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Sept.15th Toronto Canada

Sept.16th Toronto Canada

Sept.18th Toronto Canada

Sept. 20th Chicago Illinois

Sept. 21st Chicago Illinois

Sept. 23rd Chicago Illinois

Sept. 24th Chicago Illinois

Sept. 26th Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Sept. 28th Cleveland Ohio

Sept. 30th Boston Massachusetts

Oct. 1st Boston Massachusetts

Oct. 3rd Boston Massachusetts

Oct. 5th New York New York

Oct. 6th New York New York

Oct. 8th Buffalo New York

Oct. 10th Washington DC

Oct. 12th Long Island NY

Oct. 13th Long Island NY

Oct. 15th Hartford Connecticut

Oct. 17th Ottawa Ontario

Oct. 19th Montreal Quebec Canada

Oct. 20th Montreal Quebec Canada

Oct. 22nd Columbus Ohio

Oct. 24th Detroit Michigan

Oct. 26th Omaha Nebraska

Oct. 27th St. Paul Minnesota

Oct. 29th St. Louis Missouri

Oct. 30th Kansas City Missouri

Nov. 3rd East Rutherford New Jersey

Nov. 4th East Rutherford New Jersey

Nov. 6th New York New York

Nov. 8th Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Nov. 9th Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Nov. 11th Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Nov. 13th Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Nov. 14th Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Nov. 16th Tampa Florida

Nov. 18th Atlanta Georgia

Nov. 20th Houston Texas

Nov. 21st Dallas Texas

Nov. 23rd Denver Colorado

Nov. 26th Las Vegas Nevada

Nov. 27th Phoenix Arizona

Nov. 29th Los Angeles California

Nov. 30th Los Angeles California

Dec. 3rd Oakland California

Dec. 5th Los Angeles California

Dec. 7th San Jose California

Dec. 8th San Jose California

Dec. 10th Vancouver BC Canada

Dec. 11th Tacoma Washington

Dec. 13th Anaheim California

Dec. 14th Anaheim California

Dec. 18th Mexico City, Mexico

Dec. 19th Mexico City, Mexico

Dec. 21st Mexico City, Mexico

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