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Roger Waters 2009 News

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NewsFlash Winter 08/09 Floydian News from REG #48

NewsFlash January 2009 Harry Waters 1st Album

NewsFlash June 2009 Roger Waters in Palastine

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NewsFlash August 2009 Roger Waters stars in Israeli Wall Film

NewsFlash September 2009 Roger Waters Walled Horizons

NewsFlash November 2009 Roger Waters Poised to Tour The WALL

NewsFlash Winter 08/09

Floydian News from REG Issue #48

Remember That Night
by David Gilmour
A DVD Review by Michael Simone

A review of a David Gilmour release in a Roger Waters magazine? How can this be? What is the world coming to? Aren't there enough Roger Waters news articles to publish? And aren't Dave and Roger still at odds with one another?

Yes, it may seem strange to some to find a review of a David Gilmour DVD by the president of the Roger Waters Fan Club. But I've been a Pink Floyd fan since buying my first album "A Saucerful of Secrets" in 1968. And although I've sided with Roger, for the most part, in his dispute with David regarding the continuation of Pink Floyd without Roger, I've always admired, respected and loved David Gilmour's talent and ability to play the guitar. He is truly one of the greatest guitarists in the world. His guitar and vocals were the main contributing force from which the Pink Floyd sound was formed.

I bought a copy of David Gilmour's 3rd solo album, "On An Island" shortly after its release. I was quite impressed. It was by far his best solo effort, though it seemed a bit slow and sometimes too mellow throughout. I mean I know I'm getting older however that doesn't mean I can't rock out anymore. Even so, I still enjoyed the lilting melodies of many of the soft ballads. After listening to it several more times I realized… wait a minute… this isn't all soft ballads, it's mostly blues… and I play blues harmonica (I've been playing blues harp for over 20 years and I'm pretty damn good if I don't say so myself).

David Gilmour's style has always originated from the blues, and now he has come full circle. So many songs on "On An Island" are blues based, but he has created his own blues progressions and rhythms and they are fantastic. His guitar wails and I can feel his pain. He conveys such emotion with his guitar, he actually forces a connection between himself and his audience. Now that's an artist.

"Remember That Night," released in 2007, is the first DVD released from the 2006 "On An Island" tour. The video performances are taken mostly from the footage of the 3 shows performed at the Royal Albert Hall May 29, 30, and 31st midway through the tour. There were a few different editions of this DVD released. A live CD was also released. One of the initial editions contained the limited edition CD and 2 DVD's. The edition I received as a Christmas gift was the 2 DVD special edition without the CD. And now, this Fall, two years after the end of that tour, David Gilmour has released a second DVD from the tour which includes a live CD, "David Gilmour - Live In Gdansk" which I may also get at some point and review as well. The 2 DVD/ 2 CD combo has also been released in several editions.

The performances of the "On An Island" tour were very intimate, the venues small, and the shows contained few special effects, mostly just lasers and lighting. Yet, after the relatively short 32 date 2006 tour, David Gilmour has released 2 different Live DVD and CD sets, the latest a full 2 years after the end of the tour.

Roger Waters completed a huge tour of Europe and the US in 2006, a massive tour of the world in 2007, as well as a short continuation tour in 2008, performing Dark Side of the Moon among other Floyd favorites. The tour included many theatrics and special effects, creating one of the most spectacular concert experiences since the 1970s concerts of Pink Floyd. And although thousands and thousands of fans have been clamoring for a DVD release of these unbelievably fantastic shows, I'm told Roger has no plans to release a DVD from the tours.

All I can say to this is: Roger?? Why?? You went to great expense to create such an unbelievable concert experience, and I'm sure several of the shows were professionally filmed. You've stated in interviews that you had wished that you had filmed the shows of previous tours? I've gotten hundreds of emails from fans wanting to know if there would be a DVD released. Your fans want to re-experience your DSOTM shows again. Please release a DVD!

OK, that said, lets continue with this review. Disc 1 of the 2 DVD set contains a complete show which includes some special guests. Disc 2 contains a variety of bonus features including songs from the Royal Albert Hall shows without special guests, as well as several songs cut in the studio, songs from other shows, several documentaries and a blues jam at the end which is fantastic!

David's tour band includes Jon Carin on keyboards & lap steel guitar (who left the tour to again play as part of Roger's band and toured the next 3 years with Roger beginning June 2nd only a few days after the Royal Albert Hall shows), Phil Manzanera on Guitar (the great guitarist from Roxy Music), Steve DiStanislao on drums (who Dave stole from Crosby and Nash after seeing him play), Dick Parry on Sax (who played on DSOTM and WYWH), Guy Pratt on Bass (who played with Dave's version of Floyd and who I can't stand. He is such a pompous ass and an egotistical strutting prick.), and, last but not least, Rick Wright on keyboards and vocals (which is one of the main reasons I wanted to review this DVD, as the shows on this tour are the last time we'll have a chance to see him perform).

The special guests included David Crosby and Graham Nash (who also sing on the "On An Island" album), David Bowie, and Robert Wyatt on Cornet (Wyatt was the drummer, vocalist and multi instrumentalist of Soft Machine. As a solo artist he released "Rock Bottom" an album produced by Pink Floyd. Wyatt has played with many progressive/alternative bands like Henry Cow, Mike Oldfield, Hatfield of the North, Eno, Roxy Music and Phil Manzanera, he also sang lead vocals on Nick Mason's solo album Ficticious Sports.).

The DVD package slips out of the cardboard cover, and opens like a tri-fold booklet. Tucked in the left side is a 20 page booklet which contains several collage's of pictures. The two DVD's are snapped into a plastic holder on the right side.

The DVD's themselves are silkscreened but the plastic holder they're packaged in is a bit unusual. Disc 1 sits snapped into it's holder halfway on top of disc 2 which is seated lower in its plastic holder so as not to allow the disc's to scratch one another. It's an interesting and cheaper way of packaging I guess, but it can make it more difficult to pull out or put back the discs depending upon which one you're playing. In fact, it's a pain in the ass. I would have much preferred each DVD snapped into it's own flip page plastic holder like most double DVD movie packages.

The photo's in the booklet are slightly interesting, but it is dearth of information. There is little info on the tour, the band, the songs or the shows at the Royal Albert Hall or the history of the Royal Albert Hall itself, where in 1968, Pink Floyd performed and shot off a cannon as part of their stage show and were asked never to return.

Disc 1

Disc 1 begins with Speak to Me, Breathe (In the Air), Time, and Breathe (In the Air) reprise. After the last 3 years of Roger Waters concerts, seeing him perform Dark Side of the Moon, it was extremely interesting to see David perform his versions of these songs. It was after all Dave Gilmour who did most of the vocals for Pink Floyd, and no matter how good Roger's guitarists seem to be, they are no match for Dave. And to hear Dave Gilmour's voice and guitar as well as hear and see Rick Wright singing and playing on keyboards made these songs sound more like the original recordings.

I attended several of the 2006 and 2007 Roger Waters shows at which Nick Mason played. Seeing half of Pink Floyd performing on stage was amazing. Seeing the other half of Pink Floyd on this DVD was also a huge treat.

Next on the DVD Gilmour performs his entire new album "On An Island." David Crosby and Graham Nash sing background vocals on the title track as well as The Blue.

Watching Dave perform this album, I was awe struck at how most of his guitar playing seems to be extremely blues based. Damn he is such a fantastic guitarist! Seeing him play these intricate and original blues riffs live was actually spine tingling. Dave even plays a plaintive and lilting blues saxophone in Red Sky at Night. He makes the sax cry and the audience responds with tears in sympathy, and I didn't even know Dave played sax!

Robert Wyatt plays cornet on Then I Close My Eyes which is an almost DSOTM like instrumental that is magnificently played.

Throughout "On An Island" live, Dave's guitar solo's ring out and touch you crying in pain with each bluesy note. It is simply fantastic. Watching Dave play guitar with Rick playing keyboards in the background brought back memories of Pink Floyd but was saddening at the same time, knowing he's no longer with us.

After a 20 min. break Pink Floyd favorites are performed. Dave plays Shine On You Crazy Diamond with Crosby and Nash again doing backup vocals. Then comes a short, non-experimental version of Fat Old Sun. It was great to see and hear that performed. Next up is Coming Back to Life and High Hopes from "The Division Bell." Then comes a fantastic version of Echoes, after which Wish You Were Here is performed.

David Crosby and Graham Nash then perform a short a cappella of their song Find the Cost of Freedom. Special guest David Bowie is introduced and sings a great version of Syd Barrett's Arnold Layne, an old Pink Floyd favorite. He does a pretty good job on this song.

The last song on disc 1 is Comfortably Numb. Unfortunately, David Bowie does Roger's vocal parts and it sounds awful. Bowie's vocal style is just not cut out for this song. Dave however, once again shows the fantastic guitarist he is by playing both dueling leads at the end by himself. During the Pink Floyd "The Wall" shows, the dueling lead solo's were played by Dave and Snowy White. And likewise, during Roger's shows, when Comfortably Numb is played, the dueling solo's are played by Snowy and the other lead guitarist. In these shows however, Dave plays both solo's and plays them masterfully.

Disc 2

Disc 2 begins with songs played on the second or third night at the Royal Albert Hall when there were no special guests. It begins with Wot's… Uh the Deal. This is really great as I've never seen this great pre-DSOTM Floyd tune performed live. Watching Dave playing acoustic and slide guitars with Rick playing the piano was just like old times. It was wonderful. (It would have been fantastic if Roger and Nick could have been playing with them too.)

Then, not to be outdone for rare live songs, Syd Barrett's Domino's is performed. With Dave on acoustic guitar and Rick on keyboards it was a fantastic tribute to Syd, simply great! Next up is Wearing the Inside Out featuring Rick Wright, who also wrote and sang the song on "The Division Bell" album. Then again, Arnold Layne and Comfortably Numb are played, this time featuring Rick Wright on vocals and keyboards (Rick does a much better job than Bowie on Roger's vocal parts during Comfortably Numb).

Next is a documentary called Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine, titled after some of the lyrics from the song This Heaven. This is a documentary of life on the road and in the studio traversing from Bray studio's in the UK, with scenes on the tour bus and of the Manchester, Glasgow, and Royal Albert Hall shows, to the end of the European tour in Gdansk Poland.

One of the highlights of this documentary is that both David Gilmour and Roger Waters happen to be recording at Bray Studio's at the same time. And there is even footage of Roger coming out of the studio and greeting Dave and his wife Polly. Also during one moment in the studio, Nick Mason (presumably in the studio with Roger) comes in to sit at the drums with Dave's band for a moment.

Here at this studio we have Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason playing in separate studio's. Wouldn't it have been unbelievable if they had all gotten together to lay down some tracks as the last Pink Floyd recordings ever made? It was definitely a missed opportunity.

Other highlights were Rick Wright playing a bit of Saucerful of Secrets on the Royal Albert Hall pipe organ. The documentary details some of the events occurring on the road. In Vienna, David plays a bit of the Syd Barrett song Dark Globe as a tribute to Syd before playing Fat Old Sun.

The documentary continues, detailing the problems of the concert in Venice where the P A atop one half of the stage became unstable and threatened to topple the lighting gantries onto the seating. So the concert was canceled. It was rescheduled for a week later only to be marred once again by a massive storm thundering and lightning with rain pouring down upon the crowded open air plaza where the concert was performed.

Dave hired a Venice street musician who plays crystal goblets to perform with his band on stage, and we learn that Pink Floyd originally used the harmonic sound of wine goblets in the early days on DSOTM and WYWH concerts. We also learn that the proceeds of the Venice show were donated to 'Emergency' an anti war charity for which Dave and band play the song On the Turning Away from "The Division Bell."

Finally the tour arrives in Gdansk Poland (where incidentally the new DVD/CD combo is recorded) and Dave meets with former Polish President, and x head of the workers union Solidarity, Lic Wolenska and lays a wreath at the memorial monument dedicated to the striking workers killed by the Russians in 1970 on the anniversary of that tragic day. In honor of this anniversary Dave and band play A Great Day for Freedom again from "The Division Bell."

Next on disc 2 is the complete performance of Syd Barrett's Dark Globe from the Vienna show. During the previous documentary Dave mentions that it was the first time he's played it since playing it with Syd on MadCap Laughs. He states he isn't going to rehearse it, that the performance will be his first rehearsal. This proves unfortunate as Dave's vocals are not very well done. Next up is an Abbey Road studio live recording of Dave, Rick and band performing the old Syd Barrett Pink Floyd favorite Astronomy Domine. And it is fantastic. You could almost see the spirit of Syd singing with them. After this is another studio performance, this time an AOL session live recording of This Heaven from "On An Island."

Then Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Take a Breath, and High Hopes are played live from a pre-tour BBC Mermaid Theater concert.

Next is the documentary from the making of "On An Island" after which is another documentary of the tour on the west coast of the US.

After these documentaries are music video's of On An Island and Smile. Then comes one of the best parts of this whole DVD, the Island Jam recorded in 2007. It is not only a completely new Dave Gilmour song, but an unbelievably fantastic blues jam with Dave, Rick Wright and band. It's really great!! Disc 2 ends with a photo gallery slide show.

All in all, this DVD is really good. It's great for David Gilmour fans, as it highlights his fantastic guitar work, but it's especially a wonderful opportunity for Pink Floyd fans to see David Gilmour and Rick Wright together one last time. In addition to Dave's solo work done live, the Syd Barrett penned Pink Floyd oldies but goodies are definitely gems to be cherished. And the blues jam at the end combine to make this DVD set a must have for any collector or Pink Floyd fan.

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David Gilmour - Live in Gdañsk

On 22nd September David Gilmour released 'Live In Gdañsk' - a double album and concert DVD.

David Gilmour's first solo live album captures the magic of his concert held in front of 50,000 fans in the Gdañsk shipyards in Poland. This final performance from his critically acclaimed 2006 'On An Island' tour features Pink Floyd classics never previously performed with an orchestra. The concert marked the 26th Anniversary of the founding of trade union Solidarity in Poland and the historic importance of the date magnified the night's breathtaking atmosphere.

The 2.5 hour DVD accompanying the live album fully portrays the drama of the Gdañsk concert, set against the industrial landscape of the shipyard and the crane-filled skyline. It includes both concert footage and a riveting documentary featuring David Gilmour and the Baltic Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in Gdañsk.

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Scarfe on The Wall
The Ultimate Collectible
An exquisite Pink Floyd box set

Calling all collectors: 'Scarfe on the Wall' - is a unique collectors box set comprising a "monograph" book and eight limited edition prints, limited to only 300 copies. The box set includes Gerard Scarfe sketches and artwork and interviews about his involvement with one of the most successful British bands of all time.

Pink Floyd formed in 1964, and since then have sold over 200 million albums worldwide, including 74.5 million albums in the United States alone. Their biggest selling albums included Dark Side of the Moon (1973) and The Wall (1979).

Gerald Scarfe is a widely renowned satirical cartoonist, beginning his career working for Punch magazine and Private Eye during the early sixties. His work has featured in exhibitions around the world and he has designed the sets and costumes for numerous plays, operas and musicals. He worked with Pink Floyd on The Wall, both designing and directing the animation.

The Wall film was released in 1982, following the 1979 album of the same name. The film grossed over US$ 14 million at the North American box office If you are a fan of Pink Floyd, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a truly special piece of Pink Floyd memorabilia! This is a must-have collectible for any die-hard Pink Floyd fan, each "monograph" book is signed by Roger Waters, and contains an in-depth interview with Gerald Scarfe about his creative journey and involvement with Pink Floyd in the Earls Court show and film "The Wall". Together with this interview, the 38 page book contains his preparatory sketches and artwork for the album and animation, offering a fascinating insight into the astounding talents behind one of the most iconic concept albums of all time.

The eight prints accompanying the book include five pieces of artwork used at the time along with three previously unseen prints, inspired by Comfortably Numb, The Judge and the band onstage at Earls Court. The prints are giclée prints on thick matt art paper, 16"x20" with borders. The dramatic colours, characterisation and stylistic flourishes are instantly recognisable as the work of Scarfe, and fans will relish the chance to own a piece of such iconic imagery, presented in such a beautiful format.

The box set is priced at £1195 for a limited time only, and can be ordered at The limited print run means these books are guaranteed to become collectors' items, and will be much prized for years to come.

For further information please contact: Charlotte Sweeney or Matt Park at Taylor Herring: phone - 020 8206 5151.
Email - or

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1,000-foot glass funnel could save London's Battersea Power Station

by Joshua Fruhlinger

The Battersea Power Station in London has been defunct since 1983, and urban developers have been scratching their heads to come up with a way to preserve the largest brick structure in all of Europe. Some wily Irish developers have come up with a way to turn the empty building into what they're calling a "solar driven natural ventillation system" attached to shopping malls, 3,000 homes, and a boutique hotel. The 1,000-foot glass tower would use a funnel structure to force heat out of the complex using convection all the while providing a striking addition to the London skyline.

All in all, developers say this would make the complex carbon neutral. If the plan goes through, the structure could be completed as soon as 2019.

(Thanks to REG member Blair M Hall for this story.)

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Great Gig in the Sea

Pink Floyd Themed Cruise Will Feature Think Floyd USA and is set to Sail to the Bahamas in May 2009

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 22, 2008 - Kiqstart Music, an entertainment company based in New York, NY and Think Floyd USA, the number one touring production of Pink Floyd in the country, announced plans to host the first Pink Floyd themed cruise aboard a Carnival Cruise Ship to the Bahamas. Dubbed "Great Gig in the Sea", the cruise will allow Pink Floyd music fans to combine sun and sea with an amazing concert experience.

The one-of a kind voyage will feature the music of Think Floyd USA: The American Pink Floyd Show, and will celebrate material from Pink Floyd's earliest days through the present. Think Floyd USA will take listeners on a musical and visual flight through the Pink Floyd galaxy performing all of Pink Floyd's classic hits from legendary albums such as Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and the all time classic, The Wall.

Think Floyd USA: The American Pink Floyd Show goes beyond the typical tribute act with an unparalleled performance and light show. They have performed before Roger Waters at Milwaukee's Summerfest and have received personal acclaim from David Gilmour himself. The band has been performing to packed houses at numerous arenas, theaters, festivals and casinos around the country, and will be the first tribute band to headline a stage at Milwaukee's famed Summerfest this summer.

"This cruise provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Pink Floyd fans to come together and enjoy the exceptional music and memories of one of the most celebrated performing acts of all time, combined with a truly outstanding vacation experience," said Justin Seidenberg, co-owner of Kiqstart Music. Cruisers should also be prepared to hear special shows each night, such as Dark Side of the Moon performed in its entirety. Dark Side has held the record for the longest duration of any album on the Billboard 200 and has sold over 40 Million copies worldwide. Other unique events will feature "special guests", Pink Floyd trivia, parties and games.

"We are excited to be a part of this unique concert experience. Floyd fans are so passionate about the band and love to get together to celebrate the music...its going to be a blast," said Mitch Blumfield, vocalist in Think Floyd USA.

Tickets are on sale now at Space is limited and pricing depends upon availability. For additional information on the cruise, visit or contact Kiqstart Music at 718-302-9800. or

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From the Fanclub President - REG issue #48

I've come to understand that I am really happy. The problem is that most of the time I just don't know it.

Our attention is often so focused on the minutia of our day to day existence, of our routines, of our worries, troubles and problems, or on our past or future that we all too often neglect to see the life that exists all around us. We often fail to step back from our focus and see the overall picture, see the forest for the trees. And that is a shame, because life is so very short. And when you're so focused on other things, the beauty of life passes you right by. We all have so much to be grateful for but we often don't see it, or we take it all for granted.

Do what you can do today to deal with life's demands, but leave everything else until tomorrow. "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" (John Lennon). Stop wasting it. Every single minute is so precious.

I don't want to wake up one day years from now... with cancer... and look back on my life and realize that all those years... I had everything I could ever want, no real problems only challenges for growth. My life was good and I could have been happy, if I had only known... if I had only seen that I already was!

To my friend "Tony Red" creative genius and founding member of the band Think Floyd, Rest In Peace!! Your life had purpose because your words and music touched and affected so many people! You will live on in that music as well as in our hearts and in our minds.

Once In A Life

Living your life
Building a dream
Nothing is ever easy
It just becomes routine
When you're feeling down
Don't drag your feet along the ground
Try to see it through
Everything will come to you

Once in a life
That time of your life

I will play my part
I will have my say
Get written in the book of life
And I will have my day
It all comes together
While building a dream

Once in a life
That time of your life

Along with the Breeze

In my life - In my time I search for conclusions - I know I'll never find.
Only to see- It's one step ahead of me.
Finding life hard - But taking it easy.
oo aahh you are - Oo aahh you are

Taking my time
Letting it flow
Along with the breeze
Everywhere I go
People walking to and fro
Sometimes I wonder - who's in control.

Don't know where they've been
Or even who they've seen
From one day to the next
We're taking it easy
Oo aahh you are - oo aahh you aahh

Taking my time
Letting it flow
Along with the breeze

(Words and music by Tony Red - from the album Positive Waves)

Think Floyd Leader
Tony Red Dies

It was back in REG issue number 20 that I first reviewed the Think Floyd debut album "Hope," and wrote about this once Pink Floyd cover band and their first album of original music.

The group was led by bass player and vocalist Tony Red. And over the next number of years we corresponded and I got to know this talented young guy. I continued to be a fan of Think Floyd reviewing their Floyd cover filled EP in REG 21, and their next album "Beyond Boundries" in REG issue 25.

Tony was the leader of Think Floyd and wrote most of the material. However, after a long battle with Muliple Sclerosis, Tony Red could no longer perform live on stage, but continued to record and create in the studio.

Unfortunately, the band, with Tony's on-stage replacement, left their main creative genius behind kicking him out of the band for the lure of more money and bigger and better things. It was tragic how shabbily Think Floyd treated Tony while going on to perform and make money from the music he created. Sound familiar?

Because Multiple Sclerosis attacks the muscles and the nervous system, every single movement has to be controlled consciously, right down to the very last muscle. Nothing's automatic anymore. All of the "learned" muscle behaviour seems to go. Which means, for example, that if Tony's walking then that's ALL he can do and the concentration required leaves him exhausted after a few yards. Can you walk, talk and drink at the same time? Yes? Ever thought what a miracle that is? Well that's the kind of thing that people with MS cannot easily do - and it doesn't get better...

Tony Red continued to create. He released a solo album titled "Positive Waves." The album was quite good. Many of the songs fantastic and true genus. But without the Think Floyd name, he attracted little attention. The stab in the back by his band when he needed them most was almost too much to overcome. But Tony had courage and determination beyond the norm. He had the audacity to hope and never give up.

The album "Hope" was a defiant stand against the hard realities of life and ill health. And through all of his hardships and pain, Tony Red continued to strive for hope. With his album "Positive Waves" he refused to allow the torrents of adversity, misfortune and self pity to overtake him.. He continued to go on... to the end.

Torn between the right and wrong in everything we see
Finding we were not as strong as we made out to be
All the joy and all the pain we put out in our lives
Making friends and enemies, and cheating on our wives
And we go on

Will all the cynics please leave the room as we face up to the truth
Holding on to dreams we had, embedded in our youth
But there is so much more to be done as we reach out for the sun.
And we go on
And we go on

(Lyrics from the The Circle by Tony Red from the Think Floyd album "Hope" )

On Dec. 15th 2008 I received an email from Fiona Redmond, Tony's wife, that Tony Red passed away on Thursday 11th December at 3.55 pm. I responded with my sympathy's and the condolences of the REG fanclub.

To all those who read my reviews of Think Floyd, and who purchased the albums, listen to them again in Tony's honor, and think of his strength and courage the next time you piss and moan about your petty problems. Perhaps Tony's example might help us all realize how very much most of us all have to be grateful for and to keep hope alive and never give up. Rest In Peace Tony.

Feel free to email Tony's wife ("Fiona Redmond" with your own condolences.

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NewsFlash January 2009

Harry Waters Releases First Solo Album

Harry Waters, son of famous Pink Floyd mastermind Roger Waters, has released his first solo album simply titled "Harry Waters Band."

The album is an extremely melodic jazz album which flows from one jazz style to another. Transposing from a kind of boogie-woogie jazz, to swing and then to a more traditional cafe style quartet sound, the album then progresses to a blues inspired jazz, a big band jazz sound, and ends with "Jarretts Dream," a wonderful mellow and inspiring jazz melody. The "Harry Waters Band" album is truly a pleasurable toe tapping experience.

Harry Waters plays jazz piano and xylophone jauntily and melodically. Sax man Ian Ritchie (who is Roger Waters touring sax player) is the other mainstay of the band, and he performs brilliantly. Other exceptional musicians such as Neville Malcolm and Yarron Stavi on bass (Yarron previously played with the Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Express. He is also part of Phil Manzanera's current band for the Firebird V11 project), Seb Rochford (who recently appeared on the new David Byrne/Brian Eno album), and Matt Holme on drums round out the band in two separate recording sessions. Chester Kamen, (Roger Waters' touring lead guitarist in 2002 and 2008) contributes guitar on the fantastic "Jarretts Dream."

Musically influenced by the likes of The Greatful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Phish and Pink Floyd (of course), Harry Waters has more recently been influenced by jazz, especially by such jazz greats as Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Billie Holiday and Keith Jarrett.

The album and/or any of the songs can be purchased as MP3 downloads on many different websites. The "Harry Waters Band" on CD is available (as an import in the US) as a limited pressing. So get it while you can.

From the Harry Waters website

I started to play the piano when I was about eight years old. I learned from a local piano teacher who taught me the basics. It wasn't until about five years later however that I really got into playing, when I moved schools and started learning with a teacher who taught me ragtime, boogie woogie and blues. In my teens I played in many different bands and experimented with different styles of music, including rock, funk, pop and metal. I first worked professionally in covers bands called Boot-Led Zeppelin and The Cosmic Charlies (a Grateful Dead/Phish covers band) This gave me a good grounding in rock music and kept me going for the better part of three years. Covers can only take you so far however and I started to hunger for something else.

I started listening to jazz in my early twenties and slowly became more and more interested and influenced by the sound. At the time, I was playing in an originals rock band called Hubble Deep Field and my change in musical direction started to cause some problems in the band. I increasingly wanted to stray from the typical rock structures of the songs we tended to play and experiment with the chords often found in jazz but seldom found in rock music. Consequently I found myself at musical odds with the other band members. It was at this time that I was starting to play along to Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson records. It wasn't long until I decided that this was the direction I wanted to head in.

I spent a term studying with a tutor at Guildhall who helped me get my basic jazz chops down a lot quicker. More recently I have been taking lessons with a teacher from The Royal Academy who has shown me some classical techniques (I was never classically trained) to increase my speed and facility. The jazz jam sessions in London are a great place to learn and get your chops together. I started going to all the jams incl: The Beaufoy (Battersea), Shinos (Blackfriars), Blue Jays (Shepherds Bush, sadly no longer there, it's now a disco), Halo (Battersea) and more recently Bar Music Hall (Curtain Rd in east london). This last one is a great jam session with some really special players, including but not limited to: Brandon Allen (Tenor) and Quentin Collins (Trumpet).

The Album:
It's been a long time coming but my album is finally available to buy. We had a great deal of fun making it over two days at Eastcote Studios. There are almost no overdubs, the only exceptions being where Alan had to play more than one horn in the same song, overdubbing a higher harmony on another track. Phillip Bagnall who recorded the Eastcote session 2006 that many of you will have already listened to, engineered this record fantastically, it has come out very much like how it sounds in my head. This is all one can hope for as a recording musician.

It's taken a lot longer to complete than I expected. The recording/mixing/mastering stage took very little time, the lions share was taken up with the layout and photography for the cover and inlay. It's a question of dealing with an artist via email and phone for many weeks, whilst they alter and then re-alter the photos you have chosen. I found this most frustrating as the music side of it was so easy and quick. I suppose if I was designer I might have found the music side a lot harder to accomplish!

The Harry Waters Quartet and the recording sessions: Harry Waters Quartet is comprised of two core members, myself and Ian Ritchie. Ian and I have been playing together for the last couple of years and during that time I have been composing original songs with a view to performing them in a quartet.

I am very influenced by the playing of both Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett, one of my compositions "Jarretts Dream", is very much a result of listening to The Koln Concert over and over. It has brought me so many hours of listening pleasure over the years and this song is simply a reference of it.

The Eastcote Session 2006:
These songs were recorded at Eastcote Studios in one afternoon. Phillip Bagnall produced, and did a great job of getting a sound in such a short space of time. We recorded these songs with a fantastic rhythm section, comprising Seb Rochford on drums and Neville Malcolm on double-bass. Chester Kamen joined us for one tune, Jarretts Dream.

  • Lydia
  • St Marks Rd
  • Jarretts Dream
  • Spring Stepping
  • Blues in F
  • B Minor Swing
  • Waltz in A Minor

Personnel: Harry Waters: Piano, Ian Ritchie: Tenor Sax, Neville Malcolm: Dbl-Bass, Seb Rochford: Drums, Chester Kamen: Guitar on "Jarretts Dream."

Home Session:
These next set of songs were recorded in my living room. The four of us spent about half a day recording these and we ended up with a good variety of different tunes.

  • Bags Groove
  • Days of Wine and Roses
  • Rum and Coca Cola (Solo Piano)
  • Tenderly
  • Darn That Dream
  • Billies Bounce
  • What Is This Thing Called Love
  • Alone Together

Personnel: Harry Waters: Piano, Ian Ritchie: Tenor Sax, Yarron Stavi: Double-Bass, Matt Holme: Drums.

Well, I do hope you all enjoy the album that has taken the better part of a year from conception and writing to being listen ready. I'd welcome any thoughts or criticisms and especially any complements you would guys would like to give. Please email me if you have any questions or would like to book me for a gig !

Harry Waters Band

  1. Blues in G 4:07
  2. Jumping 4:47
  3. Petersons Bounce 3:59
  4. Juggling for Beginners 5:17
  5. Scholars Mate 4:07
  6. Rum and Coca Cola 1:35
  7. Blues in F 6:41
  8. Garden Party 3:03
  9. Spring Stepping 5:45
  10. Alligators Funeral 5:09

Bonus Track: 11. Jarretts Dream 8:06

The What Records website Stated: This debut album is a private pressing being exclusively distributed by What Records. The album, is not a rock album as many would expect given the fact that his father is Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) but it is very much a jazz masterpiece. Harry is clearly a most talented musician and this, his debut album, is well worth listening to.

The website stated: The stunningly fresh debut album by the innovative British jazz collective the Harry Waters Band, finally hits the US in January 2009. Pianist Harry Waters (son of legendary Pink Floyd bassist and lyricist Roger Waters) embarks on a journey through jazz inspired by greats like Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, and Keith Jarrett.

Having toured with his father since 2002, Harry has also toured with the likes of Marianne Faithful and the psychedelic instrumental rock group, Ozric Tentacles. Though primarily influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead and Phish (and also having played in several jam band cover bands) Harry Waters decided to take a different musical path.

Joined by band members Ian Ritchie on tenor sax (who is also Roger Waters touring saxophonist and co-producer of Roger's RADIO KAOS album), Yaron Stavi (of the Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Express) on double bass, drummer Seb Rochford (who also performed on the new David Byrne/Brian Eno album EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS WILL HAPPEN TODAY) and guitarist Chester Kamen (who toured with Roger Waters as well and has collaborated with artists like Brian Ferry, David Gilmour and Seal), the Harry Waters Band create pure, unadulterated jazz.

This is not wild, improvisational modern jazz, but a tribute to the traditional jazz of yesteryear. Waters composed all but one of the tracks on the album, exhibiting a jubilant yet stylishly deft touch on the piano that will leave listeners wanting more. Album highlights: Blues In G, Petersons Bounce and Jarretts Dream.

Harry Waters Band Limited Audio CD pressing:

  • Release Date January 6, 2009
  • Original Release Date: December 15, 2008
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Format: Import
  • Label: Alliance Entertainment
  • ASIN: B001NHZ2DY
  • Price: £7.99 from the What Records website

( or $18.98 from or from the Harry Waters website ( £10.00 shipped to the UK, and £15.00 shipped to the rest of the world.

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NewsFlash June 2009

Floydian News from REG #49


Back Against The Wall

This is a Pink Floyd - "The Wall" tribute album available from amazon. com. It was created by some of the top artists in the Progressive Rock world, some of whom include: Billy Sherwood, Alan White, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, and Chris Squire from YES, Adrian Belew, John Wetton from King Crimson, Tony Levin from King Crimson and Peter Gabriel, Fee Waybill of The Tubes, Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, Gary Green from Gentle Giant, Robby Krieger of The Doors, Keith Emmerson of Emerson - Lake - and Palmer, Steve Pocaro from TOTO, Steve Morse, Steve Lukather, Ronnie Montrose, and the legendary and renowned progressive rock and jazz drummer Vinnie Coliauta from Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock Buddy Rich and many more.

Because this album is a Pink Floyd tribute album it has come under a lot of controversy. Many people like it a lot, and many people don't like it. . . a lot! LOL :o)

In any case, this album has actually become pretty popular. So I thought I'd write about it and publish the pros and cons of the reviews for your reading pleasure.

Track Listing

Disc: 1

  1. In The Flesh? - feat. Adrian Belew, Alan White & Steve Porcaro
  2. The Thin Ice - feat. Ian Anderson & Tony Levin
  3. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1 - feat. Steve Morse & Billy Sherwood
  4. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives - feat. Billy Sherwood & Vinnie Coliauta
  5. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 - feat. Fee Waybill, Ronnie Montrose & Mike Porcaro
  6. Mother - feat. John Wetton, Adrian Belew & Alan White
  7. Goodbye Blue Sky - feat. Steve Howe & Billy Sherwood
  8. Empty Spaces - feat. Billy Sherwood & Robby Krieger
  9. Young Lust - feat. Glenn Hughes
  10. One Of My Turns - feat. Tommy Shaw

Disc: 2

  1. Hey You - feat. John Wetton, Steve Lukather, Tommy Shaw & Alan White
  2. Is There Anybody Out There? - feat. Adrian Belew & Billy Sherwood
  3. Nobody Home - feat. Rick Wakeman
  4. Vera - feat. Tommy Shaw & Steve Howe
  5. Bring The Boys Back Home - feat. Billy Sherwood & Jay Schellen
  6. Comfortably Numb - feat. Chris Squire & Alan White
  7. The Show Must Go On - feat. Adrian Belew & Vinnie Coliauta
  8. In The Flesh - feat. Billy Sherwood, Steve Porcaro & Vinnie Coliauta
  9. Run Like Hell - feat. Jason Chefe, Dweezil Zappa & Tony Kaye
  10. Waiting For The Worms - feat. Billy Sherwood, Tony Levin & Vinnie Caliauta

(The Japanese pressing of this album includes three bonus tracks. )

Price: $17. 99
Audio CD (September 13, 2005)
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Cleopatra
In-Print Editions: Audio CD or MP3 Download


By: music archeolog "Jurek" (chicago)
It seems hard to beat a masterpiece. Even having the greatest names in prog-rock available for this project. Former YES man Billy Sherwood couldn't do much. It is only a good copy of the original Roger Waters work, nothing different in sound or arrangements. I would expect more, especially from the men mentioned in credits. They should try harder, put new spirit in that old classic album.

By: Hudson G Tannis (Laurelton, NY USA)
Absolute perfection. Some say why reinvent the wheel, hell why not when it is this perfect. Any major deviation from the original masterpiece will make most people very upset. Producing a perfect duplicate of the original makes some people unhappy but its just what the doctor ordered for me. My opinion is that this cover album stands on its own and is highly recommended.

By: William E. Houser Jr. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA)
O. K. , this is faithful to the original, but not as slavishly as other people who have reviewed this say. I just picked this up and am amazed at the subtlety of the playing. The person who reviewed and said that this is a "note for note" reproduction has never seen the sheet music.
The musicians are amazing. Steve Morse was understaedly brilliant. Ian Anderson was an interesting pick. It's nice to see Gary Green (Gentle Giant) recording again. There are so many, I'm not going to continue naming them. They all bring something interesting to the table.
Is this CD close to the original? Yes. The same? No. Is it a tribute? Absolutely.
If you are a fan of Pink Floyd, or The Wall, and don't want other's interpretations, don't get this. In fact don't get any tribute albums, ever. If you want to hear some of the best musicians around lovingly rework The Wall material, you've come to the right place.

By: S. Zimmerman (Pine Grove, PA)
I never purchase "tribute" albums, but... this one is different.
Whenever Amazon recommends a ‘tribute' album to me, I am usually disappointed. Let's face it, most of the times they don't live up to the originals. When I saw "Back Against the Wall" on Amazon, I gave it a quick listen and immediately bought it when I saw that some of my favorite artists played on it (Wakeman, Howe, Squire, White, Emerson. ) I got it yesterday, and have already listened to it 5 times.
Does it sound like Pink Floyd? No. Is it supposed to? No. Pink Floyd has always been one of my favorite bands, but I have grown tired of "The Wall" in recent years. Don't get me wrong, I love the music. . . it's my own fault for playing the crap out of it for the past 20 years.
"Back Against the Wall" has breathed new life into the songs, and it's almost like a rediscovery of sorts. Billy Sherwood and friends have done an excellent job of putting their own interpretations on this classic album... and the result is a masterpiece.
Is it better than Floyd's version? It doesn't have to be. . . it's different.

By: Philip D. Mariconda "VulcanPhil" (Seattle WA)
An all-star performance of a classic. This was very good! Very true to the original with subtle but clever twists. In almost every song, the right musicians were selected. Sherwood & Sherwood meddle (pardon pun :-) in every song, but they're mostly good for it. Here's the breakdown of notable guest performances.
"In The Flesh?" wastes no time bringing out two of the best available people with Keith Emerson and Alan White.
"The Thin Ice" nicely uses Ian Anderson.
"Mother" was a great collaboration of White with John Wetton and Adrian Belew. "Goodbye Blue Sky" was a wonderful use of guitar master Steve Howe - great enhancements here!
"Another Brick. . . Pt. 3" brought Levin and Steve Porcaro together for a great performance.
Tommy Shaw was great for vocals on 3 songs and Tony Levin was great for a few songs on bass.
"Hey You" brought together White, Wetton, Tommy Shaw (on guitar) and Geoff Downes and it sounded excellent.
"Is There Anybody Out There" brought back Ian Anderson for great flute enhancement.
"Nobody Home" featured keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman for a good performance (not extraordinary.)
"Vera" was a nice collaboration between Howe on guitar and Shaw on vocals. "Comfortably Numb" was probably the highlight of this album - Chris Squire on bass & vocals along with White and Sherwood gave a Yes/Conspiracy twist to this classic.
"Run Like Hell" was very good but strange. Dweezil Zappa did guitars and Tony Kaye is credited with a "keyboard solo. " I put that in quotes because, in my educated opinion, playing 5 or so chords does not constitute a solo.
"Waiting For the Worms" - phew!!! they brought back Emerson with Levin.
"The Trial" starred Malcolm McDowell in a command performance - still not to be taken too seriously.
"Outside the Wall" featured narration by DJ Jim Ladd - an odd but effective choice.
One odd thing about my copy of this CD (purchased from Amazon,)the liner notes were screwy. It lists a few tracks out of order and the last track, "Isn't This Where We Came In?" is missing completely. Not a hidden track as far as I can tell - the CD just ends.
Still, I am very happy with this all-star performance!

By: Anne R. Eason "J Eason" (Deep Gap, NC USA)
A Little Too Faithful. It's interesting to read the previous reviews for this album. It is definitely a tribute that will be either loved or hated. I like it but find some tracks a little too faithful to the originals, especially given the caliber of talent gathered for the project. The arrangements, particularly the keyboards and tempos, are too much like the originals.
On the other hand, I really like hearing what some prog rock and classic rock stars do with the vocals. I always found Roger Waters' whisper-to-a-scream vocal style a little over the top (particularly on The Final Cut). I also prefer this tribute to Waters' live "Berlin Wall."
My favorite tracks on this disc are the ones that vary from the originals (Vera, Young Lust, The Thin Ice). I would very much like to hear what this collection of musicians could do with other classic albums (The Beatles White Album, e. g. ), particularly if they checked their hero worship at the door and played around with the songs more and made them their own.

By: Adam Laceky "Adam Laceky" (Montana USA)
Not a "carbon copy?" Excuse me? "Not one minor deviation from the source material?" Anyone who would say this must not be very familiar with the source material. For one thing, I don't remember any (Ian Anderson) flute on the original "The Thin Ice. " The tempo of "Another Brick... pt. 1" is about half a measure slower. The vocals are different, for the most part (check out "Young Lust). And there's a Japanese-style guitar interlude in the middle of "Comfortably Numb."
This is not a Xerox copy, it is a faithful tribute. Besides, would you prefer a hack job with extreme liberties taken? Would you prefer it sound nothing like the original? Halfway like the original? Wouldn't be much of a tribute, then, would it? Yes, it's faithful, down to the sound effects and background voices. But it is distinctly different from the original, on every track. I do have a couple of reservations, but ironically, they are about the parts that deviate too much from the original. At times they are jarring—at least, if you know the source material as well as I do.
If you're a collector, this is a must-have. Don't pay attention to the naysayers. They just don't get it.

By: Jeffery J. Craig "Jeff C" (Marysville, WA USA)
It's not your Mother's Pink Floyd. If you are looking for a new way to listen to a great piece of work, this is the CD for you. It keeps the spirit of the music and gives the listener a good perspective of one of rock most talked about works. The mix of musicians and their distinctive styles is hard to listen to at first but it is not as hard as when Roger Waters did the one in Berlin.
Sherwood does a great job in producing the work and makes us feel that the Floyd gave its blessing to do the work in the first place. The listener will like this or hate it, there will be no in-between.
I like this recording. It just was not made to be Pink Floyd's "The Wall"; it was made to honor a great band and recording. And it does do that.

By: J. Hartung "Jimmyjames" (California)
I don't understand why they made this CD... I bought it thinking that it would be the musicians adding a little bit of themselves to the music, their own creativity... they didn't, it is just a copy - What is next? Dark side of the Moon, that sounds exactly like the original? I don't get it. . . .

By: K. Chamberlain (Boise, ID USA)
More for the musicians, less for listeners. I believe that so far what everyone has said about this release is true. It is extremely well-done and it is just a faithful copy, less valuable than the original.
Personally, being a big fan of Yes and many others included here, I enjoy it. However, I'd like to know why they list a track 14 on disc 2 that doesn't exist and how in the world did they get this out with a mis-labeled track list on disc 1?? Amazon has it right, but the disc itself has "Goodbye Blue Sky" incorrectly listed as track 4. .

By: Kenny H (Los Angeles, California USA)
A genuine tribute to one of the greatest bands of our time... It's interesting to see that there are two totally conflicting reviews on here but a review is just one person's opinion after all and the rules of the game say that we're all permitted to state our opinion. I happen to be a huge fan of the original and was intrigued to see this in the Floyd section at my local Tower store. The caliber of the players involved was enough to make me reach for my wallet - Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Steve Howe, Robby Krieger, the list goes on. These aren't studio musicians looking for that next gig. Yes, (no pun intended) it's a track-by-track "reconstruction of Roger Waters' epic master piece" (as the sticker on the front will tell you. ) If you are fan of "The Wall" hopefully you'll be as impressed by what you hear as I was & if you aren't, chances are you probably wont even have read my two cents regarding this CD. I'm just amazed that someone was able to get this many great names together to work on this project. Enjoy the music.

By: Denise Van Slyke (San Diego, CA USA)
Can somebody please explain the point? This album is a complete, faithful remake of Pink Floyd's classic "The Wall," right down to the background voices ("See, she keeps hanging up. . . " "Are you feeling OK?")
There is not even one minor deviation from the source material.
I am sitting here, listening, mouth quite agape, wondering, "Why bother?" It's a faithful copy. In the same way that fake Van Goghs are faithful copies. Or Xeroxes(R). Or counterfeit cash.
I am left at an utter loss to explain why the world needed an empty, cold, cyborg-ish, lifelike replica of the real thing.
Remember the shot-by-shot remake of Hitchcock's "Psycho" a few years back? Same thing, different medium. And just as satisfying.
Which is to say, save your cash.

Return to the Dark Side of the Moon

From the producers of the best selling "Back Against The Wall" comes another new tribute to Pink Floyd's psychedelic masterpiece featuring some of the same artists who performed on Back Against The Wall. There are performances by Adrian Belew (King Crimson), Billy Sherwood (Yes), Robby Krieger (The Doors), Edgar Winter, Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), Colin Moulding (XTC), Alan White (Yes), Tommy Shaw (Styx), Rick Wakeman (Yes), John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia, et al.), Steve Howe (Yes), Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson, Genesis), and Steve Porcaro (Toto), Vinnie Coliauta (Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock Buddy Rich), with award winning actor Malcomm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) and many more.

Once again, these legendary progressive rock musicians have gotten together to recreate THE classic prog rock album of all time, Dark Side of the Moon. And, once again, because this album is a Pink Floyd tribute album it has come under a lot of controversy. Some people like it a lot, and some people don't like it. . . a lot!

Again, controversy stems not only from other musicians performing a classic piece of music. But, because this album in particular has become the most legendary album of the 20th century, it generates even more emotional uproar and scrutiny. And although many songs are performed exactly as they were originally made several are not which has caused much more controversy. To add to the pros and cons, this album contains a new song; ‘Where We Belong,' written and performed by Billy Sherwood. This will be sure to fan the flames of collectors, completists and fans who point toward exact reproduction of a classic, and thrill those who enjoy diversity and the fresh breath of new material.

In any case, like "Back Against The Wall," as tribute albums go, this album has also become popular and is looked upon as one of the best tribute albums made of any legendary piece of music. This album was released after "Back Against The Wall, although it has not had so much critical acclaim nor as many reviews. But, again, I thought I'd write about it and publish the pros and cons of the few reviews for your reading pleasure.

Track Listing

Speak To Me / Breath - Adrian Belew - 5:41

  1. On The Run Alan White - 3:15
  2. Time - Billy Sherwood - 6:56
  3. The Great Gig In The Sky - C.C. White -4:37
  4. Money - Edgar Winter - 6:22
  5. Us And Them - Dweezil Zappa - 7:32
  6. Any Colour You Like - Billy Sherwood -4:11
  7. Brain Damage - Colin Moulding - 3:49
  8. Eclipse - Billy Sherwood - 2:04
  9. Where We Belong - Billy Sherwood - 3:55

US Release: Product Details:

Original Release Date: May 16, 2006
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Cleopatra
In-Print Editions: Audio CD | MP3 Download
Price: 15.99

Import: Product Details:

Audio CD (June 1, 2006)
Original Release Date: May 16, 2006
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: Musea Records France
In-Print Editions: Audio CD | MP3 Download
Price: 25.98


By: L. Coltman (Los Angeles, Ca. USA)
Close But No Cigar. It is always tempting to return to an iconic artistic statement. This may be good in the case of Johnny Cash taking on the Eagles, Beatles, or Trent Reznor. Pink Floyd, however, didn't just write great songs. They also made an art out of recording and production. This means that to simply record a Pink Floyd tune misses the point. To approach this material requires a rethinking of the entire process—catch the Easy Star All-Stars and the brilliant "Dub Side of the Moon"—or lots of youthful energy and passion—try Les Claypool doing "Animals."
In the case of this album, neither innovation or passion saves the day. Each of the tracks is a more or less faithful re-creation of the original. The problems multiply as various and often famous musicians provide competent but often uninspired and even self-serving rehash.
First, The Good:
"Us and Them:" John Wetton provides a world-weary vocal, Scotty Page provides that breathy sax sound, and Pat Mastelotto nails the loping, understated, and almost awkward rhythms of Nick Mason. If your going to do a copy, this is the way you should do it. All the musicians seem more interested in furthering the process than in making themselves sound good.
"Brain Damage" and "Eclipse:" The famous ending tracks feel freshly painted and right on. Credit vocalists Colin Moulding and Billy Sherwood, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, keyboardist Geoff Downes, guitarist Robby Krieger, and the rest for a truly fabulous reading.
Next, The Indifferent:
"Money" has always been proof that the Pink could groove. Indeed, it wasn't until I listened to this remake that I realized how difficult Pink Floyd's particular groove was to achieve. Bill Bruford is a great drummer but he plays only his own groove and doesn't fit into the pocket of others. Tonly Levin, also a great player, doesn't lock down Water's bass part. Boring. "Any Colour You Like" is ruined by Steve Porcaro turning it into a jam band song. Pink Floyd was never a jam band, a fact that many subsequent bands have forgotten. Finally, The Truly Terrible:
"Speak to Me" suffers from the disastrous choices of Jeff Baxter and Alan White. Guitarist Baxter's pedal steel solo meanders where it should sing. Listen to the brilliant Gilmour original. Drummer Alan White turns a minimalist, floating groove into an unpleasant shuffle.
"Time" makes the whole thing worse as Alan White turns the famous Nick Mason tom solo into an overplayed, poorly-timed, riff-fest. The rest of the song never settles down into anything that is easy to listen to. It's funny how the Pink were always accused of being unable to play their instruments.
"The Great Gig in the Sky" is the worst mess of all. Rick Wakeman, one of my heroes, turns in a solo that should have been left on the cutting floor. There is no logic, structure, reason, or investment in the track, sadly. C.C. White has a range I can't even imagine but she's just scatting along as if she's never heard the track. I have laid down plenty of tracks that sounded like these two and I would be embarrassed if any of them saw the light of day. Clare Torry's incredible vocal is missed here.
All in all: For musicians this is almost a necessary recording. It is important to know why things don't work. I have listened to this CD around 15 times since I bought it, trying to learn the lesson. The rest of you should just forget it. Try Les Claypool and The Easy Star All-Stars, instead.

By: Mike Hersh (Maryland USA)
4 out of 5 stars. It was fun to hear these great musicians offer tribute to all time classic. Most of these covers are fun. Return to the Dark Side of the Moon: A Tribute to Pink Floyd is worth a listen if you appreciate this classic album. Some of my favorite aspects of these wonderful songs are notably missing, but there are some interesting reinterpretations from talented artists.

By: Bill Wagner (Portland, OR USA)
5 out of 5 stars. What a Cool Deal. What an all-star line-up, and probably a great deal of fun to do. Imitation, the sincerest form of flattery. I personally love it, to hear a different take on an album that I have owned 3 vinyl copies of plus cassette due to wearing them out from infinite plays. Very cool.

David Gilmour
Live in Gdansk
Vinyl LP Set

Released last Fall, was a 5-vinyl LP set of the full live concert David Gilmour played at the Gdansk, Poland shipyards. This deluxe packaged set includes Pink Floyd favorites such as "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" and "Breathe," as well as five bonus tracks! Also included is a "web pass" to download the entire audio package as well as a 20 page booklet and commemorative poster.

This is a beautifully presented package. The box is long and sturdy. Each CD has its own sleeve. The artwork and booklet are first class with large glossy photos, tracklisting and production/mastering credits. Also included is a guitar pick, a duplication of a Gdansk ticket, backstage pass, and of course the collectors item poster.

The vinyl is high grade 180gm. However the most important part is the music. The sound quality is fantastic and the production values are superb. It may be one of the best sounding records you will ever hear. You're not likely to be disappointed.

Product Details:

LP Record (November 24, 2008)
Original Release Date: September 23, 2008
Number of Discs: 5
Format: Box set, Live
Label: Sony
Price on $92.13 New, $75.96 Used

The Re-release of A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

Has it already been over 20 years since the 1987 release of A Momentary Lapse Of Reason? Oh my god am I old! A Momentary Lapse Of Reason was the first album of David Gilmour's version of Pink Floyd following the departure of Roger Waters. Many thought this album tried too hard to sound like Pink Floyd of Yore. Yet, Steve O'Rourke, Pink Floyd's manager at the time, would not allow it to be released because it sounded like a David Gilmour solo album and didn't sound like Pink Floyd. So it was worked upon until he was satisfied. In fact, because it took 6 others outside of the band to write the songs, it was looked upon as a "Pink Farce" album. Ironically it was just last year that the U.S. release of the ‘A Momentary Lapse Of Reason' CD was discontinued by Sony BMG. However, never fear... just in case you were freaking out... the album is being reissued by Capitol Records on June 2nd of this year.

Originally released in 1987, this 1997 re-mastered version is now available through EMI, and features David Gilmour along with Floyd members Nick Mason & Richard Wright along with guests Tony Levin, Carmine Appice, Jim Keltner.

Audio CD (June 2, 2009)
September 8, 1987
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Capitol

Track Listing:

  1. Signs of Life [Instrumental]
  2. Learning to Fly
  3. Dogs of War
  4. One Slip
  5. On the Turning Away
  6. Yet Another Movie/Round and Around
  7. New Machine, Pt. 1
  8. Terminal Frost
  9. New Machine, Pt. 2
  10. 1Sorrow


Pink Floyd FAQ

Recently announced, this new Pink Floyd book takes a slightly different angle on Pink Floyd's history, and the facts, figures and trivia relating to the band.

More than four decades since their first album, and 35 years after the release of the iconic Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd continue to inspire and mystify rock fans around the world.

Pink Floyd FAQ, by pop culture author Stuart Shea, lays out the band's strange, winding history through a new series of prisms. What were the band's most memorable gigs? What are their greatest moments on record, as a group and individually? What contemporary records influenced them, and which performers follow in their wake? What was it like to be at a Pink Floyd show in 1967, in 1973, in 1980? Pink Floyd FAQ tells the band's story, dissects their most popular work, and provides little-known facts, all adding up to a provocative must-read for fans.

With 400 pages of stories, history, observation, opinion, photos, and reminiscences from those who were there, Pink Floyd FAQ will discuss frankly what made the band great - as well as note their not-so-great moments - and their place in modern pop culture, giving credit where credit is due - and maybe puncturing some inflatable pigs along the way.

Pink Floyd FAQ, by Stuart Shea (a Hal Leonard author).
Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Backbeat Books (September 1, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0879309504
ISBN-13: 978-0879309503
List price 19.99 - Amazon price 13.59


Pink Floyd Sue EMI Over Royalties

Pink Floyd are suing EMI and its private equity firm owners Terra Firma, claiming that the label has miscalculated their royalty payments. London's ‘Observer' newspaper in the UK broke the story, noting that the band have been one of EMI's most lucrative signings, with only The Beatles outselling them.

EMI was taken over in 2007 by Terra Firma, and since then some major acts have left the label, most notably Radiohead, Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones. The Observer said that industry insiders think the legal action is likely to have flared up amid routine three-yearly negotiations over royalty payments. This was confirmed by The Guardian, another London newspaper. According to The Guardian, legal action occurred during the band's negotiations over payments that occur every three years.

Pink Floyd have been with the label since 1967, though in the last few years EMI has alienated a number of its most high-profile artists. Radiohead ditched EMI after re-negotiations failed, opting to self-release In Rainbows. Paul McCartney departed after 45 years to link up with Starbucks' then-emerging HearMusic for 2007's Memory Almost Full, saying EMI had become "boring" and "Everybody at EMI had become part of the furniture. I'd be a couch; Coldplay are an armchair." The Rolling Stones also took their back catalog and left EMI's Virgin Records, signing with Universal in July 2008. The Stones released a statement when news of their new deal broke, saying, "Universal are forward thinking, creative and hands-on music people."

Terra Firma bought EMI in May 2007, and in early 2008 CEO Guy Hands told Rolling Stone he would overhaul the company by cutting costs, consolidating departments and courting corporate sponsors to put their brand on specific artists' music. The exact terms of the lawsuit weren't revealed, and both EMI and Pink Floyd declined to comment on the case. It is because only the Beatles have outsold Pink Floyd's back catalog, that this may be a battle over millions in lost royalties. The band's Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall are among the best-selling albums of all time.

(Story by Daniel Kreps - reprinted from the Rolling Stone website 4/20/09)

The Wall in Galway?

Roger Waters approved a performance of The Wall which was held in Ireland to benefit a pair of charities. Galway's ‘Genesis Theatre Group' presented a stage adaptation of Pink's story at Leisureland from Thursday to Saturday (March 26th to 28th) at 8.30pm. With elaborate staging, and a large number of performers, it was said to be an absorbing show.

Producer, Sean O'Maille, reflected that The Wall "resonated with my own life very closely. Looking at the film was like looking at my life on the screen. When I saw the performance of The Wall in Berlin, in 1990, I thought it would be a great idea to do it as a stage show. The idea has stayed with me since and as this is the 30th anniversary I thought... Let's do it."

"I wrote to him (Roger), telling him about the company, what we wanted to do, and how I felt The Wall resonated with my life. It took three months to get a response but he gave it the rubber stamp. He said "Go for it" and "it's nice to get that validation". His letter to me is framed and on my wall."

The show included a 28-piece choir, The Bricks, along with a children's choir for ‘Another Brick'. With projections, short films, Gerald Scarfe's animations and a ten-foot high wall being constructed, along with some other props to help tell the story.

"I think it will move people," Seán said, "and because of the themes it deals with, the show will be making a donation to Console and The Samaritans." Console is a registered charity supporting and helping people bereaved from the suicide of loved ones.

Tickets were £25-30 plus booking fee.

(Thanks to for the info on this story.)

The Resurrection of the Azimuth Co-ordinator

L ast seen in October 2003 as part of the stunning "Interstellar" exhibition in Paris, Pink Floyd's legendary, and pioneering, surround sound controller, The Azimuth Co-ordinator is once again on display.

Developed in the late 1960s and used at Abbey Road Studios, it employed the use of four large rheostats which enabled a simulation of 360 degree sound for the band's early live music around the concert halls around the world. There were actually two Azimuth Co-ordinator's- the first was stolen, requiring the second to be built ready for the band's appearance at London's Royal Festival Hall in 1969.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London have resurrected their Theatre Collection in a new gallery, which opened to the public on March 18th, and amongst the few rock music items is the Azimuth Co-ordinator.

It has been reported that the Victoria and Albert Museum hope that having the Floyd equipment alongside other things such as the original Rolling Stones "tongue" artwork, will encourage people to come forward with other items.

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NewsFlash June 2009

Roger In Palastine

Roger Waters Will Perform If Israel Tears Down the Wall

(From REG issue #49)

Composer and former bassist and singer of British rock band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, is seen while touring Israel's separation barrier in the West Bank refugee camp of Aida in Bethlehem, Tuesday, June 2, 2009.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Waters denounced the wall as a land grab by Israel, said it must come down and promised to hold a concert on that spot if it does.

On Tuesday June 2nd 2009, Pink Floyd's former frontman, Roger Waters, paid a repeat visit to the West Bank separation wall in Israel, a place he visited three years ago.

Speaking to the Associated Press, he said he hoped that "this awful thing is destroyed soon."
"People who haven't actually seen this, what's going on here, can't actually imagine the impression that it has on you, the sick, kind of churning feeling that you get in your very heart when you see this, how depressing it is," Waters said.

Visiting a Palestinian refugee camp in the shadows of the towering concrete structure, the British rocker who co-wrote the iconic 1970s album "The Wall" said he hopes "this awful thing is destroyed soon."

Waters, 65, said the West Bank wall has been on his mind since he first saw it up close in what he described as an eye-opening visit in 2006, following a concert in Israel.

Water's comments didn't sit very well with Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev, who, quoting The Wall's most famous lyric, said "we don't need no education" from Waters.

Israel began building the barrier - a concrete wall in urban areas and fence with sensors and barbed wire along rural stretches - in 2002 following Palestinian bombings and shooting attacks on Israeli civilians. Israel insists it's a temporary security measure.

Palestinians say it's a land grab because, once the final third of the wall is built, it will slice off 10 percent of the West Bank, which is a part of the lands they want for their eventual Palestinian state.

The stretch of barrier between Jerusalem and the biblical West Bank town of Bethlehem consists of graffiti covered gray slabs, with army watchtowers rising up at intervals.

At an Israeli-run wall crossing, large crowds of Palestinians wait in long lines, particularly during morning rush hour, to reach jobs in Israel. On the northern outskirts of Bethlehem, the Aida refugee camp, home to about 5,000 Palestinians, abuts the wall. Palestinian officials often escort foreign dignitaries to the camp — among them Pope Benedict XVI during his recent Holy Land pilgrimage — to illustrate the disruption of daily life by the barrier.

Waters dismissed Israel's security argument, saying he believes the wall "is not here to stop Israelis being blown up on buses." He said if that was the sole reason, "what's it doing in the occupied territories, surrounding settlements and cutting (Palestinian) farmers off from their olive trees and so on and so forth?" "This is an exercise of colonialism," said Waters.

Regev said the barrier has sharply reduced Palestinian attacks, which have killed hundreds of Israelis since the outbreak of Israeli-Palestinian fighting in 2000. "We don't need no education about suicide bombers coming into Israel and murdering innocent people, and how the security barrier has prevented that by more than 95 percent."

But Waters said he believes the barrier is indefensible."When you stand in front of an edifice like this, whether it's here or outside a township in South Africa, or in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Second World War, or in Berlin in the 60s and 70s, it's something you know instinctively that this is wrong. It's a bad thing," he said. "It cannot survive forever."

Speaking to the Associated Press reporters he stated that if it does come down one day, he'll perform at the site, as he did in Berlin 1990 where that wall had fallen. "In fact, I would insist on it," he said. In the meantime, he's considering performing elsewhere in the West Bank, perhaps in the town of Ramallah, but has not made firm plans.

On Monday, Waters visited a refugee camp in the northern town of Jenin to support efforts to reopen a local movie house that closed in 1987.

When he played in Israel in 2006, he was criticized by Palestinian activists trying to organize a cultural boycott of Israel. Waters said he now feels ambivalent about having performed in Israel.

Waters, who left Pink Floyd in 1985, ruled out a reunion with his former band mates; their last joint performance was in 2005, for a Live 8 concert. "We had a great career as Pink Floyd. We all enjoyed it. We all worked together and enjoyed everything and it was brilliant. I think it's over," he said.

You can also view video clips of Roger speaking at the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School in Jerusalem in which Roger slams the Israeli occupation, saying the Palestinians "don't have a pot to piss in":

Part 1 (

Part 2 (

(Sources: The Associated Press, the LA Times and other Internet news organizations. Images from the War on Want website.)

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NewsFlash August 2009

Roger Waters stars in "Walled Horizons"

Roger Waters narrates and is featured in the film "Walled Horizons" which premiered in East Jerusalem, Wednesday August 19th 2009 at the Al-Hakawati Theatre.

The film is a documentary which examines the humanitarian impact of the Wall dividing the Israeli West Bank. Narrated by Roger Waters, the film showcase's Roger's visits to Palastine and the Wall while he comments on his observations. The film also features several of the Palestinians affected by the Wall, and also includes three Israeli senior security officials, two of whom were directly responsible the planning and development of the wall and its route through Palastine. They explain the Israeli rational for constructing the Wall.

The date of the premier of "Walled Horizons" was chosen because it is the anniversary of the first World Humanitarian Day, as well as the fifth anniversary of the negative indictment of the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on the Wall.

Roger is featured in the opening shot of this 15-minute documentary walking beside a concrete section of the "separation barrier," upon which is painted the graffiti of a sleeping giant.

"The reason for walls is always fear, whether the personal walls that we build around ourselves or walls like this that frightened governments build around themselves", Roger explains. "They are always expressions of a deep-seated insecurity.
"It fills me with horror, the thought of living in a giant prison," Waters continues, as the camera watches him spray-painting "We don't need no thought control" on the separation wall.

Speaking to the Associated Press on visit to the area last June, (see the article in the previous issue of REG) Waters stated that he hoped "this awful thing is destroyed soon." "People who haven't actually seen this, what's going on here, can't actually imagine the impression that it has on you, the sick, kind of churning feeling that you get in your very heart when you see this, how depressing it is," Waters said. He promised that if it does come down one day, he'll perform at the site, as he did in Berlin 1990 where that wall had fallen. "In fact, I would insist on it," he said.

According to Roger's Manager this film should soon be made available on 'You Tube,' so watch for it there.

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NewsFlash September 2009

Roger Waters Walled Horizons documentary on YouTube

Roger Waters - WALLED HORIZONS on YouTube

In the last few issues of the REG magazine we have run news stories about Roger Waters' involvement with the Israeli/Palastinian struggle and especially his abhorance of the "Separation Security Barrier" erected by the Israeli government which walls off Palastine from Israel.

To recap the story in the last issue: Roger Waters visited Israel and Palestine (Bethlehem, Jerusalem and The West Bank) earlier this year, and starred in, and narrated a documentary about The Wall there titled Walled Horizons. The film is a documentary which examines the humanitarian impact of the Wall dividing the Israeli West Bank. Narrated by Roger Waters, the film showcase's Roger's visits to Palastine and the Wall while he comments on his observations. The film also features several of the Palestinians affected by the Wall, and also includes three Israeli senior security officials, two of whom were directly responsible the planning and development of the wall and its its route through Palastine. They explain the Israeli position for constructing the Wall.

Roger is featured in the opening shot of this 15-minute documentary walking beside a concrete section of the separation barrier, upon which is painted the graffiti of a giant lying on its back. The documentary was produced by The United Nations Jerusalem, and even Mark Fenwick, Roger's manager gets a special thanks at the end.

"The reason for walls is always fear, whether the personal walls that we build around ourselves or walls like this that frightened governments build around themselves", Roger explains. "They are always expressions of a deep-seated insecurity.

"It fills me with horror, the thought of living in a giant prison," Waters continues, as the camera watches him spray-painting "We don't need no thought control" on the separation wall.

As a follow-up to our story about the Walled Horizons documentary, we bring you a link to the actual video of this documentary as well as the commentary Roger recently made in an interview in regard to it.

This documentary is a really fantastic video to watch and is available on youtube in two parts. Here are the web links to browse to in order to watch this impressive documentary, and to hear and see Roger Waters explain the plight of the Palestinian people in regard to this WALL as he expresses his horror at the prison state it forms.

The documentary comes scored with music from Pink Floyd's The Wall, and is highly recommended for ALL Roger Waters fans to see!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Roger Talks About Walled Horizons

In an interview with Roger Waters done on August 28th by the BBC's World Service radio station, Roger talks about his involvement with the movement against the current wall, and how it related to the original concept for the 1979 album.

You can listen to the interview via the website.

(REG has trasncribed this interview for our members in the latest REG magazine issue.)

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NewsFlash November 2009

Roger Waters Poised To Tour The WALL In 2010 and 2011

For many months I've been deluged by fans wanting to know just what Roger Waters is up to, and if he will be releasing a new album, or going on tour, or helping to produce The Wall on Broadway.

With the changes to his official website, many fans have wondered what the heck is going on. Some have even begun to hear rumors regarding Roger touring The Wall in the next year. Well remember... until you hear it from an accredited source... rumor is just that... only rumor.

Well... now it's official! REG has received word from Roger's management that Roger Waters is "considering touring The Wall in 2010 and 2011." It's obviously early days, but REG will keep you posted when we have more concrete news for you.

Normally Roger's manager will not announce a tour until many or most of the dates and venues of the first leg of a tour have been booked and confirmed. This means that there is a ton of work going on behind the scenes right now among the Waters management team and staff.

Over the past few months I've asked Roger's management many questions in regard to what Roger is doing currently, and what if any, Roger's plans are for the future. I recently received some answers.

Wall Tour Not Yet Confirmed

Asked if there was any confirmation yet of The Wall tour, and what shows and venues Roger might play?

I was told: "We'll keep you posted as to the tour when everything is confirmed."

No New Waters Album

I asked if there were anything else Roger is working on or doing? Will there be a new album forthcoming sometime in the future?

I was told: (There is) "No new album in the pipeline."

Waters Website To Be Replaced by Pink Floyd Website

I've been deluged by many fans asking about Roger's official website, first being inactive... then being taken down entirely, and now being replaced by a Sony splash screen. What can I tell my readers and fanclub members in regard to the behavior of the site? Was the site taken down because it wasn't being properly managed? If so, will the site now be under new management? Or, is there some new release happening soon for which the site is being revamped?

I was told that: "Roger's website is closed, because we're working on a Pink Floyd Website on which the individual members will also feature."

DSOTM Tour DVD In the Works

I've also been inundated by fans asking why there was no DVD made from any of the DSOTM tours. If there was ever a more spectacular multimedia show that should have been forever captured on film, the DSOTM shows were it! Why was a DVD never made?

I was told: "Roger is working on a film of the TDSOTM Live show but until it is finished there will be no release scheduled."

Finally there's word on a DSOTM Tour DVD. I can't wait! The Waters site being replaced by a Floyd site is more than extremely curious. Could this mean some sort of reunion? Could it be Possible that Dave and Nick will tour The Wall with Roger? Stay tuned to the REG website for the latest tour confirmation, information, and dates of the shows. Things could be happening very soon, and info as well as tour dates and ticket sale dates will be coming in fast and furious!

Look to REG for authentic, credible and factual information concerning Roger Waters.

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