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Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2012
Tour Reviews

From the San Francisco California show
May 11, 2012

At AT&T Park

The AT&T Park show is the only show I'm seeing on this tour. I had wanted to meet up with fellow fans before the show but had to work that Friday and so was not able to make it up to San Francisco, from Santa Cruz where I live, any earlier. In fact I got up to San Francisco and parked by about 8:30. The ticket stated the show was supposed to start at 8:15 but it turned out the show didn't begin till about 9pm cause it was an outdoor stadium show and it was still very light out and only began getting dark enough for the projections and effects around 8:45.

I had seats just off the floor to the right of the stage. Really good seats to see a stadium show... not too close, but not too far away, and above the heads of all you taller bastards that always block my view... lol.

I saw 7 shows during the 2010 tour of The Wall and this show was very different from the very start because it was a stadium show and the wall was about 3 times more massive than it had been in an arena. In fact, the wall was so big the projections did not make it all the way to the end of the left side. There must have been at least 30 or more yards of wall the projections could not reach on the far left side. However, the wall was still not near the size of the wall in Berlin in 1990. I was at that show and the wall at the Berlin show was so massive it could be seen for miles and above many buildings. That stage was so massive that huge troop carrier trucks were able to drive up on it.

For this stadium show, there were also two massive projection and sound towers in the middle of the stadium floor section on the left and on the right. All the seats which the towers blocked the view of on the field, in the stands and in the bleachers were unsold and vacant. This was a considerable amount. Otherwise the entire stadium was packed at the back and on all sides. So there were probably about 40,000 fans at this show.

The effects were a bit more spectacular because the show was outdoors, so the pyrotechnics were quite a bit larger and flew into the air above the stage as well as from the stage itself. But the size of all the inflatable puppets were the same with the exception of the Pig which was about twice as big as the arena Pig.

I finally got to hear the new reprise of the end of the song "Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2," with lyrics referring to the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes. The entire tempo of the song changed with entirely different wording... it was great to hear something new, even though the album has been otherwise played pretty faithfully in this and past tours.

Because the wall was so much more massive, the effects were more profound and spectacular. Although the wall was so big at times the video or graphics displayed upon the round screen in the middle of the stage were also displayed on the left and right sides of the wall, in a way, this ruined the visual effect and made the wall projections a bit confusing. This was very much the case for the flower lovers video among others. The wall was so big that the right and left sides were also used for the projection of realtime closeup video of Roger and other musicians because most of the audience were not close enough to the stage to see facial expressions. In fact, most of the audience could see only tiny stick figures on stage otherwise.

It was a nice but cool and brisk night, and although the day had been warm and sunny, the stadium is located right next to the San Francisco bay and the cool breeze blew in from the bay over the stadium. I had been trying to fight off a bad cold I had gotten for several days before the show, hoping it would be gone by showtime, but no such luck. In fact, I felt a bit sicker, and being out of doors in the cold breeze made me feel far worse.

I took a few pics of the show that turned out pretty good. And one of the things that stood out during this show were problems with the inflatable Pig because of the strong breeze blowing in over the crowd. The huge black inflatable Pig had some difficult times sailing over the crowd on the field. In fact at several points the pig came far too close over the heads of the audience, many of whom grabbed the pig and pulled it down. At one point it looked as if the pig would be ripped apart and brought completely down. There may even have been a scuffle taking place as security staff and show staff tried to rescue the pig from the fans. After the pig finally got free from fans in one location, it seemed it could not get enough lift again to get away from the crowd, and in several other locations the fans grabbed the pig and brought it down further into the crowd. Finally with the help again of security and show staff the pig was rescued and released. It was then walked out of the stadium, floating above the heads of the show staff.

Because the wall was so massive,when the it finally came down at the end of the show, it seemed the demolition happened in fits and starts, and did not completely come down in many places.

There was a bit of hypocrisy in seeing The Wall performed in a stadium, in that the whole purpose, meaning and reason that The Wall was written and created was because playing music at stadium shows became so impersonal to Roger that he no longer felt any connection with the audience. He felt that you might as well put up a wall between the band and the audience for all the connection there was. And although Roger's feelings and perspective have now changed, and despite the technology having drastically changed to allow a more enjoyable show experience for the thousands in a stadium, there was still the fact that seeing tiny stick figures many hundreds of feet away still does not lend to a feeling of connection with a band performing on stage.

All in all, the show came off without a hitch, the music was great, the musicianship exact without any errors. The massive crowd all seemed to enjoy the show. Huge audio towers were placed all around the stadium to give not only great sound but good surround-sound. The special effects and huge wall itself, and the great music made this show another outstanding success.

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