long that Mason did not even feel confident about doing all the drum parts, calling in session musicians, instead.

He will not let his skills get so rusty again, he says, but asked when he may take up his sticks in the service of Pink Floyd again, he replies: "God knows". For the moment, Floyd fans will have to content themselves with the legions of Pink Floyd tribute bands who do the rounds. "They are terribly good," Mason says of these soundalikes. "They tend to be able to play rather better than we do, or certainly as well as I do. They remember everything, whereas I constantly say, `Yes, it goes something like that'."

Reprinted from Manchester Music 10/14/04

For those interested in still more rumor, here are other more recent rumors circulating the Internet which may or may not be true. REG has not confirmed any of them.

David Gilmour is reported to be working on a solo album and possible tour rumored for 2005.

Richard Wright is reported to be involved in a solo project which may result in a another solo album.

Andy Fairweather Low (Roger's right hand man) may be releasing a new double CD entitled "Wide Eyed and Legless."

Snowy White may be set to release a new CD titled "The Way It is." It has been rumored that this possible compilation may feature Roger Waters.

More than just bricks in a wall for rock duo

FOR fans of Pink Floyd who have bought the records and got the T-shirts an altogether classier memento is now available. Produced in a limited edition of just five, it is a small development of all-singing, all-dancing luxury London flats.

The scheme near Hyde Park has been funded by Nick Mason and Rick Wright, two of the original members of the band.

Pink Floyd were first called the Architectural Abdabs, as Mason, Wright and Roger Waters met while studying architecture at what was then the Regent Street Polytechnic. "We had a brilliant master called Joe Mayo," Nick Mason recalled. "He suggested we give the music a go for a year on the basis that we could always come back." They have come back, after a longer than expected delay, but as investors rather than architects, paying others to put another brick in the wall.

As befits men in their fifties with more than 30 years of career success behind them, Mason and Wright are clients of a private bank. It was their investment adviser who suggested that they back a scheme by the developer BMB Investments to turn a derelict former nurses' home into luxury flats.

The building is next door to the Hempel Hotel, a temple of minimalism, and overlooks its designer garden. Two six-storey houses have been converted into five apartments running across the width of the building. The largest has 14ft ceilings, split-level bedrooms and a sound system which plays music through tiny speakers in the ceiling. "I would love to take some credit for that but we have been sleeping partners in the project," Mason said. "If I hadn't liked the drawings, I would have said something, but I think it looks great."

Mason himself lives in a period house in Hampstead. "Like everyone who studies modern architecture I live in a Georgian house," he said. "I love having the builders in."

His one personal venture into architecture came in the Cotswolds, where he recently designed his own house at the side of an old airfield. "It's not exactly Mies van der Rohe," he said. "It's more geared to the Cotswolds. It has a large split-level living space in which all the vertical supports are bookshelves. I'm quite pleased with it."

Mason says that his fellow band member Roger Waters came closest to actually working as an architect when he was involved with designing the vaults of the Bank of England. "They must have had a premonition that he would be working out the details of how to store all his money," he said.

Planes, along with cars, are Mason's passions, after music. Next week he will be at Brooklands racetrack taking part in the filming of Stephen Fry's new venture, Bright Young Things, which is based on Evelyn Waugh's novel Vile Bodies. Mason and Wright have tried their hands at commercial property. They commissioned an architect to design some innovative commercial space for creative companies in Clerkenwell. The building, with a "chill-out zone" and sandblasted glass partitions, is called Britannia Row 2.

"I do have a piece of paper somewhere saying I have got a degree in architecture," Mason said. "I hope we were enormously gifted clients." The new project in Craven Hill Gardens, between Hyde Park and Notting Hill, is their first London residential venture. The flats range in price from about £1.3 million for 1,500 sq ft to about £2.4 million for double that size. It is not an easy time for the selling agents, Knight Frank, to find buyers for expensive London apartments but Mason is sanguine about their chances of success. "Timing is always a problem with buildings," he said. "But if you try to do something different enough and interesting enough, people will always want it."

The foundations
In 1965, Pink Floyd Sound was formed with Roger Waters, vocals and bass, Syd Barrett, vocals and guitar, Nick Mason, drums, and Richard Wright, keyboards. The name was inspired by blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

Barrett was forced to leave the band after a drug-induced breakdown in 1968, Dave Gilmour, guitar, was brought in and Sound was dropped from the name. The 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon spent 14 years in the US album chart, selling about 35 million copies. The 1979 album The Wall went platinum 23 times. When the group toured they built a massive polystyrene wall between them and their audience. Concerts have also featured inflatable sheep descending on the audience.

Reprinted from The Times (of London), 11/2/02
Photo of Nick Mason, 2004 © Jill Furmanovsky, Rockarchive

Pink Floyd Edition Magazine Features Waters Interview

Q Magazine and Mojo magazine have gotten together to produce a fan-tastic 148 page special edition Pink Floyd dedicated magazine. In the UK the magazine sells under the title Q - Special Edition £5.99. Around the rest of the world, the same magazine is available for approx. 11$ under the title Mojo - Special Limited Edition.

Roger Waters was interviewed recently for the magazine and within the interview Roger sings an unreleased song he wrote in the 60's called 'Walk with me Sidney (Sidney being Syd Barrett), and then reveals, "It exists on tape somewhere, it might eventually come out."

The magazine itself is well constructed and features many unpublished photos, many courtesy of Jill Furmanovsky (Jill was lucky enough to hang out with the band in 1974, and took many candid photos for a planned but then aborted Nick Sedgewick book), who has recently contributed many of her photos to Nick Mason's book.

Both magazine's include a top 20 Pink Floyd song chart that readers of RWO contributed to - No 1. Shine on you Crazy Diamond 2. Comfortably Numb 3. Time 4. Echoes 5. Wish You Were Here.

Thanks to rogerwatersonline for this info


Pink Floyd's The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

by John Cavanagh

A new Pink Floyd book has been published entitled "Pink Floyd's The Piper at the Gates of Dawn." It was written by John Cavanagh (Glasgow Scotland) one of the avid Pink Floyd fans who has been well known among Floydian circles for years.

It combines interviews with early associates of Pink Floyd and recording-studio nitty-gritty to vividly capture...Syd Barrett's psychedelic genius. (Rolling Stone)

"Thirty Three and a Third" is a new series of short books about critically acclaimed and much-loved albums of the last 40 years. The authors provide fresh, original perspectives – often through their access to and relationships with the key figures involved in the recording of these albums. What binds the series together, and what brings it to life, is that all of the authors – musicians, broadcasters, scholars, and writers – are huge fans of the album they have chosen.

Here's what Kim Dyson (Austin Texas) said of the book: "Nearly everything that gets written about early Floyd these days focuses on Syd too much. Sure, he was the driving force behind the band in many ways, but there's only so much you can say about drugs and insanity before it just becomes pure speculation and it gets boring. Thankfully John Cavanagh has avoided all of that in this new book about "The Piper at the gates of Dawn."

What Cavanagh has done is to interview a lot of the people who surrounded Floyd in their earliest days. Friends of the band, studio engineers, management, etc. Cavanagh has managed to get some very interesting material and comments from most of these people, and what I liked most about this book is the obvious affection that everyone still has for the band and for this album. That comes through strongly here.

Cavanagh brings it all together with a good strong narrative and takes you through the album on pretty much a track by track basis. There was a good amount of new information and insight in this book. Cavanagh even tracks down the photographer who took the photograph on the album sleeve, and amusingly there is a photo of the author on the back of this book, using the same type of lens. I know that not all Floyd fans are fans of this album, but it's a good introduction to how the band came into being, and why this album is still so special."

The author responds: - "I enjoyed reading Kim Dyson's review of my book and I appreciate the attention to detail in mentioning the photo on the rear cover. There's one point I'd like to clarify: it wasn't taken with a similar sort of lens to the cover of "Piper", it was taken with the exact same lens by Vic Singh, who shot the original Pink Floyd sleeve image. Thought you might like to know!"

Product details: Paperback: 124 pages. Dimensions: 6.6 x 4.7 x 0.4 inches
ISBN: 0826414974 Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group (10/03)

New Edition Of Pink Floyd Encyclopedia

The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia is an in- depth reference work covering all the people, places, and history of the musical group Pink Floyd. From the earliest days of the band to the present, this book explains band relationships, from The Abdabs to Zee. The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia is a must for every Pink Floyd enthusiast, from the casual fan to the obsessive collector.

Reviewed in previous issues of REG, the Pink Floyd Encyclopedia by Vernon Fitch has been a stalwart reference book for most all Pink Floyd collectors and fans. But not to let time slip away and history go unrecorded, Vernon has periodically updated this book. The 2nd Edition, contained new additions and news to keep fans up to date. The new 3rd Edition will be released April 2005 by Collectors Guide Publishing Inc.

The new edition will contain hundreds of new facts that have been added to the book. The cover looks the same but has some subtle differences. The book includes:-
  • Pink Floyd Reference Encyclopedia - Learn about all the people, places, and things that have been involved with Pink Floyd and it's band members, in a unique Pink Floyd encyclopedia
  • Pink Floyd Concert Dates - Take a trip through Pink Floyd's performance history with concert listings of every performance over their 30+ year career
  • Solo Concert Dates - Further your concert knowledge with complete list-ings of every solo performance by Syd Barrett, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright, both during and after their tenures with the band
  • Equipment Listings - Find out what equipment has been used by Pink Floyd throughout their history. Check out what guitars, amplifiers, keyboards, drum kits, PA equipment, and special effects were used during their various tours and concert appearances
  • Hawkwind CD - Hear a unique version of the classic Pink Floyd song, Interstellar Overdrive, interpreted by classic British Sci-Fi band, Hawkwind, on a special CD release commissioned exclusively for this book. Plus two more tracks.

Although, the cover shows that there are just two tracks - Interstellar Overdrive and A Saucerful Of Secrets, the previous edition included a CD with only Interstellar Overdrive.

Vernon Fitch has authored several books and is still currently working on his new book co-authored by Richard Mahon, about The Wall, which is due out sometime in 2005.

Thanks to Vernon Fitch and for this info


Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story DVD to be released

A DVD will be released soon detailing the story of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett. The sudden departure of Pink Floyd's founding member Syd Barrett in 1968 marked the closure of the first prolific chapter in the Pink Floyd story. A maverick artist and true individual, Syd Barrett helped forge the British psychedelic scene when he formed Pink Floyd with Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason in 1965.

This special DVD charts the band's rise to fame under the guidance of Barrett's influence to his premature departure under a cloud of drug abuse and psychological problems.

The DVD is said to be richly illustrated with rare early footage of the band performing, alongside new interviews with the members of the band - David Gilmour, Rick Wright, Roger Waters and Nick Mason - and their associates, fans and friends including Jerry Shirley (Humble Pie), Graham Coxon (Blur) and original band member Bob Klose.

The DVD also features classic early Pink Floyd performances of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Interstellar Overdrive, Arnold Layne, See Emily Play & Bike. The DVD also contains many Extras: Approx. 20 minutes of Interviews with Roger Waters, David Gilmour on "Wish You Were Here", Robyn Hitchcock performances of "Dominoes" & "It Is Obvious", and a Graham Coxon (Blur) performance of "Love You".

This DVD will probably NOT be viewable in other countries. At this time it has been encoded for Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only). The Format is: Color, Closed-captioned. It is rated: NR. United States of Distribution has a DVD Release Date of January 4, 2005. The list price will be $16.98, but will likely have an over the counter price of $12.00. The product number is: ASIN: B00067W1K4 and should be available at all music and book stores including online sellers like

Stamping Ground Gets German DVD Remaster

Rock Fieber DVD - featuring Pink Floyd live, 1970. A stalwart of many collections of Pink Floyd material on unofficial video tapes in the eighties, the Stamping Ground Festival film, which documented events in the 1970 event, was unavailable officially for many years. A year or so ago, an official Brazilian release appeared of the film, and this month, a remastered version has appeared in Germany, which is a big improvement over the Brazilian version.

The Stamping Ground Festival itself was held on 28th June 1970, and was billed as the Dutch Woodstock. The film features curtailed performances from the likes of Al Stewart, Dr John, Family, Marc Bolan, Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, Santana, and others, alongside Pink Floyd.

On the Floyd front, there is an almost four minute, dramatically shortened version of Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. This starts with footage of what looks like a distress flare being let off in the crowd, before cutting to Nick Mason and the gang, at the point in the song that builds to the gong smashes. Lots of nice close ups of the band in action, taking each member in turn, but spending most time with Nick and Roger Waters, naturally.

The song finishes, we see some inflatable pyramids, and we hear the final section of A Saucerful Of Secrets, lasting around six minutes. More close ups, but this time David Gilmour gets more coverage. Rick Wright still loiters in the shadows, tinkering with his keyboards, mostly ignored by the cameras.

A rare piece of footage of the band live in 1970. Very little in-concert footage of the band exists prior to 1987, let alone as early as 1970. Despite its brevity, this is a good thing to have in your collection, although you will need to weigh up if it is worth buying for just ten minutes.

The German remaster has a cover title of "Rock Fieber" - German for "Rock Fever". However, during the film they still use the original typographic samples and also the original title "Stamping Ground".

Doing a direct comparison with the Brazilian version, the overall picture on this edition is much, much more colorful and also a lot sharper. Like on the "Live At Pompeii Directors Cut" DVD they cut off the top and the bottom of the picture frame to give the whole thing a pseudo 16:9 feel. When you look at the Brazilian shots you can see that the original film was shot in the 4:3 screen format. Like the Brazilian version the audio track is in Dolby Digital stereo too, but here it sounds much, much clearer. Also it seems that they used some filters to eliminate tape hiss and noise. During the interview sequences you can hear German translations from the off. And finally it has a new cover - very much in the "seventies pop art style"!

The DVD can be ordered, for despatch worldwide, through this link on Germany:

Reprinted from DVD photo's courtesy of Michael Nickel


Pink Floyd is Top Group of All-Time

British group Pink Floyd have beaten

the Rolling Stones and U2 to win the accolade of the top band of all time, based on album and concert ticket sales.

Writers of British music magazine Q awarded the rock group the number one spot for their 23.3 million-selling 1978 'The Wall' album, playing to 125,000 fans at England's Knebworth Castle and spending a total of 911 weeks on the UK chart.

Q editor Paul Rees says, "I must say I suspected Queen at number one, but then when you think of the huge sales of 'The Wall' and 'Dark Side of the Moon,' it would have to be Pink Floyd.

"If you look at the top ten you would expect those bands to be in there." The top ten bands of all time are:

  1. Pink Floyd
  2. Led Zeppelin
  3. Rolling Stones
  4. U2
  5. Queen
  6. Dire Straits
  7. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  8. The Beatles
  9. Bob Marley and the Wailers
  10. Fleetwood Mac
Reprinted from Mon, 04 Oct 2004
Copyright World Entertainment News Network 2004

The Battersea Saga

As reported a few years ago in REG, the Battersea Power Station, made world famous by being pictured on Pink Floyd's "Animals" album with a giant inflatable pig suspended between two of it's four massive smoke stacks, had been in disrepair for years and was a worn down ramshackle in shambles and was to be torn down.

Built in 1932, the impressive and monolithic architectural landmark was decommissioned as a power station in 1983. It was then given a second chance at life and in 1992 plans were made for it to be refurbished and redeveloped. However those plans stalled, developers pulled out and the site continued to sit idle until very recently. Now it's reported the redevelopment project is going ahead and work has actually begun. Below are an few articles detailing the saga of this interesting Floydian quadrolith.

Battersea hulk on endangered list
by Maev Kennedy

The sad hulk of Battersea power station, a rotting shell blighting the London skyline for the past 20 years, is about to be declared one of the world's 100 most endangered sites.

The power station is an earlier - and many believe greater - design by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, architect of Bankside power station further down the Thames. Both are now Grade I listed buildings, but sat empty for years after they were decommissioned in the early 1980s.

However, Bankside has now been resurrected as one of the most popular museums in the world, Tate Modern, while Battersea still sits gutted and desolate. As the area around Bankside booms, the contrast between the two sites grows bleaker every year.

This week Battersea will achieve the unwelcome distinction of joining the biennial register of the the World Monuments Fund, the 2004 Monuments Watch List of 100 Most Endangered Sites, joining the war-ravaged archaeological sites in Iraq.

The eclectic list is based on nominations from the public and assessment by independent experts.

Colin Amery, UK director of the monuments fund, said Battersea made the list partly to highlight the danger to the great industrial monuments of the last century. "Battersea power station is a London icon, powerful in every sense of the word. It is as important an architectural landmark as St Paul's Cathedral," he said.

The 1932 building, admired by architecture critics although mocked as resembling an upended kitchen table, won international exposure on the cover of the 1977 Pink Floyd album Animals.

The power station was decommissioned in 1983, but was soon taken on by one of Lady Thatcher's favourite property developers, John Broome, then chairman of the Alton Towers theme park.

She promised to perform the opening ceremony for his transformation of Battersea into an Edwardian fun fair, modelled on Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens. All that happened was the removal of the roof of the turbine hall and the demolition of a side wall, which led to such weather damage that important art deco interiors had to be stripped out.

A decade ago the Hong Kong-based property developers Victor and George Hwang acquired it, through Parkview International, and a string of glossy announcements for its transformation into offices, hotels, restaurant and shops followed. But the site remained empty, one of the largest inner-city brownfield development sites in Europe.

Reprinted from The Guardian Tuesday September 23, 2003 Photo: David Levene

Power station plans get go ahead
Wandsworth Council say 9,000 jobs will be created

A former power station is to be turned into a multi-million pound leisure and housing complex after a legal challenge failed.

A High Court Judge threw out attempts by those opposed to the development of the Grade II listed Battersea Power Station, in south London, to have aspects of planning permission reconsidered. Mr Justice Collins also refused the applicants leave to appeal.

Development company Parkview will now press ahead with a £500m redevelopment scheme which was approved by Wandsworth Council in August 2000. The plan includes hotels, a theatre, cinema, flats and a dedicated rail link from Victoria station, as well as rooftop restaurants, incorporating the famous landmark on the banks of the Thames.

Wandsworth Council leader Edward Lister welcomed the decision. He said: "This is terrific news for anyone who wants to see the site developed to provide 9,000 jobs for local people."

Reprinted from The Guardian 10/10/03

Pink Floyd Interstellar Exhibition news

Sites are still being discussed for the Pink Floyd Interstellar Exhibition to come to America and other European countries.

The Cite De La Musique, in Paris, France, was host to the Pink Floyd exhibition 'Interstellar; between the 10th of October 2003 and the 25th of January 2004.

The exhibition featured many rare tour props and personal items donated by Roger Waters and the present members of Pink Floyd. Other items were contributed by Mark Fenwick (MFM), Steve O'Rourke (EMKA Ltd), Jonathan Park, Mark Fisher, Storm Thorgerson, Gerald Scarfe, Phil Taylor, Peter Jenner and Peter Wynne Wilson.

Through a labyrinth of corridors and themed rooms, visitors were guided through the Pink Floyd time line and exposed to many rare and never before seen items, including Roger Waters union card from 1968. Nick Mason's drum decors, as seen on the Pompeii film, held prominence on the wall, as did a nice collection of his drum sticks over the years. The actual stained glass window made for the 30th anniversary SACD release also stood out in a darkened room, which included a specially designed booth to maximise the 5.1 dolby surroundsound mix, and a model of Pink from 'The Wall sat proudly wearing a Britannia Row t-shirt and black dinner jacket.

Storm Thorgerson Exhibition

Official Press Release - Media Contemporary Arts and the John Martin Gallery are delighted to announce an exhibition of the artwork of Storm Thorgerson.

Storm Thorgerson, first with Hipgnosis and then later in his own right, is the artist behind the images synonymous with identifying the pop culture of the 70's throughout and into the Millennium.

Storm's distinctive style has made his artwork one of the most recognisable in the music industry. He is responsible for the iconic images we associate with bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Cranberries, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, and 10cc amongst others.

Creating visually beautiful and thought-provoking art, Storm's work has featured on a variety of single and album covers (eg Dark Side of the Moon: Wish You Were Here, Division Bell, House of the Holy) and collected in books including "Eye of the Storm", "Mind over Matter" and "Walk Away Renee".

Thanks to REG members,, rogerwatersonline, and other REG sources for the Floydian News info.

Look to REG for authentic, credible and factual information concerning Roger Waters.

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