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Greetings from the president of
REG - The International Roger Waters Fanclub

REG - The International Roger Waters Fan Club is now in it's 17th year and growing strong! I began REG in 1991 as a protest to the many media reports and magazine articles criticizing Roger Waters. Having been a Pink Floyd Fan since 1968 and I have devoutly followed the band, attending many of their concerts including Winterland, San Francisco 1972, and Cow Palace South San Francisco 1975. Because of this and their fantastic music I came to realize who was responsible for the majority of their music, lyrics and creativity. It was the bass guitarist and leader of the group, one Roger Waters.

Having seen one of Roger's Radio KAOS solo concerts, and a few months later, a concert by the Surrogate Band, I knew there could be no Pink Floyd without Roger Waters. And because of Roger's legal battles, trying to stop two former Floyd members from calling themselves Pink Floyd and prostituting the name, Roger Waters was awash in controversy and criticism. It was a constant battle reading the swill that proliferated.

After attending The Wall Live in Berlin, I could take the criticism no more. I decided to act and start a club with which others who felt as I did could rally around and share their love for this great musical genius. A club dedicated to promoting the acknowledgement and acclaim for one of the most fantastic musical genius's of our time. Roger Waters deserves the recognition for his creations not Pink Floyd. Our club hopes to provide a forum whereby we can try to promote that recognition.

Our club produces a 40 page 8 1/2 X 11 inch newsletter magazine 3 to 4 times per year, in which members are invited to contribute to and write articles and letters. REG has gained world wide recognition and has many members all around the globe. We have a very good relationship with Mark Fenwick Roger Waters' Manager, and are kept abreast of any new Roger Waters news and developments. We have exclusively interviewed many Roger Waters related celebrities for our magazine, including Ron Geesin, Storm Thorgerson, Jim Ladd, Mark Fisher, Snowy White, Brian Adams, Gerald Scarfe, Jonathan Park, and many others.

Because we do not print or advertise rumor or hearsay, REG has garnered a reputation as a reliable and credible source of information on an Internet where few sources can be trusted.
REG has also been an upstanding and longtime member of the National Association of Fanclubs.

With this Web Site, REG is expanding to the internet in order to access a wider audience. However, this Web Site does NOT replace the REG Newsletter Magazine, but is an addendum to it. The REG Newsletter Magazine will NOT be reprinted nor re-published in web form! However, many articles from the magazine may appear on our website a year or two after they appear in print form. First access to all our articles and exclusive content must be our paying membership, without which our magazine could not be printed. REG is an entirely NON-PROFIT organization! It is only by our club members' membership dues and contributions that we can afford to exist and publish at all.

Included in the REG newsletter magazine is a Member to Member section. This is a listing of REG member's who want their e-mail addresses published to enable REG members to communicate directly with one another via the internet, sharing on an even more intimate level their thoughts, feelings, and love for Roger Waters and his music. This is just another distinction which differentiates our Fanclub from a fanzine and also furthers communication among members, and brings together peoples from different counties, different ages, and different lifestyles around the world. Please send in your e-mail addresses and be apart of this Member e-mail listing for future issues.

This web site will be updated, and new material added constantly. There is much much more material that will be published here, and much more work to do. To put this site together has taken many months, and publishing our newsletter magazine as well has proven a daunting task to do by myself. But I hope the result will be enjoyed by all of our REG members and Roger Waters fans around the world.

I'd like to thank all of our members who have renewed their memberships, and encourage all others whose memberships may be expiring soon to send in their club dues and renew their memberships as soon as possible. Each issue is almost entirely paid for by new memberships and membership renewals. Without them no issues would be published. Remember you are the Fanclub, with the support of one another we can ensure our club's continued success. If possible, any member submitting articles or interviews, or even letters, to be published in REG, please email them to me, or send them on floppy disks, it would make my work in getting each issue ready much easier!

Because this Fanclub is dedicated to Roger, lets help to get his music played and listened to much more-so around the world. Call your local radio stations on a consistent basis and request that his music be played.

Please do not send letters or parcels addressed to Roger Waters to our fanclub address. Roger has given the address of his office to our fanclub so our members may write him.

REG, as an international fanclub, has members in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, The Ukraine, Israel, Syria, Kuwait, UAE, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Senegal, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and all across the U.S.

REG is a club belonging to all of its members, and formed so that we can share with one another our love for Roger Waters and his music. Absolutely no profit will be made. This fanclub will only continue to be successful, with the support, and contributions, from you the member.

For those of you who are not yet members, I would like to welcome you, and encourage you to join our club. I'm sure you will enjoy being a member, reading our magazine, and being kept abreast of Roger Waters activities, as well as participating in the club and communicating with our other members. I've found that only a small percentage of people who consider themselves 'fans' are fanatic enoungh to the extent that they will join a fanclub. So If you are a REAL Roger Waters "Fan" you will want to become a member of REG. Only the most dedicated fans join REG.

To all of our members: Thanks so very much for all your letters, all your input, all your support, and all your encouragement. You, through your own participation, and contributions have made our fan club a smashing success.

Please keep all those articles and letters coming. Your letters are very very important and are the foundation of membership communication upon which our club is based. Without your letters, we lose a great deal of what differentiates our club and newsletter from fan magazines. Please participate in your club and write us and your fellow member!! Sincerely,

Michael Simone
President of REG - The International Roger Waters Fan Club

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