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REG News 1995 through 1997

The following are the Roger Waters News Headlines -
by date -
from our REG Newsletter/Magazine

NewsFlash April 1995
(No Tour in 95, Geesin tribute)

NewsFlash September 1995
(CA IRA, Roger and R&R Hall of Fame

NewsFlash January 1996
(Pink Floyd Inducted to R&R Hall of Fame

NewsFlash May 1996
(Nicks book miffs Dave, Rick's new album, KAOS off air)

NewsFlash May 1997
(Rumors, Brain Damage Petitions Roger)

NewsFlash September 1997
(Roger's new Album?, Tour rumors)

Newsflash - April 1995

No Tour in 95!

It has been eight years since Roger Waters last toured!! Last year, as published in issue #6 of REG, I had asked a few questions of Roger Waters, and through his manager, Mark Fenwick as an intermediary, Roger answered them. One of the questions I had asked was; "Would Roger consider touring in the near future or next few years, even if it meant a scaled down tour, and stage show? (Even just to do it for his fans, who could care less about a huge production.)" Roger's answer was; "Yes on all counts."

Recently, in answer to my queries as to information about when Roger Waters might once more begin touring, Roger's manager, Mark Fenwick, again contacted me with the following: "Dear Michael, Thankyou for your latest edition of REG. Roger has no plans to tour in 1995. Should there be any change in the agenda I will let you know."

So there you have it REG members. It is distressing news to all of us who are waiting both patiently and impatiently for Roger to tour. Are we being too impatient? I think not. We are just a bunch of devoted fan(atic)s... who are going insane with expectation and anticipation. Perhaps, we will all have the opportunity to attend the Broadway version of The Wall first, and hopefully soon after, see Roger in concert on tour.

Waters Tribute by Geesin

Alastair McLean, one of our Scotish members, has reported to REG that Ron Geesin, who along with Roger Waters created the soundtrack album "Music From the Body," will include a Waters tribute track on a re-issue of one of his solo compilation albums.

"I wrote to Ron Geesin to get his view on the Music From the Body article in REG #8. He thought the article was fine. He also mentioned a new re-issue CD which might interest the members of REG.

Ron Geesin stated that he will be releasing a new re-issue CD coming out on Cleopatra Records (USA) entitled "As He Stands." It will include a track called "To Roger Waters Wherever You Are." This track will also be included on a Pink Floyd type tribute CD also on Cleopatra Records, to be issued here by Cherry Red Records."

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Newsflash - September 1995

What's Roger Up To??

This is the question many of you have been asking me. In response to your queries it is also somewhat the question I posed to Mark Fenwick, Roger Waters' Manager. Many of you have heard rumors regarding a new release by Roger, as well as his participation in some form at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which recently opened here in the US in Cleveland Ohio. Mr. Fenwick has responded to our club with the latest info on Roger Waters. So for all our club members around the world who are wondering, Mark Fenwick's message to our club is as follows: Dear Michael Roger is currently working on the demo for his opera about the French Revolution called "CA IRA." The work progresses well and sounds fantastic. I would anticipate that this record will be released in 1996 at the earliest. He is also working on the stage play for "The Wall". As regards to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, neither Roger or Pink Floyd have been inducted into the Hall of Fame but we have built an exhibit of "The Wall" in the museum - From what I have seen of the press coverage and the photographs, the installation is very impressive - The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was opened on the 1st of September and was followed by a two day concert at which Roger did not appear. Good luck and keep in touch. With best wishes Yours sincerely Mark Fenwick

The Wall at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Roger Waters has donated and had constructed a mock up of The Wall at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum which opened recently in Cleveland Ohio in the USA. Along with this mock up of The Wall, and in Scarfe script are the following words by Roger Waters:

The Wall

In the Old Days, pre-Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd played to audiences which, by virtue of their size, allowed an intimacy of connection that was magical.

However, success overtook us and by 1977 we were playing in football stadiums. The magic, crushed beneath the weight of numbers. We were becoming addicted to the trappings of popularity.

I found myself increasingly alienated in that atmosphere of avarice and ego until one night in the Olympic Stadium, Montreal, the boil of my frustrations burst.

Some crazed teenage fan was clawing his way up the storm netting that separated us from the human cattle pen in front of the stage screaming his devotion to the demi-gods beyond his reach.

Incensed by his misunderstanding and my own connivance, I spat my frustration in his face.

Later that night; back at the hotel shocked by my behavior I was faced with a choice.

To deny my addiction and embrace that "comfortably numb" but "magic-less" existence or accept the burden of insight, take the road less travelled and embark on the often painful journey to discover who I was and where I fit. The Wall was the picture I drew for myself to help me make that choice.

Roger Waters
Summer, 1995

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Newsflash - January 1996

Pink Floyd Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

On Jan. 12, Pink Floyd was officially inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Now forever imortalized at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Pink Floyd the progressive rock band, founded by Syd Barrett and Roger Waters is truly legend forever in the annals of music history.

It was Roger Waters, the bands leader, head songwriter, lyicist, singer, bass player, and creative genius who was mostly responsible for Pink Floyd's popularity and rise to stardom. Roger Waters' song and lyric writing ability, together with the fantastic and unique guitar style of the band's lead guitarist David Gilmour, rocketed Pink Floyd into a dimention of fame and renown unprecidentded in Rock and Roll history.

Under the leadership of Syd Barret in the late 1960's, the band became a bastion of psychedelia, and musical experimentation.

With Roger at the helm, Pink Floyd became a symbol and anthem of the anti-establishment youth movement of the 1970's. For this distinction the band Pink Floyd became Rock superstar Icons and legend in their own time.

Roger Waters not in attendance at Hall of Fame induction

According to REG sources "Roger will not be attending the induction of the Pink Floyd into the Hall of Fame. I also have heard that the Group will perform, but, whether true or not, it will be without Roger."

There have been many and rampant rumors concerning an imminent tour or concert by Roger Waters. One such rumor suggested Roger had traveled several times to the Grand Canyon and was planning to do a concert there in late July, early August. In answer REG sources responded; "Roger has made no deliberate visits to the Grand Canyon and there is no intention to perform there in (1996 or) 1997"

There have also been many reports and rumors concerning a new Roger Waters album to be released in 1996. Some have even said it would be a new double album. To this our sources responded, "Roger is currently writing the music (and doing demo's) for an opera entitled "Ca Ira. He is doing this in conjunction with a well-known French librettist called Etienne Rhoda-Gil. The opera is about the French Revolution and is based on a series of drawings by Etienne's wife, Nadine. We are shooting a film depicting the 'making of' as they record the demo of the work. It is hoped that we will be in a position to schedule a release date for this project within the next 6 months. Of course ...understand that the project will not be a new Roger Waters album, but an album composed by Roger Waters and his French collaborator."

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Newsflash - May 1996

Gilmour Pouts over Nick's Book

Dave Gilmour has been at odds with band member Nick Mason over a book entitled "Pink Floyd, An Official History," written by Mason, because of what he termed factual inaccuracies. Apparently, Nick had given Roger Waters much of the credit for writing and creating the music as well as the words for most of Pink Floyds most all of Floyd's masterpieces. Dave, not getting the credit he deemed he deserved took offense. The book which was supposed to have been published and released last year, had to be postponed because of legal threats by Gilmour.

In recent developments, Dave has commissioned an author to write his version of Pink Floyd's official history. And reports have it that Gilmour has demanded that a great deal of Nick's book be used. It may mean that now the book is to be published as a collaborative effort.

David's version of the book is tentatively scheduled to be published and released in December 1996.

Rick Wright to make new album

Rick Wright is reportedly in the studio working on a new solo album. No title has yet been released but it is rumored that both Snowy White and Dave Gilmour will be doing session work on it. So far, no release date has been set for the new album.

Radio KAOS Off Air

LosAngeles. Radio station KLSX, one of the few free format radio stations left in the United States has changed it's format from "classic rock" to "talk radio."

Jim Ladd, real life DJ and Radio KAOS DJ from the album and tour of the same name, has been reportedly fired!!! KLSX has been assimilated by the market forces. "...they like order, lime light, power, game shows, rodeos, star wars, TV. they're the powers that be, if you see them come.....YOU BETTER RUN...."

Lee Saunders new opus due

Lee Saunders, the extremely talented musical artist who's music has often been compared to that of Roger Waters, and Pink Floyd, is reportedly currently working on his next concept album tentatively titled "50 Years On." In addition, Lee will reportedly release two EP's one before and one after the release of the album which will tie the 1st and 2nd albums together.

Although Mr. Saunders lyric writing style is different than that of Roger Waters, his song writing, album composition, and concept design tend to be quite similar and his philosophy and character even more so.

Lee Saunders, a keyboard and synthesizer artist, has played with the likes of Steve Hillage of Gong and Hawkwind's Nik Turner. His first album "A Promise of Peace" created quite a stir among Floyd fans, but received little publicity or acclaim and was dubbed "too political" by many critics and radio stations who refused to play it.

"50 Years On," promises to be even more political and is based on themes such as; big business, money, prejudice, fanaticism, bigotry, and injustice. It should prove quite interesting and provocative to everyone and especially to all Waters and Floyd fanatics.

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Newsflash - May 1997

Rumors and more rumors

Rumors abound, unbelievably, about a new Roger Waters album entitled Glass Eye. Supposedly about computers, and how, like TV, we are becoming their masters, the album was to be released in April! Yeah right! Did you see a new Waters album on the shelves, hear any new pre-release singles, see any new Roger Waters album promotion? No! Please, no matter how much you want to hope for a new work by Roger Waters, or how anxious you are please try not to believe such unscrupulous rumors created and spread by scam artists. If you read or hear any rumors, always contact a reputable source like REG or Roger himself or his manager.

It is almost inconceivable how or why such rumors are continually spread, especially on the internet, and why anyone would perpetrate such hoaxes, especially on fans swept up in adulation and frustrated anticipation of any work from their idol.

Our REG corespondent Alastair McLean in Great Britain has contacted Roger's manager Mark Fenwick on behalf of our club. Alastair asked about what Roger is working on, if he is still working on a stage play of The Wall and when we might expect an album from the famous recluse.

Mr. Fenwick replied: "Roger Waters is in the final stages of writing and creating a demo of 'CA IRA' which should be completed by the middle of the year. You will appreciate that Roger Waters is writing this in conjunction with the French librettist, Etienne Roda-Gil and when a record is released (possibly 1998) it will be performed by a full orchestra and opera singers.

As far as the stage play of 'The Wall' is concerned, work progresses."

Brain Damage Petitions Roger to tour

Last year Brain Damage Magazine mailed out petitions to all their subscribers which they then collected to send to Roger pleading with him to tour! REG also entered into the frey and sent the same petitions to all of it's members. The petitions urged Roger to tour and contained spaces for fans to list the songs that they would like to see Roger perform in concert.

The petitions were collected and sent to REG headquarters where we tabulated and polled the songs Roger's fans want most to see him play. We then sent Roger these 300 petitions. Maybe he'll get the message that his fans want to see him tour.

The top songs his fans want to see Roger play are: "What God Wants (Parts 1-3)," "Amused To Death," "The Bravery of Being Out of Range," and "The Tide is Turning."

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Newsflash - September 1997

Recording begins for new Roger Waters studio album.

Not a Rumor this time! According to Mark Fenwick, Roger's manager, Roger Waters went into the studio last summer to begin recording for a new solo album!!! In response to my queries about Roger Waters' latest activities, and in regard to all the rumors that were being spread and reported, Mark Fenwick contacted me last Summer to set the record straight.

As to the status of Ca Ira, Roger's opera about the French Revolution, Mr. Fenwick stated, "The news is that the writing of CA IRA continues apace, and substantial excerpts from the whole work should be completed by Autumn. The next stage, of course, is the recording of the piece by orchestra, opera singers and choir and its eventual staging. As you know, Roger will not perform on the recording."

In reference to all the rumors which had proliferated on the internet concerning a new Roger Waters album which was purportedly to have been released last Spring, Mr. Fenwick unequivocally renounced them. Mark Fenwick stated: "Rumours and more rumours - not true! Can you really contemplate an album entitled Glass Eye ?!"

For fans wanting to hear the latest about Roger, Mark mentioned a new interview Roger had recently done. "Look out for a documentary on Abbey Road Studios which is still in production and in which Roger is interviewed about his memories of recording there." (this has already aired on BBC and in the US also.)

The most exciting news however is in regard to Roger Waters' present activities. I sat almost in shock as Mark Fenwick told me the unbelievable news about a new Roger Waters solo album in the works. Mark Fenwick stated: "He (Roger Waters) has indicated to me a desire to start recording a new studio album sometime this summer. The release date is unknown, as is the title, and although he would like to tour sometime in the future, there are no immediate plans."

This news was given us last Summer and we have heard nothing new since. However when there is anything new to report, rest asured it will be REG that will be an authentic source of information. Since we all understand how much of a perfectionist Roger tends to be, it may take awhile before we see any fruits of Roger's recording. However long it takes however, we fans eagerly await his efforts and his creations.

We are pleased and honored that REG is perhaps the first news media representative to break this exciting news story.

Not again!!!

Almost every year it seems we hear the same rumor over and over again. Once again the rumor mill is at it's most active. And again the same old rumor about a Pink Floyd/Roger Waters reunification. This time however, the rumor is being spread by here-to-fore reputable sources like TV Guide and Ticket master. From there it has proliferated by leaps and bounds on the World Wide Web and to radio stations across every continent.

Also being reported from sources other than Ticket Master and TV Guide is that there will be no new Pink Floyd album for this supposed tour! Where this one came from is anyone's guess.

I reported this rumor rubbish to Mark Fenwick, Roger Waters' manager. Only if, and when such unbelievable rumors are confirmed by Mr. Fenwick or Roger Waters himself, should anyone believe these preposterous tales.

The Official REG response is as follows:
Roger Waters and Pink Floyd reuniting for a tour??? Give me a break! Or to use Roger's term, this is totally 'Puerile' nonsense! It is an unbelievable absurdity that Roger would even consider performing again with Pink Floyd! These rumors are pure tripe! No matter how wonderful it would be, or how much you as fans want to believe these rumors are true, unless you hear it from reputable sources like REG or Rogers manager, Mark Fenwick, Don't believe it!

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Look to REG for authentic, credible and factual information concerning Roger Waters.

National Association of FanClubs

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