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Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2012
Tour Reviews

From the Denver Colorado show
May 7, 2012

At the Pepsi Center

Dear Roger,

I hope this email finds you! Because it's a deep, heartfelt thank you for the show last night in Denver ...un-fucking-believable!! I had heard good things from friends six months ago, but then forgot about your tour in the daily shuffle. It was our friend Kiowa's birthday yesterday, so we ate, drank, partied, and went to see The Wall. I am blown away by your sound, the tightness of the band, production quality, animation/projection, and so on....

It seemed that you, like other artists, got a good feeling from the Denver/Colorado crowd - indeed we are a special breed here. At the risk of sounding crass or delusional, I also felt that you were positively vibing on our corner of the world, section 128, which was adjacent to the wall on the left side if you are looking at the stage. Perhaps you met waves with my genuine love for music and ability to feel and express it deep down to the core and Source. Of course you are the muse who brought this experience forth, so again, I cannot thank you enough. I've probably seen 500 shows in my lifetime and this is top few, certainly.

The only question now is, where should I fly to, in the hunt for another show.... :)

With deep gratitude and amazement,

Christopher Jones

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I attended the May 7th show at the Pepsi center in Denver. This was my 7th show on The Wall tour but the first time I sat anywhere close to the stage. When the presale tickets were offered my friend and I had an idea - we needed 6 tickets but we wondered if we split up the tickets and I ordered 4 and she ordered 2 would the 2 be better seats than the 4? Would the 4 or 2 tickets be better seats than if we got 6 together? I figured this might be the case... and boy was I right. We put in our request for tickets about the same exact time and we decided with each ticket we would get the best (and most expensive) seats possible. So there was no issue with the $225 price... we were prepared for that. So what happened? Just as I expected the four seats I ordered ended up being about 30th row floor left - a perfect place to see everything and the closest I have ever been to Roger. Then my friend gets her confirmation for the two tickets and guess what? Just as I anticipated these 2 seats bought at the same time were get this - 2nd Row center directly in front of Roger!!! Something to keep in mind for the future... less seats better seats - makes sense really...

It took me a while to get over the shock that I would be in the 2nd row center! But even then looking at the seating chart I did not realize we would be directly in front of Roger for most of the show! I mean right in front! Of course logistically now my other 4 friends were sitting 30th row and it would have been better to have all 6 of us sitting together but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be 2nd row! We went in and hung out with my other friends in row 30 until it filled in and we realized we needed to get to our 2nd row seats...

Roger has made some changes to the show that are tremendous improvements to a show I did not think it was possible to improve! There was no homeless guy wandering around... the pre-show music was the same pretty much... he played John Lennon's Mother again which is so fitting... and then the Spartacus stuff starts with two men in uniform bringing a 'Pink" puppet to the stage... they throw him down and then you hear Roger on the trumpet playing those opening notes... a lot of the people around us in the 2nd row had seen the show last year and were back for more... the Denver crowd as always was amazing - pumped and ready for the assault of sound and visuals! I showed a bunch of people my REG fan club card and encouraged people to go to not many people had seen the show 7 times like me but I'm sure there were some who have seen it more!

Anyway, so from the 2nd row things are totally different. First, your focus is entirely on Roger and the band... not the visuals as much - except for the circular screen... in fact, as others have reported - when you are that close the projections don't look as good and they are so big you really cannot catch everything nor can you appreciate the impact of the piece on everyone further back... it's much more intimate up front and you really can't keep your eyes off Roger who grinned like a schoolboy seeing his first porno movie and at times, when playing Pink the dictator, snarled and scoffed at the audience - screaming at us, shooting us with his machine gun, and calling us Paranoid and Weak! Hahahah! Standing right in front of me I was sure he could hear me scream everything from,"Roger, you are the best" to "Kill us, shoot us Roger!!!" He had his sunglasses on a lot of the time so it was hard to know if he was looking right at me or someone else but I know he heard me! Here are two other examples of how different it is from up there: From the 2nd row we almost completely missed the pig... did not see it at all until I remembered oh where is the pig and looked back! Also, for the Numb solo we could not even see Robbie or Dave - just the very tops of their heads... so again we just focused on watching whatever Roger was doing - like when he searches for a way to break out of The Wall during that song. The puppets are just huge from there, and yes, you can definitely feel the wind when the bricks fall down! The top bricks fell right toward us, then the next set fell backwards toward the stage,then a few more come our way... but those top ones are amazing because they are falling 30-40 feet and yeah, they cause a breeze!!! There is just no way to beat seeing the bricks fall from that close!

As for the changes I mentioned... for one thing he added a new song... people are calling it Another Brick in the Wall part 2.5. I have not been able to catch all the lyrics yet... but this totally threw me because I was not expecting it. I did notice that Roger had cut the third guitar solo/keyboard jam from Another Brick Part 2 and I was wondering why... and then he comes out and I expect to hear Mother and he starts playing the acoustic while a giant Roger is projected in HD on the circular screen... I realize right away this is a new song... but it was short... just about the length of that 3rd solo... so it did not add time to the show. It was a good song but before we knew it it was over and he started the intro to Mother with the "30 year old Fucked Up Roger." But this too, in the beginning was on the big circular screen so I'm sure the fans in the nosebleed seats had a much better experience. He did something similar with Nobody Home in that while he sang from his chair in front of the TV - a giant HD projection of him was displayed on the far right of the completed Wall - so even in the nosebleeds you could see his lips move... when I first saw the show from way up high - this was the first thing I noticed... no screens... so the band and Roger looked like ants and you could not see them hardly at all - just the entire Wall/Screen. I almost did not notice that but just happened to look right and saw a giant Roger in High Def! Similarly during Waiting for the Worms Roger added close ups of his face during the bullhorn bit to the full Wall/Screen where with his leather jacket and sunglasses and bullhorn his Nazi-like screams of "Turn on the showers and fire the ovens" would have been utterly terrifying if you did not know this was sarcasm! So, interspersed with the footage of the marching hammers and bullhorns was Roger 40 feet tall and in dark Red color spitting his disgust at us!!! It was awesome... you have to see it to appreciate what a huge difference this makes! He also added giant words to the screen in Run Like Hell such as PARANOID and THANK YOU FOR CONSUMING... stuff like that... everything else was pretty much the same as before... again though... these improvements are huge and everyone should make sure and catch the show again just for these changes!

At the end Roger spent an extra long time thanking the crowd and talking to us... and in the pause between Outside The Wall before he introduces the band he spoke even more saying what a great audience and how he used to hate performing in front of people but how now he loves it because of crowds such as the one in Denver. You can tell he really enjoys performing now more than ever... and you can still hear the deep pain in his voice on songs like Don't Leave Me Now and Vera... I still think the highlight of the show is Vera/Bring the Boys Back Home which makes you cry and makes you angry at the same time... it is devastatingly brilliant along with all his other ideas like the bombers in Goodbye Blue Sky and Fallen Loved Ones in Thin Ice... it's hard to believe that Roger was singing anti-war songs in 2006 and yet in 2012 we are still in Wars in the Middle East despite what Obama says or tries to make us believe. That's why this show is so much more powerful than previous tours... because rather than just attacking Bush or Blair this time he is indicting the entire Military Industrial Complex - the entire War Machine - and the constant bombardment of Political, Religious, and Corporate influence over all of us! I think if you don't think about the madness of sending our young men and women to War for oil and profit - with all the "collateral damage" this entails.. something is definitely wrong with you!!! I just do not see how anyone can come away from this show without realizing on some deep level that may take days to sink in - that something is seriously wrong in this world. Seeing the kids run up to their soldier/parents coming home from War during Vera... one cannot help but viscerally understand that Roger never got to experience this joy with his dad and even more powerful - that one soldier or civilian killed in our quest to dominate the world militarily is too much... and how many children will live their entire lives never growing up with a parent because a charade of a Politician in a White House decided to invade a country that did not attack us! How many parents are "Killed like a mole in a foxhole" for greed, for power, for someone's re-election? This is the sad legacy the past ten or more years have left us with. I have to hope that Roger has made a difference in the world bringing this show to nearly every country... and that people will take the experience and find ways in their own lives to also make the world a better place!

Thanks for all you do Michael
Mitch Stillman

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