When the Wind Blows Discography
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When the Wind Blows

Raymond Briggs book, "When The Wind Blows", was published in 1982. A stage play and radio play followed, all dealing with the plight of an elderly couple, Jim and Hilda Bloggs who survive a nuclear war only to slowly die from the radiation. The film makes clear the distrust of governments, which along with the anti-nuclear stance made Waters very interested in the project. (Waters was the chairman of the Youth Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament when he was younger). He took over the score when David Bowie, who provided the title song, announced he had other commitments. Waters contribution was two songs (Towers Of Faith and Folded Flags) plus some incidental music, recorded with a band dubbed, for the first time, The Bleeding Heart Band.

The film opened nationally in the UK on January 30 1987, with the world premiere being held in Berlin. It didn't make an appearance in the USA until the 23rd International Film Festival in Chicago in early 1988. The film was given limited publicity, the album even less, with Waters rarely being mentioned when reports did make it onto TV or in the press. Waters has stated that he actually wasn't happy with how his music was handled in the film, but he was impressed with the film itself.

It was during this period that conflicts escalated when Waters heard his ex-colleagues were to begin recording a new album. On October 31, 1986, he initiated High Court proceedings to dissolve the group's partnership and informed his record companies (EMI in Britain and CBS in America) that he would no longer record with Pink Floyd. It began the year before when Waters obtained the services of a new manager, Peter Rudge, after arguments with Pink Floyd manager, Steve O'Rourke. Gilmour and Mason refused to agree to O'Rourke's dismissal even when Waters said he would give them the rights to the band name, so sure was he that they would never record again. The result was that Waters officially left the band. Once news was out of a proposed new Pink Floyd album, a press slanging match began with much publicity that was to last well into 1987. Gilmour once claimed that the Waters court action had to be dropped so EMI, with whom Waters was signed to at the time, would sign a waiver and allow the When The Wind Blows soundtrack to be released under a different label. According to Gilmour, Waters signed an agreement not to interfere with the new Pink Floyd, yet the dispute continued.


(Australia / UK: Virgin V2406) this UK LP was released in Australia and came shrink wrapped with a cassingle: David Bowie "When The Wind Blows"
(France: Virgin 124061)
(Germany: Virgin 208042-630)
(Italy: Virgin V 2506)
(New Zealand: Virgin V 2406)
(UK: Virgin V 2406)
(USA: Virgin 790599-1) with different cover
(USA: Virgin 790599-1) with gold promo stamp on different cover


(France: Virgin CDV 2406) This CD was released in France only in 1986


(US Radio International RI 348) LP broadcast November 30 1986 with brief Waters interview and Folded Flags


WHEN THE WIND BLOWS film (80m) released in cinemas late 1986 in the UK and not at all in the USA
- available on NTSC laserdisc
- available on PAL video in Europe


"The Wind and the Bomb", Channel 4, UK TV, February 4 1987 (30m) Waters music used but no mention of him


"Saturday Live", BBC Radio One, UK, January 3 1987 (9m) Waters interview

"Big City", BBC Radio, London, February 7 1987 (11m) Waters interview

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