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From REG # 6

America Is Being Amused To Death

An Editorial Commentary

The more I watch TV the more worried I become. No not because I watch the news and see nothing but violence, death, and destruction. I worry because I am becoming more aware of the fact that my country and it's people are relying almost totally and completely on TV and the broadcast news services, as their entire source for information and knowledge. I worry because I see an absolute monopoly of information and news. I worry because time and time again I see or hear only partial news stories. Take this for example; "Just in, Congress declares war on the Mediterranean. Stay tuned for more after a message from our sponsors." The actual news story happens to be about a bill that Congress passed regarding the use of strong pesticides to combat Mediterranean Fruit Fly infestations. Now I grant you, this is an extreme example, but if you weren't very educated or literate, you might think we were at war with a Mediterranean country.

CNN and other Broadcast News Networks are disseminating news, many times telling only a part of the story, or giving the story a certain slant in an attempt to sway public sentiment one way or the other. For a real and current example; CNN Headline News recently broadcast the story about British gay rights organizations demonstrating in London against the decision to keep the legal age of consent for homosexual sex at 21. The story stated that the gay organizations wanted the legal age of consentual sex to be 16. End of story! This suggests to people that gays are after young teenagers and re-enforces the negative right wing stereotypes, and religious zealot attitudes, that homosexuals are all child molesters and perverts. What CNN doesn't say is that the English consentual age for sex among heterosexuals is already 16, and that the gay groups only wanted to have equal rights under the law. So in essence, a news story about civil rights and legal equality, was made to look as though homosexuals wanted to legalize pedophilia. (Are gay's going to be the next 'Jews' in a fascist state pretending to be democratic?)

Whether or not you agree with the gay lifestyle is not the issue here. The issue is the blatant censorship, and the dissemination of half truths in an almost conscious effort by the news agencies to sway public opinion. And if this is the case, what other news that we are told and taught is only the partial truth? What propaganda are we being fed in the name and guise of "The News"? Are we being lied to? What is true and what is a lie? What can we believe. Truly the Pigs and Dogs are watching over the sheep, but not to protect as they proselytize, but to manipulate and control.

What is broadcast on TV is shaping our governments policies, (i.e.: CNN's "Crisis in Sarievo" etc. etc.). When I see President Clinton respond to the shelling of Sarievo with military action because he saw the suffering on TV, or heard the complaints of voters who watch TV, I am more than just worried. Our politicians are not motivated by the high ideals and morality of those that began the United States, but by ambition, power, and money. This is why they are there in Washington DC, not to represent or serve the people, but to serve themselves and feed their drive for more money and more power at the expense of anyone or anything. And as TV is manipulating public opinion, it is also manipulating these politicians via the voters.

The news agencies, ever the hounds and jackals, sensationalize everything and anything they think will sell, blowing all facts entirely out of proportion. Like vultures, they will swoop down on any potential story or scandal. (Day 1 Clinton and Whitewater, stay tuned for more but first...) Like locusts they destroy all in their path, anyone guilty or innocent, demolish any reputation, or ruin any career, with complete disregard for anyone or their feelings. (Day 2 Whitewater Scandalizes Whitehouse, stay tuned...)They wreak havoc in the lives of family members and the loved ones of those unfortunate enough to be the subject of their focus. (Day 167 Hilary speaks on Whitewater, more after this...)The news agencies and reporters now feel themselves so powerful as to be above the law, threatening and intimidating to get what they want.(Day 14,383,018 Whitewater Drowns Clinton, Loses 2nd Term, more but now this...) In fact, as in the Michael Jackson escapade, no longer in our country are we innocent until proven guilty, for when the news agencies get a hold of the story we are guilty unless we can prove our innocence, and even then, the damage is done, and careers and reputations are ruined. How many people must suffer under the greed and viciousness of these modern news agencies? How many more reputations and lives will be ruined, and yes, how many more people must die from suicide caused by public embarrassment and ridicule because of uncaring reporters with faulty information.

The TV news broadcasts nothing but increasing crime and violence run rampant in our society. From what you see on TV, you would think that everywhere you go and everywhere you look, there is crime, violence, chaos and mayhem, and everyone you meet is a possible criminal. Do you think the media may be trying to teach us to be paranoid and not trust anyone around us? Go out your door right now, do it! Do you see any crime or violence, anywhere? Just what is the media trying to pull here, and who really controls the media anyway? Who ever controls the public's access to information and news controls the society and the country. Do you see a form of Big Brother here. 1984 was 10 years ago. If you can scare the masses into believing that crime and violence is everywhere and that what is needed is law and order, more police, more laws, and bigger prisons, then you can scare them into giving up their constitutional freedoms and rights. Oh, just a little at a time so it isn't so noticeable. If you can convince enough people to give up even some of their individual freedoms for the betterment of the whole of Society, then what you have is a police state, a fascist state!

In the 1920's and 1930's Adolf Hitler campaigned in speech after speech for more law and order. Even as his brown shirted Nazi's were breaking down peoples doors, burning homes and businesses, and beating up and killing people. Go read an interpretation of one of his pre-war speeches and then compare it with what many politicians are saying today. Same exact thing. I wouldn't put it past many of the secret government agencies in the United States to be actually inciting or creating violence and murdering people in order to increase the paranoia in the society as the press and politicians call for more law and order. This is exactly what the brownshirts did in pre-Nazi Germany.

TV as entertainment in the United states has become a drug used by the 'Powers That Be,' to opiate the masses. In order to control a people and a society, you must Manipulate, by distraction, propaganda, and fear. All you have to do to achieve that is control the access and dissemination of information, and feed the masses large doses of entertainment, sporting events (Ala. the [Roman Coliseum] "Superbowl" It's the Lions Vs Christians; see the play by play action!), and alcohol and drugs, to keep them docile sheep, so as not to worry about what's really going on. Like children controlled by their parents or their BIG BROTHER. Truley America is being amused to death, but the death may be that of liberty and freedom!

Manual Goldstien is the evil anti-Christ.
Oceania is at war with East Asia.
Manual Goldstien is a traitor to Oceania.
Oceania has always been at war with East Asia.
Eur-Asia is our ally. Love Big Brother.
Eur-Asia has always been our ally.
Love Big Brother.

War is Peace   Freedom is Slavery   Ignorance is Strength

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