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From REG Issue #15

An Editorial:

"... you can hide,
                                 behind paranoid eyes"

The news media has anaesthetized the masses to view murder and mayhem as if it were the norm. As if rape and torture, violence and robbery were just normal everyday occurrences in every neighborhood, on every street, and in every home. Child pornographers and child molesters are everywhere. Keep yourselves behind locked doors and especially your children under lock and key. We have become immured and desensitized to scenes of violence and horrific and bloody murder.

The News Media have become the ministers of the gospel of fear and are eulogizing constantly over the airwaves and in every newspaper around the world, proselytizing, preaching and teaching that we should all fear one another, we must all fear one another. We are not safe in our homes, we are not safe on our streets, crime is rampant and criminals are everywhere. Shut your windows and lock your doors, for we must all live in fear! We must all live in a society based on fear. Fear is our common denominator! Fear is our constant companion! Fear! Fear! Fear! Fear!

Turn on the TV, and learn to fear! Not only does the news media teach fear, but television programming itself is ever so surreptitiously bent towards teaching fear. Where most programs on TV are either violence or sex driven, or puerile brainless comedy sitcom pabulum to mollify the masses, we now can view a multitude of real crime programming which personify the police as our saviors and focus upon the gruesome details of many actual heinous and despicable crime or murder scenes to feed the lust of our base animal gratification. All of this only continues our programmed fear education. "Cops," "911," "Emergency," "LAPD," "True Crime Scenes," are but some of these shows to name only a few. And then there are "programs" like America's Most Wanted," and "Unsolved Mysteries," which create simulations and recreate various crimes and crime scenes, and even solicit information from the audience and audience participation to solve them! All these shows have one thing in common. They all add to a growing sense of social and personal insecurity and paranoia, and all promote feelings of fear.

We have become subliminally paranoid. At the same time we are desensitized and depersonalized to the unreal violence, horror, gore and debauchery in movie after movie after movie promoted by the Hollywood film studio's, we have likewise become comfortably NUMB to that same violence and carnage in reality, whether it be on the other side of the globe across the country, or even right down our own streets Oh brave new world... we aren't just amusing ourselves to death, we are amusing ourselves with death!

We are a free people only to the point that our access to information is free of manipulation. If all our information apparati seems as if it has become controlled and bent to disseminate fear and violence, then what information are we free to ingest? What truths do we know except that we must fear! Without free access to information, the only truths we know are what we are told, and what we learn is what we are told is truth. So I ask again, what truths do we know? What truths have we learned? We know only what we are allowed to know , only what information that is available to us. And the only information that is available to us is completely controlled by the major media publishing monopolies and television networks. So how free are we really?? A populace, a country or nation can easily be controlled by fear! Throughout our history, every single totalitarian regime has ruled and controlled it's population with FEAR! By inducing fear in a people, you can completely control and manipulate that people!

Could it be that our future holds nothing but a police state ruling a cowering populace of self centered paranoids? Science fiction you think? Figments of a wild and paranoid imagination possibly? Could it be true? My generation learned one thing in its idealistic past, and that was to question what we were told... to question authority. Well... we had better begin questioning en mass now, before it is too late!

What can we do? What can one person do? Well, to begin with, we can openly debate and discuss this dissemination of fear by the media, and make others aware of it's insipid existence. Talk to friends. Talk to people in the work place. Write your government representatives! And the first thing you can do right now is begin by turning OFF the TV!!!

Or... you can always run away, or forget about it and put your head in the sand. I mean, there's too much else going on in your life right now to worry about right? Or... you can hide, hide hide... behind paranoid eyes!

(Line Drawings by Paul Kantor)

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