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What is REG - The International Roger Waters Fanclub?

Pink Floyd was founded by Roger Waters and Syd Barrett in 1966. In 1967 it's members consisted of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Rick Wright. Syd Barrett, the band's lead guitarist, also became the band's main song writer. However, in 1968, because of mental health problems, Syd Barrett was replaced by David Gilmour. Thereafter, because of his leadership capabilities, Roger Waters became the bands de-facto leader. For the next few years the music of Pink Floyd was written by all of the band's members. However, beginning in 1971 and 1972, because of Roger's extreme creative genius and song writing abilities, he became Pink Floyd's main song writer and lyricist. Roger Waters wrote a vast majority of all of Pink Floyd's music and lyrics from 1972, up until the band broke up in 1983!

In 1986, at the onset of a the creation of a new "Surogate Band," calling itself Pink Floyd, Roger Waters recieved an unheard of amount of bad press. He disagreed with the bands reformation and attempted to stop it in court. It seemed that this new band was in exsistance only for the money the name Pink Floyd would garner. This new band, led by former Floyd Guitarist David Gilmour, comprised only of one other member, former Floyd drummer Nick Mason. In fact former Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright was hired as a paid studio musician to tour with the band to give it any facimile of creditability.

Therefore, as this new band took over all the creit of its former self, it was felt that Roger Waters, the leader and creative genius behind the original band, would not be given any credit for creating Pink Floyd's most famous masterpieces.

REG - The International Roger Waters Fan Club was created in an effort to ensure that Roger Waters would be given the recognition and appreciation that he so richly deserves. I began the REG fanclub in 1991, in the hopes of providing a forum in which Roger's fans could band together. REG was also created in an attempt to promote recognition, awareness, acknowledgement and appreciation for one of the great musical geniuses of this century!

REG - The International Roger Waters Fan Club was created in an effort to ensure that Roger Waters would be given the recognition, awareness, acknowledgement and appreciation, he so richly deserves. Begun in 1991, REG provides a forum in which fans can band together and share with one another their love for Roger Waters and his music.

REG has been a legitimate, reputable and successful club for over 16 years and is a member in good standing of the National Association of Fan Clubs (NAFC). We have established our selves also as a credible source of information. We have a very good relationship with Roger's manager, and are kept informed of any news regarding Roger's activities.

When you join REG, you join a world wide fan community with whom to celebrate this musical genius and his music. You also get your fan club membership card as well as a yearly subscription to our renowned REG Fanclub Newsletter/Magazine. Our Fanclub is solely sponsored by its members, and is totally non-profit. It is our 40 page Newsletter/Magazine which differentiates us from a fanzine. Though it contains rare and exclusive articles, and interviews, as well as news, information, and tidbits, it's through members' contributions and letters from around the world, that we can communicate our thoughts and feelings with one another.

REG, as an international fanclub,has members in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, The Ukraine, Israel, Syria, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Senegal, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and all across the U.S.

REG is a club belonging to all of its members, and formed so that we can share with one another our love for Roger Waters and his music. Absolutely no profit will be made. Our club is totally non profit. I've tried very hard to keep membership costs down while striving to maintain and increase the quality of our newsletter. This fanclub will only continue to be successful, with the support, and contributions, from you the fan.

Membership Rates: The cost of REG Fanclub membership is currently $24.00 for members in the United States, and because of increased postage costs is $29.00 for all other international members. Membership includes club initiation fees, yearly club dues, yearly subscription to the REG newsletter/magazine, and club card fee. The 40 page REG Newsletter/Magazine will be published 3-4 issues per year. Back issues are for members only and cost $4.00 per issue (plus $1.50 postage each for US addresses, and $4.20 postage each for international addresses.

Membership applicants may pay by; U.S. Bank check; International check (cheque) made out in U.S. Dollars, or U.S. Postal Money Order. All made payable to: Michael Simone, 128 Onyx Dr. Watsonville, CA 95076 U.S.A. Or you may pay by cash (U.S. Currency only).


REG Is PayPal Verified

Unfortunately, we are not set up to accept credit cards, however, membership applicants may pay for their membership by credit card via PayPal. (Because of PayPal surcharges, paying with a credit card via PayPal may cost a dollar or two more.)

There are two ways to pay with your credit card via PayPal.

1. To pay for REG membership via PayPal, go to and create an account there to pay for your membership. You must send payment to Michael Simone at the following email address:


2. By clicking on one of the following button or links it will take you directly to a form that you can fill out to send payment directly:

For US membersship application or renewal payment, go to the following Internet web address:

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

For International membership application or renewal payment, go to the following Internet web address:

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

If you are truly a Roger Waters fan, I hope you will become a member of our fanclub, and share with us your interest, enjoyment, and enthusiasm. If you are renewing your membership, then you already love being a member and know how important your membership is to maintaining and continuing our club. Your membership and any and all help you can give is greatly appreciated.


Michael Simone
President of REG
The International Roger Waters Fan Club

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