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Roger Waters

THE WALL World Tour Band Bio's

ROGER WATERS THE WALL - 2010 to 2012

Official Band Member Biographies

On the new (official) Facebook page set up for the Roger Waters' The Wall tour, there's a posting from Roger Waters detailing exactly who will be playing with him in his touring band for The Wall.

Roger: "OK. Here's the band... All good men and true. Five new faces. G.E.Smith (guitar) Robbie Wyckoff (lead singer, doing all David's old bits), and Jon Joyce who worked with me in 1980 and 1990 is joined on BVs by the Lennon cousins, Michael, Mark, and Kipp. The rest of the band you already know, Graham Broad (Drums), Dave Kilminster and Snowy White (Guitars), Jon Carin and Harry Waters (Keyboards).

Can't wait to get into rehearsals.

Sadly, no female BVs in THE WALL, Katie, Pat, Carol, Sylvia we shall miss you!

Love Roger

The Wall Live:

Graham Broad

Dave Kilminster
G.E. Smith
Snowy White

Jon Carin
Harry Waters

Lead Vocals:
Robbie Wyckoff

Backing Vocals:
Jon Joyce
Mark Lennon
Michael Lennon
Kipp Lennon"


Snowy White is one of a handful of classic blues orientated British electric guitar players musicians whose sound, technique and style has echoed the originality of the blues with the excitement of rock.

In 1976 he toured the US and Europe with the Pink Floyd as their first augmenting musician. In 1979 he worked with Peter Green (ex Fleetwood Mac) on his album In The Skies now something of a collectors item.

He then joined Thin Lizzy to record and tour their Chinatown album. His solo single, Bird of Paradise, was a top five hit in the UK. In 1990 he worked with Roger Waters on The Wall, Live In Berlin.

In 1994 he formed a new band The White Flames, whose album, Melting, was released in the US last September. When Roger Waters took to the stage again in 1999 and 2000 US tours, and during his 2002 World Tour Snowy became a staple member of Roger's Band.

Now on the road with Roger Waters once more, Snowy has been touring his Dark Side of the Moon Tour in Europe and the US in 2006, and again on a world tour with Roger during 2007 & 2008.


Graham Broad is an accomplished drummer and has worked with Roger Waters on the Radio Kaos and the Amused To Death albums.

He has played on all Tina Turner's albums since Private Dancer and has worked with the likes of the Beach Boys, George Michael, Jeff Beck, Van Morrison, Bryan Adams.

Graham recorded with Roger Waters on the "Amused To Death" album, and when Roger Waters took to the stage again in 1999 and 2000 US tours, and during his 2002 World Tour Graham became a staple member of Roger's Band. In 2001, he has also was touring with Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman.

Now on the road with Roger Waters once more, Graham has become a staple member of Roger's band touring his Dark Side of the Moon Tour in Europe and the US in 2006, and again on a world tour with Roger during 2007 & 2008.


Jon Carin (born October 21, 1964 in New York) is a musician, producer, engineer, writer and programmer who plays keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, drums and sings. Carin is now an established session man and has performed on many albums and DVDs.

Also known as the front-man (lead vocalist, keyboard and guitar player) of the 80s band Industry, whose 1984 breakthrough single State Of The Nation was followed in the same year by the successful album Stranger To Stranger.

After the breakup of the band, he was asked by Industry's producer Rhett Davies to work with Bryan Ferry on Bryan's Boys and Girls album. He then joined Bryan at Live Aid in London where he met David Gilmour of Pink Floyd (who had joined Bryan on guitar). This spawned an accidental twenty year career of assisting other artists such as Richard Butler and David Gilmour in any way possible. He played at 1991's Amnesty International 30th Anniversary Concert where David Gilmour was the musical director. Jon toured with Pink Floyd and was featured on the albums; A Momentary Lapse of Reason, Delicate Sound of Thunder CD and Video, The Division Bell, P*U*L*S*E CD and DVD, Echoes, Shine On, and La Carrera Panamericana.

Apart from playing with Pink Floyd, Jon Carin has played with The Who in 1996, along with Geoff Whitehorn, John 'Rabbit' Bundrick and as well as many other concerts with David Gilmour.

In 1999, and 2000, Jon toured with Roger Waters for his US In The Flesh Tour and is featured on the "In the Flesh Live" CD and DVD, as well as the "Flickering Flame" CD.

In 2006 he toured with both David Gilmour (on the "On an Island" tour) and with Roger Waters (The Dark Side of the Moon Live tour), and again toured with Roger Waters during his 2007 & 2008 world tour.


As a child, Harry Waters was classically trained on the piano. Aged 11, his music professor introduced him to the work of Fats Waller and Scott Joplin. In his late teens, Harry worked with tribute bands playing everything from Led Zeppelin to the Grateful Dead regularly touring in Europe. However, his musical roots lie with blues and jazz and he is heavily influenced by the likes of Bills Evans, Keith Jarrett and Oscar Peterson. He also enjoys experimenting with electronic music

In 2002, Harry toured with his Roger, his father as the opportunity to play the music that he grew up with was a challenge too good to miss. Now again during his father's 2006, 2007 and 2008 World tours, he has become an intregal part of Roger's band.


Dave Kilminster, skyrocketed to international prominence as Guitarist Magazine's first 'Guitarist of the Year' in 1991. He says he has always felt he was born to be a musician. After 'messing around' from an early age on his Nans piano he actually started responding to that calling with a passion in April 1976 when he took up the guitar. He began playing left-handed (being naturally left handed!), but after damaging his right wrist very badly in a freak go-kart accident(!!), he continued right handed. His determination, skill, and talent has led to an extraordinary career as a guitarist, vocalist, instructor, journalist, engineer, writer, and producer.

Shortly after being named 'Guitarist of the Year' Dave was asked to teach at the Guitar Institute in Acton (London). He was later asked to write and transcribe for 'Guitar Techniques' (which he still does) and 'Guitarist'.

He is equally acclaimed in live performance and on recordings and has been featured alongside rock and roll luminaries including Keith Emerson [who credits Dave with getting him to tour again], whom he met while playing with Qango. Fans worldwide recognize him from gigs with the Nice, Qango, the Keith Emerson Band, Ken Hensley, John Wetton, Guthrie Govan, Carl Palmer and others.

Dave teaches between recordings and gigs at the Academy for Contemporary Music in Guilford and on occasional Guitar Break Weekends. He was featured in his own instructional series, Killer Guitar, on the global satellite M-Channel. The popularity of those programs led to Dave's developing and starring a series of instructional DVDs for LickLibrary, known for their high quality tutorials.

'Playing with Fire', Dave's debut all-acoustic album, was recorded in 1996 and remastered in 2004. Since 2002, Dave has toured around the world with Keith Emerson. He has also managed to fit in solo gigs which feature not only his solo work but songs from his heroes.

Scarlet, Dave's highly awaited rock and roll album, is scheduled for 2006 release and also features his engineering and production, along with his guitar, vocals, keyboard playing, writing and collaboration from a series of friends, including Keith Emerson Band members Pete Riley and Phil Williams [drums and bass, respectively].

In 2006, and again in 2007 & 2008, Dave is featured on guitar and vocals on an international tour with Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters in a live performance of 'Dark Side of the Moon' and other songs from Waters' career with Pink Floyd and as a solo artist.

G.E. Smith - Guitars

One of the most in-demand blues/rock guitarists in the world is a mysterious character who goes by the name of G.E. Smith. Millions of TV viewers know his face - and the shock of unruly blond ponytail that was always falling across it - from his 10 years (1985-1995) of fronting the Saturday Night Live band.

For G.E. (George Edward) Smith, a soulful guitarist, composer, singer and bandleader, it all began in rural Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, where he was just about born with a guitar in his hand. "I started playing guitar around age four, and started getting good at seven," he says.

George Edward "G. E." Smith (b. January 27, 1952) is an American guitarist. He was the lead guitarist in the band Hall & Oates and the musical director of Saturday Night Live. Smith was lead guitarist of Bob Dylan's touring band from June 7, 1988 to October 19, 1990. Smith also served as musical director of The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration for Bob Dylan at Madison Square Garden on October 16, 1992.

A session player who has performed and recorded with an exceptionally wide spectrum of influential artists, Smith's own albums include In The World (1981), Get A Little (with the Saturday Night Live Band, 1993) and Incense, Herbs and Oils (1998). Smith was the lead guitarist for the band Moonalice until 12/25/2009, when he played his last gig with Moonalice at Skippers Smokehouse, Tampa FL. He was married to Gilda Radner (1980–1982) and has been married to Taylor Barton since 1990.

He appeared on Broadway in the Jersey Boys show on Saturday, July 22, 2006.

Smith has played with the broadest possible spectrum of artists, from Red Buttons to Allen Ginsberg, from Desmond Child to Bob Dylan and all points in between.

"I've had an incredible ride in the world of Rock N' Roll and American music," says Smith, looking back over his career. GE Smith is possibly one of the most brilliant guitarist's out there.

Robbie Wyckoff - Lead Vocals

Vocalist Robbie Wycoff has been a rising star, performing with some of music's foremost artists. Wyckoff's latest album, "Lose Control", meets the demand of the listening public's new found interest in quality music. The album's emphasis on interpersonal relations and Robbie Wyckoff's soulful, gritty voice appeals  to even the most conservative listener.  Robbie's sound, has been compared to Seal, Robbie Williams and Lenny Kravitz. He has been heard on numerous recordings including Celine Dion, Michael McDonald and the Shrek sountrack albums.

His latest album  “Lose Control” features edgy and groovy Pop Rock songs written by an array of talented songwriters such as Michael Becker (Dr. John, Peter Framton, Maxi Priest), Chaka Blackmon (Christina Aguilera, Will Smith, CeCe Winans) and Matt Bissonette (David Lee Roth).

Jon Joyce - Backing Vocals

Jon Joyce, born and raised in Los Angeles, is the oldest of five boys born to Jimmy and Betty Joyce. The Jimmy Joyce Singers, of which Jon was a part, was a regular feature on shows such as The Carol Burnett Show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, and The Red Skeleton Show.

After attending USC, Jon backed-up such groups as The Beach Boys, Elton John, and Pink Floyd. A performance of Pink Floyd's The Wall before 250,000 Europeans in 1991, after the Berlin wall fell, was one of the highlights of his career.

He has sung for movies including Spiderman 2, Van Helsing, and Polar Express. He is also heard on the TV theme for Two and a Half Men, episodes of American Dreams, and a Christmas album for Chris Isaac.

Kipp, Mark, and Michael Lennon - Backing Vocals

It was announced on the website of a band called "Venice" that three of its members; Kipp, Mark, and Michael Lennon, have been asked to perform as back-up singers for Roger Waters' upcoming The Wall tour.

Venice is a band of musicians who recall memories of the "Good Old Days" of Woodstock and the music of Southern Califonia. Their beautiful, harmonies and catchy songs are a couple of their strong points. Most of their songs are written by Kipp, Mark, Michael and Pat Lennon. Singer-songwriter John Vester has also written some songs for the band. Since 1990, Venice has released CDs on a regular basis. The four are very popular in the Netherlands. Venice's theater tours are very well attended by the fans and other music devotees. The band alternates between acoustic and electric shows. The small and intimate venues are not forgotten by the Lennons. But last Spring of this year, they were in the Netherlands for a number of rock concerts. You could see and hear the rocking shows in Arnhem, Deventer, Zoetermeer, Amsterdam and Breda. Their good friends Mark Harris on bass, Nick Bult on keyboards and Jamie Wollam on drums supported the band.

Venice's new concert album, "Electric - Live and Amplified," can now be ordered at two different sites. American fans can purchase it here at the band's website Venice Store. In Europe and the Netherlands, you can order it at If you want to hear what their music sounds like you can now preview samples of some of their tracks here.

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