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Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2012
Tour Reviews

From the Phoenix Arizona show
May 15, 2012

At the US Airways Center


This was the 3rd time I'd seen Roger Waters. The first time for The Pro & Cons of Hitch Hiking in 85 was nothing less than awful in my opinion. Despite that, I saw his Dark Side of the Moon tour in 06. That was exactly what you'd want to see. I'll never get the memory of "Set the Controls for the Heart of Sun" from that show out of my head… thankfully. And I preferred his DSOTHM production over Gilmour's Pink Floyd. Although Pink Floyd's light show couldn't be touched.

The obvious next step for him, was to find a way to do The Wall. The production needs were huge. I'd be easy and understandable to make compromises. But that was far from the case. Modern technology appears to have helped this concept, the projection technology was spectacular. I expected even a tour-able version of this show to be dazzling to the eyes. But could he pull off the music? YES he can! I've been a devoted Pink Floyd fan for decades, and heard or felt no shortcomings.

Along with a "bar setting" visual masterpiece, the touring company brought downright impressive sound. The FOH engineer made this concert experience what it should be. Better than however you could listen to the album.

I'm a musician and am very picky about drummers. IMHO they make or break a band. Graham Broad made this band with authority. And everyone has a right to ask how the guitar player(s) compare to Gilmour. Note and nuance perfect in the critical "Comfortably Numb". Don't get me wrong, NOBODY is or will ever be as good as David Gilmour at what he does. But it appears there are players who can play his work to perfection. I thought I'd lost my opportunity last year. I feel VERY lucky to have seen it this time around.

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I attended the show in Phoenix on May 15, 2012.

I am a musician and have been to no less than 500 shows in my lifetime. I have seen ALL the major bands of my generation live. I am a fan of music. Period.

I can say, unequivocally, that it (The Wall) was the best show I have ever seen.

It is on a completely different stratosphere. Thank you so much for the experience. I can only hope you do another west coast run so that I may take some of my closest friends to share in the experience.

Again, thank you.
Jeff Holland

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