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Roger Waters 2006 News

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NewsFlash Autum/Winter 2005/2006 Floyd Reunion??

NewsFlash Autum/Winter 2005/2006 Dave & Rog Party

NewsFlash Autum/Winter 2005/2006 Roger Donates Bass

NewsFlash Autum/Winter 2005/2006 Floydian News

NewsFlash February 2006 Roger Waters European Tour

NewsFlash April 2006 Roger Waters American Tour

NewsFlash March 2006 Roger's Band Announced

NewsFlash July 2006 Ukrainian Concert a Hoax?

NewsFlash July 2006 Syd Barrett Dies at Age 60

NewsFlash October 2006 Roger to Continue World Tour in 2007

NewsFlash December 2006 CA IRA in Kiev and again in Poland

A Pink Floyd Reunion and Album with Roger??

In a Sept. 8th BBC Radio 2 Interview with Roger Waters, Roger spoke mainly about Ca Ira, but he also talks about how the Live 8 reunion came to be. When discussing what songs the four former band mates would perform, he says he wanted to do "In The Flesh' but relented to the wishes of the majority. But, once again, in a positive tone, he stated that Pink Floyd 'may' do another 'charitable' concert sometime in the future.

However, a few days later on September 10th, in an astonishing interview on BBC Radio 4, Roger Waters declared that there is no reason that the four of them could not make another album! "Would I go back and make a record with those three guys? Well I guess so, yeah."

On Sept. 26th Roger Waters attended a post-New York Film Festival screening party for the upcoming "The Squid and the Whale," which opens Oct. 5, and features 'Hey You' prominently in the film.

The entire cast came to the party at which Roger was asked about Pink Floyd performing together again. He replied: "If there's another charity, or a reason to bring us together, I could see it happening, otherwise no. And we've had lots of offers. But we're just not going to do the $250 million tour."

On Sept. 29th, Roger was again interviewed on CNN about Ca Ira. And again, questions about a possible Pink Floyd reunion were asked. In this interview, Roger reiterates that the band might get back together for 'political' as well as charity reasons.

Dave and Rog Party Together

On June 30th 2005, just before the Live 8 Pink Floyd reunion, Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour (as well as Dave's wife Polly Samson), attended the "Serpentine Gallery Summer Party" at the Serpentine Gallery in London, England. The annual party was held this year at Serpentine's new architectural gallery commissioned and created by architect Alvaro Siza and his collaborator Eduardo Souto de Moura.

(Photos by Dave Benett/Getty Images)

I'd like to be home with my monkey and my dog... I'd like to be home with my monkey and my dog...I'd like to be home with my monkey and my dog...

Roger Donates autographed Bass to Animal Rights Organization

Last November I received an email from Shelly Ladd, the wife of DJ Jim Ladd. Some might know her as "the monkey and dog lady" from the Radio KAOS album. Being a real monkey and dog lady, she is also president of Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary. The organization is dedicated to rescuing monkeys that have been abused and abandoned from the pet trade, and monkeys that have been tortured in the name of research.

She wrote to tell me about a benefit sponsored by the Primate Sanctuary on November 22nd at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. As Roger has previously stated, he contributes to many charities without publicizing it. Shelly wanted me to know that Roger Waters had generously autographed a fender precision bass for their silent auction to raise money for the prevention of cruelty to these endangered monkey's.

Shelly Ladd told me; "Jim and I have been enjoying your newsletter for many years and I thought I would let you know this will be available. I didn't know if you could forward this information of to his fans or not, but I thought I'd let you know how very generous Roger was to my cause."

The guitar Roger Waters generously autographed was a precision black Fender P Bass with a white scratch plate donated by Fender for the auction to benefit Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary. Roger wrote; "Just Another Brick In the Wall," and drew a brick on the top of the plate. On the bottom he wrote "Wish You Were Here, Love, Roger Waters."

Also auctioned was an original signed drawing by Roger Waters donated to Devon Wildlife Trust in support of raising funds for wildlife and biodiversity in Devon. Both the guitar and the drawing were unique chances for Waters fans to obtain a piece of personal memorabilia and support animal rights and wildlife fundraising at the same time.

"Roger, Jim and I have been friends for many years and I was very grateful for his agreeing to do this for me. Unfortunately the autographed bass only raised $1500.00. I thought it would go for a lot more. But I didn't have time to put it on eBay, and I didn't have that big a turn out at the benefit. If I do another benefit, I'm sure he'll participate again. The guitar was donated from Fender and signed by Roger. If I do it again next year, I might ask Roger if he will donate one of his own guitars as I'm sure that might raise the value considerably.

"Also auctioned at the benefit was a Takamini guitar signed by all the Eagles, that sold for only $700.00, and Robby Kreiger of the Doors signed a Gibson guitar he donated in person, but that sold for only $1300.00. Jackson Browne's autographed guitar went for only $350.00, a guitar signed by Styx went for $700.00, a guitar signed by George Thorogood went for only $400.00 and one signed by Slash went for $475.00. I just didn't have time to do the eBay thing. I will let you know if I do it again."

Recently the time I've had to spend on the REG fan club's website and magazine has been severely limited. I told Shelly that I was extremely sorry I did not put a notice up on the REG website as I know it might have garnered much more interest. I know that many Roger Waters fans around the world would have gladly been willing to bid at least twice what the bass went for.

Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary was established in 1998, and is located 17 miles south of Oklahoma City in Oklahoma. It is a non-profit organization who's mission is to promote the humane treatment and care of primates. For more information, or to contact Shelly Ladd go to:


Pink Floyd Inducted Into The UK Music Hall Of Fame

It was announced at the end of Summer 2005 that Pink Floyd had been selected for induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame by the Hall of Fame Steering Group - a panel comprising over 60 respected artists, music journalists, broadcasters and music industry executives.

"Pink Floyd is without doubt one of the greatest rock bands of all time and among the most successful. They achieved legendary status with albums like The Wall and 1973's The Dark Side Of The Moon, which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for being on the charts longer than any other album in history - racking up a staggering 26 years on the Billboard chart.

"Earlier this year Pink Floyd delighted millions of fans worldwide by reforming for a remarkable one-off performance at Live8. The band set aside their differences to help raise awareness of world poverty and to lobby the leaders at the G8 summit. It was the first time they had all appeared together since the final performance of The Wall at Earls Court on June 17th 1981."

Paul Gambaccini, music historian, broadcaster and UK Music Hall of Fame Steering Group Executive Committee Member said: "Pink Floyd have had at least one an album in the American chart without interruption for 32 years. This is the longevity record. A long the way they have sold over 70 million albums in the USA alone. This means that they are both legendary and current. They continue to inspire new generations of bands."

Malcolm Gerrie, Chief Executive of Initial and Chair, UK Music Hall of Fame Steering Group stated: "Pink Floyd's induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame is in recognition of their extraordinary achievement in music spanning five decades. Their attendance at the Induction Ceremony will be a landmark occasion."

The UK Hall Of Fame award show was held on November 16th at Alexandra Palace (London). Initially, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Rick Wright were all to attend the live induction ceremony. It was to be only the second time in almost a quarter of a century that the whole group were to appear on stage together. However, Rick Wright was not able to attend because he was preparing for a cataract operation. Roger was also not able to attend due to the induction ceremony being scheduled for the night before the Ca Ira premier in Rome. Therefore, it was left to David & Nick to represent the band. However, Roger Waters did put in an appearance by satellite.

"It's nice to be loved and for one's contribution to be recognized in some way," David Gilmour said. "I suppose I agree that we have had an influence on modern popular music."

There seemed a bit of tension between Gilmour and Waters. When David thanked "all the passengers on this fabulous ride we've been on", Roger responded: "I confess I've never felt like a passenger."

David Gilmour played down suggest-ions of a further reunion, saying: "The Live 8 moment was wonderful. But we've all moved on and there are lots of other things to be thrilled about these days."

In a revealing interview after the ceremony, David & Nick spoke about a number of things, including the 14 Hour Technicolour Dream (Or the 24 Hour Technicolour Dream according to Nick!). They also discussed David's upcoming album, that David said will be released in March 2006. He once again stated that the Floyd would not be reforming, unless it was for a significant event like Live 8.

Bob Dylan was also amongst this year's inductees, as well as John Peel, who received 2005's Honorary Membership of the UK Music Hall of Fame, in acknowledgement of his exceptional contribution to British music. Also inducted were The Kinks and Jimi Hendrix.

The UK Music Hall of Fame returned this year with a packed two-week season of music programming. This began with the launch with a three-and-a-half-hour prime-time show "The Biggest Selling Artists Of The Millennium," a comprehensive countdown based on album sales since 2000. Other highlights included John Peel's Record Box , an exclusive insight into the private record collection of the renowned DJ and broadcaster, marking the first anniversary of his death. Also featured was "The World's Greatest Gigs," a one-hour countdown of the twenty seminal gigs of all time. The season climaxed on November 16th with the live UK Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, broadcasting as a 120-minute special on BBC Channel 4.

VH1 Classic replayed the show on Nov. 17th, and aired the entire ceremony again on Sunday November 27. VH1 also re-broadcast the entire two-hour ceremony as a 'live' extravaganza on November 26th.

Last year's Ceremony saw The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Queen, Cliff Richard & The Shadows, The Rolling Stones, U2 and Robbie Williams became the inaugural members of the UK Music Hall of Fame.

Sony BMG Rootkit Virus Not On Ca Ira

I've had several REG members ask if I have any idea whether or not Ca Ira CDs have been found to carry the Sony BMG Rootkit Virus on them. For those that don't know what the Sony BMG Rootkit Virus is, it's that thing that Sony added to millions of it's CD's that installs a secret program on peoples computers as an attempted piracy prevention scheme, that backfired. In any case, I contacted REG sources to find out the answer and have had it confirmed that "the Ca Ira CD's DO NOT carry the Rootkit software". So we can all rest easy at least buying CD's of Roger's Opera.

"Early last November, Sony BMG admitted that it had shipped a couple million CDs containing a hidden software program called XCP that secretly installs itself when a CD is played on any computer. Sony said it was digital rights management software to prevent music piracy. But it turns out XCP is based on a tool called a "rootkit," which bad guys have traditionally used to take control of their victims' computers. Anyone who plays a new Sony CD on their computer is making themself vulnerable to viruses and other digital nasties. The danger is so great that the US Computer Emergency Response Team actually issued a special alert Nov. 15 warning people not to play Sony CDs with XCP on them. "Sony agreed to fix the problem and issued a deinstaller for XCP that was supposed to get rid of the nastiness. But the deinstaller is even worse than the original XCP rootkit. It actually installs new versions of all the old files from the rootkit, and adds some new ones.

"Not surprisingly, more covert discoveries continued. Researchers found that Sony's surreptitious program also sends an electronic message over the Internet that potentially allows the company to track who's playing its CDs and where. Microsoft issued a statement saying that its antivirus software protects against the Sony rootkit. (Though Microsoft might have less-than-benevolent reasons for helping hapless consumers - the company is in litigation with Sony.) Sony responded by saying that it will replace XCP-infected CDs with uninfected ones for free.

"Meanwhile, Sony was sued in Texas, California, and Italy under anti-spyware and consumer-protection laws.

"But it turns out XCP isn't the only piece of secretly installed and potentially malicious software Sony is distributing with its holiday CD releases. People who use Windows machines to play CDs with something called MediaMax on them will find that new files and programs suddenly show up in their Common Files directory in a folder called SunnComm Shared (SunnComm is the company that makes MediaMax). Recently Sony sent out a press release admitting that MediaMax contains a security flaw that, if untreated, could leave up to 20 million computers vulnerable.

"What does all this all mean? In the short term, it means don't buy any new CDs from Sony BMG."

David Gilmour Tours

Pink Floyd singer/guitarist David Gilmour will back his forthcoming solo album, "On An Island," with a world tour. He will launch the tour with a European trek that kicks off in early March, and will then head to North America for a brief series of April performances. Two-night stands are scheduled in New York City, Toronto, Chicago and Oakland, CA, and single-night engagements are set at a pair of Los Angeles-area venues.

"I'm very much looking forward to this tour and making music with the great musicians in the band," Gilmour said in a statement. "I've had a fantastic time making 'On An Island' and really want to perform tracks from it, along with my more familiar repertoire."

The European leg of the tour

March 10, 2006
Brckstrasse 21
44135 Dortmund, Germany
Tel: (+49) (0)231 22 69 60
National ticket website/hotline: (+49) (0)1805 570 000.
Tickets also available from local outlets.

March 11, 2006
Tiergartenstrasse 2
20355 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: (+49) (0)40 35 690
National ticket website/hotline: (+49) (0)1805 570 000.
Tickets also available from local outlets.

March 15, 2006
1, Boulevard Poissonnire
75002 Paris, France
Ticket sales (not at venue in France only) 0892 78 2000.

March 16, 2006
28, Boulevard des Capucines
75009 Paris, France
Box office: (In France only) 0892 68 33 68. Ticket sales (not at venue in France only) 0892 78 2000.

March 18, 2006
60313 Frankfurt, Germany
Tel. (+49) (0)69 13 400
National ticket website/hotline: (+49) (0)1805 570 000.
Tickets also available from local outlets.

March 19 & 20, 2006 (SOLD OUT)
Arena boulevard 590
1101 DS Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tickets available at Ticket Service Postoffices, GWK offices and the VVV's. In Holland only: tickets can be ordered by phone 0900 3001250. Outside Holland: tickets can only be reserved through the Ticket Service website: Payment: VISA or MasterCard. Internet sales are possible until 2 days prior to the event.

March 24 & 25, 2006
Viale Dell'Innovazione, 1
20126 Milan, Italy
In Italy only: phone 899500022. Outside Italy: tickets must be bought online from:

March 26, 2006
(Sala Santa Cecilia)
Viale Pietro De Coubertin, 30
00196 Rome, Italy
In Italy only: phone 0039 06 802411
Outside Italy: tickets must be bought online from

May 29 & 30, 2006 (SOLD OUT)
Kensington Gore
London SW7 2AP, England
Box Offices: Royal Albert Hall (+44) (0)20 7589 8212
SEE (+44) (0)871 230 0333

May 31, 2006
Kensington Gore
London SW7 2AP England
Box Offices: Royal Albert Hall (+44) (0)20 7589 8212
SEE (+44) (0)871 230 0333

Members of Gilmour's official fan club will have first dibs on tickets via an online presale that starts Tuesday (12/20). Information about the fan club is posted at Gilmour's website:

All remaining tickets will go on sale to the general public via Ticketmaster ( during the second weekend in January, according to Columbia Records.

"I'm rather hoping that, with this tour announcement, people will believe me when I say, honestly, this is the only band I plan to tour with," Gilmour added, an obvious reference to rumors that he and the rest of the classic Pink Floyd lineup would be mounting a reunion tour. The members - Gilmour, bassist Roger Waters, drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright - reunited earlier this year for a one-off performance in London as part of the Live 8 multi-city concert event. It was the lineup's first time on stage together since 1981.

"On An Island" is due in stores March 7. [Note: The following tour itinerary has been provided by artist and/or tour sources, who verify its accuracy as of the publication time of this story. Changes may occur before tickets go on sale. Check with official artist websites, ticketing sources and venues for late updates.]

The US Leg of the Tour:

Radio City Music Hall
New York, NY USA
on sale 01/14/06

Radio City Music Hall
New York, NY USA
on sale 01/14/06

Massey Hall
Toronto, ON Canada
on sale 01/14/06

Massey Hall
Toronto, ON Canada
on sale 01/14/06

Rosemont Theatre
Rosemont, IL USA
on sale 01/14/06

Rosemont Theatre
Rosemont, IL USA
on sale 01/14/06

Paramount Theatre-Oakland
Oakland, CA USA
on sale 01/15/06

Paramount Theatre-Oakland
Oakland, CA USA
on sale 01/15/06

Kodak Theatre
Hollywood, CA USA
on sale 01/15/06

Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City
Universal City, CA USA
on sale 01/15/06

Some of the musicians featured on 'On An Island are: - Pink Floyd keyboardist, Richard Wright, Guy Pratt (who has played bass with Pink Floyd on two world tours, as well as contributing much in the studio). Jools Holland lends a hand (or two) on piano. David Crosby and Graham Nash play on the title track and Robert Wyatt makes a contribution as well. Orchestrations are provided by the renowned Polish composer, Zbigniew Preisner. The album is produced by David Gilmour, Chris Thomas and Phil Manzanera (who have worked with David and Pink Floyd extensively since Dark Side of the Moon) and is to be released by EMI. On the tour, David will also certainly play some familiar songs from his Floyd repertoire, and there could be one or two surprises thrown in for good measure. You'll have to wait and see!

David Gilmour's early influences were folk and blues guitarists, such as Leadbelly and Howln' Wolf. He always liked Bob Dylan (and heard his first album before many others in Britain, as his parents lived in America) and, like most young people growing up in the 1950s, he liked Rock 'N' Roll. The first record he ever bought was Bill Haley & The Comet's 'Rock Around The Clock' and you can see his Rock 'N' Roll instincts shining through on the Paul McCartney's Live At The Cavern DVD. Other influences include Hank Marvin (hence the red Strat) and Peter Green. He's always liked Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix. He does a pretty good impersonation of Hendrix, too.

Recently Mr. Gilmour has been using a classic Gibson (Les Paul... I believe) instead of his more well-known 1957-reissue Fender Strat. - David has always liked to trying out different guitars and has done so throughout his career. He feels that the Gretsch Duo-Jet that he used predominantly throughout his 2002 semi-acoustic shows in London and Paris better suited the songs he had chosen then. He is currently favouring the Gold top Gibson Les Paul, but that's not to say that he's given up on his trusty red Fender Stratocaster!

However other than the guitar, there are a wide variety of instruments that Dave is able to play. He plays the piano and keyboards. He plays bass, including fretless bass. He can play the harmonica and drums and played on Syd Barrett's 'Dominoes'. He has been learning the saxophone and he also plays a mean kazoo. Think 'Corporal Clegg' and his wooden leg.

The above Reprinted from: December 19, 2005 (by Jon Zahlaway) and Gilmour's official website.

Whatever Happened to Pink Floyd

Genre: Art & Progressive Rock, Oldies, Rock/Pop, Classic Rock, Psychedelic

Early Pink Floyd recordings make space travel superfluous so long as we have keyboards here on Earth. Back when enigmatic lyricist and acid-eater extraordinaire Syd Barrett skippered the ship, the Floyd sounded something like Monty Python with instruments - quirky, trippy and weird. Barrett made Bedlam seem a reasonable price to pay for such gems as "Bike," "Lucifer Sam," and the Space Rock tour-de-force "Astronomy Domine."

Upon Barrett's departure, the only marginally less maniacal Roger Waters took on singing and songwriting duties. The band dug even deeper into labyrinthine song structures, but nothing prior had prepared the world for 1973s Dark Side of the Moon. The concept album par excellence. Dark Side of the Moon utilizes a narrative lyric structure and musical leitmotifs to give the album a sense of coherence. These compositional strategies culminated in '79s harrowing magnum opus, The Wall, an unflinching look at England's soul - its educational system, its flirtations with fascism, the conservatism leading up to Thatcher.

After Waters' defection, the remaining members came down with a crippling case of the blands but decided to stick it out, releasing a series of flashy (note '95's Pulse), nostalgic commodities that basically sounded like David Gilmour solo efforts (even if they continued to sell like genuine Pink Floyd productions).

Reprinted from Rolling Stone Magazine online edition.


Pink Floyd
Maximum Floyd

A new album was recently released chronicling Pink Floyd history. Titled Maximum Floyd this album was Originally releasedin 2005 by Chrome Dreams.

Though, I don't yet own the album yet myself, it looks somewhat interesting. However, I have no idea if this CD is completely a spoken word documentary, or if it also contains snippets or full tracks of music, and perhaps some 'rarities' cuts.

On the cover of the album it states "The Unauthorized Biography of Pink Floyd" and "The Full Story with Interviews". And, having never heard of Chrome Dreams records, for all I know this release could be some kind of bootleg. However it is being offered for sale at so perhaps it is a legitimate release. Perhaps another REG member who purchases it can review it in a future REG issue.

  1. Track listing:
  2. Introduction
  3. Psychedelic Groove
  4. Better Living
  5. Eclipsing The Sun
  6. Building The Wall
  7. Tower Of Strength
  8. Decline And Fall
  9. Delicate Sound
  10. Shining On
  11. The End Of A Century

Pink Floyd
The Strangest Numbers

There is a new Pink Floyd 2 CD set available from It's called Pink Floyd "The Strangest Numbers." However, because that the record label is "not provided," it seems pretty likely that this 2 CD set is could be a bootleg of some kind, reminiscent of other 'rarities' type bootlegs.

Most all the tracks on this CD set were previously released either on early Pink Floyd albums, or on Roger Waters and David Gilmour solo albums and projects. It's quite conceivable that this CD set was targeted at a foreign Eastern European and Russian market because many of the track titles are misspelled, or in error, perhaps caused by the manufacturer's incompetence or not understanding English all that well.

What criteria is used to determine what tracks to include on this CD set is hard to understand because most of these songs don't sound that 'strange,' at least to me. The only thing these cuts may have in common are that none were either, ever commercially successful, not commercially marketable, or they were not promoted and therefore didn't get much radio airplay, so not widely known. However, because of the ability these days to copy your Pink Floyd CD's into computer programs such as Apples 'iTunes' and create and burn your own CD's, who'd want to pay for someone else's idea of a Pink Floyd compilation when you can make your own? But for a Pink Floyd collector this Semi-professional looking prepackaged CD set might be unique enough to want because of its obscurity and ambiguous authenticity.

Track Listing:
CD One: 1. Interlude 2. Sweet July 3. Four Second of Silence 4. Until We Sleep 5. Murder 6. The Russian Missile 7. Cirrus Minor 8. Echoes 9. Julia Dream 10. There's No Way Out Of Here 11. Mudmen 12. Radio Waves 13. Absolutely Curtains 14. Love Scene

CD Two: 1. One Of Theses Days 2. Who Needs Information 3. Reaching For The Rail 4. Let There Be More Light 5. Embryo 6. Mihalis 7. Raise My Rent 8. Atom Heart Mother 9. When The Wind Blows 10. Childhood's End 11. Love on The Air 12. Near The End

Covering The Wall

In 1979, Pink Floyd released The Wall. Now over 25 years later, an all-star line up has assembled to pay tribute to this work.

"Back Against The Wall" - is an album recreating Pink Floyd's The Wall - created by Billy Sherwood and staring some of the top progressive rock musical legends including Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman, Alan White, Billy Sherwood, Ian Anderson, Tommy Shaw, Adrian Belew, Robby Krieger, Glenn Hughes, Keith Emerson, Fee Waybill, Ronnie Montrose, Steve Morse, Geoff Downes, John Wetton, Elliot Easton and Steve Lukather. This incredible band of talented people have taken on the massive task of covering Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'.

Billy Sherwood is best known for the time he spent time playing with Yes. He also is in the band Conspiracy with Yes bass player Chris Squire. Sherwood is a progressive rock aficionado who is constantly learning and looking for the next interesting gig. Both as a musician and a producer, Sherwood is always trying to use his creativity to further the style of music he loves. When Cleopatra Records approached him about remaking Pink Floyd's classic album, The Wall, Sherwood's curiosity was peaked. He recreated the work from scratch and then set out on a mission to get his progressive rock idols to join him in this mission.

"Imagine a Pink Floyd tribute album featuring Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman, Alan White and Billy Sherwood of Yes, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Tommy Shaw of Styx, Adrian Belew ex-King Crimson, The Doors Robby Krieger, Glenn Hughes, ELP's Keith Emerson, The Tubes Fee Waybill, Ronnie Montrose, Deep Purple's Steve Morse, Asia's Geoff Downes, John Wetton from King Crimson & Asia, Elliot Easton of Cars fame and Steve Lukather of Toto. Imagine the tribute is not a 'best of' type event but instead a tribute to one of the most complex and intense albums to have ever been made: The Wall. Lastly, imagine the album actually containing songs from the movie that were not on the original album release. What a cool idea eh? Well, Billy Sherwood had the idea and he made it a reality! The result is the best tribute album ever made. In fact, this is the tribute album that all others should aspire to.

The hero of this release is Billy Sherwood. The man sounds a lot like Floyd's Roger Waters and he has done his homework. From the background sounds to Waters patented nasal tones, Sherwood hits a home run. He also did a great job of putting the right songs with the right people. In the end, we learn what truly creative musicians Waters and David Gilmour are. Floyd has always had a unique sound but one does not realize just how unique they are until you listen to others try to recreate their sound and feel. No one will ever do a job as good as this. Against the Wall does not try to mimic the original but it does a superb job in keeping the intent and vision alive while providing fireworks of new creativity."

Classic Rock Magazine Interview by Jeb Wright, September 2005

Jeb: Congratulations on an amazing album. This is the day and age of the tribute album. A lot of times they are boring and seem that people are only in it for the money. This is totally different. This is a tribute to an entire album and what an album it is. This is like the mother of all concept albums. This had to be quite an undertaking. How did it come about?

Billy: It was like crafting. It was more than just throwing something together, that is for sure. Cleopatra, the label, actually contacted me and asked if I would be interested in remaking The Wall. I thought the entire idea sounded very interesting. I knew The Wall like the back of my hand because it was basically the soundtrack to my childhood. They came up with the idea of doing it but I came up with the concept of doing it with the artists that are on the album.

Jeb: Part of the allure is the artists on the album. You have Ian Anderson, Steve Howe, Robby Krieger and a ton of others.

Billy: It is a great collection of artists who mostly come from the progressive rock era of music. I was obviously a big fan of that music. It led me to eventually become a member of Yes. I understand that kind of music and it just made sense to me to have those kinds of players and singers doing this project.

Jeb: Did you story board this and make a wish list?

Billy: I built the whole thing myself so I had the continuity working correctly. Eventually, I started replacing the parts that I had to over-dub. I build the wall first and then I took out one of my bricks and replaced it with a brick of a rock icon. There were moments leftover where I just left myself playing and singing on the album.

Jeb: How does the creative process work with this type of project? You are dealing with someone else's vision.

Billy: For me, the idea was to stick to the script because it is such a great piece of work in terms of it's writing and content. The challenge was to figure out how we could stick close enough to the script that we don't change what we all know and love about The Wall but at the same time let the personalities of those we bring in shine. I think we found that fine line and everybody that was involved respected the work to begin with. They, also, didn't want to alter the sound to the point of being unrecognizable. Artistically speaking, everyone was sharing the same concept I was, which was to stick to the script. The best way to describe this project is to look at a film like Mutiny on the Bounty. You have three versions of the same film. You have the Clark Gable version, the Marlon Brando version and the Mel Gibson version and they are all great. It is the writing of the story that makes the movie so great. For me, this was that kind of the situation.

Jeb: Did you even make all the odd background sounds and voices ahead of time?

Billy: I made all the music first. Once I had all the music in the can I sequenced the record so I had the album running in its proper sequence. After all of that I went back in and dialed the sound effects in on top of everything else.

Jeb: Was there any contact from anyone from the original The Wall release?

Billy: Other than Jim Ladd, no. I did get a message that Roger Waters heard it and liked it. I thought that was pretty cool.

Jeb: That would be very cool to hear. I mean, you would not want to hear that he hated it!

Billy: No, I am a huge fan of the record. That would definitely not be a good thing.

Jeb: Why is The Wall so important to you?

Billy: It really was the soundtrack to my childhood. It really meant so much to me and I really related heavily to it. Those songs have stuck with me and been a part of everything that I have done. It might be masked but it is still in there. It was an important record for me. When it was released I was about 15 years old. I was dealing with some intense things concerning my family at that time so it was a nice outlet for me to listen to that record.

Jeb: The Wall is one of my favorite albums as well but it did send me to rehab a couple of times. You really don't realize just how unique Roger Waters is until you do a project like this.

Billy: [laughter] Pink Floyd were the pioneers of taking sound effects and putting them into the story of the music.

Jeb: Waters portrays his angry and depressed emotions very up-front, vocally. You sang a lot of these parts. How difficult was it to put yourself in the state of mind to do it any justice?

Billy: I did do a lot of the darker stuff. Part of why I ended up doing it was because there were no singers around who sang in that style. It worked for me because I was such a huge fan of the record growing up that I used to sing those songs in the studio waiting to record. I would be sitting at the piano singing, "Don't Leave Me Now" and be totally emulating Roger. I sort of adopted the character and tried to keep it in character the best I could. I think it is important to the feeling of the song to deliver it that way, otherwise it is just not the same piece of music.

Jeb: When did you start seeking out other talent?

Billy: When I had The Wall completed by myself, essentially. I wanted to be able to look at the entire thing by myself and know that I was happy with the fact that its continuity was together. I didn't want to farm out an entire song to somebody and get it back with the EQ's or tones not matching. It was very important to me to be able to line the whole framework out - that took me about a month. After that, I just started farming stuff out.

Jeb: Did Cleopatra help get the other artists? Of course, you have a few contacts in the music world yourself.

Billy: Cleopatra helped me get to some people but a lot of them are friends of mine I have met over the years. Some are close friends and some are acquaintances. There were some people who I had never met before. I had never met Ian Anderson before. I just sent him an email and told him what I was doing and that I would love to have him involved. I got a reply. I actually got great responses from cold calls that are leading to great new relationships.

Jeb: Ian is one of my heroes. He is on the song "The Thin Ice." Are you and he both doing lead vocals on that song?

Billy: No, that is Ian in octaves. I sang the background vocals with him but other than that it is all him. Ian blew me away in terms of how much he got into it. It really made me happy and filled me full of energy. When I got that back and I put it all together, I sat back and listened to it about fifteen times. I just sat there in awe of how good it was. I am a Pink Floyd fan and I knew that if I was getting off on this then Pink Floyd fans are going to get off on this. I knew it was just to cool.

Jeb: Alan White sounds amazing on the drums. The sounds you got for "In the Flesh" are one of the best drum sounds I have ever heard. Was it difficult to achieve?

Billy: That is just the kind of drum sound I go for. It is really simple. I don't do a lot of bells and whistles on my recordings. I try to get the pure tones into my Digital Performer, which is the format I used to record this album. It really was just a straight ahead drum miking technique. There is nothing really groundbreaking going on. It is hard to lose when the source musician is great and you can get good tones. That makes it hard not to sound good. I like to hear stuff that I think has teeth. I like it when something that is supposed to jump out at you and sound aggressive has real teeth. I like it to have sharp teeth that are coming after you.

Jeb: Were there any artists you contacted who refused to take part in the album?

Billy: Steve Hackett was the only guy who wasn't available to do it. I don't know if he was on tour or there was a scheduling conflict or if it was just not his cup of tea. Who knows? He was the only guy who said no. Everything else just sort of magically took shape. Once the vibe got started then this guy talked to that guy and then it all became legit and things fell into place.

Jeb: Once guy on there is not a prog rocker. Tommy Shaw is from Styx. He does not seem to fit in but once you hear him sing, "One of My Turns" your jaw drops. Styx fans already worship Tommy but now I think more people will sit up and take note of his talent level.

Billy: He did a great job. He came in to sing "Vera" and he had so much fun that he asked me if I had anything else. I told him I was going to sing "One of My Turns" because it was really out there. I knew there were not many singers who would want to get beat to a pulp trying to sing in that high of a range. I asked Tommy if he wanted to take a shot at it and he said he would. He sang the hell out of it and really gave a real and raw performance. When he was done he asked me what I thought and I told him we were finished. Tommy really enjoyed doing it. He called Jim Ladd after that and told him about the session. That perked Jim's interest and he called me and said, "I understand that you are remaking my favorite record." I said, "I guess I am." He made me a little bit nervous but I invited him over to hear a couple of songs. To make a long story short, he came over and was floored. I told him that I would love him to do the narration on "Outside of the Wall." He said, "I would love to do it but I need to get Roger's blessing because we are friends." I totally respected that and thought Jim was being very honorable. I sent Roger some rough mixes so he could get the flavor of what is going on. Jim called me up and said, "I just spoke to Roger and he thought it was really, really good." I said, "Does this mean you can be on it?" Jim said yes and he went on to record his parts. We have become really good friends as a result of that and we are going to be doing a project together called Headsets. He has a free form show by that name in LA and we are going to turn them into CDs.

Jeb: How did you get Elliot Easton?

Billy: Bob Kullick and I produced three songs for a previous Pink Floyd tribute album. Bob called Elliot. Even though he isn't proggy, he is a great guitar player and he did a great job. At that time I was not thinking of the concept that I ended up with, as it was early on. Once I came up with the prog rock concept I sort of tightened up the gate.

Jeb: John Wetton was amazing on "Hey You."

Billy: I am a huge UK fan. Wetton is just great. UK with Wetton was the bomb so to have his voice on here was really special.

Jeb: Was this like being a kid in a candy store?

Billy: I kept telling my friends that I got to be involved with all my favorite prog heroes. Growing up, these were all the musicians who made me want to make the kind of music that I make.

Jeb: We have not even mentioned Glenn Hughes, Keith Emerson, Adrian Belew - the list goes on and on and on.

Billy: I know. If I had not been in Yes and been around that loop a few times then it may have been a bit more shocking but I really knew a lot of these people. I had seen Keith Emerson many times on the road and we had been to dinner a few times. It really became a natural thing with a lot of these guys. I am proud of the fact that I could gather the players from the arena of music that I wanted to. For that I kind of pinch myself, that I was able to pull it off.

Jeb: Okay, Billy I have praised this work over and over and I am sincere in my words. But, as a Floyd nut myself, there are a few moments that I don't understand why you did what you did. "The Thin Ice" is a case where it worked 100%. But "Nobody's Home" with Rick Wakeman just rubs me the wrong way.

Billy: That is Rick and that is what he plays like and sounds like. That song, originally, has a drearier feel to it but this is Rick's interpretation. It still has that lilting emotion to it but it is just a bit busier. I am okay with it. When I got it back I didn't think that he totally missed the plot. I understood that it was his interpretation.

Jeb: So you did allow them to have some freedom of expression.

Billy: I sent them the track and told them to include the iconic themes that are really apparent and to pay respect to those parts. There are moments that you have to hear or something is really wrong. Other than the iconic moments, I allowed them to weave around.

Jeb: Did you have to call anyone back up and ask them to redo their part?

Billy: These guys have made enough records that they know what they are doing. So, I never had to ask them what they were thinking.

Jeb: Ronnie Montrose should not have changed the solo to "Another Brick in the Wall Part Two." To me, that is an iconic moment and he should not have strayed from it.

Billy: He has his own style and it is what he felt. That is one of the songs from the previous record that I did with Bob Kullick. I was not completely in control at that point - let's put it that way.

Jeb: What is the significance of the completed project?

Billy: I hope that Pink Floyd fans respect that album the way that I do. It is not meant to offend but rather to explore another way to view this great song writing and expression of music. I am hoping that everyone hears it the way I did, which is trying to stay as close to the original as possible without it sounding like an imitation of it.

Jeb: To my knowledge this is the first tribute to an entire album - at least on this monumental level. Is there a desire to do it again?

Billy: I am actually starting Dark Side of the Moon. I am a working musician/producer and the label got really excited after hearing The Wall. They asked me what I thought about Dark Side and I have to tell you that I really enjoy making these kinds of records. I get to explore great music that we all know and love and I also get to work with great musicians who are a blast to hang out with and work with. I am always learning from these guys that I am working with so I get a little bonus from it. I am able to adopt a little bit of everyone's style after they leave.

Jeb: So, these projects will go on.

Billy: There is chat about a tour. It would be a smaller version of what you are listening to on the album. Maybe on one leg of the tour we would have Keith Emerson and Steve Howe and then on the next leg we would have Gary Green from Gentle Giant and Steve Porcaro. We would revolve the icons around but still play The Wall. Each leg of the tour would be different so that if you saw it once you might want to come see it again. We are talking about it now and the vibe is good. I don't want to go too far down that road but it would be a great piece of music to play live. I loved playing Yes music for as long as I did and I would love to play this stuff live. It would be very cool.

Jeb: According to Billy Sherwood, what is the one Pink Floyd album you can't live without?

Billy: The Wall is extremely important but there is just something about Animals. It just does it for me. I put that record on and it sounds as interesting and fresh to me as the day that I bought it. I love all of their records. I even like the records with Syd Barret. I like the stuff without Roger - I like it all. I like David Gilmour's first solo album and I like Roger's solo albums as well.

Jeb: For our younger readers out there, what Pink Floyd album should they avoid?

Billy: That is tough. Honestly, I don't think there is a record they should avoid. They are all so good - even the early stuff with Syd is cool. It is like punk way before punk was even thought of. There is not a Floyd album that I would tell someone that they do not want to hear because it is not that good.

Jeb: I might have a newbie put off buying Ummagumma until they had digested some of the classic works.

Billy: You don't want to spook the horses. Kids these days are very experimental so that is the album that might do it for them.

Jeb: Last one: Throwing Floyd albums out, what other albums would you like to pay tribute to in the same manner as you did The Wall?

Billy: There are so many albums I can imagine doing the same spin on. Genesis' The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is one of my favorite records of all time. If that was really aggressively done then it could turn out really great. I think the concept albums are the ones you could really sink your teeth into. Maybe Tommy by The Who or even some of King Crimson's stuff. You just never know but I would be interested in any of those.

Now you can be the judge of what you think of their efforts, as streaming access to the FULL 2 part album, (or individual tracks) is legally available at: Reprinted from


Pink Floyd - in Concert

This DVD is basically a video concert version of 1995's live double album of the same name. Filmed on October 20th, 1994 at Earls Court in London, the film version of P.U.L.S.E. is a recording of a single performance at Earl's Court in London, while the accompanying live double-CD album was recorded from this as well as several additional performances.

There was an official DVD release of P.U.L.S.E. in 2000 by EMI, but due to licensing reasons, only a few were sold. These few are rare collector's items. Now, the long awaited Pink Floyd P.U.L.S.E. DVD is officially being released on January 17, 2006. This new release boasts a 5.1 audio soundtrack with rare video footage's including the entire Dark Side Of The Moon backdrop films, and the not very known Money alien version. The DVD lasts well over 3 hours!
(Reviewed in part by Zack H. "Pink Floydian")

US Version Product Details:

UK Version Product Details:

DVD Features:



Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother -
The Ultimate Critical Review

I saw this DVD advertised on It looked quite interesting. It is available as both a US release and a UK release. But after reading some of the fan reviews I have second thoughts about spending my money for it. However, for the dedicated collector of anything Pink... perhaps it's worth a look, just to own it.

DVD Product description:
Offers a critical analysis of Pink Floyd's 'Atom Heart Mother' album. Atom Heart Mother was Pink Floyds first number one album featuring an extended instrumental suite co-written and arranged by avant-garde composer Ron Geesin. Thirty-five years on, Ron Geesin revisits the work and describes the circumstances surrounding the creation of the album. We also hear the views of David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason. This comprehensive DVD features the only known footage of a performance of Atom Heart Mother with the complete brass and choir conducted by John Aldiss from the Bath Festival in 1970. Also included are reviews of performances of the prototype work The Amazing Pudding performed by Pink Floyd.

US Product Details:

UK Product Details:

The following are reviews by fans who bought the US version of this DVD:

by: Blusztein Gadiel (IL)
Good one. The facts and in depth research on this amazing album are now revealed. I know that most of the rock bands that tried to bridge between the rock world and the classical world regretted the effort (and PF did the same), but as the years go by, one must appreciate the effort made by them. Its true that you get most of the inside stuff from Ron Geesin and not from the band itself but still it's interesting to find out how this record came to the world. Anyway, all that was missing in Nick Masons' book as to the creation of this unique album is now on hand. Don't count on the footage from the Bath festival- the sound and the total quality is awful. It is a shame that someone thought to include this on this or any DVD.

by: Carlo D'Anna "Mortimersnerd" (Seattle, Washington USA) -December 14, 2005
Really a rather fun film. I don't know why others found this boring or distasteful, but I found it rather fun. It was obvious that those they interviewed in this film were knowledgeable to some extent in the ways of music theory. To hear them dissect part by part one of the most interesting and original scores Pink Floyd ever produced was a treat. Also the historic angle was extremely interesting. If you have ever seen the live concert in San Francisco of the raw unorchestrated version of the piece, you will understand how someone needed to breath a new context into the music. I was impressed with Ron Geesin, and now fully understand why I was so shocked when I had first heard the album so many years ago. Also as to the rough footage of rare concert material it was not a distraction. We should be lucky that these remnants of film are still around. Worth seeing for any musician or music lover.

by: Bruce Thueler (switzerland) - November 20, 2005
Really bad! Needless to say more; I read the bad reviews and didn't believe them, and I wasted my money!!

by: Scott Baldwin, (Edmonton, AB, Canada) September 24, 2005
WARNING FLOYD FAN: DO NOT BUY THIS! In-Depth research"? PFFFTTT!! This is the worst thing about my fave band there could possibly be. The only good part is the cow animation. I hope Pink Floyd sue the people who made this crappy DVD.

by: A. M. H. Terhorst "Andre" (Belgium) - August 2, 2005
Waste of Money and Time (no pun intended). I don't know why anyone would rate this 4 out of 5 stars as this release is utterly crap. "In depth research"? ...Bullocks! A 5 year old would have done better. Being a hard-core Floyd fan I can bear a lot, but this was the most boring 90 minutes I ever spent with my favorite band. Poor reviews, poor comments and when having the chance to talk to Ron Geesin you'd at least expect more in-depth questions. What's really a blasphemy is that both "If" and "Summer of 68" are not even mentioned! The Bath performance is really a joke. Blurry and distorted image in which it's hard to even identify what you're looking at. Furthermore, it's a very very short clip which is repeated a couple of times. The only good thing to say about this release is the nice cow animation, but for the rest, it's certainly the poorest Floyd asset I have in my collection (actually, it's a tie with 'Inside Pink Floyd: a Critical Review")

by: Deltastrat "Tony" (Rochester, NY) - July 9, 2005
Disappointing. You'd think that for $26 you would get a live performance of the show. They did it in NYC, with ballet dancers, and it was covered by Time magazine. There must be a video recording of it. Otherwise, a lot of interesting details about the projects and one of my favorite PF efforts. Hungry for anything PF, I enjoyed watching it, but as I said, to have a critical review without seeing the subject is highly disappointing. And the price for this TV documentary is outrageous.

by: A viewer from Birmingham - August 24, 2005
Fascinating Floyd. OK maybe I should get out more, but I found it absolutely fascinating to find out what went on behind the scenes and how Ron Geesin contributed to the album. Sure it's not a concert but it doesn't claim to be. However, there's loads of performance excerpts, much of which I'd never seen or heard before.

by: dazj19 from Mexborough, South Yorkshire UK - August 5, 2005
Not worth the bother! I would be very surprised if Pink Floyd were happy with this mess. Just another album review with no real thought or direction. Some one else is trying rip off money from someone else's work. Its all old out of focus clips and totally boring. Don't Buy It !!!!

by: audicabman from Warwick, Warwickshire UK - May 23, 2005
Atomic! Just viewed this and its fantastic, an absolute must for any Floyd fan. Geesin's comments and insights are superb, I loved it. If AHM is a favorite album then get this and you won't be disappointed. Now where's my kaftan!

by: neumatic from Leeds, West Yorkshire UK May - 22, 2005
Atom Heart Cash Cow! I can only assume the original five-star review was written by someone from the company that issued this DVD. I have known and loved the Atom Heart Mother LP for thirty years, but I find myself hard pressed to find thirty seconds of pleasure in this DVD. Firstly, the footage is of very poor quality. Most of it taken from the KQED TV broadcast from 1970, and never officially released. What we have here are short bursts of film never lasting more than a few seconds. The earlier material is available on the Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story. The Bath Festival footage is frustratingly used in very short sections, though the sound quality is not too bad. There are one or two vaguely interesting insights into the making of the title track, but generally there is nothing new for anyone familiar with the album. The DVD is formless, directionless and looks cheap. It may have been better to try and lead up to a complete showing of the Bath Festival film, as you don't get to hear any music in full. There is an overall feeling of cynicism to the production, from some of the flippant comments by "Krusher" to the feeling that this is simply a cash-in. I can't wait to get rid of it.

Inside Pink Floyd: A Critical Review 1967-1996

As previously reported in REG Floydian News, these DVD's were at one time released as two or three separate DVD's, dividing up the Pink Floyd years. Now sold as a 2 DVD box set it begs an audience. Though these DVD's could definitely prove interesting, and probably enjoyed by avid fans and collectors, they may not be a huge seller with the average fan.

Product Description:
This is the revised and improved critical guide to the work of Pink Floyd, in concert, on record and on film. Here is everything you ever needed to know about Pink Floyd in an informative two disc set. Using the actual words of the band and critics, Inside Pink Floyd is the definitive critical journey through of the music of Pink Floyd from the Syd Barrett era to Pulse. FEATURES: Rare unreleased film of concert performances from sound and television archives around the world featuring a rare performance of Atom Heart Mother performed by the band alone without the orchestra. Also reviewed is the famous performance broadcast across Europe from a floating stage on the lagoon at Venice.

US Version Product Details:

UK version Product Details:

Reviews of fans who bought the US version of this DVD:

by: Mark A. Cartier "Cartier" (Portland, Or. USA)
If you are a Floyd fan this is a pleasant diversion. It is far from definitive and the 'experts' are as good as you and I (if you are a Floyd fan). With that said, it's a fun watch (I did from start to finish). I think the real value for this is probably in the $15.99 range, not the $35 range. For all except the truly avid fan, I'd pass on this. Two stars because it's over priced.

by: Jesse (New Jersey) - September 27, 2005
The package itself looks great with a 46 page book which is a discography of the band. The DVD's feature music critics, producers and musicians who look at what influenced the music of the band and why they were so good at what they did. Footage is only bits and pieces which can be slightly annoying as when your foot begins to tap along the track stops. If you buy this expecting loads of concert footage you may be disappointed, but if you buy it for what it is a Critical Review, you'll be left happy. The views and opinions of others may not always be agreeable but non the less valid and thought provoking.

Reviews of fans who bought the UK version of this DVD:

by: mhpadgett from Oxford, UK
I bought this. I watched it almost as soon as I got home. It was poor beyond belief. I mean, summing up Floyd albums by assigning them star ratings, honestly! Excerpts from the recent Omnibus on the Floyd (which I never saw) look to have been far more informative and insightful than the opinions ("it's just a brilliant album, really clever" of a tribute band and its members' and rather tawdry attempts to show you on their instruments the greatness of Rick Wright's chord choices or Gilmour's solos that account for the majority of this DVD. This latter naffness had rather poor parallels with the Dark Side of the Moon DVD in which band members themselves did little demos of their parts. The Dark Side DVD, though focused on a single album and probably having had to overcome all sorts of legal and/or other tough stuff to get into production was a small but oodles of times better example of how to do a Floyd bio - start by involving the band!

by: A viewer from Birmingham, England
Just finished watching the Inside Pink Floyd DVD, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is great to watch a program that doesn't just give the band an ego boost (they don't need it), but it does what it says on the packet an independent critical review. The reviews are thought provoking and put a different perspective on those long imbedded views that all the albums were great. You may not agree with all the views of others but it does make for a great debate after a pint or five.

by: A viewer from Warwick, Warwickshire United Kingdom - July 7, 2005.
An honest appraisal. Having read earlier revues I thought I would add my thoughts and quite honestly I cannot believe these one star reviews. This DVD(x2)package is great value and for those who want an independent review, rather than something from a toadying hack or fawning record executive, it is very interesting. For a non-musician like myself who happens to be a big fan (Live 8 was wonderful) then I would recommend it to any fan.

by: mralphabet from Romford, ESSEX United Kingdom - June 19, 2005
Should be no stars! I wish I'd read some of the other reviews here before buying this DVD. If you've ever seen any of the TV documentaries (Omnibus, the one about Syd Barrett, the one about The Wall) then you are better informed about the Floyd than the people who made this. It's absolutely awful. All the albums after Dark Side get 5 stars, which isn't balanced reviewing. Everyone's got their own personal favorite Floyd album, but I think most people know that not all Floyd albums are equal. By their logic, Momentary Lapse is as good an album as Dark Side or WYWH! There is no new insight, just re-cycled clips from the above-mentioned programs. Don't buy it.

Pink Floyd - The Wall
An Independent Critical Review

Available on in the UK (, this is yet another "Critical Review DVD. It has been released by the same studio, Classic Rock Legends, that the others of similar titles were. However, this 2 DVD set seems to not only contain a DVD critiquing The Wall, but also covers by progressive rock group Mostly Autumn, as well as abstract animations, both of which may be similar to the Pink Floyd Revisited, and Chill Out to Pink Floyd DVD's reviewed in this REG issue. Because this DVD was recently released, there were no reviews of it by fans. So there's no way of knowing whether this DVD is worth buying or not. You might read the reviews of the other DVD's in this REG issue and then decide. But it may be safe to say that if you liked the other Rock Legend or Critical Review DVD's you'll probably like this one too. (-REG)

DVD Product info:

DVD Features:

Pink Floyd Revisited

There seem to be no end to new DVD's with some sort of Pink Floyd reference popping up for sale all over the place. Here is yet another I found for sale on It seems relatively interesting. But I'm not sure I want to see a DVD of a band doing covers and playing the music of Pink Floyd. I'd really rather just watch the real thing. One REG member once sent me some CD's of Mostly Autumn, and I was impressed with the composition and music. Though, I normally don't like the sound of female vocalists in Rock or Progressive Rock music, bands such as this, and others like Renaissance, should be given a listen.

DVD Description:
Its no secret that Pink Floyd was the original inspiration behind the Mostly Autumn phenomenon. So when BBC Radio broadcast an interview with Richard Wright, and the band learned of his admiration for the music of Mostly Autumn, a circle was closed. Ricks compliment was the spur, which finally gave life to an idea which had been germinating for some time, the performance of a complete cycle of Floyd songs as interpreted by Mostly Autumn. This double DVD set is the result of that vision. DISC ONE features a set of vintage Floyd performed by Mostly Autumn and DISC TWO features the best of Mostly Autumn live in concert.

Product Details:

Reviews of fans who bought this DVD:

by: Robbybob "robbybob117" (Jesup, GA. USA) - November 20, 2005.
First of All - this is NOT PINK FLOYD - but it is still a great DVD. This is a 2 DVD set, the first is Mostly Autumn "a really great band" attempting to play (and not too shabbily in my opinion) some Pink Floyd songs. And the second DVD is Mostly Autumn playing their own material.

I am giving the first DVD, the Pink Floyd disc, a 4 out of 5 star rating, first, because it is not Pink Floyd, and secondly I felt that Heather Finley was not kept busy enough singing - she has a beautiful voice, and I think she would have made it better if she had sung more (maybe Pink Floyd purists might not agree, but they probably wouldn't buy this album anyway - which is a shame, as they are right up there with them in great music) and not stood at the back of the stage looking lost. For the Mostly Autumn back catalogue disc I give them 6 stars - Remember though I am biased because I just love Mostly Autumn's music.

Whether or not you like the DVD covers of Pink Floyd's music, play the second DVD - I can recommend all the songs, but in particular Evergreen, Heroes Never Die, Mother Nature, Never the Rainbow and Passengers are outstanding songs in their own right.

To sum up, I hope that Pink Floyd fans (of which I am one) give this band a chance, and not just rate them one star without listening to them. I don't think it is the band's fault that they have been caught up in this, I can't blame them for wanting to perform PF songs after the Richard Wright interview - they have been around a while and obviously want to increase their fan base. If you like Pink Floyd - buy some Mostly Autumn (Not necessarily this DVD) I would strongly recommend you start out with The Next Chapter. Trying to describe MA music is not easy (and comparisons with PF are easy to make) their music starts of slowly, and builds into some great rock - with some awesome guitar playing by Bryan Josh. If you like interesting and different rock music you will like Mostly Autumn, they play great music - give them a listen - you will be very glad you did.

by: Music4al "Music4al" (Toronto, Canada) - June 5, 2005
No, This is not Pink Floyd...It's Mostly Autumn. The Pink Floyd side DVD 1, is obviously an attempt at a cover band doing there best to play Pink Floyd but not to totally do it so it sounds like a Memorex copy, they put in their own stylings while keeping true to the songs structure and feel, overall I rate the performance about 3 1/2 out of five. The second disc of their own material DVD 2 is where the band shines, because it is they're own tunes they seem more relaxed and comfortable so the performance comes together and is really quite good. I would rate it a 4 1/2 out of five.

Pink Floyd: A Classical Tribute

Again another DVD I found for sale on For fans of classical music it may be an interesting purchase.

DVD Description:
This DVD is the ultimate tribute to Pink Floyd arranged for grand piano, flute, and string quartet arranged and performed by Ian Jennings. Included are musical highlights from Floyd's career featuring their entire spectrum of classics. Tracks featured include: 'See Emily Play', 'Fat Old Sun', 'Echoes', 'Us And Them', 'Another Brick In The Wall', 'The Final Cut' and 'Cluster One'. Features twenty-five tracks in total.

Product information for the US Version:

Product information for the UK version:

Reviews of fans who bought this DVD

by: Carlo D'Anna "Mortimersnerd" (Seattle, Washington USA) - December 14, 2005
Worth checking out. For not only Pink Floyd fans but for music fans this treatment of Floyd is a sweet repast! I thoroughly enjoyed all the pieces, however I am not really a fan of their work after "The Wall". It almost seemed Pink Floyd had a lobotomy after Roger Waters left. And also, whoever the Asian woman is in the band. Wow, she's hot!

by: K. Turner (NC USA) - October 12, 2005
Boring. I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan and also a fan of classical music. I was so anxious to see and hear this DVD, but in five minutes I realized I'd been had. First of all it's unauthorized by the band. Secondly, the compositions were so simplified I felt as if I were watching a middle school stringed quartet. Many times they were half way through the song before I recognized what they were playing. A real boring disappointment. Too bad I had to give it an undeserving one star. Don't waste your money or time.

by: Admjohnt (Wisc) - June 27, 2005
A classic rock tribute to Pink Floyd and a must have for a Pink Floyd fan. Every track is a master piece and this version of Echoes is beyond words. Musical perfection!!

Chill Out to the Music of Pink Floyd

Here's another DVD I found for sale on, it also seemed of some interest, however again, according to the reviews, this DVD may be best left for the completest collector to own.

DVD Description:
Mind bending free form animations by leading animator David Rogers set to mind blowing interpretations of the music of Pink Floyd performed by Mostly Autumn, Crazy Diamond, Cirrus Minor and Barratt. This is the ultimate surround sound experience. Chill out, relax and let the music flow and the incredible free-flowing animations take you to another place. Featuring the classic tracks: Echoes, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Fat Old Sun, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Atom Heart Mother, Breathe, Cluster One, Julia Dream.

US Version DVD Details:

UK Version DVD Details

Reviews of fans who bought this DVD:

by: Andrew Goodman "Andy" (UK)
If you want to save yourself money just listen to Pink Floyd using either iTunes or windows media player visualiser. They can give the same effect! The music 'interpretations' are nothing special either. In all, an all round disappointment!

by: Carl Nye (Cottonwood AZ) - June 10, 2005
Chill out is an appropriate title - I watched it last night and it put me right to sleep. The animations reminded me of what you would see in Windows Media player, say, Battery Random (if you have ever watched that while listening to music). The first song, Echoes, made me think of Pink Floyd's own version as shown in "Pink Floyd Live In Pompeii", which set a tough standard to beat. If you have doubts, why not rent the DVD from Netflix first to see how you like it. I often do this, just yesterday for example, I ordered "What The Bleep Do We Know?" from Amazon after previewing it from Netflix. But I digress. If you like Pink Floyd's music, and want to really relax, this DVD will probably do it for you.

by: Pink Floyd Fan - May 5, 2005
This DVD promised to have "Mind bending animations to mind blowing interpretations of Pink Floyd music." Instead both the musical score and animations didn't live up to either standard and were very disappointing. I expected cutting edge computer graphics from animator David Rogers, but found the animations to be out-dated and amateurish. The Pink Floyd musical interpretations were uninspiring at best and didn't flow with the animations which seemed random and out of synch.


Live 8 - The Official Book

by Bob Geldof (Foreword), Paul Vallely, Simon Trewin, Paul Gorman

The official book of the day that changed the world. With a foreword by Bob Geldof and over 300 color photographs, this is the only official "Live 8" book to be published, and will chart one of the most momentous days the world has seen in decades. From Geldof's initial reluctance to stage another Band Aid event to the lead up to the concerts around the world and the day itself, this book is a unique record of an extraordinary day witnessed by over 85 per cent of the world's population. This book will also contain backstage images, exclusive photographs from the concerts around the world, reflections and quotes from the many performers. "Live 8" includes text and pictures reminding us exactly what the day was about and what is now required in the battle towards making poverty history. It also includes reflections on the outcome of the landmark G8 Summit in Edinburgh.

This is one book I'm definitely going to buy. The official program I got at the London show, though large and well done, was hardly packed with much information. I had all kinds of questions after the show that were not answered in the official program, and I hope to find the answers in this book. (-REG)

Product Details:

Fan Reviews who bought this book:

by: rachel11118 from Bromyard Downs, Herefordshire UK - August 26, 2005
This book is a must read if you attended Live 8. It's full of pictures from the day and gives an insight into how people behind the scenes coped on the day, and what went on in Bob Geldofs head! It's basically an after event program.

by: A reader from Los Angeles - August 2, 2005
Well, not even a month after the Live 8 event and this wonderful collector item is available to relive your memories. Although the book could have been a little longer, it is filled with wonderful images and concise information about the Live 8 event. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the books I have found about the previous Live Aid event back in July of 1985. This book covers the reasons for having this global event, details about the G8 and the summit in Scotland, and has a ton of great shots not available elsewhere.

I would strongly recommend this book if you attended the concert or were interested in knowing some of the behind the scenes details of what it takes to put on such an event. I would have been nice if they included more details about the Russian event and the South African event. I found more details about the event at If you would like a keepsake or have a friend that went to this, they would love you if you got them this book.

by: cliffcarter56 from Essex, England - August 2, 2005
Having been at the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park, there was no way that I wasn't going to buy this book, as it serves as an excellent souvenir of the day. The book features beautiful color photographs of all the artists and provides the play lists and an insight into the running of the concerts. For anyone who went to the concert, this book is a must-have, along with the program which could be purchased on the day. For those who are merely interested in the artists or the concerts, 'Live 8' is a worthwhile choice. However, if you require more in depth writing on the campaign or the artists themselves, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

by: Simon Trewin ( - one of the co-authors, August 2, 2005
Working on this book has been an extraordinary experience and the team at Random House have produced a book which is, in terms of atmosphere and vision, a fitting picture of a single day which has come to symbolize so much. The energies of Bob Geldof, Richard Curtis, Harvey Goldsmith and John Kennedy made it happen and the collective energies of the Make Poverty History alliance continues to spread the word - I hope you enjoy the book. Thanks to Hannah Black, Paul Vallely and Paul Gorman for bringing it home.

"A Box of Delights"
Inside Out
A Personal History Of Pink Floyd
The Signed Limited Edition Boxed Set

Inside Out - A Personal History Of Pink Floyd - The Signed Limited Edition Boxed Set is entitled 'A box of delights' becuase it is. It was created by Genesis Books (, a specialty publisher that creates fantastic and coveted collectors editions, which also are very expensive. There were only 500 signed sets created and made and available.

Nick Mason, said: 'I bought the original Derek Taylor book (Fifty Years Adrift) from Genesis and loved it - since then I've collected a number of their books and have never been disappointed... I wouldn't like Brian (Roylance) to get big-headed about this, but I was rather honored to be asked if I'd like my book Genesised.'

Since this collectors box set edition was released on September 2005 for a list price of 750 (that's well over $1000.00) and a retail price of 595, it quickly sold out.

Recently, a copy of the Inside Out Genesis box set was sold on Ebay for $6,500. The Inside Out collectors box set included, among other things, fine art prints, postcards, drumsticks, a t-shirt and a hat. It was indeed 'A box of delights', which customers have been raving about ever since.

Fans who bought this rather expensive box set book edition had this to say:

I just got the book and I am ..... stunned. I have several Genesis books but this one is absolutely the biggest and most incredible one I have ever seen. At the risk of sounding like a clich, the entire package is a work of art. Simply beautiful. Thanks to you and everyone who worked so hard on this. It is simply breathtaking. - Walter Ocner

Thank you very much for delivering the ''Inside out'' book. I got it last week and it is again an outstanding piece of art in my Genesis book collection. I am really proud to be an owner of such a fabulous book! - Bernard Tettalmanti

Inside Out Nick Mason arrived today. I cant stop smiling. This package you have all put together for Inside Out is a work of art in itself. The whole package is 100% Quality Plus. I'm sure it's OK to say for the artisans involved in the production of Inside Out, it has been an absolute labor of love. Steve Mahoney, Wellington, New Zealand

Just to say a note of thanks for my superb edition of Inside Out. I briefly (and perhaps churlishly) harbored thoughts of how much it might appreciate in value, but having received it, I realize the real value is in the pleasure of owning it! - Louis Backer.

Inside Out is fantastic. The attention to detail is remarkable. "They don't make 'em like they used to" should now read "They never made 'em as good as this"! - David Todd,

I am just writing to thank you, having received my boxed set 'Inside Out' by Nick Mason. To say I was staggered by the quality of this publication and the set itself, would, I feel, be understating the quality and style you have encapsulated in one work. This is the 5th publication I have purchased from you this year and I cannot imagine another that could rival this one, despite being equally thrilled with each previous book you have produced. On this occasion you have truly surpassed yourselves. I feel this edition is surely worthy of special credit and I would be grateful if you could pass on my sentiments to all at Genesis, particularly Brian and yourself, for bringing this wonderful set to fruition. Special thanks also of course to Nick Mason who has provided such a fantastic book and captivating material. Quite certainly this set will sell itself many times over I am sure, but I cannot praise it highly enough as an addition to the collection of any Pink Floyd and Genesis Publications connoisseur. My only problem now ... to find a large enough bookcase to house it! - Duncan Cameron

Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd
(Paperback Edition)

by Nick Mason

The paperback version of the definitive history of one of the world's great bands by a founder member - updated to include the historic re-forming of the band for the LIVE8 concert.

Product Details:

'...quietly wise and witty memoir... brave honesty and some surprisingly engaging technical stuff'

Guitar World Presents
Pink Floyd

by Alan di Perna and the editors of Guitar World

Pink Floyd are, in many ways, the most unlikely members of the classic rock pantheon..."Pink Floyd's extraordinary career has now spanned four decades, from their early days pushing the cutting edge of British psychedelic pop to their massive successes with moody, conceptual masterpieces like Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall, to their acrimonious split with Roger Waters and finally, the immense stadium tours that followed. Throughout, Pink Floyd has influenced everyone from David Bowie to Nine Inch Nails to Radiohead, and their albums continue to have timeless appeal. Now, premier interview journalist Alan di Perna and the editors of Guitar World have collected penetrating interviews and insights into Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright to create a vivid portrait of a notoriously reclusive band.

Product Details:

NewsFlash February 2006


At first it had been previously announced by Roger Waters' management that Roger would likely be touring the US after completing his next upcoming solo album, expected to be released sometime in 2006. However, because of the huge amount of work it took to complete and release Roger's opera, it was later announced that an album and subsequent tour was not likely to happen until 2007.

In early February, REG learned from our sources that Roger would be embarking on a Summer European tour! This came as quite a pleasant surprise and REG has done all we can to keep our fan club members and Roger's fans abreast of the situation and all show dates and tour information.

Previously Roger had discussed in interviews that he was having difficulty in bringing the songs he had written for his next solo effort under one main theme or concept. Discussing one song about a New York cab driver, and other songs about love and politics. But in an interview given by Roger in Autumn 2005, after the release of his opera "Ca Ira," Roger let it be known that he had in fact divided his solo rock album efforts into two separate pieces. One album is purportedly to be about Love, and might have come about in regard to his latest divorce and family and love life, and the other is to be more political in regard to the current war in Iraq and the state of the world.

Whether Roger has completed either solo album effort, and will have a new album release before or during the new Summer tour is not yet known. However, REG has just learned of a rumor by very credible REG sources that following Roger's Summer European tour, Roger will tour the United States this Autumn!!! When this information is confirmed, this will be the first time Roger will tour the US in the Autumn. In the past, Roger has only toured America during the Summer. Therefore I presume all or most of the US venues will be in-doors.

The following is a description of how REG learned of this tour as well as the Summer European itinerary known at press time:

On February 11th, there was a surprise announcement in several Portuguese newspapers and websites that Roger Waters will headline the World Stage Friday June 2nd for the next Rock in Rio-Lisboa Festival, the same day Carlos Santana, Rui Veloso and Jota Quest are scheduled to perform.

Since the announcement of the Lisbon show, reports have appeared of scheduled performances elsewhere across Europe. A recent article in the German newspaper, "Sueddeutsche Zeitung", reported that Roger Waters will stage a very special rendition of the Pink Floyd classic "Dark Side Of The Moon" in Berlin on June 8th. The article states that Roger wants to stage a unique audio show of the concept album at the Berlin "Wuhlheide". He deliberately chose a relatively small venue, seating only 17,000.

The performance of the special rendition of Dark Side of the Moon is said to be a previously unheard "extended version" of the concept album, which Waters said he was not able to realize in the early 70's due to technical prohibitions, and will be the main part of a concert. Of course other songs by Roger Waters and Pink Floyd will also be played.

Another show was reported by the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages website, stating that Roger will be playing the Arrow Rock Festival in Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands, on June 9th. Other artists performing at that festival include Deep Purple, Status Quo, and Journey.

Norwegian state TV channel NRK as well as other Norwegian newspapers also reported that Roger Waters has been confirmed to appear at the annual Norwegian Wood Festival in Oslo, on its first day, June 14th. During the concert it's been reported that Roger will perform classic Pink Floyd songs, as well as a complete performance of "Dark Side of the Moon".

Reports that Roger was due to perform at perhaps fifteen festivals throughout Europe this summer set the whole Pink Floyd world on it's ear with excitement, but no one could get any confirmation of these reports.

REG sources however confirmed to our fan club that Roger will indeed be embarking on a Summer 2006 European tour, zigzagging up and down, between Northern and Southern Europe. And although REG - The International Roger Waters Fan Club was the first to confirm and to announce the complete itinerary (17 dates... now with added shows... 22) of Roger's Summer 2006 Tour.

The tour will commence in the Northern Hemisphere in May, June and July 2006 with dates in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and the UK culminating with a tour of the US.

Though many European shows may be sold out, like in past recent tours, there were a few last minute changes in the itinerary as the tour progressed. So please be prepared of any eventuality of changes, cancellations, additions, or updates.

In the ensuing months since the tour itinerary has been announced, changes in some concert dates have been made, new shows added and some shows removed or canceled. Here are the changes that have happened so far in the order they occurred:

Any further changes in the tour, regarding countries, dates and venues that we confirm will continue to be posted, and the itinerary consequently edited.

Except for one of the European venues, the shows we've confirmed are to be out-door concerts, most of which are Roger Waters solo concerts, though a few are festivals where Roger will headline with other artists. Set lengths may vary from show to show, however REG has learned that most of the performances are planned to last at least two hours.

More recently we reported that Roger would indeed continue his 2006 tour in the United States this Autumn. We have posted the initial American tour itinerary that has been confirmed by Roger Waters management, and we will post all new concert dates as they become available to us.

Currently Roger Waters 2006 Summer European Tour Itinerary will be as follows:

Roger Waters European Tour

Day Date City Country Venue Capacity Kind Announced On Sale Telephone Tickets
Saturday May 20th Highclere England Benefit for the Countryside Alliance Highclere is an estate in the UK. The benefit is a private event and tickets are not being sold through a ticket agency. Multiple Artists N/A N/A N/A N/A
Friday June 2nd Lisbon Portugal Rock In Rio Festival 30,000 Multiple Artists 2/9/06 2/21/06 Not Available
Sunday June 4th Verona Italy Anfiteatro Arena di Verona 14,000 Own Show 2/21/06 2/24/06 899 500 022 (Italy only)
Monday June 5th Verona Italy Anfiteatro Arena di Verona 14,000 Own Show 2/21/06 2/24/06 899 500 022 (Italy only)
Thursday June 8th Berlin Germany Berlin Whulheide 17,000 Own Show 2/15/06 2/17/06 0049 1805 570 000 (CTS Eventim)
0049 69 94 43 660 (Tickets Per Post)
Saturday June 10th Arnhem Holland Arrow Rock Festival 25,000 Multiple Artist 3/1/06 3/4/06 Not Available
Monday June 12th Reykjavik Iceland Egilsholl Arena 18,000 Own Show 2/24/06 3/7/06 Not Available
Wednesday June 14th Oslo Norway Norwegian Wood Festival 7,500 Own Show 2/11/06 2/18/06 0047 815 33 133
Friday June 16th Rome Italy Curva Olympico Stadium 24,000 Own Show 2/21/06 2/24/06 899 500 022 (Italy only)
Sunday June 18th Athens Greece Terra Vibe Park 20,000 Own Show 2/27/06 3/15/06 0030 210 360 8366
0030 2310 253 630
Tuesday June 20th Istanbul Turkey Kurucesme Park Not Available Own Show 4/5/06 4/6/06 0216 556 98 00
Thursday June 22nd Neve Shalom Israel Latrun Monastery Grounds 50,000 Own Show 4/21/06 4/25/06 +972-3-604 5000
Saturday June 24th Moscow Russia Vasilyevsky Spusk 50,000 Own Show 4/21/06 Not Available Not Available Not Available
Monday June 26th Stavanger Norway Viking Stadium 22,000 Own Show 4/21/06 4/25/06 Not Available
Thursday June 29th Cork Ireland Marquee Festival 5,000 Own Show 2/28/06 2/28/06 Eire: 0818 719 300
UK: 0870 243 4455
Int'l: +353 1 4569 569
Saturday July 1st London England Hyde Park Calling Festival 25,000 Multiple Artists 3/8/2006 (pre-sale)
3/09/2006 (pre-sale)
3/10/06 0870 400 0688
Sunday July 2nd Roskilde Denmark Roskilde Festival 50,000 Multiple Artists 2/14/06 2/14/06 Not Available
Friday July 7th Rotterdam Holland Ahoy Arena 10,000 Own Show 6/24/06 Not yet known
Monday July 10th Valletta Malta City Square 15,000 Own Show 4/25/06 Not Available Not Available Not Available
Wednesday July 12th Lucca Italy Piazza Napoleone 11,500 Own Show 2/21/26 2/24/06 899 500 022 (Italy only)
Friday July 14th Nevers France Magny-Cours - French Formula One Grand Prix 35,000 Own Show 2/27/06 2/27/06 Not Available
Sunday July 16th Locarno Switzerland Moon & Stars site (Piazza Grande) 20,000+ Own Show 3/30/06 4/3/06 (+41) 0900 800 800
Friday August 25th Posnan Poland The International Fair (Exhibition Centre) Not Available Fully dramatised performance of Ca Ira Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available

NewsFlash APRIL 2006


Last February, REG sources confirmed to our fan club that Roger will indeed be embarking on a Summer 2006 European tour, zigzagging up and down, between Northern and Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, and the UK. And although REG - The International Roger Waters Fan Club was the first to confirm and to announce the complete itinerary (17 dates... now with added shows... 22) of Roger's Summer 2006 European Tour. More recently we reported that Roger would indeed continue his 2006 tour in the United States this Autumn.

The tour will commence in the Eastern United States, and carry on with a few shows in Eastern Canada, and back through the US Midsection, then swing to the SouthWest and up the West Coast of the US.

After the tour was announced, I emailed all REG members (for whom I have email addresses), the US Tour Itinerary as it now stands. The majority of tickets went on sale in late April and early May, soon after these dates were announced. It is presumed that most shows will well sell out quickly so hopefully you all have already purchased your tickets.

As in past recent tours, there are likely to be a few last minute changes in the itinerary such as a change in venue or even cancelations, and a likelyhood of more possible shows being announced. So please be prepared of any eventuality, and stay tuned to the REG website for any updates. As of May 30th, the show scheduled for Las Vegas Nevadaat the Hard Rock Hotel/Theater Under the Stars has been canceled! Instead, a 3rd show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles has been added in it's place. Tickets for the added show went on sale June 18th.

The itinerary and information about the American tour below, are the dates and venues that have been confirmed by REG with Roger Waters' management.

Currently Roger Waters 2006 Summer American Tour Itinerary will be as follows:

Roger Waters American Tour

Day Date City State Venue Announced On Sale Telephone Tickets
Wednesday September 6th Holmdel New Jersey PNC 4/21/06 5/19/06 732-203-2500
Friday September 8th Boston Massachusetts Tweeter Center 4/21/06 4/29/06 (508) 339-2333 General Info: (508) 339-2331
(617) 228-6000
(617) or (508) 931-2000
Saturday September 9th Boston Massachusetts Tweeter Center 5/11/06 5/12/06 (508) 339-2333 General Info: (508) 339-2331
(617) 228-6000
(617) or (508) 931-2000
Tuesday September 12th New York City New York Madison Square Garden 4/21/06 5/15/06 (212) 307-7171
Wednesday September 13th New York City New York Madison Square Garden 4/21/06 5/15/06 (212) 307-7171
Friday September 15th Wantagh New York Jones Beach 4/21/06 5/19/06 631-888-9000
Venue info: 516-221-1000
Saturday September 16th South Jersey/Philedelphia
(Camden, New Jersey)
Pennsylvania Tweeter Center 4/21/06 5/13/06 (856)338-9000 in New Jersey
(215)336-2000 in Pennsylvania
Monday September 18th Detroit Michigan The Palace 4/21/06 5/6/06 (248) 377-0100
Wednesday September 20th Toronto Ontario/Canada Air Canada Center 4/21/06 5/1/06 416-815-5500
Thursday September 21st Montreal Quebec/Canada Bell Centre 4/21/06 5/1/06 (514) 932-2582§ionID=1
(514) 989-2841
Saturday September 23rd Bristow Virginia Nissan Center 4/21/06 5/20/06 (703)754-6400 Charge your tickets by phone:
(202)397-SEAT DC
Sunday September 24th Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Post Gazette Pavilion 4/21/06 5/1/06 (724) 947-7400
(724) 947-7400
(412) 323-1919
Wednesday September 27th Cleveland Ohio Gund Arena 4/21/06 4/29/06 216-420-2200 or 800-332-2287
(216) 241-2121
Friday September 29th Chicago Illinois First Midwest Bank Amphitheater 4/21/06 5/1/06 708-614-1616
Saturday September 30th Indianapolis Indiana Verizon Wireless Music Center 4/21/06 5/1/06 317-776-3541
Box Office located at 12880 E. 146th Street, Noblesville, IN. Box office hours are 12:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. (Monday-Friday) and Saturdays when there is an on sale
(317) 239-5151
Tuesday October 3rd Phoenix Arizona Cricket Pavilion 4/21/06 4/29/06 602-254-7200
Tickets can also be purchased directly at the Cricket Pavilion Box Office Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 5pm, Saturdays for advertised on-sales from 10am to 2pm
Thursday October 5th Los Angeles California Hollywood Bowl 4/21/06 4/30/06 (323) 850-2000 The Hollywood Bowl Box Office is located at 2301 North Highland Ave
Friday October 6th Los Angeles California Hollywood Bowl 5/11/06 5/12/06 (323) 850-2000 The Hollywood Bowl Box Office is located at 2301 North Highland Ave
Sunday October 8th Los Angeles California Hollywood Bowl 5/30/06 6/18/06 (323) 850-2000 The Hollywood Bowl Box Office is located at 2301 North Highland Ave
Tuesday October 10th San Francisco California Shoreline Amphitheater 4/21/06 5/7/06 650-962-1000
Thursday October 12th Seattle Washington Key Arena 4/21/06 5/6/06 (206)684-7200

Be assured as more information regarding the tour, or any changes in the Itinerary become available, we will be posting it on the REG - The International Roger Waters Fan Club website.

ROGER's Tour Band Announced

With both Roger Waters and David Gilmour touring at different times during 2006, there have been many rumors and articles reporting that Rick Wright would be touring with Dave, and Nick Mason would be touring with Roger. Even such reputable magazines such as Rolling Stone had one such article.

Were this true it would be a bit like Pink Floyd splitting in half and touring separately. One a Pink tour, and the other a Floyd tour. Course we all know which one's Pink? heh heh ;o) couldn't resist. Although I'm not following the Gilmour tour very closely, perhaps Rick is touring with Dave, or more likely he is playing one or more shows with Dave's band.

However, when REG asked our sources within the Roger Waters camp, we were told: "Nick Mason will play at Magny Cours on the 14th of July for the second half of the show." Thus suggesting that Nick will NOT in fact be touring with Roger.

REG was told that: "The band consists of Andy Fairweather Low - Guitar, Snowy White - Guitar, Dave Kilminster - Guitar and Vocals, Jon Carin - Keyboards, Harry Waters - Hammond, Graham Broad - Drums, Ian Ritchie on Saxophone, and Katie Kissoon, PP Arnold and Carol Kenyon - Background Vocals.

It is fantastic news that Jon Carin will be back playing with Roger again. Not only is he one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, he's one of the greatest musicians in the world. It was almost a given that Andy and Snowy would be back as Roger's right and left hand musicians and friends. And of course with Roger's son Harry again touring with his Dad, it will be nice to see the love and father and son pride and antics again. Katie, PP and Carol are all of course quite essential, especially PP. We'll have to all reserve judgement for ourselves as to just who and how good of a lead guitarist this Dave Kilminster is. He's unknown to me, but I'm sure, as always, he will be great. Roger always seems to have among the best. Too bad though Doyle Bramhall II is not touring again. In my opinion, he was by far the best guitarist Roger has toured with since Eric Clapton. Doyle was simply fantastic!

We will continue to bring you up to date with the latest news as we know it.

Ukraine Concert a Hoax?

Kiev, Ukraine: There has been a vast advertisement campaign in newspapers, on the central TV channels, and on posters with concert details all over the city, promoting a Roger Waters concert in Kiev on July 8th. Ticket sales had been organized well beforehand for the supposed performance date. But on the 3rd of July, it was said by concert organizers that the show had been postponed closer to the end of July and that the exact date was being negotiated. Yet on July 4th the concert agency called "Solex Plus" officially announced that the concert had been canceled.

I just got word from Mark Fenwick, Roger Waters manager, who said: "Please be advised there is no Roger Waters show in Kiev and more importantly, never was. Please ensure your readers understand this and don't buy tickets. There has never been a Roger Waters show booked for Kiev on any date."

Our fanclub believes that perhaps at one time there may have been feelers out by tour management to see if a show in Kiev might have been possible, perhaps potentially before or after the Moscow show. If that was the case, it's obvious that, for whatever reason, it was decided that a show in the Ukraine was not possible. Thereafter, it may have been that the original promoter who had been contacted, became distraught when a potential show fell through and perhaps felt that if he promoted a fake show, and sold enough tickets, it might force Roger's tour to come there. Or, perhaps this has been some huge hoax and an attempt by a unscrupulous promoter to make profits off of a fake promotion of a Roger Waters show.

Please spread the word to all Roger Waters fans!! There has NEVER been any show booked for the Ukraine!! This is perhaps a huge scam!!! Spread the word!!! More info about this as we have it.



Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd Co-Founder, Dies at 60

LONDON (AP) - Syd Barrett, the troubled Pink Floyd co-founder who spent his last years in reclusive anonymity, has died, the band said Tuesday. He was 60.

A spokeswoman for the band said Barrett died several days ago, but she did not disclose the cause of death. Barrett had suffered from diabetes for years. An undisclosed family member said he died quietly on Friday, July 7th.

The surviving members of Pink Floyd - David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright - said they were "very upset and sad to learn of Syd Barrett's death."

"Syd was the guiding light of the early band lineup and leaves a legacy which continues to inspire," they said in a statement.

Barrett co-founded Pink Floyd in 1965 with Waters, Mason and Wright, and wrote many of the band's early songs. The group's jazz-infused rock and drug-laced, multimedia "happenings" made them darlings of the London psychedelic scene. The 1967 album "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" - largely written by Barrett, who also played guitar - was a commercial and critical hit.

But Barrett suffered from mental instability, exacerbated by his use of LSD. His behavior grew increasingly erratic, and he left the group in 1968 - five years before the release of Pink Floyd's most popular album, "Dark Side of the Moon" - to be replaced by Gilmour.

Barrett released two solo albums - "The Madcap Laughs" and "Barrett" - but soon withdrew from the music business altogether. An album of previously unreleased material, "Opel," was issued in 1988.

He reverted to his real name, Roger Barrett, and spent much of the rest of his life living quietly in his hometown of Cambridge, England. Moving into his mother's suburban house, he passed the time painting and tending the garden. His former bandmates made sure Barrett continued to receive royalties from his work with Pink Floyd.

He was a familiar figure to neighbors, often seen cycling or walking to the corner store, but rarely spoke to the fans and journalists who sought him out over the years.

Despite his brief career, Barrett's fragile, wistful songs influenced many musicians including David Bowie - who covered the Barrett track "See Emily Play."

Bowie said in a statement posted on his Web site that Barrett had been a "major inspiration."

"His impact on my thinking was enormous," Bowie write. "A major regret is that I never got to know him. A diamond indeed."

The other members of Pink Floyd recorded the album "Wish You Were Here" as a tribute to their troubled bandmate.

It contained the song "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" - "Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun." The band also dwelt on themes of mental illness on the albums "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall."

The band spokeswoman said a small, private funeral would be held.

Reprinted from The Associated Press July 11, 2006


There has been a flurry of reports, some mere rumor and hearsay, on many websites regarding Roger continuing his tour in 2007. As usual, and in order to maintain the credibility our site has earned over the years, REG will not post or publish any tour itinerary until it is confirmed by Roger's Manager.

Talking to several of Roger's band members while back stage at one of the concerts this fall, I was informed that the tour was to continue in 2007. I was given several dates and countries, but did not, and will not publish a 2007 tour itinerary until it is confirmed by Roger's Manager. Suffice to say however, there will be a continuation of the tour in 2007.

Stay tuned to REG for confirmed 2007 dates and tour itinerary.

CA IRA in Kiev and again in Poland

REG has just learned from Roger Waters management that CA IRA is to be performed in Kiev, the capitol city of Ukraine (former state of the USSR). The performance will take place on December 16th 2006 at the Expo Center.

For Tickets -
- Contact:

Viva Art Sp. z o.o.
02-727 Warszawa, ul. Wernyhory 8
tel. +48 (0-22) 565 23 60
fax. +48 (0-22) 565 23 60

There will also be further performances of CA IRA in Poznan Poland on December 30th and 31st.

Reports of the previous performance in Poznan were that it was one of the most amazing multimedia theatrical spectacles ever performed! So if you can attend one of these performances, you'll not regret it!

The Kiev and Poznan performances of a Ira will be promoted by VivaArt, as was the August performance in Poznan. Rick Wentworth will conduct the 16th December show in Kiev as well as the performance on the 30th of December at the Poznan Opera House. Roger Waters will be attending the Kiev show. We'll let you know more information as it becomes available.

Look to REG for authentic, credible and factual information concerning Roger Waters.

National Association of FanClubs

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