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Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2012
Tour Reviews

From the Orlando Florida show
June 16th, 2012

At the Amway Center


Dear Roger and Band

I attended the show at the Amway Center and my head is still reeling from the overpowering experience this show was. I am 57 and attended with my 19 year old daughter. We sat in floor seats 3rd row center and sometimes it honestly felt like we were right on stage with you amidst the action. I have attended many concerts over a 40 plus year time span (including some Pink Floyd shows) and I honestly have to say that this one will forever be ranked #1 on the list.

It was virtually an explosion of the senses from the beginning of the show right up to the end. The visual effects were a grand stunning array of images and slogans projected on the Wall itself. The puppets were large and appropriately grotesque. I have to say one of my favorite moments in the show was "Mother" set against the backdrop of Roger singing the same song 30 years ago- WOW! The video clips to "Bring the Boys Back Home" brought tears to my ears watching the sheer joy of children seeing their parents coming home from military service. Could this portion actually be Roger's wish fulfillment fantasy being played out since he never had the experience of his father coming home from the war? It was definitely a very poignant moment during the show.

Perhaps the most phenomenal part of the show was the rendition of "Comfortably Numb." Robbie Wyckoff's rendition of Gilmour's parts in the song were so spot on- I actually thought it was David himself on top of the Wall. The color explosion of orange, yellow, reds and purple at the end of the song was jaw dropping!

Roger's humble thank you at the end seemed truly heartfelt. From our seats- he seemed to be having the time of his life- such a big change from his bitterness towards the fans 30+ years ago.

Thanks for an amazing performance of your timeless masterpiece. Best of luck for the remaining shows- Please consider putting out a DVD copy of the performance- I for one would definitely purchase a copy!

Robin Sholtz
Melbourne, FL

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Hi , My name is Julie Herman and I live in Clearwater Florida with my Mom and Dad who are 72 and 75 years old. I brought them to Orlando last night to see The Wall - They love Roger Waters, so I decided to bring them over for afathers day gift. My Mom took a spill and hurt her hip in the hotel parking lot but insisted on going to the concert despite her pain. I went and retrieved a wheelchair for her, the Amway theatre was awesome in assisting us with last minute seat change to accommodate her needs.

They loved the show, but we decided to change our plans and head home instead of staying in Orlando - her pain was increasing so we took her to our local hospital. As it turns out, she had a broken hip! I'm truly amazed at her tenacity and am proud to call her my mother.

I thought it would be so cool for Roger to knowher story- I'd be willing to bet that he's never had a 72 year old femalewith a freshly broken hip attend his concert just because she didn't want to miss his music!!

I reminded her that WOW upside down spells MOM!!

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Roger Waters Dazzles Orlando with The Wall
By Cretin

June 17, 2012Posted in: Concert Reviews, Features

"Rock concert" isn't the right description. Rock show? Rock extravaganza? Rock experience? Rock spectacle? Rock theater? They're are all more accurate descriptions of what we were able to witness from Roger Waters' The Wall Live, Saturday night at The Amway Center.

Waters brought his show to Orlando with a two hour production that actually brought The Wall extravaganza to an even greater level. 1979s masterpiece, The Wall was Water's seminal moment, and he's taken the thirty years of technology and politics that have unfolded since to ratchet up the experience for fans everywhere.

It's hard to imagine, but the spectacle that Orlando witnesses was actually toned down from the one he performs at outdoor venues! Still, what we saw on display was a near perfect rock n roll experience. The show takes one of the greatest albums ever, updates the vision and ties in three years of animation effort to deliver a fantastic sensory experience.

roger waters the wall live

The show started with a wall partially built about half way around the stage. As the band kicked into "In The Flesh?," Waters performed from in front of the wall structure with the remainder of the band visible through the openings in the wall. The 68 year-old Waters sounded fantastic from the start. We also witnessed the only significant pyrotechnics of the show. They were impressive and perfectly timed, culminating with a model plane screaming across the crowd and exploding into the wall.

From there, Waters and the band went through the first two sides of the album. There was minimal straying from the script, but in those brief moments, Waters seemed to be more affable than his former prickly self, and truly appeared to be basking in the warmth of the appreciative crowd.

During "Another Brick in the Wall," we had a few nice treats. A local group of singers took the stage to sing the children's chorus and theatrically battled a huge inflatable demented teacher. We also had our first real taste for David Gilmour's replacement, as Dave Kilminster nailed the guitar solo. Over the course of the night, we saw three different guitarists filling Gilmour's void and Robbie Wyckoff ably taking his vocal leads. Not the exact same perfection we could have expected from Gilmour, but truthfully, they were pretty damn good.

Throughout the show, the wall was just as much a focal point as the performers. It was a technological masterpiece, where each block became interactive the moment it was installed. We saw some wild effects: a surging red sea, a battalion of WWII aircraft, freakish animated characters, worms, various effects to the wall itself and so much more. Some mind-blowing stuff, and every bit of it perfectly choreographed. The Amway Center really shined, as well. The surround sound effects and sound in general were excellent, and the ability to handle all of the effects so smoothly was impressive.

Two of the earlier highlights were a stark version of "Mother" where Waters sang a duet with a video of himself from the 1980 version of the song recorded live in London, and "Goodbye Cruel World" which he sang through the only remaining hole in the wall. After closing the song, the final block was placed, completing the wall, which then stretched three stories high and the entire width of the arena.

The political messages and imagery throughout the show were prevalent and most centered on Water's anti-war sentiment, driven by the deaths of his father and grandfather in World Wars II and I, and mistrust of government in general.

After intermission, "Hey You" was played entirely with the band hidden behind the wall. It sounded great, but was admittedly odd never seeing the performers. Shortly afterwards, a large segment of the wall folded forward revealing Waters in a living room setting staring at the TV. It was a wonderful theatrical touch to "Nobody Home," and again Waters' voice was perfect.

The remainder of the band basically played the entire side 3 of the album behind the wall, until the crowd favorite "Comfortably Numb," which began with Waters alone in front of the wall. At the beginning of the "David Gilmour" vocals, a spotlight found Wyckoff atop the wall. The vocals were perfect, and just as Gilmour's signature guitar solo started, we spotted Kilminster high atop the opposite side of the wall and he absolutely nailed it, receiving the largest ovation of the night.

Roger Waters performing The Wall Live

For the last segment of the show, a drum kit rose from beneath the stage and the band performed from in front of the wall. "In the Flesh" was another theatrical highlight, and Waters dedicated a brilliant version of "Run Like Hell" to all of the paranoids in the crowd. The latter cut was the highlight of the show for me with absolutely stellar vocals from Waters.

Ten minutes later, the wall was a pile of rubble as the full band came out for a whimsical close with a nice unplugged version of "Outside the Wall." They soaked in the two minute standing ovation from the crowd before Waters introduced the fantastic players in the band, thanked the crowd and exited stage left.

A wonderful close to rock theater perfection.

Rock On!


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