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Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2012
Tour Reviews

From the Perth Australia Show
January 28, 2012

At the Burswood Dome


Hi Jo. Reg
This is for your information, I am embarking on a campaign to highlight the abysmal effort from Showbiz, who looked after the VIP packages for Roger Waters The Wall... the first two concerts have been played in Perth, and from what I can gather, the promoters are going to rip off all the fans in Australia, stupid enough to purchase these packages from them.... The "ULTIMATE" Roger Waters merchandise pack that we forked over $300 for, contained a hat and a cheap keyring.

This in comparison to what was given to European, Canadian and American fans, is absolutely abysmal, and is grossly misleading to the fans.... we fans look at what the previous concerts got, and when the pack is advertised as "ULTIMATE", I EXPECT SOMETHING OF A HIGH STANDARD, AND AT LEAST AS GOOD AS PREVIOUS PACKS FROM THE SAME TOUR.... we are being ripped off and treated poorly in comparison.... and the package is more expensive than any other country.

The concert was brilliant... but the promoters need to be pulled into line in Australia, and offer Australian fans something as good or better than previous VIP packs.... it is described as "Ultimate" in each country, yet the Aussie one is far from it.... fix this up BEFORE the rest of the Australian shows.

The next set of letters go to regulatory authorities in Australia, under the fair trading and consumer protection banner....and to every radio station and Pink Floyd site I can get an email for.

Roger Waters management need to pull these rip off merchants into line.

Paul Baker

Below is a letter I wrote to Showbiz Australia.

Dear Showbiz (Australia)

Before it was announced that Roger Waters was coming to Australia, I traveled to England to see the show, as I am a huge fan of Pink Floyd, and this was likely to be the last chance to see The Wall ever again. A week after getting back to Australia it was announced that they were bringing the show to Australia. I wrote to Roger Waters .com explaining my situation of spending $9000 prior the announcement that it was coming to Australia, and they refered me to Showbiz to get access to presales and VIP packages as way of understanding and appreciation for my blind stupidity.

I purchased 10 gold VIP packages for the Roger Waters The Wall concert at the Burswood Dome in Perth Western Australia, for the 27th January 2012. The ten packages came to a total of $5200.00 If I subtract the face value of the concert tickets ay $220.00 each, then the premium paid for the VIP package sits at $3000.00.

For that $3000, or $300.00 per person... each person recieved an "ultimate" merchandise pack that could hardly be described as "Ultimate".... it consisted of a key ring and a value of $43.00. (retail) .. or about $5.00 wholesale. There was no concert Tshirt... the VIP pack should have an EXCLUSIVE tour t shirt that cannot be purchased elsewhere... and some high quality stuff, like metal pin set and fob.

The pack you gave out only contained 2 items, both of which were available on the merchandise stand... there was nothing exclusive in the merchandise pack at all... it would not be described as "ultimate" in any court, or fair trading dept in Australia

The pre concert "party"... was hardly a party, IT HAD ABSOLUTELY NO HOST OR ORGANISER... no music... nothing about Roger Waters or "The Wall"... it was just a bar with no host or entertainment whatsoever... most of our party left because it was so boring, disorganised and lacked any substance at all... I find it hard to believe that anyone put any organisational effort into that "party" at all....

I have been extremely embarrassed in front of my 9 friends that came with me and each paid $520.00 , to find that the "ULTIMATE" Roger Waters merchandise pack was an absolute disgrace with nothing "Ultimate" at all

I think it would be fair to say that if you describe your pack as "ultimate", then it should be of a significantly high standard... not two of the cheapest items available

I figure that if this is left unchallenged, then my "free" drinks at the "party" cost me about $100.00 each!

I have included a couple of examples of why the use of the word "ultimate" defies description when compared with other packages put together for this concert tour. By definition, you need to compare when using the word "ultimate"as it is a word that is comparative.

This is the cheapest and smallest VIP tour pack put together by any promoter on this world tour, so the the use of the word "ultimate" is false and misleading, especially when no other description or itemisation is available to assist the consumer. I will not let this rest until I am not embarrassed in front of my friends every time this event is mentioned in the future... it will be a good memory, not a sour one.

I have no complaints with the value of the actual ticket.... the show was... as always... absolutely brilliant... However, the VIP package was absolutely abysmal and grossly misleading in its description.

First see this video on youtube..........................

From VIP Nation......



The first, the Roger Waters Official Party Package, includes the following:

Option two, the Roger Waters The Wall Premium Package, will include:

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Hi Guys, Paul is 100% right about this!

At the pre party we were fed cheap "Party Pies"! I feel totally ripped off! It was 40 or so people just standing around drinking warm beer and eating luke warm party pies! I thought "VIP" stood for Very Important Person, I now know it actually stands for Very Inflated Prices! There was NOTHING special about the VIP package, I am disenchanted and pissed off!

The show was brilliant, the VIP package stands out as a low light of the night, I would have felt more important being breathalysed on the way home! I couldn't even tell "The Wall" had anything to do with the event, and at the end they just shut the bar and left us standing there like the idiots we were for paying $300 for party pies!


Wayne Wildes.

P. S. I wont ever use the hat, all I wanted was a Tour Tee Shirt and a little respect. Instead I got a hat and treated like shit!

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Photo's by Scott Johnson Perth Australia

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