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An Editorial:

So you... Thought you.... might like to go to the show....
And feel the warm thrill of confusion... that space cadet glow....

Roger Waters lip syncing???
Of all the in-ane and insane, ludicrous rumors being spread on the internet and news groups, this one takes the cake. There have been several reports by so called Pink Floyd fans that Roger Waters lip-synced a few of the songs he played live in concert.

I was not going to bother to validate their halucinations with a comment, but I feel that this is an appropriate spot. This kind of absurdity is the reason I do not subscribe to newsgroups and mailing lists on the internet like Echoes. There are some real losers and loonies on the path to who knows where, on these mailing lists, who spread nothing but rumor and KAOS, often times to just get a rise out of unsuspecting gullible and naive fans.

Certainly no Roger Waters fan in his right mind would even speculate at such an preposterous suggestion. Waters fans know that Roger is a man of honesty, character and principal. He is one artist you KNOW is real and stands for the ideals in which he believes.

So these "fans" and I use the term loosely, can not be Roger Waters fans, and it would be paramount to sacralige for them to call themselves such. These must then, in fact, be those new Floyd fans, you know who I mean, those unorthodox newbies and born agains of Floyd fandom. Those who call themselves the biggest Floyd fan in the world, having attended every show since 1994, and have no idea of the real history and legend of the band. They believe Gilmour wrote the music he sang and played and that he is Pink Floyd. Yeah, those people.

So called "Pink Floyd" fans, who can even entertain such a harebrained notion, and believe the half-cocked meanderings of the demented, have no clue, and no right to really call themselves Pink Floyd fans. They have obviously missed the entire meaning of the band and the message behind the music.

And those who attended the shows and actually believe their own deranged conjecture, should have had their tickets confiscated and never have been let in the door. I'd rather go to a show filled with drunken louts then be in the company of these mentally challenged sheep. At least you know why drunken jerks act like they do, and you can even feel sorry for them. I have no pity for Floyd fans who just don't get it! Did ya hear the music "Dorko's" or was it all in vain?

Michael Simone
President of REG
The International Roger Waters fan Club

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