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Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2012
Tour Reviews

From the Melbourne Australia show
February 10, 2012

At the Rod Laver Arena


Most amazing concert ever! Roger was the ultimate ringmaster, showman and story teller! The scale of his set was truly amazing a credit to his very professional support staff who are all an extremely talented group of people, building walls, lighting, technical support, animations etc, absolutely fabulous job and seemed to be run to perfection.

The musical support was faultless and really allowed Roger to showcase his music, his passion and share with us outstanding genius and musical ability. We were all taken on a breathtaking journey with Roger and his team, one we didn't wish to end. The wall featuring the images and personal details of the fallen had me in tears, and was touched to also see Roger's father included.

Thank you Roger and your extensive team for coming to Australia and allowing us the opportunity to experience the Roger Waters project. I have never viewed such a cross section of age groups attending a concert from the young right through to what appeared to be the keepers of the crypt!! Hahaha!

Thanks again for a truly inspirational and thrilling musical and theatrical experience. Indeed a very talented and gifted individual. May you continue to share your music and stage presence with us for many years to come.

Warm regards
Julie Warner

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