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NewsFlash Winter 01/17/11 Roger Interviewed on BBC

NewsFlash Winter 03/25/11 Roger Interviewed on NPR

NewsFlash Spring 04/06/11 REG Rapids from Issue 53

NewsFlash Spring 03/11/11 Roger Calls for Boycott


NewsFlash Summer 06/03/11 Roger Interviewed on BBC

NewsFlash Summer 2011 Roger Interviewed on Planet Rock

NewsFlash Summer 2011 Roger Interviewed on Absolute Radio

NewsFlash Sept. 2011 REG Rapids from Issue 54

NewsFlash Sept. 2011 Rolling Stone Article Sept. 11

NewsFlash Oct. 2011 Roger Matches Donations to Charity

NewsFlash Nov. 2011 Roger Speaks on the OCCUPY Movement

NewsFlash Winter 2011

BBC Roger Takes THE WALL On Tour
Roger Waters Interviewed on BBC

Pink Floyd released The Wall thirty years ago, which remains one of the biggest selling albums of all time.

To mark the anniversary, the man who wrote it, Roger Waters, is taking it on tour, with performances in America and Europe.

Roger Waters speaks to arts correspondent Rebecca Jones about the album and tour.

Click here to listen to the interview:

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NewsFlash March 2011

Roger Waters is interviewed on Radio Program; NPR World Cafe

On Friday March 25th, Roger was interviewed on member-supported NPR (National Public Radio). During the 30 minute interview on the "World Cafe" program, Roger Waters discusses The Wall Tour with WXPN's Michaela Majount.

Pink Floyd left an incredible footprint on the musical community. And at its core was George Roger Waters, who in 1968 became the primary songwriter and conceptual leader of the group. As a result of the songwriter's work, which includes the albums The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall, Pink Floyd became a worldwide phenomenon.

Waters infamously split from the group in 1985, but continued to record solo records and perform Pink Floyd songs in concert. In 1996, he was enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2005, he reunited with his former bandmates for one Pink Floyd show at the benefit concert series Live 8.

Roger is heard commenting in detail regarding the history and making of The Wall, both the album and the movie and the similarities and differences in it's message when it was made and now as well as the differnces in the new tour and the original Pink Floyd shows.

This interview which was originally aired March 25 was transcribed and published in REG Newsletter/magazine issue 54.

See the interview here:

Or here:


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NewsFlash Spring 04/06/11

REG Rapids

REG Rapids
Roger Waters News and Current Events
From REG Magazine Issue 53 - Winter 2010\2011

Limited Edition "Roger Waters - The Album Collection" To Be Released

Set to be released on April 4th and 5th, to coincide with the European leg of The Wall Live tour, is "Roger Waters - The Album Collection." This will be a limited edition that will only be available during the tour. The 8-disc box set is a collection of his studio and live albums housed in a black box with a lift-off lid containing mini-LP replica CD albums, and includes a 16-page booklet.

The collection is being released by Sony Music and consists of The Pros & Cons of HitchHiking, Radio KAOS, Amused To Death, In The Flesh Live (2CD & 1DVD disc set), and Ca Ira (2CD set).

Unfortunately, Roger has not released an album of new music for almost 20 years, since Amused To Death in 1992, so there isn't any new music included in this box set. But at $46.55, for collectors and fans alike this is a fantastic and reasonably priced treasure-trove of classic and legendary Roger Waters music.

The "Roger Waters - The Album Collection" can be pre-ordered through websites (Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, and, or other websites such as and, as well as other retailers worldwide.

Also set for a re-release on March 28th is the compilation album "Flickering Flame." Flickering Flame was a limited release album that was sold during the 2002 World tour. It has not been available for sale since Dec. 31st 2002. The album features tracks not found on other albums such as the title track Flickering Flame, Each Small Candle, Knocking On Heaven's Door, and Lost Boys Calling. The re-release will be of the black cover version and not the limited edition bright reddish-Pink colored cover version. It can also be purchased through Amazon as well as other retailers.

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Roger Waters' Solo Albums To Be Remasterd and Released on Vinyl

March 2011 - In an interview in the 2011 edition of "The Absolute Sound" Guide to Vinyl Playback, Doug Sax, mastering engineer for Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Pink Floyd since 1983, announced he would be remastering Roger Waters' albums for release on vinyl.

Mr. Sax was asked if the technology had changed in terms of his work. He answered that "As far as the LP is concerned, no. As far as what might feed the LP, yes, because now you might be feeding it from digital files, from high-resolution 192 or 96/24-bit, which supplies a very reliable and consistent source. But surprisingly the only real improvement has ostensibly been going to DMM [Direct Metal Mastering] cutting and that's had flaws in the past - it never won audiophile support. Now, they've apparently fixed the flaws, and they have better copper.

"But for rock'n'roll, for high-energy music? For example, I'm going to be doing the Roger Waters albums on vinyl and they have extraordinary low end, requiring an astonishing amount of vertical modulation. We use up the full depth available on a lacquer master. You can't do anything like that on DMM. It's very thin; you can't go deep. For that kind of thing it could be an absolute joke."

The project to create these vinyl remasters has yet to begin so it will be some time before there's any release.

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The Wall in Australia!
Will The Wall Tour extend into 2012?
Roger Waters Wall Tour Promoter Gives Clues in an Interview by Pollstar

In an interview published Sunday January 2, 2011 on the Pollstar website, Ron Delsener, who has recently taken over the Roger Waters Wall Live tour, revealed The Wall tour may be going to Australia and beyond.

Ron Delsener, who has been a concert promoter for the last 50 years, and now in charge of The Wall Tour promotion reveals that his involvement in the tour started in 2009, and at that stage, Roger had already been working on it for a year and a half, alongside Sean Evans and Andy Jennison.

He noted that "Roger changed the show every night. He added one archival camera. He reviewed the show every night. He went back to the hotel where he, Andy and Sean would go over changes as dictated by Roger. Little things that no one could pick up but Roger did, whether it be sound or visual."

On the subject of the possibility of return dates in North America, he stated "You never know. Now he's got Australia, two to six shows there, maybe more. And so, if they go to Australia, the question is where do they go from there? That's a question for (tour manager) Andrew Zweck. Do they do Japan? I don't know if Floyd was ever big there. That's a question-mark. Singapore? Where do you go from Singapore? China? I don't think so. So it's very tricky to take all that stuff over there, and it's huge for just six to 10 shows. So they're trying to ascertain right now whether they should continue through the fall of 2011, or perhaps 2012! That's up in the air right now.

"Meanwhile, I've presented something that is currently very sketchy to return to markets, very few, for a one-night-only encore performance and/or secondary markets where he hasn't played. We've mapped out a little tour about that and it's up to Roger whether he's in the mood, or if it's financially feasible to make this thing work on the secondary markets where the ticket prices have to be a little lower. Especially with this economy. It's hard to get a $250 ticket in Albany."

REG members may be able to read the full interview by visiting, creating a user account, loging in and searching for the full interview:

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Roger Waters The Wall on DVD!
Roger Waters confirms filming/recording plans for Wall tour

In late December 2010 an announcement on the tour page of confirmed the filming and recording plans for The Wall Tour ending many months of speculation as to whether or not filming and the resultant DVD would ever occur. No mention was given as to why after 3 years of the Dark Side of the Moon Tour, which was equally as spectacular, no filming was ever done nor a DVD ever made.

The announcement stated: "Roger Waters will be filming and recording all 6 shows at The O2 Arena in London in May. For these shows, photographs are permitted but we must insist on NO Flash photography. Flash wipes out the images projected on the Wall, which are the most important part of the show. Any person who uses Flash will have their camera confiscated and could be removed from the Arena."

There was no mention when any DVD might be expected to be released. And, because David Gilmour had promised Roger Waters that he would play at one of Roger's The Wall shows during his tour, rumors and expectations abound that the promised appearance might be at one of the London shows. But this has been the subject of much debate!

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Roger Waters interviewed by AlJazeera

On March 4th, shortly before the beginning of Roger Waters' 2011 European The Wall tour, Roger Waters was interviewed by Riz Khan on AlJazeera English news channel and website. Roger was actually in the AlJazeera studios for the video interview. Roger was asked abouit his visit's to Palastine and Israel in the past several years as well as his concert there in 2006. Roger is very candid in regard to his political views and about what he sees the Palastinians as an oppressed people.

The entire video interview can be seen on the aljazeera website or on Youtube...

Or See it here:

Thanks to REG Member Mitch Stillman, REG has transcribed the full interview for our members in REG issue 54.

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A note from Roger on Facebook Thursday, September 30, 2010
Roger Waters Responds To Critics Who Say He Is An Anti-Semite

I want to clarify something that has come up recently. In a recent news item, Abraham Foxman, head of the anti-defamation league (ADL), accuses my new production of "The Wall" and by implication me, of anti-Semitism.

Had he come to my show before passing judgment and commenting publicly, he might have held his peace. The song to which he refers, "Goodbye Blue Sky", describes how we, the military and civilians alike, suffer trauma in the aftermath of war.

The visual that accompanies the song shows waves of B52 bombers dropping various symbols from bomb bays on a war ravaged landscape. The symbols are, in no particular order, a Crucifix, a Hammer and sickle, a Star of David, A Crescent and Star, a Mercedes sign, a dollar sign, and a Shell Oil sign.

There are no hidden meanings in the order or juxtaposition of these symbols as Mr. Foxman asserts. The point I am trying to make is that the bombardment we are all subject to by conflicting religious, political, and economic ideologies only encourages us to turn on one another.

In so far as "The Wall" has a political message it seeks only to illuminate and encourage peace and cooperation. Incidentally, being from England, I had never heard of the ADL until today, but I have googled them and I see from their mission statement of 1913 that their brief is not only to defend the Jewish people from defamation, but also, "to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens alike and to put an end forever to unjust and unfair discrimination against and ridicule of any sect or body of citizens".

Why don't we all focus on that lofty ideal and stop throwing stones at one another.


(From Roger Waters' page on Facebook thanks to REG member Mitch Stillman for sending this in.)

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Roger Waters Wall tour - Wins Concert Industry Award

February 2011 - The 22nd annual Pollstar Concert Industry Awards took place at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on Saturday night February 5th. The annual Pollstar Concert Industry awards are voted upon and awarded by experts and professionals who work in field of concert production and staging.

Of the award winners at this years ceremony was Roger Waters who won in two of the major categories: "Major Tour of the Year," and "Most Creative Stage Production." Congratulations go out to Roger and his team responsible for this astonishing show.

Check out the Live Design Online website, for an exhaustive and in-depth look at all the technical aspects behind the tour production. You can read the thoughts of production designer Mark Fisher and creative director Sean Evans, take a look at the schematics for the staging, and see pictures of the tour, in part one of Live Design's coverage - or read the full story in the January-February issue of Live Design.

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Roger Waters: The Wall Berlin 1990 Anniversary Package Released

A commemorative release of the 1990 Berlin Wall concert by Roger Waters marking the 21st anniversary year of the show, was released in March 2011 on DVD. Initially the release was also to be on Blu-ray as well, however those plans have now been dropped.

In addition to the release of the standard edition DVD, Universal has also released a special 2DVD/2CD set package which includes previously unreleased material including the original concert edit. So fans will be able to see and hear the concert as it happened, rather than the originally released version which resolved the power outage problems by using footage from the dress rehearsals. Many of us that were lucky to be at the show were able to enjoy the scene of Roger tap-dancing while the power problem was resolved - but soon, everyone should able to see this and much more!

The new material which is featured on both edition releases is:

The additional content on the 2DVD/2CD package includes:

Included in this anniversary package is a new 20 page booklet with new liners notes by Daryl Easlea.

However since this anniversary package was announced there is now some confusion regarding whether or not the special edition release will be a 2DVD/2CD or a 1DVD/2CD release. The links at state in one section that this the special edition release has 3 discs, and in another section it states that the release is a 2DVD/2CD release. Therefore it is advised that you don't pre-order and double-check when placing an order that you are buying the desired edition. Amazon has priced the Roger Waters: The Wall Berlin 1990 Anniversary Special Edition Package at $40.49

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Roger Chides Cell Phone Video Recording as Disrespectful

On February 25th 2011, a few months after the end of the 2010 The Wall Tour, Roger Waters wrote the following comments on his FaceBook page regarding cell phones, filming texting and twittering during the shows:

I've been at the editing suite today looking at some of the footage of the North American shows that we shot as an aid to making a proper film of the show later for Theatrical and Blu-ray release.

I am struck by the number of cell phones held aloft to film bits of the show and also by the amount of flash photography and the number of people texting and twittering.

This is a minority of the audience but a significant minority.What do we all think of this?

For my part I would never turn on a cell phone at any musical event, whether it's at The Met, The Garden or anywhere else. It would seem to me to show a lack of respect to and care for fellow concert goers or for that matter for the artist. Apart from anything else, how could I possibly truly experience the thing I'd paid to see and hear, if I was fiddling with an iPhone, filming or twittering or chatting or whatever?

Anyway, this is a question not a general admonition, I am genuinely interested to know what you think.


(Thanks to REG Member Robynne Wildman Cote for sending this in.)

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NewsFlash Spring 03/11/11

Roger Waters Calls For Boycott

I want the music industry to support Palestinians' rights and oppose this inhumane barrier

Roger Waters speaks out in an article in the Guardian ( Friday 11 March 2011 21.30 GMT

In 1980, a song I wrote, Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, was banned by the government of South Africa because it was being used by black South African children to advocate their right to equal education. That apartheid government imposed a cultural blockade, so to speak, on certain songs, including mine. Twenty-five years later, in 2005, Palestinian children participating in a West Bank festival used the song to protest against Israel's wall around the West Bank. They sang: "We don't need no occupation! We don't need no racist wall!" At the time, I hadn't seen firsthand what they were singing about.

A year later I was contracted to perform in Tel Aviv. Palestinians from a movement advocating an academic and cultural boycott of Israel urged me to reconsider. I had already spoken out against the wall, but I was unsure whether a cultural boycott was the right way to go.

The Palestinian advocates of a boycott asked that I visit the occupied Palestinian territory to see the wall for myself before I made up my mind. I agreed.

Under the protection of the United Nations I visited Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw that day. The wall is an appalling edifice to behold. It is policed by young Israeli soldiers who treated me, a casual observer from another world, with disdainful aggression. If it could be like that for me, a foreigner, a visitor, imagine what it must be like for the Palestinians, for the underclass, for the passbook carriers. I knew then that my conscience would not allow me to walk away from that wall, from the fate of the Palestinians I met: people whose lives are crushed daily by Israel's occupation. In solidarity, and somewhat impotently, I wrote on their wall that day: "We don't need no thought control."

Realising at that point that my presence on a Tel Aviv stage would inadvertently legitimise the oppression I had seen, I cancelled my gig at the stadium in Tel Aviv and moved it to Neve Shalom, an agricultural community devoted to growing chick peas and also, admirably, to co-operation between different faiths, where Muslim, Christian and Jew work side by side in harmony. Against all expectations it was to become the biggest music event in the short history of Israel. Some 60,000 fans battled traffic jams to attend. It was extraordinarily moving for us, and at the end of the gig I was moved to exhort the young people gathered there to demand of their government that they attempt to make peace with their neighbours and respect the civil rights of Palestinians living in Israel.

Sadly, in the intervening years the Israeli government has made no attempt to implement legislation that would grant rights to Israeli Arabs equal to those enjoyed by Israeli Jews, and the wall has grown, inexorably, illegally annexing more and more of the West Bank.

For the people of Gaza, locked in a virtual prison behind the wall of Israel's illegal blockade, it means another set of injustices. It means that children go to sleep hungry, many chronically malnourished. It means that fathers and mothers, unable to work in a decimated economy, have no means to support their families. It means that university students with scholarships to study abroad must watch the opportunity of a lifetime slip away because they are not allowed to travel.

In my view, the abhorrent and draconian control that Israel wields over the besieged Palestinians in Gaza and the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank (including East Jerusalem), coupled with its denial of the rights of refugees to return to their homes in Israel, demands that fair-minded people around the world support the Palestinians in their civil, nonviolent resistance.

Where governments refuse to act people must, with whatever peaceful means are at their disposal. For me this means declaring an intention to stand in solidarity, not only with the people of Palestine but also with the many thousands of Israelis who disagree with their government's policies, by joining the campaign of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel.

My conviction is born in the idea that all people deserve basic human rights. This is not an attack on the people of Israel. This is, however, a plea to my colleagues in the music industry, and also to artists in other disciplines, to join this cultural boycott.

Artists were right to refuse to play in South Africa's Sun City resort until apartheid fell and white people and black people enjoyed equal rights. And we are right to refuse to play in Israel until the day comes and it surely will come when the wall of occupation falls and Palestinians live alongside Israelis in the peace, freedom, justice and dignity that they all deserve.

Reprinted from the website
Thanks to REG member Dag Reme

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NewsFlash Spring 05/12/11


Roger, Dave and Nick Together Again

David Gilmour made good on his promise to perform at one of Roger's The Wall shows. After Roger Waters performed with Gilmour during the Hoping Foundation charity benefit last year, Dave promised to perform at one of Roger's The Wall concerts during his upcoming tour.

After much speculation and rumor throughout Roger's 2010 and 2011 The Wall tour, during the May 12th show at London's 02 Arena, David Gilmour joined Roger Waters performing a memorable and nostalgic Comfortably Numb atop the wall.

See it here:

Unfortunately David Gilmour did not perform during the entire show, however, he did come back for an encore of Outside The Wall. It was a moving site before the song as David and Roger greeted each other. Roger thanked David for taking part in the show, but then surprised everyone when he asked Nick Mason to join them on stage. During Outside The Wall, Roger played trumpet, David played mandolin, and Nick played a tamborine!

See it here:

Although, without Rick Wright, it wasn't exactly a Pink Floyd Reunion such as happened at Live 8, it was a significant sight to see all 3 remaining members of Pink Floyd together again on stage. Wouldn't it be a dream come true if they'd do an album in Rick's memory and tour together one last time?

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NewsFlash June 2011

Roger Waters Interveiwed on the BBC Radio program Desert Island Discs

Kirsty Young's castaway is the musician Roger Waters.
As one of the founding members of the band Pink Floyd, he has seen huge critical and commercial success. But in 1985 he walked away from the group and years of acrimony followed. They were reunited for one final performance, twenty years later, for Live 8. It was a moment many of their fans thought they would not live to see and it was, he says, highly emotional.

"We did a run through on the Friday night and it was remarkable, there were about fifty or sixty people working on the site, putting out rubbish bins or whatever it was they were doing and they all stopped and at the end they all applauded - that was a very moving moment."

Listen now (45 minutes):
broadcast on Fri, 3 Jun 2011, 09:00 on BBC Radio 4

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NewsFlash July 2011

Roger Waters Interviewed on UKs Planet Rock

The former Pink Floyd man will be talking to Planet Rock tonight Roger kicks off his European tour of The Wall this week in Europe and he spoke to Liz last week about what fans can expect from these live shows. Tune in to hear Roger's thoughts on the relevance of the tour at this time, and about the future of Pink Floyd as he sees it.

Hear the Interview here:

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NewsFlash July 2011

Roger Waters is Interviewed on UK Radio Program; Absolute Radio

Legendary Pink Floyd band member Roger Waters chats with UKs Absolute Radio's Russ Williams about his latest 'The Wall' tour in 2011. Roger discusses the history of the making of the album, falling out with his band mates, and using modern technology to create The Wall. Watch more great video interviews right now at

See and hear it here:

REG will be printing a transcription of this interview in a future REG issue.

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NewsFlash Sept. 2011

From REG Rapids
Issue number 54 of REG The Internationl Roger Waters Fan Club Newsletter\Magazine.

Waters Bass Guitar Sold at Auction For Charity

The instrument most famously associated with Roger Waters is a Black Fender Electric Bass Guitar. Over the past 41 years, whether a part of Pink Floyd or as a solo artist, Roger has been pictured with the Black Fender Precision Bass. In 1984, Gerald Scarfe created a characature of him holding his bass from which he created Reg, the cartoon dog also holding a bass guitar, for the Pro's and Cons of Hitchhiking album and tour.

The bass guitar was put up for auction through with the selling price going to Millennium Promise, the leading international non-profit organization solely committed to supporting the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals to halve extreme poverty by 2015.

Roger has often autographed and donated his electric, acoustic and bass guitars for auction in support of various charities. Last May 2011, Roger donated a black Fender Bass to Gainesville Florida charity Against Me to raise awareness and funds for the victims of the devestating storms and tornado that swept through the Southern United States. Working in conjunction with Fender Guitars 100% of the proceeds were donated to the Alabama Red Cross. Roger previously donated one of his bass guitars to the sponsor of his tour after his 2002 gig in Warsaw Poland. The bass was sold at a charity auction in 2003 for11,000 Euro's the proceeds going to a foundation that buys medical equipment for Polish hospitals.

The current auction of the Fender Precision Bass guitar valued at $6,000.00 closed on August 2nd. It was signed by Roger with a personalized message to the winner making this a truly one-of-a-kind guitar. It was sold for an undisclosed amount.

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Nick Sedgwick Dies

With great sadness we learned that in August 2011 author and good friend of Roger Waters' Nick Sedgwick has died. Well known for his music-related material and his long involvement with Roger Waters and Pink Floyd, his work and interviews with Roger Waters have appeared in liner notes and tour programs over the past 40 years.

Shortly after Nick Sedgwick's death, Roger wrote on his Facebook page of his sadness, and of a manuscript that Nick had written and that Roger now intends to publish.

Roger Waters: "One of my oldest friends, Nick Sedgwick, died this week of brain cancer. I shall miss him a lot. I share this sad news with you all for a good reason.

"He leaves behind a manuscript, "IN THE PINK" (not a hunting memoir). "His memoir traces the unfolding of events in 1974 and 1975 concerning both me and Pink Floyd. In the summer of 1974 Nick accompanied me, and my then wife Judy, to Greece. We spent the whole summer there and Nick witnessed the beginnings of the end of that marriage.

"That autumn he traveled with Pink Floyd all round England on The Dark Side Of The Moon Tour. He carried a cassette recorder on which he recorded many conversations and documented the progress of the tour. In the spring of 1975 he came to America with the band and includes his recollections of that time also. "When Nick finished the work in 1975 there was some resistance in the band to its publication, not surprising really as none of us comes out of it very well, it's a bit warts and all, so it never saw the light of day.

"It is Nick's wish that it be made available now to all those interested in that bit of Pink Floyd history and that all proceeds go to his wife and son. "To that end I am preparing three versions, a simple PDF, a hardback version, and a super de-lux illustrated limited edition signed and annotated by me and hopefully including excerpts from the cassettes.

"Watch this space. ...Roger"

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Roger Waters On Cover of Classic Rock Magazine

Roger Waters was featured in the June 2011 issue of the UK's Classic Rock Magazine, with a ten-page article about his current The Wall Live tour. The magazine cover is hard to miss as it has a portrait of Roger looking out through a crack in the a broken brick foreground graphic of an outer slip cover. Inside, the article takes a fascinating look at the history and mechanics of the tour.

The highlight of the article however, is the exclusive interview with Roger, where he reveals that "I've never been interested in making things just to entertain people. I want them to be moved and emotionally engaged. Otherwise I might just as well be working on a game show."

Other topics Roger speaks about are, the psychotherapy he has had over the years, possible new solo material, Syd Barrett, the rigours of touring and how he copes with it, and his relationship with David Gilmour and Nick Mason. REG will likely be reprinting the entire Classic Rock Magazine interview in a future REG issue.

Thanks to the UK's website

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Roger Waters Performs with Foo Fighters on Jimmy Fallon TV Show

September 26th to 30th was Pink Floyd week on NBC, the U.S.' National Broadcast Company. On the television show, "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," Roger Waters returned again, following his May of 2010 interview, but this time for both an interview and a performance, where he was backed by the Foo Fighters.

See the interview Here:

Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, MGMT, the Shins, and Dierks Bentley appear on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, as part of the show's week long tribute to Pink Floyd.

The Shins started the honors Monday September 26th with their version of "Breathe" from The Dark Side of the Moon. On Tuesday September 27th, Pink Floyd singer-bassist Roger Waters joined Foo Fighters to cover The Wall's "In the Flesh." MGMT followed on Wednesday September 28th with "Lucifer Sam," off The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, and country star Dierks Bentley performed the title track from Wish You Were Here on Thursday September 29th, before Pearl Jam finished off the week Friday September 30th with The Wall's "Mother."

Jimmy Fallon, who interviewed Waters and fellow Pink Floyd member Nick Mason early in the week, has hosted tributes to musicians before. Green Day were among artists paying their respects to the Rolling Stones on the show last year. And, Lauryn Hill, Chris Cornell, and others helped Fallon honor Bob Marley this spring.

The Roger Waters' Late Night With Jimmy Fallon interview and performance aired September 27th 2011 at 12:35 EDT. Both the interview and performance were archived on the Late Night website for later viewing. Or see the performance here:

REG will be publishing a complete transcription of the interview for REG members in a future REG magazine issue.

On a side note, September 26, will also see Pink Floyd's record label and management kick off a huge reissues series with a six-disc box set edition of Dark Side of the Moon. Deluxe versions of Wish You Were Here (out November 7) and The Wall (February 27, 2012) will follow, along with a best-of collection titled A Foot in the Door (November 7). REG will be reporting on this in greater detail in the next REG magazine issue.

According to REG member Mitch Stillman, "In The Flesh" with the Foo Fighters was excellent as was the interview. The interview with Nick Mason was not as good, but the band (The Shins) who covered Breathe... they were "awesome" Roger said in the interview. And, I really loved seeing Pearl Jam do Mother! Jimmy also showed the new box sets... And, Roger let something slip last night.. he said he will be bringing The Wall back to the USA. I think he meant NYC. I assume that would be in April or May 2012 sometime after Argentina and Brazil.

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NewsFlash September 2011

Roger Waters performs at Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany

FromRolling Stone
September 28, 2011 8:00 AM ET
by Stefan M. Prager/Redferns

Roger Waters is making plans to bring his highly successful Wall tour back to America in 2012. The show will hit venues he missed the first time around as well as baseball stadiums in a few big cities. "There are quite a few markets we didn't cover last time, like Austin," he says in an interview for the new issue of Rolling Stone, on stands and available through Rolling Stone All Access on September 30th. "But we want to base the tour around Saturday nights in baseball stadiums. As we speak, I'm at my office working on an outdoor version of the show."

Pink Floyd played live versions of The Wall in 1980 and 1981, and Waters spent the last year reviving it but it's always been an indoor show. "We're going to be projecting over 140 yards," he says. "So now it's going to be 1,500 pixels wide. We've done light tests and Fenway Park and Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium just to see what the ambient light is like. And it's fine. It works. We've taken part of the Wall and the projectors into those three places."

Photos: Roger Waters Rehearses For the Wall Tour When the American tour ends next summer, Waters will have been on the road for nearly two years. "They're trying to get me back to Europe next year," says Waters. "But I think I'll be completely cooked by the end of July next year." This may be Waters' last big tour. "I'm not sure I want to go out and do the greatest hits again," he says. "Which just sucks. What I love to do is theater in a rock & roll context. I think if I did any more in the future, it might well be smaller."

Read more:

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NewsFlash October 2011

Roger Waters Will Match Your Donations to One Small House

Join Roger and help build homes for 10 extremely impoverished families in Mexico this December.

From now through the end of December, Roger will match every dollar donated by fans. Go to the Small House website to meet the families and give $5, $10, $100 or more!

"Check out One Small House, they are special people, help if you can. Each small candle lights a corner of the dark." — Roger

A Little More About One Small House

One Small House has built over 30 homes in rural Mexico over the past 10 years. Through utilizing trusted contacts and community leaders, needy and hard-working families are identified and assessed for eligibility. This ensures that the homes being built are going to those who will benefit most from a safe, secure new home.

Furthermore, One Small House strives to be as transparent as possible. In order to bring their donors as close as possible to the projects they help make happen, One Small House sends them personalized photos and videos of the work while it happens. For some builds (with a cooperating internet signal), they’ll stream the action live over the web. This also allows those who supported One Small House's volunteers a chance to watch them hard at work.

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NewsFlash November 2011

Roger Waters Releases Video Statement Regarding the Occupy Movement

Roger Waters recently released a video in which he speaks about the "Occupy" movement in the United States. The video can be seen on the official Roger Waters website ( as well as his facebook page and other websites such as

REG will be transcribing this video for inclusion in our next newsletter magazine.

See the video below:

"Occupy" from Roger Waters on Vimeo.

Look to REG for authentic, credible and factual information concerning Roger Waters.

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