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An Editorial Comment -

From REG # 10

...Momma's gonna put all of her fears into you...

I love kids. I think kids are the best of us! The most real and genuine human beings there are. I like talking to them and watching them because it reminds me of what it is like to really be human. I tend to forget what being human really means in this hectic and stressful society. I loose track of the things in life that are really important, and instead I'm filled with the adult priorities and hang-ups conditioned into us during our lifetime.

The other day while away from my computer consulting company, working at a second job which is as a grocery store clerk, I said hello to a little boy in the store who was sitting in a shopping cart being wheeled around by his mother. The kid did not answer me, and in fact he completely ignored me. He must be shy I thought. I have encountered many a toddler who becomes shy around people they aren't familiar with. It's kind of cute. To his mother, I said he's shy I guess? His mother chuckled and said "well kind of, but not really, It's just, you know, we teach him, you know, "Stranger is Danger." Oh, I see I said.

The next day, and each day for a week straight, CNN advertised a program to be broadcast on the following Sunday during prime time called something like, "Your Children and the Death of Childhood." The advertisements and the program itself emphasized the danger to our children from child molestation. After watching this program you might believe that child molesters are everywhere, around every corner. In recent years, many parents and other adults, have become wary and cautious in showing any affection to a child for fear that the affection might be construed as something else.

What kind of Society are we making for ourselves when we must fear loving or showing affection to a child? And what kind of society are we creating when we feel we must teach our children to be afraid of everyone around them? What kind of society do we have when we must feel guilty for showing affection to a child?

The media, especially CNN, is playing on the fears of concerned and paranoid parents, to increase their ratings and line their pockets, or perhaps there exists something of a more sinister and clandestine agenda.

Sure child molestation, even as a concept, is sick and depraved. But this kind of thing has been occurring throughout history. It is only now when it is being sensationalized and exaggerated that we are being made to feel that it's occurrence is much more frequent than is the reality. Any sensational expos that the media can exploit for higher ratings and more money it will, and the more depraved the better! What better way to gain market share, increase ratings, and double profits, than to prey on our fears and to increase concern in parents about the safety of their children.

Child molestation does exist, I'm not discounting it's danger, but statistically the incidences are extremely low compared with the epidemic that the news media would have us believe. In fact, the incidences of child molestation occur in most cases with family members or others well known to the child. Strangers are not the danger here. The real danger is fear! And such fear can have behavioral, social and political consequences.

In our modern day society, we as adults, have become more and more self centered and antisocial, more isolationistic, and more paranoid of one another. We learn never to trust or to show any weakness for fear, never becoming vulnerable to one another. This fear keeps us, as a people, apart from one another, keeps us from being understanding, loving, and compassionate towards one another. Instead we feel mistrust, suspicion, hatred and envy.

Not content in trying to make us feel fearful of one another, and insecure with the notion that crime exists everywhere, the news media now wants us also to teach our children to be afraid. Teaching our children to fear and mistrust those around them is tantamount to creating a future society where fear, crime, violence, and hatred is a way of life.

If people feel helpless and fearful of everyone around them, then they will be willing to abide by oppressive laws which can restrict personal freedom and individual liberties. When a people become afraid, they demand that their government increase the amount of police in their neighborhoods and in their cities, and increase the amount of existing laws and penalties to ease their fears. As a consequence people will even be willing to sacrifice their individual rights, freedoms, and liberties in order to feel safe and secure in their homes.

Who would benefit from a state in which the population is more strictly regulated and controlled? Could it be the "Powers That Be." Could it be possible that those who run the U.S. Government (and other governments around the world,) like the Intelligence services such as the CIA, and the money mongers who control the US and international corporations and trade markets, be conspiring to cause the masses to become more and more fearful, and to eventually create a police state?

The CIA is a secret police force run supposedly by the US government. But no government can control a police force which operates in secret. Freedom is a threat to these types of people. Power not only means control of government, currency and industry, it also means control of the people.

If you can make a people increasingly afraid of one another by teaching them to mistrust and to fear, whether it be fear of crime, violence, child molestation, or differences such as race, nationality, homosexuality, or religious beliefs, then you can turn people against one another and cause them to fear, hate and become willing to give up their individual freedoms. Hitler did this to the German people with the Jews, and now it seems the news media, our entire access to information, is doing the same thing to us in the United States and in many other countries around the world.

We are being taught to be afraid of one another, and now we are told to teach our children even more fear. Yes CNN's program promoting parental paranoia is doing it's job. And yes it seems it is indeed the death of childhood innocence, but not from potential child molestation. The death of childhood innocence in our children, will in reality come from us, because of the fear and mistrust we will instill in them.

...Mamma's gonna keep you right here under her wing, She won't let you fly, but she might let you sing, Momma will keep baby cozy and warm. Ooooh Babe, Ooooh Babe, Ooooh Babe, of course Momma's gonna help build THE WALL!!!

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