Although we have already printed a Roger Waters discography in REG issue # 10, we have found it to be less than complete.

REG member Darren Mevissen, has kindly compiled and submitted this much more complete discography. Also, because of his knowledge and his vast collection, I asked one of the biggest collectors I know, Ingo Brode, from Germany, to edit, correct, and add to this listing. Ingo also scanned a considerable amount of his collection and sent the scans to me on disk for graphic inclusion in this discography.

Although this discography is much more complete, I have found it to be missing many CD titles. When I contacted Darren about their absence, it was thought that collectors would already have much of the CD information for standard issue CD's.

I'd like to thank both Darren and Ingo for the considerable amount of work they have done for our club. Here, then, is the Complete Roger Waters Discography.

Music From The Body

The Pro's and Cons of HitchHiking

When The Wind Blows

Radio K.A.O.S.

The Wall Live in Berlin

Amused To Death

In The Flesh

Flickering Flame


So there you have it REG members, the end of the Complete Roger Waters Discography. I hope you enjoyed it and the great detail of information this gives us fanatic Roger Waters collectors. Thanks again goes to Darren and Ingo for all their great effort and hard work on behalf of our club.

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